Way to Go, continued

Way to Go, Store #167:
James Represents QC!

I recently stopped for gas at your Wayne, NJ store. As a police officer, I’m always observant in parking lot areas. While waiting at the pump, I was pleasantly greeted by Fuel Attendant James who was diligently cleaning and sweeping the parking lot area. It is apparent that he takes pride in his job and is grateful to be working at QC. Simply stated, James is a decent, hardworking man and he represents QuickChek in a positive manner. – Detective Sergeant James C.

Way to Go, Store #159:
Making Customers Feel Like it’s THEIR Store!

I love your Butler, NJ store. I stop here every morning and am greeted with smiling faces from everybody! I get a big “hello” from Store Leader Rachel and it makes me feel like this is my own personal store. It’s always clean and the coffee area is always neat and filled with supplies. I’d travel the extra miles to come to this QuickChek, every time! – Diana

TCD Roundup:

#QC: Kris Kringle is my favorite coffee. So glad it’s back for the holidays!
#7: Carol made my special orders perfectly! Great customer service!
#34: I’m so impressed with the friendliness of the Team Members (especially Maria)!
#34: You have the best coffee!
#52: Kay knows all her regular customers’ orders! That’s great customer service!
#58: Jessica is great! She is always very pleasant!
#75: Even when the store is busy, this team provides the same excellent service!
#94: The staff are all very courteous and kind!
#111: We need more people like your Team Members in our community!
#121: Thank you, Mark, for your great service! You will definitely be seeing me again very soon!
#139: You have a great team at this store! They are fast, courteous, and friendly!

Way to Go, Store #58:
Great crew and Great App = Satisfied Customer!

The night crew is awesome! They are very friendly and helpful. I also really enjoy the ease of the QC App. I have been drinking so much coffee and I have earned several freebies. I now search for QuickChek stores instead of Dunkin Donuts, Wawa, or 7-11. Thanks! – Mary

Way to Go, Store #137:
Always Putting Customers First!

I was having trouble with my car recently when I was at your Lodi, NJ store. Fuel Leader Andrew and Team Member Bill stopped what they were doing, found coverage for their positions, and helped me resolve my car problem without hesitation! This store is always clean and the whole team is very friendly! – Lynda

Way to Go, Store #2:
Shout Out of Thanks to Piscataway!

I want to give a shout out to the Piscataway, NJ store! Team Member Kim went above and beyond yesterday to get me a cup of Kris Kringle coffee which is my FAVORITE! Store Leader Chris and his entire crew are always super friendly and very helpful! I look forward to stopping in for my coffee every day! – Tracey

TCD Roundup:

#5: I always have a good experience! The team is knowledgeable and very friendly!
#5: QC Team is always ready to help customers in any way. This store gets a 10!
#10: Pinu is an asset to the team. He has a great attitude and provides great customer service!
#28: Asmae remembers how I like my sandwiches and my coffee is always just right!
#59: Doreen, Ruth, and Dave make this store amazing! They make me want to shop here every day!
#73: All of the Team Members are very nice!
#81: I like the new uniforms! They have a college prep look! They’re great!
#160: Sue, Denise, and Mark are very welcoming and provide a great atmosphere at the store!

Way to Go, Store #79:
Jon Shifts Customer’s Perspective!

Wow! Talk about a shift in perception! Store Leader Jon asked me to come in after I’d had a bad experience at his Oldbridge, NJ store. I am SO impressed by how he addressed my concerns. He has fantastic customer service skills. He took a customer who was NEVER going to shop at QuickChek again and turned me into a loyal regular. Thank you! – Cindi

Way to Go, Store #144:
We Deliver What Matters!

Everyone on the South Bound Brook, NJ team is ALWAYS pleasant, polite, and smiling. They are genuinely happy to help customers! It’s always been like this. This is an amazing team! – Pat

Way to Go, Store #160:
Betsy Turned the Day Around!

After a long day at work, I really wanted a cup of Cinnamon Twist coffee. When I arrived at your Brick, NJ store, I was bummed to see that there was none made. The two women behind the counter saw me and asked if I needed anything. Team Member Betsy said it would be no problem to brew a pot of Cinnamon Twist coffee. She quickly started the pot, then tracked me down in the store to ask what size I wanted and then handed me a fresh cup. Betsy really made my day! – Rick

TCD Roundup:

#45: I love the bread used on the subs. It’s delicious! Everything tastes so fresh!
#59: This store is beautiful and clean. Crew is very helpful. I love the fresh baked cookies!
#59: I just love QC! I really enjoy seeing Ruth. I wish there was a QC on every corner!!
#143: Fuel attendants offer quick and courteous service even when busy! Fabulous!
#143: This crew is very courteous, friendly, and helpful. Sandwiches are great. Fast service, too!
#164: The staff is very friendly and helpful. Very clean store and great selection of products!

Way to Go, Store #137:
Making Things Right in Lodi!

I recently had a few issues with the mobile ordering app at your Lodi, NJ store. They wasted no time fixing my problem and the customer service was outstanding! Store Leader Raymond and John Diaz were awesome. Thank you! – Donna

Way to Go, Store #3:
Warm Cookies = Appreciative Customers!

I stop by your Piscataway store for lunch at least once a week. The Team Members are always excellent, the food and service are awesome. Today, they went above and beyond and offered to heat up the cookie I was buying. What a nice suggestion and a great way to finish my lunch. – Donald

Way to Go, Store #155:
A Great Place to Work!

Your crew at the Toms River store are all helpful, courteous, friendly, and have great attitudes. I asked one Team Member, “Why is everyone so happy?” Her response was, “Because it’s a Great Place to Work!” That said it all! – Tom

Way to Go, Store #160:
“Caps” Off to Billy for Showing TCD!

I asked Fuel Attendant Billy (Brick, NJ) if he’d found a lost gas cap. I believe I’d left it there on a previous visit. He went above and beyond to assist in trying to locate the gas cap and to see if it fit my vehicle. Unfortunately, it was not found but I really appreciate all his kindness and help. – Mary

TCD Roundup:

#6: Excellent crew! The service is superb. Keep up the great work!
#14: Excellent customer service. Everyone is friendly and makes a great sandwich!
#28: The Assistant Store Leader is great. He always greets everyone by name!
#35: Shout out to the Fuel Attendants! They’re always cheery – they make my day!
#38: Everyone here is friendly and helpful. Store Leader Tony is wonderful!
#43: I always have a great experience here. Team Members are so polite!
#76: I ordered 3 subs. All were perfectly fresh, tasty, and well-prepared!!
#136: My favorite daily stop for breakfast and lunch! Dee is the absolute best!
#136: This is the only QC I will go to! The Team Members are great!
#141: Team Members always provide exceptional service and are always courteous!  #159: The pretzel braids are terrific. Keep ’em coming!

Way to Go, Store #144:
Amber Provides Great Support!

I had surgery on my leg, and have a boot cast. I thought I’d be able to walk on it, but when I got inside your South Bound Brook, NJ store, I realized I needed my walker. Team Member Amber was more than happy to go out to my car to get it. I’m so grateful to her. I am pretty sure I would have fallen without it. Thank you again. – Heather

Way to Go, Store #77:
Kevin and Nick Help Customers Fuel Up and Cool Down!

I can’t say enough great things about Fuel Attendants Kevin and Nick at your Franklin, NJ store. They always greet customers with a smile, and are courteous and quick. I pass many gas stations on the way to your store, but I always wait until I get to QC. My 96-year-old mother was with me once, and requested that I stop to get her a lemon ice. When I pulled into your fuel area, I asked one of these fine men if lemon ices were sold here. He actually went into the store to find out, then came out with one for my mother! We were so impressed by this gesture of going WAY above and beyond their job, we had to recognize them! – June

TCD Roundup:

#17: This store is THE BEST. Everyone is professional and takes customer satisfaction seriously!
#45 The friendly and helpful Team Members are why I love coming here!
#66: Great service! Very nice Team Members and clean store. A+!
#67: Lunita is charming and a hard worker. She goes above and beyond to help her customers!
#68: Aleisha is a one-of-a-kind cashier! She remembers my cigarette preferences every time!
#77: Friendly, awesome service! From Fuel Attendants to Baristas, everyone is outstanding!
#93: Great sandwiches made by generous and kind Team Members!
#95: Great early morning service!
#107: I am grateful for how clean your restrooms are! Keep up the great work!
#128: This is a great store! Everyone is so friendly and takes great care of the customers!
#144: Best store in NJ! Mike, Asad, Candy and crew are awesome!
#145: Great experience and kind team!
#151 Fuel Attendant Sean provides exceptional service. A great QC representative!
#152: Mike, Corrine and Sue always make my visits enjoyable!
#155: It’s so easy to use the app to order food and pick it up! Saves me so much time!
#164: This store is fast and convenient. You get so much for your money!
#164: Very friendly and helpful staff!

Way to Go, Store #123:
Helping Hands Appreciated!

