2016 TCD: Winner Photos Straight from the Stage

25 Year Club
Nancy Rumpf, Donna Kane, Jerry Hayes, Nancy Ensley, Betty Cannon, Nancy Martinez


Qtube Award
Qtube – The Heart of Giving, Jennifer Quiles #7


Best Turnover of Year
Jennifer Quiles STORE #7 (15.50%), Mindy Kurt STORE #49 (14.29%), Lori McLagan STORE #3 (11.76%), Brenda Gunderman STORE #52 (10.00%), Ulysses Pilao STORE #1 (5.26%)


Sales Builders of the Year
Anthony McAree STORE #38 (6.30%), Jon Bloodgood STORE #147 7.15%, Mike Dipierro STORE #5 (7.91%), Kathy Rhinesmith STORE #100 (9.21%), Dan Guzman-Quesada STORE #156 (9.72%), Rebecca Cutler STORE #67 (9.84%), Angelo Perito STORE #148 (9.87%), Rob McConnell STORE #74 (9.99%), Igor Trajceski STORE #110 (10.54%), Cindy Gonzalez STORE #21 (12.90%)


Fuel Leader of the Corporation
Lester Zygmunt STORE #74


Qtube Award
Qtube – The Fruit of TCD, Jon Bloodgood #147


Vendor of the Year Awards
Blount Fine Foods

L&D Millwork


2016 Accident Free Stores
Stores 3, 18, 23, 27, 31, 49, 52, 53, 59, 60, 80, 87, 88, 95, 114, 129, 131, 132, 133, 147


Food Service Leaders of the Regions
Region 1: Jackie Crowley #152

Region 2: Donna Romanczuk #139 (awarded virtually!)


Food Service Leader of the Corporation
Donna Romanczuk (awarded virtually!)


Support Center Team Member of the Year Awards
David Sparrow


Roberta Kebbekus


Bryan Sweney

Mary Hengst


Anthony Cifarelli


Qtube Award
Qtube – Loyalty Worth Chasing, Julian Thelan


Pharmacy Leader of the Corporation
Steve Broomfield #71


Store Leaders of the Districts
District A- Mike Boylan #37, District B- Rob McConnell #74, District C- Dan Guzman-Quesada #156, District D- Matt Murphy #157, District E- Nelly Pinzon #93, District G- Sejdo Gurzakovic #92, District H- Moustafa Attia #44, District I- Enrique Fernandez #94, District J- James Parriski #63, District K- Jennifer Quiles #7, District L- Vivien Briones #129, District M- Mike Fichera #152, District N- Bill Nicholas #78, District O- Mindy Kurt #49


Store Leaders of the Regions
Region 1: Enrique Fernandez #94

Region 2: Vivien Briones #129


Store Leader of the Corporation
Vivien Briones #129


Rookie District Leader of the Corporation
Mike Murphy


District Leader of the Corporation
Bonnie Lozier


President’s Leadership Club

Michael Boylan, Robert McConnell, Danier Guzman-Quesada, Matthew Murphy, Nelly Pinzon, Sejdo Gurzakovic, Moustafa Attia, Enrique Fernandez, James Parriski, Jennifer Quiles, Vivien Briones, Michael Fichera, William Nicholas, Mindy Kurt, Dave Sparrow, Roberta Kebbekus, Bryan Sweney, Mary Hengst, Anthony Cifarelli, Lester Zygmunt, Donna Romanczuk, Vivien Briones, Mike Murphy, Bonnie Lozier, Stephen Broomfield