Way to Go!

Way to Go, Store #144:
Serving Up Great Service Daily!

My dad visits QuickChek multiple times a week to order food before work. He appreciates the staff who are not only polite, but are able to provide great customer service to multiple customers at a time. The woman at the deli is always well-spoken and efficient, and the gentleman at the register is consistently alert and keeping his area clean. Our experiences with QuickChek always leave us looking forward to returning.

Way to Go, Store #155:
Our Regulars Love Our Service!

I want to commend the staff at this location for their dedication and hard work. Between in store and online, they seemed to have sandwich orders flooding in. The Team Members worked together to cover both the deli and the register efficiently. They were all courteous and apologetic for any delays. Wonderful job!


#7: Noreen was so sweet! She is truly an asset to your company!
#150: This is a great crew! I’m a regular customer and the atmosphere is the same, if not better, with each visit.
#153: The fuel attendant was super friendly and even washed my back window. You don’t find many friendly, good attitude employees like him!
#157: I visited the store looking for an item that was out of stock. Sandra suggested I return Thursday. I came back and not only did she remember me, but she helped me locate the item. She really went above and beyond for me!
#172: When I was having trouble accessing my QuickChek app, Karen was quick to assist! She and the team are so efficient, the area was spotless and the coffee was delicious!
#179: I got a flat tire and pulled into this location. Will made sure to check in on me and make sure I was ok. I plan to make QuickChek my station of choice from now on!


#4: Rick is a great person; always friendly and kind!
#91: I was given the wrong amount of change by mistake and I didn’t take notice. Maria ran after me as I was leaving the store with the correct amount and an apology. We need more honest people like her!
#101: Will is not only friendly, but he hustles! He is a hard worker who always has a smile on his face.
#123: Cheryl made my visit great! She is one of the most helpful and funny people. An A+ Team Member!
#166: Fuel attendant Michael is so polite and provides unbelievable service!

Way to Go, Store #144:
Bill’s Attentiveness is Appreciated!

I arrived at this location with my car on empty and a long journey home a few states away. I had been experiencing some car troubles and Bill was determined to make sure I had enough gas in my tank to safely make it home. He is an asset to your team and I am beyond grateful for him!


#7: This team is the best! They are always so nice and make the absolute best sandwiches and frozen drinks! 
#157: Julio was very nice, efficient and patient. He truly cares about the customers, and the food came out great!
#172: Karen was kind, efficient and caring about the customers and the store she works for.

Way to Go, Store #92:
A Smile Goes A Long Way!

Thelma is absolutely wonderful and is loved by so many customers! She always greets us with a big smile and asks how our day is. Her service is what keeps us coming back every day. You can’t find service with a smile and kindness everywhere these days. Daniel, Brian, Justin and Eric are always such a pleasure as well!


#156: Katie and Chyna were amazingly helpful in getting me everything I needed for a large order! I want to commend them for their outstanding customer service. 
#174: Mari and Daksha are always willing to accommodate me with anything I need when it comes to my food order. They’re the best!

Way to Go, Store #154:
Our Kindness Keeps People Coming Back!

Living close to this location, I frequent the store often and want to point out how nice, friendly and accommodating the Team Members are every single time I visit. It is truly a breath of fresh air these days to be greeted with a group of friendly people who go out of their way to help their customers. I am genuinely so happy to have such a great place right in my neighborhood!


#12: The Team Members are super friendly and courteous! They’ve kept the location running beautifully through a difficult year. 
#137: Murcell saw me trying to put air in my tires and came over to assist me. He was so helpful and pleasant! 
#151: I always hope that Tara is working when I visit this store. She is so nice and always goes out of her way to assist me in ordering. 
#156: Shaina and her team were so pleasant and efficient while making 15 sandwiches for our group!
#164: I love the team at this location; they are such hard workers!
#171: Team Member Brian was friendly, personable and efficient while filling my car with gas!


#103: Thank you to Deborah, Megan and Margie for a great experience! Their energy brings so much kindness to this location. 
#144: Not only did one of the fuel attendants point out a customer’s low front tire, but helped them when they didn’t know how to use the air pump. You don’t see that level of kindness often!
#160: Bri was incredibly patient and 100% customer service oriented. Her attitude is rare; someone as good as Bri is invaluable!
#175: Enrique was the nicest, most personable and polite Team Member I’ve ever met. From the moment he walked up to me, to the moment I departed he was nothing but well mannered.