I was recently in your Highlands, NJ store and having difficulty bringing all my items to the register. A Team Member immediately came to my assistance and helped me carry everything to the counter. She rang up my purchases and requested another that Team Member help bring the items to my car. I really appreciate everyone going out of their way to help me! – Tara

Way to Go, Store #142:
Making Each Experience Great!

Whenever I come to your North Brunswick, NJ store, I am always greeted by name and offered assistance. Team Members Mike, Lois and Joe are just a few of the many who go out of their way to make sure I have a great experience every time. I’m happy to recognize their great customer service! – Tara

Way to Go, Store #110:
Fresh Suggestions are in Great Taste!

I had a great experience last week at your Wayne, NJ store. All your Team Members were so friendly and helpful! Andrea (deli) suggested I try a sandwich I’d never tried before, (asiago/bacon/egg bagel) and it’s now my new favorite! I will definitely keep coming back! – Sara

TCD Roundup:

#6: Excellent customer service!
#23: The service here is always helpful and friendly!
#28: Good job, guys!
#64: Heidi and Rose are so nice and helpful. This store is always clean!
#64: Fatima, Tedi and Sandi are so pleasant, kind and ALWAYS helpful!
#77: Always friendly service. It’s a regular stop for me and will remain so!
#81: Joe and Cheryl always make sure all the customers are happy!
#102: Your Team Members are so special! So polite and accommodating!
#115: Used my coupon for a BOGO sub. So easy, and SO delicious! I’ll be back!
#117: Stephen and Lori do an outstanding job to make this a fantastic store!
#136: Love the app! My orders are always ready in time – and so delicious!
#136: Love to see Dee, Patty and Heather. They’re all great!
#141: This location is absolutely the best! They are like my family!
#148: Good coffee, sandwiches and excellent service!
#155: Stopped into receive my free coffee – very nice!
#155: Excellent service. Food is always fresh and customer service is top notch!

Way to Go, Store #126:
Caring is More than Convenient!

I am 85 years old and my wife was having a procedure at the local hospital in Wallkill, NY. The first time I walked into your store, I was greeted and helped right away. I was instantly impressed by the cleanliness of the store and the hospitality offered by your Team Members. I was staying in a nearby hotel and the hotel staff told me great things about your store. I loved the food and beverage selections. The soda fountain was a little scary at first but a Team Member was happy to show me how to use it. Everyone really cares, and it shows! I dropped by to say goodbye and thank the Team, and they bought me breakfast and told me to have a safe trip. I wish I had QC in Virginia. Thanks again. – Joseph

TCD Roundup:

#QC: I’m a college student on a budget. I love your 99¢ coffee and love the sub deals!
#72: What a great team at the store! I always receive great service!
#154: Dee and Patti are so friendly and willing to help! I love using the app every day!

Way to Go, Store #127:
Louis Fuels Great Customer Service!

My car ran out of gas across from your Dayton, NJ store. I asked Fuel Attendant Louis if I could purchase a gas container to fill up my car. Unfortunately this store was out of containers, so I contacted roadside assistance. While I was waiting, Louis continued to look for a way to solve my dilemma. He returned to my car with a used fuel container he had found in the back of the store. He lent it to me to purchase gas for my car! It’s very rare to find someone willing go the extra mile for a customer. He could have just given up, but he didn’t. He went out of his way to find a solution. Thank you, Louis, for taking the initiative to provide a great customer experience! – Sara

TCD Roundup:

#15: Shontae does a wonderful job making subs; they’re always perfect!
#15: Shontae, Lenore and Jasmine all do a great job and are very friendly!

Way to Go, Store #137:
Win-Win-Win in Lodi!

I received outstanding customer service from Team Member Jenna in your Lodi, NJ store. She went above and beyond preparing my sandwiches and chili! I love all your food, it’s so much better then Wawa! Great food, great gas prices, and free air! All winners! – James

Way to Go, Store #134:
Broken Car, Not Broken Spirits Thanks to TCD!

We were traveling late at night and our car broke down near your store in Saugerties, NY. Team Member Michelle was instrumental in helping to calm us during this upsetting situation. She helped get us help for our car, and even offered us coffee! We really appreciated her sensitivity and assistance! – Karen and Ron

TCD Roundup:

#2: Kim and Naobi made a wonderful sandwich platter! It exceeded my expectations!
#7: Denise and Becky always make customers feel welcome with great big smiles!
#10: Awesome customer service!
#102: Your Team Members are on the ball. Keep up the great work!
#141: Kelsey, Samantha and Josh are so friendly!

Way to Go, Store #59:
Our Mission Brought to Life in Roseland!

Team Members Samantha and Margret (Roseland, NJ) are what every company needs. They provide great customer service! All the Team Members know their customers and bring the QC mission to life. Well done!!! – Phil

TCD Roundup:

#65: Debbie, Stefan and the whole team are super friendly!
#85: This is the best place in town for a great cup of coffee!
#107: I always have a great experience here; the people are great!
#110: Excellent service; always a pleasure to shop here!
#157: This team is great!

TCD Roundup:

#20: Overnight staff is awesome. I appreciate their friendliness early in the morning!
#23: Carlos is great! Coffee station is always clean and organized. Great experience!
#113: Suzy is an absolute delight! Always helpful and a pleasure to be around!
#164: I love this store!

TCD Roundup:

#64: Ed, Rose and Dixa work so hard and take great care of all the customers!
#99: All of your Team Members are very kind and very helpful!
#139: Vicky makes the best subs! She definitely makes this a great place to shop!
#152: Michelle is always helpful; consistently smiling and making customers happy!
#157: Kim is always smiling and very helpful! She is why I love shopping here!

Way to Go, Store #67:
Travis and Laura put the GO in Goshen!

Travis (in Goshen, NY) went above and beyond showing me how to order a sandwich using the computer. He was so professional, patient and proactive! He was wonderful! Team Member Laura (at the register) was also so friendly and efficient! – Susan

Way to Go, Store #166:
Customer Satisfaction is the Greatest Reward!

I was recently traveling and stopped at your Monroe, NJ store. After we left, my husband realized he’d left his wallet at your store. When I called, they had already found the wallet and put it in the safe. I told Store Leader Mike that he could keep the $200 that was in the wallet as a reward. He thanked me, but politely refused. The wallet arrived today via Fed Ex completely intact. I am so grateful to know that there are still honest people in the world, and that many of them work for QuickChek! – Lotti

TCD Roundup:

#81: We love the sandwiches! This Team goes all out to accommodate customers!
#91: The morning Team Members are very helpful and respectful!
#91: I LOVE the coffee at QuickChek. I was a die-hard Dunkin fan but not anymore!
#106: Best store ever! Melissa and the rest of the Team keep us coming back!
#138: Thomas is a great worker! He made my day!
#139: Store Leader Donna and her team make this a great place to shop!

Way to Go, Store #87:
Monica Leads the Team in TCD!

Store Leader Monica (Bogata, NJ) is an amazing and kind woman. Her Team Members are always happy to help. This is the only store I go to. Your Team Members keep me coming back! – Barbara

Way to Go, Store #115:
Great Coffee Gets Noticed!

Your New Windsor, NY store is wonderful! The coffee area is extremely clean. I love how they focus on insuring that the coffee is always fresh. The Team Members are always pleasant and polite! – Marc

TCD Roundup:

#109: Love my Florida, NY morning crew!
#154: Great store! The sandwiches are made fast and are the best. Great Team!
#164: I love this store! The coffee is always fresh and so good!
#164: You have everything I need! Subs are so fresh; better than anywhere else!
#164: Even though store was busy, every customer was 100% satisfied. I could tell!

Way to Go, Store #117:
Shante Keeps Things Going!

Shante is an outstanding Team Member! She is the best and really keeps this store (Sayreville, NJ) going! – Scott

Way to Go, Store #148:
Fuel Attendants Fuel Customer Loyalty!

Shout-out to all the Fuel Attendants at your Wayne, NJ location. They are always extremely polite and courteous. They’re amazing customer service ambassadors. Because of their service (plus free air and fuel prices), I only fuel up at QuickChek. – Matt

TCD Roundup:

#108: Professional, friendly staff. Good service, food, snacks, and GREAT COFFEE!
#141: Everyone who works there is wonderful!

Way to Go, Store #126:
Laurie and Crew Make a Difference!

Your Wallkill, NY store is amazing! The Team Members are great. They are always friendly and make me feel welcome. Customers notice that Store Leader Laurie and her team make this a better place to shop than the other stores in the area. Thanks guys! – Roberta

Way to Go, Store #103:
Monroe, NY Aims to Please!

I am a regular customer at your Monroe NY store. This is the best convenience store I’ve ever been to. I think this store’s Team Members should be recognized for the quality of work they do. I am one very satisfied customer. – Donna

TCD Roundup:

#45: The overnight shift is the nicest, most pleasant and most helpful group of people!
#126: Great place! It’s clean and has an excellent Team. I’m here every weekend!

