Marketing Goes to MARS!

Some of you may be wondering where the Marketing Team acquired a space ship to take them to MARS… but no space travel was required to get to MARS/Wrigley in Hackettstown, NJ. A simple car ride was sufficient.

On Wednesday, a small group from our Marketing Team (along with some others) made the trip to Hackettstown for a Top to Top Meeting at MARS’ headquarters. The group included:

Kelly Bannon

Rob Easley

Daryll Fickling

Jerry Hayes

James McElroy

Chris Smyly

Bill Tencza


They were treated with a tour of the facility and got to see how M&Ms are made! Who’s not jealous of that?! A fun fact that they were privy to is that there is a special line in the plant that produces M&Ms just for the president where they imprint the presidential seal and the president’s signature on the M&Ms. Another fun fact: MARS headquarters produces 90,000 tons of Peanut M&Ms every eight hours! That’s a lot of chocolate!

Daryll Fickling, Kelly Bannon, Bill Tencza, Chris Smyly, and James McElroy

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