Way to Go, Store #30:
Our Customers Love Our Caring Coworkers!

As I was waiting for my sandwich to be made, Mike came into the store and immediately made his way to the back to check on the young lady preparing my food. He made it a point to ensure she was ok and if she needed any assistance. His tone was sincere and caring. I told Mike how sweet and considerate he was for checking in on his coworker. Speaking with Mike, I learned that he came in just to make sure his coworkers were handling the heavy workload well. This brought tears to my eyes. It was incredibly thoughtful of Mike to extend such courtesy. The level of genuine care and commitment in the workplace is rare. Thank you, Mike, for your flawless integrity!

Way to Go, Store #31:
Jonathan Goes Above and Beyond!

When I came into the store to order, I realized that the options on the touch screen had changed. Jonathan came out from behind the counter to help me, and not only helped me order, but made sure I had everything I needed to enjoy my meal. He really went above and beyond for me this afternoon. I really appreciated all of his help and kindness. What a wonderful representative he is for your stores! -Patty

Way to Go, Store #105:
This Crew is Top Notch!

This location is full of the friendliest and most helpful crew! They truly have nailed creating a community and neighborhood atmosphere. They’re always courteous, eager to assist and they actually remember their regulars, which I’ve found is rare these days. They’re top notch when it comes to providing a pleasant experience!

Way to Go, Store #156:
Spencer’s Consideration Goes A Long Way!

Unfortunately, my credit card didn’t read correctly when I was checking out. I started to walk away and Spencer politely stopped me to swipe my card again. This was a potentially embarrassing situation that Spencer handled so nicely and professionally. Thank you, Spencer, for your considerate approach! -Ray


#7: Doreen was splendid and I was very satisfied with my salad! Thank you!
#62: It is a pleasure to get gas at this location! The Team Members are friendly and quick to assist. 
#77: This store has the best customer service! They truly turned my bad day around. 
#97: I go out of my way to come see Bruce when I need to fill up my car because he is constantly warm, friendly, welcoming and always positive! 
#151: Mackenzie has an award-winning personality! She is a notable worker and ensures my food is always prepared as requested. 
#160: I came in during a busy time of day and want to comment the team working for the professionalism and work ethic they showcased while handling a heavy workload!
#180: Fuel attendant Kirby is the most amazing, polite, respectful and helpful Team Member!

Way to Go, Store #7:
Carol’s Compassion for Customers is Exceptional!

I was checking out at your Kingston NY store, and realized I had forgotten my wallet.   I was in line with my breakfast burrito and coffee but I had no way to pay for my order.  I was mortified!    Team Member Carol handled the situation with compassion and told me I could pay for the items the next time I came to the store. I was so relieved and grateful.  Your store is beautiful but it’s who works there that makes it truly exceptional. -Jennifer

Way to Go, QC:
Healthy Options Lead to Healthy Customers

Thank You QuickChek!  I have been eating your wonderful salads on a regular basis in my quest to lose weight and balance my blood sugar.  I am now healthy enough to donate a kidney to my wife who needs one.   Losing weight in the past has always been a struggle because I travel so much for work.  However, your salads are so flavorful and healthy!  Those salads and your other healthy food options were pivotal in helping me change my eating habits.  Your amazing food has changed my life!  Thank you so much. -John

Way to Go, Store #167:
Fuel Attendant Jan Makes a Difference

I have never had a fuel attendant greet me and speak to me so politely!   Jan (Wayne, NJ) is enthusiastic, polite and personable. My experience today was so upbeat and pleasant, I actually left the pump in a better mood.  Jan’s demeanor made all the difference!!  -Happy Customer

Way to Go, Store #151:
Conner’s Kindness is an Example!

My son went to buy something at your Howell, NJ store and was short money at the register. TM Connor kindly and generously offered his own money to make up the difference so my son could complete his purchase. I am so impressed by this act of kindness and grateful that he showed my
son how a little kindness goes a long way.  -Lena

Way to Go, Store #93:
Andi Puts the Customers First!

I observed TM Andi as she was preparing to leave the store at the end of her shift (Bayonne, NJ).  As she was leaving, she noticed that there were several customers waiting to check out.  Instead of leaving, she stepped behind the counter, opened a register and checked people out. This shows an excellent work ethic. Thank you for hiring such dedicated Team Members!  -Randy

Way to Go, Store #137:
Terri Provides Comfort During a Crisis!