Way to Go, Store #156:
‘Mess’ becomes a ‘Message’ of Caring!

I was in your Mt. Arlington, NJ store the other morning, and boy was I having a bad morning! Among other things, I accidently dropped my coffee as I was leaving the store. It went EVERYWHERE! A Team Member asked if I was ok, then offered me another cup for no charge. I was delighted that someone cared about ME – not just the mess I made! This Team Member’s kindness turned my day right around! – Katelyn

Way to Go, Store #86:
Julisa Shows Wawa That We Rock!

I recently ordered a few sandwiches from your West Long Branch store. Team Member Julisa was amazing! Her customer service was beyond expectation! The presentation of my sandwiches were definitely up to par. I am a store manager of Wawa. I just wanted you guys to know that you have a good one with Julisa. – John

TCD Roundup:

#17: Sejdo made my day just by smiling and offering to help!
#23: Carlos goes above and beyond to provide excellent customer service!

Way to Go, Store #31 and 110:
Gail and Lauren Score Big Points!

I’m a frequent customer at your Wanaque, NJ and Wayne, NJ, stores. Team Member Gail (in Wanaque) is has a great sense of humor. She always looks out for me and is quick to point out promotions that are very useful! Team Member Lauren (in Wayne) is also a delightfully polite and friendly. She prepares the highest quality food! I really appreciate these two Team Members. Keep up the great work! – Adam

Way to Go, Store #156:
Michael Makes Mt. Arlington a Great Place to Shop!

I want to recognize Team Member Michael at your Mt. Arlington, NJ store. He does a fabulous job helping customers. He’s very friendly and makes the store a great place to shop. Thumbs up to you for hiring great people like Michael! – Renee

TCD Roundup:

#81: Debbie makes fantastic subs and has a great personality!
#82: Deandre is courteous, attentive, patient, and always has a smile!
#131: Your Team is the best! They go the extra distance to make me feel like family!
#152: I always have a great experience whenever Corinne and Sue are working!

Way to Go, Store #103:
Gold Star for the Monroe Team!

I am a regular customer at your Monroe, NY store. Even when it’s really busy, and some customers get cranky, the Team Members really keep their cool. They are always calm, respectful, and efficient. They get a big gold star from me! – Donna

Way to Go, Store #69:
John Makes Customer Service COOL!

We went to your Pohatcong, NJ store in search of four 20lb bags of ice, but couldn’t find any. Team Member John stopped what he was doing to go to the back and retrieve the ice. He even carried it out to our truck! Thanks for all your hard work and great customer service! – Nina

Way to Go, Store #126:
Great Store, Great People!

I haven’t been to my usual store in Wallkill, NY in a long time due to massive road construction. When I recently walked back in, I was greeted by name and many Team Members expressed concern that they hadn’t seen me in a long time. Great store, great people! – Michael

TCD Roundup:

#100: Irene is wonderful in the morning. She makes my day!
#153: Beverly and Linda are accommodating, pleasant, helpful, upbeat and cheerful!
#164: Very nice morning staff. Very clean very attentive to customers. A+!

Way to Go, Store #41:
ATM = Awesome Team Members!

I was shopping at your South Plainfield, NJ store and accidentally left my ATM card at the store. The Team Members found it and kept it safe. When I went back to the store to pick it up, they checked my ID and returned it. Thanks for the assistance! – Bruce

TCD Roundup:

#39: Best QuickChek ever! The service is always great!
#67: CJ is so hardworking and always happy; helps customers carry bags to her car.
#101: Al takes great care of his customers! Thanks Al and QC!

Way to Go, Store #9:
Raritan Team Members are Super Heroes

Your Raritan, NJ store is great! Alexandria and the team run a great show! Alisia is a Coffee-Superwoman! The rest of the crew (Tina, Karen, Leslie and Alexandria) are friendly and fun while keeping the lines moving. – Tina

TCD Roundup:

#64: Dixa works so hard! She is always so pleasant and kind.
#125: The coffee bar is excellent! Well stocked, clean and full!
#127: Team Members are very nice and helpful. This store is always well stocked and so clean!
#136: Patty always makes sure my orders are just the way I like them!
#157: I get my breakfast here every day. They always get my coffee just right! Thank you!!

TCD Roundup:

#5: I’m moving to Texas (where I wish there were QCs). I will miss y’all! Thanks!
#26: Pance is fantastic! I’m so impressed by him. He is so helpful!
#92: Margie, Leah, Betty, Ana and the whole crew get gold stars for customer service!

Way to Go, Store #122:
Patricia to the Rescue!

During my attendance at the balloon fest on Sat 7/29 Patricia the food service leader from 122 was a festival hero. An elderly handicapped women took a pretty bad spill in the hospitality tent. She was laying on the floor in pain when Patricia jumped into action and ran over to assist her. I was able to help lift her and I did run to our tent to grab our customer water but Patricia was the real hero in all of this: she assisted the woman to where she needed to go and finally brought her to the EMT tent to wait for her bus group. I feel like she needs to be recognized for her heroics because with the loud music and nobody paying attention it could have been a lot worse. Thank you!! – Phil Campolo (Assistant Store Leader 069)

Way to Go, Store #154:
Keeping Them Smiling in Jackson!

It’s always a pleasure to go to your Jackson, NJ store. Dee and Jennifer always greet me with smiles and kind words. I love how the coffee area is consistently clean and well stocked! Fuel Attendant Joe is also so cheerful. Visiting this store always makes me happy! – Cynthia

Way to Go, Store #159:
Butler Goes Above and Beyond for TCD!

I love my Butler, NJ QC so much that I’m there every day! I love seeing the bright smiling faces of the Team Members each morning. These guys are all so courteous, and they really know their customers. I’m really grateful that they remind me about the QC app! These guys go above and beyond! – Diana

TCD Roundup:

#33: Your Team Members are always so helpful!
#73: Tracey made me the best sandwich ever! All three shifts at this location are great!
#93: Customer service is excellent here! I always enjoy my coffee!
#139: Everyone here is awesome and very helpful!
#159: Erik is a perfect barista. He explained the new Iced Coffee to me and it was delicious!

Way to Go, Store #126:
Smiles and Great Service Keep them Coming Back!

I love your Wallkill, NY store. Team Member Joanne is so sweet and makes amazing coffee drinks. Team Member Lynda always has a smile. Keep up the great service, I won’t go anywhere else for my coffee. – Nate

Way to Go, Store #59:
Super Ambassadors for QuickChek!

I always have a great time at your Roseland, NJ store. Team Members, Big Joey, Danielle, Michelle and Samantha work so well together and love to interact with the customers. This is a great crew! They are Super Ambassadors for QuickChek! – Phil.

Way to Go, Store #15:
Steve Shares Team Success Secrets!

Team Member Steve at your Howell, NJ store is very nice. He knows about your products, and was happy to tell me about the great team he works with. He explained that it takes a team to behave like family to make a store great! Thank you QC! – Jacob

TCD Roundup:

#28Rx: The Pharmacy Team is always very nice and provides great customer service!
#38: QC Rocks! Randy, Alfreda, Tom, Tammy are like great friends. Great experience every time!
#85: I love QC – it’s my favorite place to get coffee!
#142: Everyone is so pleasant! The store is clean and well stocked. I never have to wait for my order!
#154: My day is NOT complete without QC coffee! It’s service with a smile (especially from Dee)!
#154: I always receive service with a smile, and my food is ready quickly! Keep up the good work!

Way to Go, Store #82:
Winning Praise in Woodbridge!

Your Woodbridge, NJ store has exceptional service. The food service is excellent. It’s always made exactly as I request it, in a timely manner and served with a smile! Even the cashiers are super friendly. I’d like to acknowledge Hannah, Claribel, Gloria, Pedro and Frenchie. Thanks QC, you guys are the best! – Theresa

Way to Go, Store #63:
Dixa Shows ‘em How TCD is Done!

I need to say how great this store is! Store Leader Dixa and her team always go out of their way to meet everyone’s needs. Dixa displays a strong work ethic that is clearly modelled by her team! – Stu

Way to Go, Store #159:
Hats Off to Timothy!

Today I stopped at your Butler, NJ store to get fuel. Team Member Timothy came right up to my car and greeted me with a great big smile! It was such a hot day, but his demeanor was so friendly! Team Members like him are why I keep coming here! Hats off to this young man! – Mary

TCD Roundup:

#137: Mika and Russa are always smiling! It’s wonderful how much they care about their customers!
#141: The crew is a delight! The service is great, store is well stocked, and lowest gas prices too!
#151: This place is like my second home! Everyone is so friendly and always happy to see me!

Way to Go, Store #21:
Bloomingdale Consistently Impresses!

I am consistently impressed by my local Bloomindale NJ store! Store Leader Cindy always goes out of her way to help everyone; keeping things running like a fine-tuned machine! Team Members Kelly, Chris and all the rest keep the place moving with dignity and grace. Mike does an amazing job covering the gas pumps in all kinds of weather!! This QC is amazing! – Jen

TCD Roundup:

#23: Everyone is professional and friendly! I can always find everything I need here!
#23: I’m a new customer and delighted – keep up the great job!
#59: Samantha, Michele, Little Joey and Lupe always greet the customers and make them smile!

Way to Go, Store #150:
Russ Makes the Pharmacy Phantastic!

I’ve been a customer of your Beachwood, NJ store since 1989. I love everything about this store, especially the Team Members. Everyone is so kind and very helpful. Pharmacy Leader Russ does a fantastic job; I won’t go to any other pharmacy. When I’m here, I feel like I’m part of the family! – Sheila

Way to Go, Store #152:
Lakewood QC Beats Wawa!

Your Lakewood, NJ store is wonderful! It’s always so clean, the Team Members are the friendliest, and the coffee is always fresh! This store is 20 times better than Wawa! Also very excited about your new store in Brick, NJ! – Kenny

Way to Go, Store #126:
Try Us Once and Love Us!

I am a first time customer at your Wallkill, NY store, and I love the customer service! Your store was really busy, but many Team Members took the time to see if they could help me. It was a great experience and my sandwich was delicious! Plus, I was in and out in less than 10 minutes; I love this place! – Michael

Way to Go, Store #164:
Bethpage Continues to Please!

I’ve recently started shopping at your Bethpage, NY store. Every time I’m there I am very pleased with the quality of the service and the products. The Team Members are consistently helpful and attentive. The store is always clean and neat. Keep up the good work! – Kat

TCD Roundup:

#21: Betty is awesome. I’m a long-time customer and she’s a welcome sight to all your customers!
#69: I love your store! Everyone is great and the food is so fresh!
#82: This is the best store! Coffee area always clean and well stocked. Great job, Hanna!
#85: This store is great! So clean, fresh brewed coffee, and your Team is awesome! Keep it up!
#114: Jayne goes out of her way to introduce me to new menu items. The samples are a great idea!
#140: Bill is friendly, happy and provides great customer service to all the customers!

Way to Go, Store #140:
Bill and Jessica Make Bordentown Special!

I am moving soon and will miss all the wonderful Team Members at your Bordentown, NJ store; especially Bill and Jessica! They always greet me by name. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know them. Your entire Team is consistently professional and friendly! Thanks to all of you for making my mornings so special! I will miss you all. – Michelle

TCD Roundup:

#11: Great sandwiches (best I’ve ever had)! Plus a courteous, friendly Team. You should be proud!
#62: Turseef is wonderful and has excellent customer service skills. Thanks!
#64: Double thumbs up! This store is super clean, and the crew is so friendly!
#68: Crystal is exceptionally kind and courteous. Keep up the great work!
#102: I love this store. The cashiers are always so helpful and friendly.
#102: Justine’s attitude and work ethic go above and beyond. Kind, helpful and always professional!
#140: Bill is doing a great job! He is always pleasant and provides outstanding service!
#146: Rob has excellent customer service skills. This store has such a friendly atmosphere!
#164: This is the first QC in my neighborhood, I am there 4 to 5 times a day and I love it!

Way to Go, Store #164:
More Love for Bethpage!

Finally stopped in at your Bethpage, NY store, and now I’m addicted! I’m there every day! This store is so beautiful and clean. Great food at fantastic prices, plus a friendly and helpful crew. Marilynn

TCD Roundup:

#28: Customer Service is 100%
#99: Glad we found your store; needed a new place for lunch. The subs are outstanding! Great job!
#109: Terri is always friendly and helpful, no matter what time of day!
#136: Thanks to Team Member Dee for the awesome help learning how to use the touch screen!

Way to Go, Store #24:
Sonia CHECKS on Customer Satisfaction!

Sonia from the Morris Plains NJ store recently found a check that my son had lost. She took the time to mail it back to me. I certainly appreciate the thoughtfulness. Not too many people would have done that. Thank you! – Kelly

Way to Go, Store #4:
Casey, Victoria & the Whole Team Really Care!

Whenever I’m in your Highland Park, NJ store I get the best service and attention! Casey always greets me with a huge smile. Store Leader Victoria is always so bubbly and happy to be at work. You can tell she really cares about her Team because she treats them with great respect. I’m always happy to shop here and will continue to do so! Great job, QuickChek!!! – Antonio

TCD Roundup:

#35: Always a pleasant experience. Team Members are extremely helpful!
#72: Excellent customer service!

Way to Go, Store #95:
Cliff, Helen and Shermain Make Bayonne Great!

Your Bayonne, NJ store is great! It’s my go-to store for everything. It has such a friendly environment! If I need something, Store Leader Cliff will find it for me. Helen is the sweetest person and she makes beautiful salads. Shermain is friendly and super sweet. It’s an amazing place! – Shannon

Way to Go, Store #147:
Jon Cleans Spills and Restores Smiles!

I went to your Marlboro, NJ store yesterday with my young son. He was making a drink and spilled it. I panicked, and my son was so upset! Out of nowhere, Store Leader Jon appeared with a mop ready to take care of the situation. He even gave my son a sticker and a new cup to make another drink! It’s nice to know there are still good people in this world! Thank you so much! – Amanda

Way to Go, Store #17:
Oops, turns to Ahhh!

We were recently in your Lake Hopatcong, NJ store, and it was really busy. We noticed a mistake with our food order, and we brought it back to be corrected. The Team behind the counter was amazing. They apologized and fixed the sandwiches right away. Hey, mistakes happen, but it’s how you handle the mistake that makes a difference. Excellent customer service! We will be back! – Roberta

TCD Roundup:

#17: This store is a complete joy. Everyone is always energetic, helpful, and friendly!
#23: I love this store! It’s always so clean! Your Team is always professional and friendly!
#57: This store is so clean and the service is so quick!
#142: Nia has a great spirit, very friendly! She definitely takes her job seriously. Great service!

Way to Go, Store #140:
Ben Shows All Customers that He Cares!

As I was checking out at your Bordentown, NJ store, a young woman was trying to make a purchase, but her debit card wasn’t working. She was very frustrated and told the cashier she didn’t have any other form of payment. Store Leader Ben reached into his own pocket and paid for her food. Your Team Members have amazing dedication and care for their customers! – Mitch

Way to Go, Loss Prevention:
John Earns His Badge In Customer Service!

I’m a Detective with the New Brunswick, NJ PD. I recently sent an email requesting surveillance video from one of your stores regarding multiple robberies that recently occurred in town. I didn’t expect to get a response on the weekend. I was pleasantly surprised when John from your Loss Prevention Unit contacted me the very next morning. John spent a considerable amount of time searching for, locating and copying this video for me. He even brought the copy of the video to our department the next day! Thank you very much for your help. – Andrew

Way to Go, Store #99:
Rob and Kelly Get the Jump on TCD!

The other day my car battery died in the parking lot of your Rockaway, NJ store. I was about to call a towing service when Team Members Rob and Kelly came over with jumper cables and their car and brought my battery to life. They saved me from towing my car and having to pay for a mechanic! What great service! – Bonnie

Way to Go, Store #126:
Laurie Knows Her Customers Well!

I get a salad at your Wallkill, NY store’s refrigerated display every morning. When I went in today, the display case was not working. Store Leader Laurie let me know that she’d already made my salad, and it was waiting for me. Now THAT’S great customer service! This is one of the many reasons I love this store. – Joanne

TCD Roundup:

#31: Special shout-out to Gail, Mary and Denise. This is a great neighborhood convenience store!
#100: They always make my sandwich right!
#140: The service here beats Wawa, and this store is so nice and clean!
#148: I just had a wonderful and unforgettable experience in your store! Everyone is so nice!

Way to Go, Store #68:
Michelle Helps Customer Find a Way Home!

My car recently broke down at your Hampton, NJ store. Team Member Michelle went above and beyond to help me. She helped me find a taxi service and let me use her phone to contact them. If it weren’t for her kindness, my son and I would have been stranded! Thanks for your help! – Michael

TCD Roundup:

#8: This is such a friendly store! I always feel welcomed!
#35: Dan and his team at the fuel pumps are professional, efficient and always in a good mood!
#67: This is a very friendly, happy crew! Great customer service! Keep it up, I’ll spread the word!
#102: Store Leader John is always hard at work. He knows everyone by name and always has a smile!
#139: Brian is courteous, professional and always provides excellent customer service!
#140: Michael and his fellow Team Members really know what customer service is all about!
#156: I’ve been coming here since you opened! Love your subs and coffee. Your crew is top notch!
#159: I always get fuel at QC because Team Member Barry is always courteous and friendly!
#164: Susan is fast, efficient and very friendly. She always makes sure everyone is happy and satisfied!
#164: Team Member Mike keeps this store running very smoothly at night!

Way to Go, Store #137:
We’re Here When You Need Us!