I was in your Lodi, NJ store and experienced a diabetic seizure. Team Member Teri stayed with me and comforted me until the ambulance arrived.  She also gathered up the contents of my purse that spilled.  She gave them to the medics to be transported with me.   When I saw her again, she told me the whole story!   This is the kind of Team Member that keeps customers coming back! -Myra


#QC: Just took advantage of your BOGO offer and will be “buy again” this Summer.  Thank you!
#17: Laurie keeps the coffee section so clean and well-stocked! The coffee is always fresh!
#78: Team Member Romany suggested I try an iced coffee. It was a thoughtful and delicious suggestion!
#108: Russell is friendly & professional.  He goes above & beyond for customer satisfaction!
#123: Mindy, Christy and the whole Team are amazing! This store is so clean and well-stocked!
#123: Mindy works hard to make sure the lattes are made to perfection!  Thank you!!
#128:This Team deserves high praise! They take the time to get to know their customers!
#128:This is a totally motivated and competent crew of hard-working Team Members!
#129: Team Member Raven was so helpful when I had an issue with my order.  Instant satisfied customer!
#158: Team Member John gives 150% to his job.  His hard work is noticed by many customers! Thank you!
#157: Fuel Attendant Gerard has a very positive spirit & attitude! He really cares about the customers!
#165: Heather is so efficient at the fuel pumps.  She never leaves us waiting; always smiling!

Way to Go, Store #51:
Thumbs Up for Mike & Brandi!

Thumbs up and five stars to Team Members Mike and Brandi at your Perth Amboy, NJ Store! They are polite, professional, and super helpful!! I will definitely be back!  -Andrea

Way to Go, Store #75:
Gavin is Cool Under Pressure!

Team Member Gavin (Hazlet, NJ) does a great job managing all the pumps by himself!  He is fast, efficient and friendly (even under lots of traffic and pressure)!  He keeps his cool during extremely busy times!  -Happy Customer


#24: Team Member Michelle makes the BEST subs!
#77: This store was my saving grace throughout the quarantine!  Healthy, fresh food and fast!
#127: Team Member Rita was very helpful when I had an issue with incorrect change; so professional & friendly!

Way to Go, Store #84:
North Bergen Crew Makes Customers Smile

The crew in your North Bergen store is amazing! Team Members Maria, Sonia, and Erika never slow down. They are constantly on the move to make sure all the customers are satisfied and happy! – Milko


#131: Team Member Steven offers amazing customer service and follow-up to my questions!
#176: All the Team Members have great customer service skills and are so friendly!
#176: Fuel Team Member Paul is terrific! He is friendly, helpful, and very efficient!

Way to Go, Store #1:
Former Team Member Loves QC

The whole Dunellen team is very dedicated. They take care of the customers and warm the hearts of the community. They are skilled, hardworking Team Members who care about the quality of a hard day’s work and delivering quality with a smile to the customers! This is a beautiful store with amazing people – everything QuickChek stands for! – A Former Team Member

Way to Go, Store #176:
Paul & John are Outstanding

Fuel Team Members Paul and John are two of the kindest, most helpful people. I commend their outstanding leadership, positive demeanor, and being able to do their job no matter what. It is great to have a store with such wonderful, hardworking people and lower fuel prices and great food, too! – Trish


#17: I always have a great experience at this store. Everyone is so helpful and friendly!
#63: Fuel Team Member Jeremy is always attentive and helpful! We love his great customer service!
#142: Team Member Karen assists me whenever I need help. She even told me about your rewards program!
#156: Fuel Team Member Gina is awesome! She’s super friendly and very professional!
#182: I am greeted so warmly every time I shop here! Your Team Members are awesome!

Way to Go, Store #45:
Shakeyia, Elyse, and Kim Brighten Everyone’s Day

Your Union store has three very special Team Members! Team Members Shakeyia, Elyse, and Kim always go above and beyond for their customers. They make sure the coffee is fresh and hot and the sandwiches are made quickly and correctly! The level of customer service they offer is amazing! I always leave this store with a smile on my face because they brighten my day. – Summer


#111: Team Member Melina is such a hard worker. She is always busy taking care of whatever needs to be done!
#151: Team Member Kenny is such a nice and friendly guy! Keep up the great work!
#152: I mentioned that the restroom needed cleaning and Team Member Drew took care of it right away! Nice job!
#171: Fuel Team Member Al has such a positive attitude! I always feel great when I see him!
#179: This store is incredible! It is clean, organized, and the food is ridiculously good!

Way to Go, Store #27:
Marc & Crew Make Montclair a Happy Place

Your Montclair store has an amazing Store Leader. Marc and his whole team are excellent and caring. They go far and beyond to help their customers. This is the best store experience I’ve ever had! – A Happy Customer

Way to Go, Store #166:
Mason Brings Great Customer Service to Monroe

I recently stopped at your Monroe store and was really impressed with everything. Fuel Team Member Mason offered the best customer service ever! He was smiling, polite, respectful, and kind. When I thanked him for his exceptional service, he replied, “it’s my job”. Many thanks for hiring such wonderful people. – Rebecca


#37: This store has made a lot of positive changes. Everything looks amazing! Great job! Way to go!
#85: Team Member Dwayne is amazing!! I’m very grateful for his generosity and help.
#147: This crew is excellent! Everyone is always extremely friendly and helpful.
#156: Fuel Team Member JT is incredibly helpful and friendly – always goes above and beyond!
#164: Everyone is so friendly and the food is so good. The store is always clean and welcoming!
#174: Fuel Team Members Brandon and Alijah were so helpful to my mother – true gentlemen and great service!

Way to Go, Store #153:
Ky Fuels Customer Loyalty in Eatontown

Fuel Team Member Ky went above and beyond to take care of me as a customer! I recently visited your Eatontown store to get fuel and my new debit card would not process. This was bad because I really needed gas (my car was on empty)!! Ky saw my distress and I explained the situation. He pulled out $10 of his own money to pay for enough gas so I could drive to work. What an amazing act of kindness! What a great team you have! – Maria


#63: Fuel Team Member Jeremy offers great customer service and attention to detail!
#75: Team Member Amanda works hard to satisfy the customers. This is why I choose QC over Wawa.
#160: Team Member Sue is a true front-line person that kept me coming back to QC throughout the pandemic!
#180: I used to be a loyal Wawa customer, then I found QuickChek. Bye-bye, Wawa!
#180: Team Member Robert took the time to explain your rewards program to me! I love it!
#180: Pam & Charlene make every customer feel valued. They provide outstanding customer service!

Way to Go, Store #75:
Mark is the KEY to TCD in Hazlet

I couldn’t find my car keys anywhere but I knew I had them when I drove to your Hazlet store. Team Member Mark took the time (and energy) to search through the garbage cans and he found them! I am so grateful for his help!!! – Marsha

Way to Go, Store #78:
Fans of Fanwood Say ‘Thank You’!

I just moved down the street from your Fanwood store. I always receive great customer service and love all your friendly Team Members. No matter what time of day, everyone is wonderful! I really appreciate the great customer service. Thank you! – Deborah

Way to Go, Store #79:
Justin Makes Mornings Brighter

Team Member Justin is always friendly and helpful! He knows what I need before I even ask. Justin goes out of his way to make my mornings brighter! – Kelly

Way to Go, Store #138:
Customers Keep Coming Back for Thomas

Team Member Thomas does an excellent job. The sandwiches he makes are perfect and delicious. He works hard to ensure all the food orders are perfect! I’ll continue to come back. Keep up the great work! – Chris

Way to Go, Store #165:
Lost Wallet is Found & Returned

I accidentally left my wallet at your Cedar Knolls store. Team Members Maria and Glenn tracked me down (via social media) and sent me a private message to let me know they found my wallet. It is amazing that they went to that degree to locate a customer to help them. THANK YOU! – John

Way to Go, Store #176:
QC Customers Know We’re Here to Help!!