I was recently in your Lodi, NJ store when I began to feel very sick and light-headed. I thought I was going to pass out. The Team Members on duty noticed I was in distress and immediately got me water and tended to me! I just recently started chemo treatments, and didn’t realize it would hit me that quickly. I was so touched by the genuine concern and caring of your Team. They all went above and beyond. It was very reassuring and comforting. – Robert

Way to Go, Store #136:
Steve IS the Phone Finder!

I want to thank Team Member Steve in your Jackson, NJ store. I lost my cell phone in your store and he helped me find it. Thinking that it possibly fell into the bags, he took everything apart to look for it. He even called from his own cell phone to find it. We finally found it in the bathroom! Great guy, great service! – Louise

Way to Go, Store #96:
Konner Thanks a Vet for His Service!

I was at your Englishtown, NJ store over the Memorial Day weekend. When I went to pay for my subs, Team Member Konnor told me that I couldn’t pay for the subs. I was confused, but then Konnor pointed to the Vietnam Veterans hat I was wearing, and told me the subs were ‘on him.’ I left with tears in my eyes for such a great act of kindness. – Rich

Way to Go, Store #31:
Gail Races to Return Purse!

When I was in your Wanaque, NJ store I was rushing and accidentally left my purse near the counter. Team Member Gail tried to catch me before I pulled out of the parking lot, but was too late. When I realized I’d left it there, I called and spoke to a Team Member who said they found it. Your Team Members are really nice, helpful and honest. – Lorraine

Way to Go, Store #35:
Nice Manners, Dan!

I go out of my way to purchase gas at your Hillsborough, NJ store. The station is clean and the prices are competitive. What really stands out is the courtesy of the Fuel Attendants. Team Member Dan always says ‘Good morning’ and ‘Enjoy your day.’ All of the attendants are polite. I wish more establishments had these manners. Thank you. – Noreen

Way to Go, Store #156:
Bryson and Robert Go Social to Return Wallet!

A couple of months ago, I lost my wallet at your Mount Arlington, NJ store. I called to see if someone turned it in, but no luck. I just assumed I dropped it in the parking lot, and it was stolen. About two months later, I got a Facebook message from Team Member Bryson asking if I was the woman who’d lost a wallet. He said it had been there for a while, so he thought he would try to locate me on social media! Bryson and Team Member Robert (who found the wallet) are wonderful and so helpful! I will continue to shop at QC and tell other people what a great place it is! Thank you! – Maureen

Way to Go, Store #43:
Deanna App-ily Claims Customer Loyalty!

Deanna at your Wantage, NJ store went above and beyond to help me get the QC app downloaded! I’m not very good with technology, but she took her time and explained everything! She is extremely pleasant, courteous and bubbly! You have a life-long costumer in me! – John

TCD Roundup:

#28: I look forward to Lillia’s smile each morning as she greets me!
#34: Everyone is very helpful very friendly! Coffee and sandwiches are always fresh and delicious.
#57: Ken is always professional and courteous. Thank you for making my experiences great!
#80: Excellent customer service! Team Members are always available to help!
#115: Great friendly service and yummy fresh subs. Thanks!
#133: This is my #1 go-to store! Everyone is so attentive and I always have the best experience!
#164: The night crew is the best! Mike, Mike and Susan handle everything with great smiles!
#165: Kiana helped me order and was so helpful! I enjoyed my experience and will always return!

Way to Go, Store #81:
Mike and Crew are cause for GIGANTIC Applause!

Store Leader Mike has a great crew at your Middletown, NJ store! This might be a smaller store, but it’s GIGANTIC in great service! Keep up the great work and your hard-working attitudes. – Happy Customer

TCD Roundup:

#17: AJ is so polite, attentive and professional. No matter how busy it is, he’s always super friendly!
#20: Vinny and Tracy and the whole Team are super friendly – they make this place feel like home!
#144: Randi is always courteous, professional, friendly and helpful. Her demeanor brings people back!

Way to Go, Store #123:
Cristin Gives the Shirt off Her Back (kind of)!

I stopped by your Highlands, NJ store today to get gas. I had just come from the beach, and wasn’t wearing a shirt. I asked Team Member Cristin (at the fuel pumps) if QC sold shirts so that I could buy one so I could go into the store. She told me there weren’t any shirts for sale, but she went to her car and got an old collared shirt that she had and offered it to me. I offered to pay but she would not accept anything. Because of the quality of people you employ I’ll be happy to do more business with QC.  – Shirtless Ken

Way to Go, Store #164:
Bethpage Loves QC!

I love your new Bethpage, NY store. Sylvia, Christine and the other coffee ladies always offer service with a smile. I’m a QC customer for life. Thank you for coming to Bethpage!

Way to Go, Store #63:
Jess & Sammie Make a Great Team!

I am a regular customer at your West Amwell, NJ store. Jess and Sammie are amazing. Jess is always so cheerful and fast; Sammie is always smiling and showing off her dimples. These two make a great team when working together. Love coming to this gas station too! – Ron

Way to Go, Store #159:
Smiles in Butler Turn Customer’s Day Around!

Just visited your store in Butler, NJ. I had a long hard day and wasn’t in a good mood. However, that quickly changed. I was warmly greeted with a smile from a Team Member at the register, and then met another happy Team Member in the deli. The crew clearly enjoys their work and it shows in their demeanor and professionalism. The overall experience was so pleasant, it changed my mood for the better and I left with a smile and a darn good sandwich! – Michael

TCD Roundup:

#15: Tim has made a wonderful difference since he’s come to this store.
#21: The coffee is always hot, fresh & the self-serve coffee area is always clean; so are the restrooms.
#34: Your store has the friendliest Team Members!
#34: One of the best stores ever! Fresh coffee, clean store & everyone is very friendly and helpful!
#51: Doris and her crew always treat customers with consideration, respect and a smile!
#58: I love the Team Members! They are always so nice and helpful. I’m there at least 2 times a day.
#64: Keith is always super nice! He is always smiling and talks to me about my day.
#120: The whole crew is so polite. I always have a great experience here!
#120: The prices are competitive and the store is very clean. Every store should be like this one!
#123: I go to QC to get gas when I know Bill is working. He takes great care of the customers!
#126: Great store! I love the staff! I’m always able to get in and out quickly, no matter what time of day.
#126: Laurie is fantastic! She really cares about workflow and making customers happy.
#143: Owyn is very polite, courteous and professional. He’s a great asset to your QuickChek family!
#153: I really enjoy visiting this store. The whole team is great!
#153: Thanks for the great service. Shane makes the best chai frozen lattes! He is very kind.
#153: Dan, Mike, Lucerno, Nayeli, Corey, Joany & Arianna are exceptional. They go above & beyond!
#157: Great service! Keep up the good work!
#157: I always come in at night. Jen and the crew are always so pleasant and professional!
#165: Billy saw me looking for something, he stopped what he was doing to help me find it! Thanks!

Way to Go, Store #133:
Team Members Make the Difference!

Whenever I’m at your Hazlet, NJ store it’s always so clean and the service is awesome! One time I saw a customer who was $2 short on his order and a Team Member helped him out by paying it out of his own pocket! I love that your Team Members always greet customers by name! This is the best place ever! – Robin

Way to Go, Store #140:
Michael Fills the Tank with Gas and Customers with Gratitude!

I want to say thank you to Team Member Michael at the Bordentown, NJ store! My gas gauge didn’t move but my fuel receipt stated I had received 11 gallons of gas. My tank only holds 14 gallons. So Michael used a different pump and was able to determine that my tank was full and the gauge was broken. I am so grateful to Michael for his patience and customer care! His ability to think outside the box and make sure I was comfortable that the tank was full is an example of his wonderful people skills. – Geraldine

Way to Go, Store #153:
Kate Makes Customers App-y!

I had one of the best customer service experiences EVER at your Eatontown, NJ store. I decided to check you guys out. I normally go to Wawa. Team Member Kate was working in the deli on the night shift, had a big smile on her face and was full of joy. She showed me choices and helped me pick out healthy snacks for my lunch. She also helped me download the app so I could get a free soda or coffee. I want to thank her for making my first QuickChek experience wonderful. – Ashley

TCD Roundup:

May 16, 2017 TCD Roundup:
#14: The ladies at the deli counter are super helpful and friendly. Love the app and the coupons!
#34: Great customer service. I am very satisfied with the speed and quality of the staff here.
#34: Big thank you to the crew: they make my day better. I love how clean and neat the store is.
#69: Team Members are so professional and kind. My order was made quickly and accurately.
#79: Fuel Attendant Carlos went out of his way to service my car and clean my windows!
#102: This store is always clean and the staff is friendly.
#114: Maryann is very nice, friendly and does a great job!
#122: Patricia is an outstanding Team Member. It’s a pleasure to visit the store when she’s working!

Way to Go, Marketing:
Bravo for General Tso!

Just have to say your General Tso’s Sandwich is beyond YUMMY! Whomever came up with this sandwich, BRAVO to them; all those flavors just mingle together perfectly! – Mary

Way to Go, Store #122:
Bill, Angelica and Matt Make Days Special!