QuickChek Team Members have been here for customers during these hard times. They are fun and welcoming! Thank you and stay safe! – A Happy Customer


#4: Team Member Navin and the whole team are great!
#30: Team Member Emma is great! She is attentive, shows great leadership, and provides excellent customer service.
#57: Team Member Martha is incredible! She puts the concept of Total Customer Dedication into action. Love her!
#63: Shout out to Jeremy for EXCELLENT customer service! He’s a great representative of QuickChek!
#79: Team Member Justin is amazing! He always knows what I want when I visit the store.
#93: Want a great salad? Ask Team Member Keeta to make you one! They are always delicious!
#110: Team Member Racha is a hard-working Team Member and a gem!
#130: During the snow storms, Team Member Bebe was pleasant and shoveling while handling gas duties!
#135: Team Members Alice, Denise, and Meredith are so helpful, friendly, and cheerful!
#135: Fuel Team Members Jeremy & Josh are so nice to all the customers and provide quick service. Thank you!
#141: Team Member Karyl is the best! Thanks for training your Team Members to take care of customers!
#155: Team Member Jamal is very helpful, cordial, and polite!
#161: Every single Team Member is pleasant and helpful. Great job!

Way to Go, Store #120:
Chinka Goes Above and Beyond

Team Member Chinka’s exceptional customer service goes above and beyond. Her courtesy and kindness are exceptional! I love your Wall Township store! – Happy Customer

Way to Go, Store #125:
Danielle Braves the Cold Temps to Help Customers

Team Member Danielle is amazing! When I needed assistance, she came outside in the frigid temperatures to help me use the car wash machine. I really appreciate her level of service and attention to detail! She is extremely pleasant and helpful! – Rosemarie

Way to Go, Store #170:
Herb Lights Up a Customer’s Day

Fuel Team Member Herb is always so polite! He takes the time to wash my headlights! It always makes my day! He deserves praise for his amazing customer service! – Ashley


#35: This store is fantastic! Great place for lunch! I’ll definitely be back!
#120: Team Member Chinka is always so pleasant – always makes me smile!

Way to Go, Store #17:
Lake Hopatcong Specializes in Smiles & Warm Greetings

Your Lake Hopatcong store is the best! All the Team Members are friendly and caring. I am always welcomed with a smile and a warm greeting. This store is always clean – no matter what time of day. – Joe

Way to Go, Store #25:
Toni Provides Wonderful Customer Service

Team Member Toni provides exceptional customer service! She always greets me and assists in my search for items in the store! I really appreciate this level of service and shopping here because of her! – Kristin

Way to Go, Store #108:
Jose is a Shining Star

Fuel Team Member Jose is wonderful. He is always kind, caring, and helpful! The world would be a better place if everyone was like Jose! He is a shining star in your organization! Thanks! – Dan

Way to Go, Store #131:
Anita the ATM = Amazing Team Member!

I experienced a problem with the ATM in your Newburgh store that made me frantic! Team Member Anita was very helpful and contacted the owner of the machine and solved the problem. I appreciated her assistance during a stressful experience. I always enjoy shopping at QuickChek but this visit left me with a sense of community and support! I really appreciate your caring, take-charge approach in my time of need! – Tia

Way to Go, Store #176:
Holy Helps with Onscreen Ordering

During my recent visit to your Shrewsbury store, I was impressed by Team Member Holy! She helped me manage the onscreen order with a smile and patience despite my confusion with the technology! She displays great competence, professionalism, and a friendly attitude. I’ve shared this great experience with my friends and family. – Christian

Way to Go, Store #180:
Steve Finds the Missing Bank Envelope

I accidentally dropped my bank envelope while I was in your Eatontown store. When I reported the loss, Team Member Steve went through the surveillance footage and helped me find where I lost it! What excellent service! Thank you! – Jan


#5: Team Member Dan makes the best subs ever!! They are flawless and so delicious!! Thanks!
#43: Fuel Team Member Frank is nice and very helpful! We really appreciate him!
#55: Thanks for letting me know about the QC app – I love the specials!
#108: I love the curbside pickup! Team Member Stevi is amazing and so helpful processing the order!
#141: I’m here several times a week. Team Members Carol and Gina are wonderful and always very friendly.
#146: Team Members Dain, Stefan, and Heather are always smiling and singing. Great to see how much they love it here!
#146: Fuel Team Member Lester always has a dog biscuit for my pooch! What a special treat!
#164: Team Member Chris always remembers my order when I shop here! It’s nice to be remembered!
#173: I have consistently great experiences here! Team Members are friendly and hard working. The store is spotless!!
#176: Fuel Team Members Ray and John make every visit great!