I am a regular customer at your North Plainfield, NJ store. I was in a rush the other day, and when I went to pay for my order (a turkey sandwich for my grandson), I realized I didn’t have enough cash! Team Member Bill was quick to help me out! Everyone at this store is so nice and very personable. Team Members Angelica and Matt are also especially nice; they always make my day special! Thanks to all your crew who work so hard! – Monica

TCD Roundup:

#10: Your coffee is always fresh always and hot! The service is always friendly! Thank you!
#26: Love the Store Leader and the Morning Crew – they are the best!
#33: Service is always fast and everyone is always friendly and smiling! Great store!
#59: Michele and Joey make everyone feel great because of their greetings and super customer service!
#75: This store is very clean and everyone is so helpful. I will definitely be back again!
#82: Glad to have QCafé! Frenchy, Hanna and Clairebel are great!
#150: Very, very clean store! Your Team Members are very helpful and polite!
#156: Cody is always polite and professional and makes the best frozen latte!

A Whole Lotta Love for New Store in Bethpage, NY:

#164: I heard about this new store on 104.3. I love the food!
#164: Love the new store! Team Members are very friendly!
#164: I love your new store! I was a fan of Speedway for gas, but you have just converted me!
#164: Hope you’re going to open a lot more locations on Long Island!
#164: Great store where people are friendly, the store is clean and I can get a sandwich the way I want!
#164: Michael greets me and makes me feel welcomed. He goes above and beyond his duties!

Way to Go, Store #164:
Bethpage is a Welcomed Addition!

I just visited your new store in Bethpage, NY. I am so happy to finally have a QC so close to work. I am ecstatic with how friendly your Team Members are. It’s been worth the long wait. I’m enjoying your wonderful store! Thank you for coming to Bethpage!! – Laura

Way to Go, Store #153:
Rachael & TCD make a Lasting Impression!

This was the best customer service I’ve experienced in years. Team Member Rachael at your Eatontown, NJ store is helpful, fun, and delightful. She lights up the room with her enthusiasm and made my first QuickChek impression a wonderful lasting one. I will recommend this store to all of my friends and family! – Samantha

Way to Go, Store #47:
Team #47 Gets It Done!

This morning at your Hopewell, NJ store, I noticed a line of 5-6 people who had ordered food. However, there was only one Team Member behind that counter. I was so impressed with the efficiency with which she worked to get all the food prepared. I didn’t see her stop to take a breath, she was doing multiple things at once. What an amazing Team you have! Great job! – Jennifer

TCD Roundup:

#22: Wonderful experience – everyone there is so nice and helpful!
#27: Your Team Members are very pleasant and welcoming!
#34: Started to come to QC rather than Wawa. I get treated with respect and my food’s made right!
#58: This is a great place! Everyone is friendly and helpful!
#86: Lisa makes every morning pleasant!
#102: Judy and Mella are so personable and professional. They make each customer feel special!
#118: Store Leader Edna is always on point! Store is so clean and offers wonderful customer service!
#135: Very nice people, great coffee and the food is very good!

Way to Go, Store #98:
Vanessa’s Generosity Makes All the Difference!

My husband and I frequent your Middletown, NY store every morning for our coffee and breakfast. This morning we were getting fuel as well. When we went to pay, our bank card was declined for the full amount. We didn’t have enough cash to cover the difference, so we decided to limit our gas purchase. The cashier, Vanesa, insisted that she pay for our coffees out of her own pocket, making it possible for us to purchase what we had intended. It was two coffees, which is not a huge purchase, but it was a huge gesture. She was genuinely friendly and compassionate! Thank you so much! – Jessica

Way to Go, Store #62:
Friendly Fuel Attendants = Frequent Fuel Customers!

Every single time I stop at your South Plainfield, NJ store for gas, the attendants are always so friendly! This station is clean and spacious, and having the friendliness is such a refreshing bonus! – Mara

Way to Go, Store #100:
Emily Serves up TCD with a Great Smile!

Emily at your Jefferson, NJ store goes over-and-above to make our food orders exactly right. Emily makes the best sandwiches I’ve ever had, and with such a smile! In this day and age, just trying to talk to a food service person is hard enough; much less finding one who will happily go the extra mile. I hope she is always there when we visit! Great customer service! Cheers Emily! – Laura

TCD Roundup:

#78: The sandwich ladies in the deli are always friendly and attentive!
#81: All the Team Members there are so very friendly!
#154: Such great help!!! Everyone is so pleasant and polite! Always a pleasure to shop there!
#159: Ben went above and beyond in customer service!

Way to Go, Store #72:
Michael, Dawn and Brian Make it Feel Like Home!

Whenever I’m in your Woodbridge, NJ store, it feels like my second home. Team Members Michael, Dawn and Brian always greet me and assist me so graciously and professionally. They ALL bust themselves working extremely hard. – Caridad

Way to Go, Store #44:
Lee Will Show You How It’s Done!

Stopped in to your Iselin, NJ store for a sub and couldn’t figure out the ordering computer. Team Member Lee was so friendly and helpful, and showed me how to use it! Wonderful customer service; I look forward to returning to this store in the future! – Nancy

Way to Go, Store #73:
Tracy’s Mission = Make ‘em Smile!

Tracy (at your Hamilton, NJ store) is the most happy, upbeat, friendly person. She does everything with joy. She chats with the customers as she works and she makes everything neatly, which is hard to do!! All the Team Members at this location are friendly, but Tracy stands out because it seems like her mission to make each customer smile… and she does. – From a happy customer.

TCD Roundup:

#23: Shirley is an asset to your store!
#88: I love going to QuickChek! The coffee and subs are always fresh – Thanks!
#143: Everyone is always nice, friendly, and helpful to everyone. It’s a pleasure to go to your store!

Way to Go, Store #142:
Nia Brings Sunshine Day or Night!

I want to thank Nia for going above-and-beyond this evening. It may sound trivial, but I’d had a really horrible evening, so I decided to stop into your North Brunswick, NJ store to get my favorite pretzel sandwich. There were none left so I asked about them. Nia took care of it right away and made me feel welcomed, appreciated, and satisfied. I am incredibly thankful to have met her. Thank you! – Melissa

Way to Go, Store #154:
Joe Turns Frowns Upside Down!

I wanted to let you know that Joe at your Jackson, NJ store made my day. I was ‘down on my luck’ and very upset on Tuesday morning. Joe was making jokes and made both my son & I laugh. He completely changed both of our attitudes that morning. I am so very grateful for Joe! – Stacey

Way to Go, Store #21:
A Big THANK-Q from Wanaque Center!

I called your Bloomingdale, NJ store at 9:30am for a same-day, large order for an event at the Wanaque Center. I needed 9 platters of sandwiches by 12:30pm. I picked them up and was out the door by 12:25pm. You did a great job, and everyone loved the sandwiches. Thanks for the great job from all of us at Wanaque Center! – Aylene and Matt

Way to Go, Store #136:
Joshua’s Patience IS a Virtue!

Kudos to Joshua at your Jackson, NJ store! He had so much patience with me the other day as I fumbled counting out numerous dimes, nickels and pennies to pay for my order. He was so calm and polite; where as any other person would lose it!! – Louise

TCD Roundup:

#7: I frequently visit with my friends. This store and the bathrooms are always very clean!
#18: Alneesah displays kindness and concern for all her customers. I can’t compliment her enough!
#34: Monika is the best! I love visiting the store because of her!
#96: Your coffee is always hot, fresh and available! Makes me love QC coffee even more!
#101: Bassam is always so friendly and kind when I stop by. He always recognizes me, and is so upbeat!
#:159: Shout out to Hope, Julia, Sandy and Ben! They’re always a pleasure and make my experience great!

Way to Go, Store #49:
Jody’s Helpfulness is Sweeter than the Cookies!

I wanted to purchase a container of your oatmeal raisin cookies. Team Member Jody from your Sayreville, NJ store went above and beyond the call of her duties to help me. She personally prepared a box of cookies for me to purchase in the size that I wanted. She is a great QC representative, always going out of her way to keep customers happy. – Alice

Way to Go, Store #147:
Sending Out Great Vibes in Marlboro!

Your Marlboro, NJ store is my favorite store. Not just my favorite convenience store, I mean my FAVORITE of any store. Well stocked, great selection and the best prices. The fuel is the cheapest anywhere. Every single Team Member is awesome, and the general vibe is just cool and friendly. Always friendly, holding doors, wishing me a good day. Whenever I have special requests, they always enthusiastically accommodate me. – Marielle

Way to Go, QuickChek:
Great Report Card for All Our Stores!

Every QuickChek store I’ve gone to has been top notch. Clean, friendly helpful Team Members. Food is fresh and the coffee is always great. It’s the best. – Shell

Way to Go, Store #146:
Paula Knows Her Customers!