Way to Go, Store #20:
Myshaun Inspires Customer Loyalty

I was in your Bradley Beach store the other day for coffee. All the Team Members were so friendly and helpful – especially Team Member Myshaun. He was amazing! He was extremely helpful. With Team Members like these, I will choose QuickChek over Wawa every time! Great job!! – Mike

Way to Go, Store #141:
Lake Grove Continues to be Amazing

I have been a customer at your Lake Grove store since it opened! Your team there is amazing! They are all kind, courteous, and very helpful. – Ron

Way to Go, Store #141:
John & Kelsey Dig Their Customers

I visited your Lake Grove store during a recent snow storm and parked my truck behind the store (where it had not yet been plowed). When I went to leave, my truck got stuck in the snow. Team Members John and Kelsey helped shovel me out! Afterwards, John got me a fresh hot chocolate! What amazing service to their customers! They were super nice and extremely helpful! – Ann Marie


#16: Fuel Team Member Jay is awesome! He’s always willing to go above and beyond to help customers!
#123: Team Member Kristi offers excellent customer service. She’s very positive and very upbeat.
#165: Team Member Maria is an absolute pleasure! She is so friendly and has such positive enthusiasm!
#165: Store Leader Rob is amazing. Because of him, I will shop at this store from now on!
#167: Customer service is fantastic! Everything is very clean and tidy. Everyone is attentive and friendly!
#183: Fuel Team Member Jack is exceptional! You can tell he enjoys his job at QC – it shows!

Way to Go, Store #115:
Keri Ann Values Customers & Keeps Them Safe

I recently lost my wallet in your New Windsor store. Team Member Keri Ann found it in the restroom and held it in the safe. I’m so happy because my whole entire life was in there. Thank you for having Team Members with such integrity. – Leila


#64: This store has been my lifeline during this pandemic!!!
#64: I am greeted warmly every morning! This team always makes me feel valued and appreciated!
#82: I used to be a DD customer – now, I ONLY go to QC. Great coffee, great crew, and great service!
#97: My husband forgot his mask and Team Member Nikki gave him one so he could be in the store with me!
#137: Team Member Monica provided excellent customer service. Thank you!
#154: Fuel Team Member Jareth is pleasant and polite. He always makes sure I have a great experience!
#171: Team Member Viktor went to the trouble to make me a fresh hot pretzel when they were out of them!!

Way to Go, Store #38:
There’s No MASKING the Commitment to Customer Service

Recently, a customer walked into your Middletown store and was not wearing a face mask. The customer was argumentative and refused to wear a mask when asked. Your Team Members handled the incident with grace, professionalism, and courtesy. Everyone was relieved! Well done, QC!! You really do treat ALL customers with respect! – A Happy Customer

Way to Go, Store #63:
Virginia WISHES it had QuickChek

Your West Amwell store is wonderful! The restrooms are spotless, the shelves well-stocked, and the food choices are all fresh and very tasty! Team Member Rico is a joy – very upbeat and personable. We wish we had QuickChek in Viriginia! – Yvonne

Way to Go, Store #64:
Dixa & Her Team are AMAZING

The Team Members at your Hackettstown store are amazing. They are always willing to go above and beyond. Team Member Dixa has an amazing, energetic personality and wants to connect with all of her customers. Her Team Members always have time to greet people while maintaining a clean and efficient store. It is a joy to walk into such a comfortable store that always has what I am looking for! This is why I shop here every day! – Anne


#88: Scott is always friendly and polite. He always goes out of his way to assist customers.
#88: Your Team Members are great ambassadors for QuickChek!
#113: Team Member Pierre sets a great example for the rest of the team!
#115: Team Member Tasha always greets me and offers wonderful customer service!
#142: Ronda, Mona, Denise, and Nilesh are a pleasure to see each week! Great customer service!
#148: I love the rewards program offered with your app! Great incentives!
#164: Your Team Members do an excellent job! They are great under pressure – always smiling.
#181: Team Member Alfonso is so nice and personable! He always greets me with, “Good morning!”