Team Member Paula at your Hanover, NJ store is wonderful! Not only is she sweet, she’s so helpful! She has my cigarettes ready for me and takes care of my lottery tickets with a smile. She always takes the time to ask me how I’m doing. Her smile always makes me smile! Awesome! – Kanisha

Way to Go, Store #153:
Serving Fuel and Customer Service with Efficiency!

The Fuel Attendants at your Eatontown, NJ store are amazing. When I stopped in last evening, I witnessed one attendant managing four lanes of cars by himself. This man was friendly and courteous. When one customer complained about the wait, he was very respectful and maintained his calm disposition. He was extremely professional in a stressful situation. Even amidst all that, he handed me my receipt, smiled and wished me a good night. He is truly a class act! Thank you. – Lori

TCD Roundup:

#66: Asmae is a model of politeness and good service. She is a credit to your organization!
#82: Deandre is always polite, attentive and calm. You can tell he is passionate about his customers!
#97: Great service, friendly and very helpful!
#115: Coffee Station is always clean and the coffee is always fresh and hot!
#124: Jennifer is very pleasant and helpful! I will definitely shop there again!
#132: Always get greeted with friendly smiles and fast service. Great start to my day!
#140: Customer service is always fantastic. It’s a real pleasure to come to this location!
#151: Heather F. was very nice and helped me download your app!
#159: Darlene is the most polite and energetic Team Member! She is an asset to your store!

Way to Go, Store #90:
Chris Delivers TCD Every Time!

Chris at your Rahway, NJ location is amazing! He delivers a world-class customer experience every time! I visit this location every day even though there are other convenience stores that are closer to my home. I shop here because of your Team Members! – Kevin

Way to Go, Store #51:
Nancy Keeps Customers Informed!

Nancy at your Perth Amboy, NJ store is an absolute delight. She makes every experience joyous. She’s very kind and always in a great mood. She keeps all her customers informed of the app, available coupons, perks, and specials in the store. – Damaris

Way to Go, Store #82:
We Are Cream of the Crop in Woodbridge!

A compliment is in order. I visit your Woodbridge store twice a day. Walking into this store always makes me smile. The staff is friendly and the music is great. Best of all, I never have to check the dates on the cream because I know your crew has done it for me! This is the ONLY store that I do not check dates or have to smell the cream before I use it. Keep up the great work! – Sheila

Way to Go, Store #100:
Michele Touches People’s Hearts!

Michele at your Jefferson, NJ store makes a real difference to her customers. She knows all of her customers’ preferences (coffee, cigarettes and food). She’s detail-oriented and provides the best service with the right amount of speed! One time she made coffee for me and my husband, and went the extra mile to put a smile on my disabled daughter’s face. She let my daughter wear her hat, and gave her extra whipped cream on her drink! Because of Michele, I will drive the extra 20 minutes to your store just to have the warm experience again! – Roberta

TCD Roundup:

#21: My son and I love to see James for great breakfast sandwiches and warm greetings! He’s awesome!
#26: Pance and Patty are very friendly and helpful! This store is always in great condition!
#30: Luz is excellent at multitasking service! I will be back and will recommend your store to others!
#63: Sam is a very hard worker; always so happy – even at 6am.
#64: Teddy is so wonderful and makes the best sandwiches. She really cares about her customers.
#66: It’s always a pleasure walking into this store, I love it!!
#78: This store is one of your best! Great attitudes, plus a clean, well-stocked store!
#95: Helen is competent and well-organized. She always does her job efficiently, with a smile!
#110: Great location, clean store, and friendly, helpful crew. This is my favorite QC!
#151: Zach is such a hard worker. Cleaned my windshield and jogged over to another car to do the same!
#157: Gregg always goes out of his way to help. Jennifer and Sarah make me feel welcome and appreciated!
#159: Daniele makes this a great place to shop! I love the music that plays in the store!

Way to Go, Store #64:
Dixa and Ed are App-y to Help!

I was at your Hackettstown, NJ store and had trouble finding the QC app on my phone. Team Member Dixa asked Team Member Ed to help me, and he did! Now I have the app working again and I can’t wait to use it! I want to compliment everyone who works at this store! Thanks for taking the time to help! – Barbara

Way to Go, Store #40:
Customer Appreciation is Real Payment!

Last week I stopped at your Chester, NJ store to get a sandwich. When I went to pay I realized I had forgotten my wallet. I asked the cashier to stop the order, but she explained the situation to the Store Leader, and he swiped his card and paid for my order. As I was returning home I remembered I had been to the bank earlier, so I returned to Chester to pay. The Store Leader would not accept payment. I want to thank you very much for the kindness shown to me. Now I can say there is such a thing as a free lunch! Many thanks – Harry

Way to Go, Store #20:
Lisa’s Kindness Makes a Difference!

I am a regular customer at your Bradley Beach, NJ store. Whenever I’m there I see Team Member Lisa hard at work (taking out the trash, making coffee, cleaning, etc.). When I arrived at the store today, I’d just had an argument with someone, and I guess I was visibly upset. Lisa saw me and stopped what she was doing to see if I was all right and to offer some encouragement. It meant the world to me that someone would offer such kindness. Thank you! – Regina

Way to Go, Store #102:
Zack’s Family Values Get Noticed!

I was in your Manchester, NJ store this evening and was waited on by Team Member Zack. His mother was online ahead of me, making a purchase and chatting with him. As she left, she said, ‘love you,’ and he replied ‘I love you too, see you later.’ He took his next customer and apologized for any delay. He went on to explain that between school and work he doesn’t get to see his mom very often. So she stops in to buy something and gets the chance to say hi. It is so refreshing to see a young man have such respect and care. Your team picked a winner and trained him well. – Janet

TCD Roundup:

#25: The crew who runs the kitchen is fantastic. Everything I order is always prepared perfectly!
#27: Great customer service as always!
#32: Thanks to Anthony & Wini for making an amazing cheese steak! It’s the best I have ever had!
#63: Jessie & Sammie make a great team at the fuel pumps! Always so happy & polite!
#66: It is a pleasure shopping here! Everyone is friendly & efficient. It’s a great way to start my day!
#79: Tammy is patient, kind & has excellent customer service skills! Always going above & beyond!
#100: Michelle makes great coffee and good conversation!
#118: I visit this store a lot because of Brandon. He is pleasant, nice & friendly!
#124: I love your store! The snacks are great, fuel prices are low & your Team is friendly to everyone!
#127: I am so happy I work near this store! I’m there every day & I love using the app!
#137: Raymond, Bill, Barbara & Nancy are so helpful! They always start my day off right!
#145: Just tried your General Tso’s Chicken hoagie. It was so fresh and tasty. Great service too!
#156: Ariana took the time to explain the coffee system to me. She really cares about her customers!
#156: Your Team Members are always happy, always polite, and always go out of their way to help!
#159: Matthew is such a pleasant gas attendant. He’s quick, polite and much appreciated!
#165: This was my first time at your store. Nice people and very clean store. Subs are really good!

Way to Go, Store #139:
Master Jo-Di is the Ticket to TCD!

A few weeks ago I was at your Washington, NJ store during the morning rush. Team Member Jodi is amazing the way she remembers all her customers’ preferences (drink choices, sandwich orders, tobacco brands, etc.). This morning she had a customer who was a deaf/mute who wanted to purchase lottery tickets. She obviously knew the man, and knew his lottery routine. However this time something was wrong. He was gesturing and became increasingly agitated. It seemed that there was a ticket missing. After searching everywhere and attempting to communicate with him, she leaned over and opened his lottery envelope and pulled out a ticket and scanned it. That was his winner. He was so relieved! We don’t call her Master Jo-Di for nothing. – William

TCD Roundup:

#5: Katie Rose is a friendly, hard-working Team Member. She always makes my day bright!
#9: This store is always so nice and clean, and Marlena is the best at making sandwiches!
#51: Fuel Attendants Ron & Kim are friendly & quick! Your training team knows what they’re doing!
#64: Everyone from the Store Leader to the Cashier always has a smile, and is so helpful!
#64: Keith is delightful & hardworking. His coffee is always fresh & the coffee station is spotless!
#99: This is my favorite place to shop! Always has everything I need in-stock & great people!
#100: Team Members are amazing! Great customer service! You always leave happy!
#115: I travel extra miles past your competitors to get to QC and receive great customer service!
#117: This is one of the friendliest stores; the Team Members are great and very helpful.
#135: Nicole is always friendly & attentive, even when busy! I love to see her smiling face!
#139: Jodi, Mark, Courtney & “all the Donnas” do a wonderful job every day! I love shopping here!
#146: Great store, nice people, awesome service – thanks!
#146: Always great service, thanks!
#152: The overnight crew is always upbeat & friendly. They also make the best sandwiches!
#156: Best part of my day is stopping at your store for kind smiles, hot coffee & warm breakfast!
#157: Meliza is so attentive! Even if there’s a long line, she recognizes everyone & is so pleasant!

Way to Go, Store #109:
No Worries, We Make it Alright in Florida!