Way to Go, Store #22:
Welcoming in Trenton

I have shopped at many stores, but your Trenton store has the most welcoming Team Members ever! They are always ready to offer a smile and polite welcoming conversation! They know the names of all their regular customers and welcome them as soon as they walk in the door. – Janice

Way to Go, Store #99:
Rockin’ the Good Greetings in Rockaway

Sweet, efficient, friendly, kind, knowledgeable, and caring. These words describe your Team Members at your Rockaway store! Team Member Mike, in particular, commits to a level of customer engagement that is extraordinary! Every morning I go in for coffee and Mike greets me by name with a happy and genuine, Good morning! He treats everyone with courtesy and kindness! – Stef

Way to Go, Store #123:
Rich’s “Pushes” for Customer Loyalty

Fuel Team Member Rich went above and beyond his job duties as a Fuel Team Member. My daughter went to the Highlands store to get fuel. After fueling up, her car wouldn’t start. She called AAA and Rich took the time to help push her car out of the way while she waited for the tow truck. The kindness and helpfulness that Rich showed her was so refreshing. She offered him $20 for his time but he wouldn’t accept it. From now on, we will get our fuel ONLY at this QC station. – Suzanne

Way to Go, Store #169:
Gail’s Smile Makes People “App-y”

Team Member Gail is always so friendly and helpful. Whenever I visit your Copiague store, I see her take the time to talk with many of the customers. She is always smiling. I have never seen her in a bad mood. She loves to remind me about the QuickChek app! She just miles and I remember! – Michael


#16: Dorothy makes each visit a wonderful experience! This is such a great place to shop!
#22: Shout-out to Carlos, Tom, Kevin, and Nidey! Thanks for making every visit a great one!
#123: Fantastic service at the Highlands store. Great crew – including the Fuel Team Members!
#123: I stopped going to 7-Eleven because your new rewards program is ten times better than theirs!
#137: You guys are friendly – unlike other stores! Thanks for letting customers know you care!
#173: Super friendly Fuel Team Members – nice and efficient! Hard to come by these days!

Way to Go, Store #64:
Hackettstown is a GREAT STORE

I visit the Hackettstown QuickChek on a daily basis. I feel so welcomed every time I walk in the store! I am always greeted by name and receive excellent service! Your coffee is the main reason for my daily QC run – it’s always fresh, hot, and delicious! Thanks to your Team Members who told me about your app. Now I earn free coffee! Great products, great service, GREAT STORE! – Nick

Way to Go, Store #93:
Bayonne Shows They Care

I visit your Bayonne store often. Your Team Members are so attentive and courteous! They really care about the products they serve. Team Member Max and his fellow Team Members always greet the customers with genuine smiles and welcomes! This type of warmth and care is very meaningful during these trying times. Thank you, QC! – Michael

Way to Go, Store #123:
Good Things Happening in Highlands

I was at your Highlands store and witnessed Team Member Brittany training a new Team Member. They both did an excellent job! Team Member Katrina was very polite and inquired if I needed anything else (like cigarettes or lottery tickets). I’m glad she mentioned these things – as they are two things that I normally get – because I almost forgot! All the Team Members at this store are doing a great job! – George


#111: Team Member Angela gives amazing customer service! I’ll definitely be back!
#172: Team Member Michael always goes above and beyond to help every customer! Great job!
#180: What an amazing team! Everyone helps each other out… AND smiling the whole time!
#181: Fuel Team Member Jessica is wonderful – so friendly and helpful! She even told me about your app!

Way to Go, Store #34:
Odalis Takes Great Pride in her Job

You have a great team at your Emerson store. They are always hard-working, very pleasant, and ready to go out of their way for your customers. Team Member Odalis is a real shining star. She works as hard as if she owned the store herself! It’s obvious how much she really loves her job! – Pia

Way to Go, Store #145:
Friendly & Fresh in Farmingdale

I visit this store several times a week. The Team Members are ALWAYS friendly, helpful, and happy. The food is always so fresh and delicious. It’s truly a pleasure to come to this store.  – Joseph

Way to Go, Store #176:
Sparkly Clean & Safe in Shrewsbury

I stopped at your Shrewsbury store for the first time. It’s wonderful! Your cinnamon twists and breakfast sandwiches are delicious. Your crew is very friendly and helpful. Everything was sparkly clean. I felt very safe! Thank you! – Bev


#124: This store has the greatest team! I love shopping here!
#128: I keep telling my friends: Why shop anywhere else when have it all AND service with a smile!
#155: Fresh, hot coffee; fresh, delicious food; fresh, smiling faces! Thank you, QC!

Way to Go, Store #155:
Toms River Aims to Please!

I stopped off at your Toms River, NJ store and enjoyed one of the BEST sub sandwiches I have ever had!! I am extremely pleased with everything about this store – cleanliness, service, prices, and people! I will definitely be back! – Edward

Way to Go, Store #161:
Alicia Goes the Extra Mile to Help!