I was at your Florida, NY store and I accidently spilled my drink. A Team Member immediately came over and started mopping it up. I apologized profusely, but he told me it was no problem; he’d take care of it. What a wonderful attitude and excellent customer service. Thank you! – Eric

Way to Go, Store #154:
Sara and Dee to the Rescue!

I was at the Jackson, NJ store for my morning coffee and I dropped my money on the ground, but didn’t realize it until I got to the register. Apparently another customer saw it, picked it up and walked out of the store. I didn’t have any cash left to pay for my items. I was really upset, but then Store Leader Sara and Team Member Dee came the rescue. My items were paid for with no hesitation. I am so grateful to them for helping me out! Thank you. – Tina

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Way to Go, Store #96:
Joe and Crew Help Make Memories!

I fuel up my car every week at your Englishtown, NJ store. My four-year-old son loves our whole routine of going to your store! He gets so excited because Team Member Joe and all your gas attendants know us. They are so sweet with him! He gets to ask for a fill-up, and he hands them the credit card. It makes his day. Because of the excellent customer service we receive, QC is our go-to gas station. It’s the little things that make a big difference in people’s lives. My son will always have happy memories of going to get gas at QC. Big thank you to Joe and his fellow Gas Attendants! – Lynda

Way to Go, Store #27:
Our Customers Are Our Friends!

When I walk into the Montclair, NJ store, I am always greeted with “hellos” and great smiles by your whole Team. I now consider these guys to be my friends! Whenever I ask for something, they are quick to help! Each Team Member is approachable and friendly, as well as professional at all times. I appreciate entering and leaving with a smile! – Celeste

Way to Go, Store #99:
Rachel is Soy-Happy to Help!

Your Rockaway, NJ store is wonderful! Store Leader Rachel and the whole crew are great. Thank you so much for bringing back Soy Milk to the coffee bar! I really appreciate stores who listen to their customers and want to accommodate their preferences. Keep up the great work! – Mary

TCD Roundup:

March 23, 2017 TCD Roundup:
#51: Your Team is very helpful! It’s a pleasure to shop here!
#100: Excellent work, this is my favorite stop during the day!
#122: I really appreciate Bill and Angie! They are always so kind, friendly and helpful!

Way to Go, Store #126:
Snow Storm Doesn’t Deter Laurie and Crew!

Your Wallkill, NY store did a great job by staying open during last week’s storm. Store Leader Laurie and her crew worked so hard! Every time I went back to the store, she was there; even at 2am! We really appreciate that you stayed open for your customers! – Shelly

Way to Go, Store #21:
Linda and the Crew Provide TLC and TCD!

I work at the Wanque Center for Nursing. Last week, we were gearing up for the snow storm, working long, hard hours. Administration wanted to provide the staff with warm and nutritious food to get them started and keep them going. We contacted your Bloomingdale, NJ store and they came through with bagels, muffins, mini-loafs and fresh brewed coffee. Team Member Linda and the crew organized breakfast items for more than 75 hungry staff members! Your whole Team was extremely helpful, pleasant, and accommodating! Thank you! – Kathryn

Way to Go, Store #139:
Donna R. and Donna K. Keep the Plows Running with TCD!

Donna R. and Donna K. at your Washington Township, NJ store were a great help to us last week during the blizzard. I work for the Washington Borough DPW, and these ladies took the time to make eight awesome sandwiches for our crew. They were both so friendly and kind. Thanks for great service and a job well done! – Daryll

Way to Go, Store #102:
Laura Makes Hot Chocolate Just Right!

I recently visited your Manchester, NJ store. I ordered a special-made hot chocolate (which tasted 100,000% better than Wawa’s hot chocolate). Team Member Laura went above and beyond to make sure I had the best experience possible at your store. All your Team Members are awesome, but I think Laura is amazing. I’ll be back because of her. – Jennifer

Way to Go, Store #146:
Ben, Kianna and Fernando ‘Cap Off’ The Experience with TCD!

I needed to put air in my tire (which was almost flat), but I couldn’t get the cap off of the valve. Team Members Ben, Kianna and Fernando helped me take care of this, and even put air in all of my tires. I would not have been able to drive the car without their assistance. Thank you! – Jody

Way to Go, Store #10:
Customers Notice That We Care!

I was delighted to see that you were open during the storm! Your Team is so dedicated! Despite rain, sleet and snow, your Team was there and they were all so pleasant! Thanks to all of you! – Hollie

Way to Go, Store #29:
Scotch Plains Loves Vanessa!

I am a Scotch Plains police officer, and want to commend Store Leader Vanessa for her dedication to her Team. During last week’s snow storm, Vanessa went out to pick up several of her Team Members so that the store would be adequately staffed. She went out of her way to take care of the store, her crew and her customers. The town of Scotch Plains enjoys having her at the store! – Joe

TCD Roundup:

#84: Mbarek and the crew are all very friendly. Keep up the good work!
#100: Rich was the only one on duty and did an amazing job! Holding down the fort and kicking butt!
#103: Cynthia worked a triple shift through the blizzard! She was awesome & friendly throughout!
#103: Your whole crew is so personable and all have great attitudes! I always leave there smiling!
#109: Team Member Joe is the hardest worker! He does everything, and does it well!
#111: Thanks for the free salad when I wasn’t completely satisfied; best customer service ever!
#122: Best iced-coffee and the best flavored creamers! Store Leader Bill does a great job!
#123: What a nice crew you have; friendly & helpful at all times! Keep up the good work!
#137: Awesome store! Team Members are so friendly!
#165: Love your new store! Better coffee than Dunkin. You guys have your act together!

Way to Go, Store #68:
Meg Keeps Things in Tip-Top Shape!

Thanks to Store Leader Meg, your Hampton, NJ store is in tip-top shape! She is consistently out on the floor with her Team. Whether it’s mopping floors or helping her team in other ways, her visibility makes it a pleasure to shop at this store! – Dave

Way to Go, Store #22:
Sarah Puts the TOTAL in TCD!

I had difficulty processing a coupon for a sandwich deal. Team Member Sarah (at your Trenton, NJ store) was so helpful! She honored the coupon and personally made my order. This is the ultimate example of great customer service. I am completely satisfied with my experience at this location. Outstanding! – James

TCD Roundup:

#23: Tracey and Martha always make me feel welcomed here! They’re both so nice! I love this store!
#23: Carlos always goes out of his way for great customer service! I go to this store because of him!
#51: I am very happy with your service. I buy lunch here every day!
#68: Gina was so polite and helpful! I will be back and will tell friends and family to shop here!
#91: Wonderful service! The staff is very friendly and fast. John was especially pleasant. A+!
#99: Your Team goes out of the way to provide superb customer service.
#103: Matt is so fast and accurate with my orders. He always goes the extra mile! I’ll certainly be back.
#117: Mikey, Joey, and Shante are shining examples of professionals with great work ethics!
#157: Overnight Fuel Attendants are upbeat and positive! Great QC representatives. Love it here!
#159: Darlene is amazing; great customer service skills. She’s the reason I keep coming back!

Way to Go, Store #126:
QC GREEN = Neighborhood!

I’ve loved telling everyone about the excellent, top-notch customer service at your Wallkill, NY store! In a time where actual customer care is dead, your establishment shines through. Your Team Members have brought back the feeling of the “old neighborhood corner store”. As a native New Yorker, I love that! I won’t stop singing your praises! QC GREEN is now my favorite color! Thanks again! Deirdra

Way to Go, Store #93:
Great Days Begin With QC!

I went to your Bayonne, NJ store early this morning. I was in a rush, on my way to a job interview. Your Team was amazing! They helped me find everything I needed right away. They pointed me in the right direction for coffee, the newspaper, and the most delicious breakfast sandwich! In short, positive energy today landed me a job; and it all started at your store! Kevin

TCD Roundup:

#10: Excellent service, great sandwich, delicious coffee!
#26: Jakob always makes it a great experience! I’ll always be a customer as long as he’s there!
#82: The ladies in this store make the best sandwiches. I love this store!
#91: Even when super busy, Team Members always greet me with a smile & make me feel at home.
#101: Potato bowl & Subs are great! You have a great crew! I love going there!
#141: Your Team is wonderful! QC is a great addition to our neighborhood. I’m there every day!

Way to Go, Store #126:
Laurie Fills Tanks and Hearts!

My husband recently ran out of gas a mile away from your Wallkill, NY store. He called a tow truck to get his car home, but it was too expensive. The tow truck driver offered to go to your Wallkill store to fill a gas can for him. Unfortunately, my husband didn’t have his wallet with him to pay for the gas. Your Store Leader Laurie gave the driver $20 from her wallet to pay for the gas for my husband! This was such a wonderful gesture. I really appreciate her kindness. – Jennifer

Way to Go, Store #95:
Bayonne and Pharmacy Team Get Praise and High Score!

It’s always a pleasure going to your Bayonne, NJ store. Everyone is friendly and courteous. The Pharmacy Team is also great. I can’t say enough good things about them. You are my #1 convenience store. – Marge

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