Team Member Alicia is so kind and patient with all of her customers. I have witnessed her extraordinary customer service measures on many occasions. She is helpful and extremely attentive to customers who need a little extra assistance. This level of service is very much appreciated! – Jennifer

Way to Go, Store #176:
Soda, Smiles, & Super Service in Shrewsbury!

The Team Members at your Shrewsbury, NJ store are always super friendly and helpful. Today, the soda machine wasn’t working properly and a Team Member came right over to help me. After it was fixed, he offered me a free small soda for the inconvenience! What a nice touch! I’ll always remember this! – Shannon

Way to Go, Store #176:
Schmoozing in Shrewsbury Makes a Difference!

Your breakfast burritos are so delicious! Your Team Members are always friendly and cheerful. This makes such a difference in my day! Even when I use the self-checkout, a Team Member always asks if I need assistance. Great job taking care of your customers! – Charlie


#51: Team Member Terry always keeps the coffee fresh and hot! The Coffee Area is spotless!
#77: Team Member Sully keeps the Coffee Area looking terrific! Great way to start the day!
#78: Great service and so genuinely friendly and helpful. Such a pleasure to shop here!
#117: Team Member Anthony does an amazing job! He is always pleasant, friendly, and helpful!
#135: Team Members Malik and Denise are outgoing and willing to help! Outstanding customer service!
#142: Team Member Carly took the time to help me at the self-checkout machine! Thank you!
#148: Team Member Inez is very professional – yet, she also treats customers like family!
#174: Fuel Team Member Kyren offers great customer service at the fuel pumps. Awesome!
#176: Very friendly crew! I love this store!

Way to Go, Store #165:
Orlando Brings the Sunshine to the Customers!

Fuel Team Member Orlando is a non-stop hard worker! He hustles to get customers moving through quickly and efficiently. No matter how busy it is, he always takes time to offer the customers a warm and friendly greeting! Great customer service! – Susan

Way to Go, Store #180:
Samuel’s Smile Can’t be MASKED!!!

Fuel Team Member Samuel always wears his mask correctly and you can still tell he’s smiling! He takes the safety and concerns of others seriously during this difficult time. I appreciate this! – Jamie


#79: Team Member Michelle is awesome! I love shopping at QC when she’s there!
#139: Team Members Donna and Victoria rock! Salads and sandwiches are always made perfectly!
#154: Team Member Amanda is so wonderful and helpful! I will definitely be back!
#161: Team Member Giavanna goes above and beyond! She always has a positive attitude!

Way to Go, Store #97:
David Keeps Customers Coming Back!

I am a frequent customer at your North Branch, NJ store. Team Member David provides exceptional service. Every time I visit the store and David is working, it looks immaculate. The Coffee Area is exceptionally clean. He takes the time to get to know the customers and he consistently offers assistance at the Self-Checkout Lane. He is extremely productive and fast. Team Members like David keep me enjoying QC as my preferred destination over any others. – Antonio

Way to Go, Store #129:
Dwight’s Honesty is QC’s Policy!

I accidentally gave Team Member Dwight $40 instead of $20. He politely handed back the extra $20 to me. I am very impressed with his integrity and appreciate his honesty! – Appreciative Customer


#39: Best QuickChek ever! The service is always great!
#67: Hardworking Team Members – they even help customers carry their bags to their cars!
#68: Even with masks, I see the smiles and love the heartfelt “Hello” when I arrive!
#84: Team Member Katie is wonderful! Thank you!
#95: Your sandwiches are delicious! I especially love the Italian!
#101: This store takes great care of its customers! Thanks, QC!
#141: The food is always awesome and the coffee is always hot! Great job!
#147: Best QC store and team! Dominick is great!
#169: Cade is an awesome leader! I can tell he really cares about his Team Members!
#176: Fuel Team Members John and Paul are the best – fast, hardworking, and very personable!

Way to Go, Store #53:
Joel & Christian Help Make Saddle Brook Great!

Your Saddle Brook, NJ store is awesome! Team Members Joel and Christian are particularly helpful whenever I need help finding something. I’ve told all my friends about your delicious food and the wonderful service! Keep up the great work! – Kelli

Way to Go, Store #97:
Bruce Wins More Loyalty for the Sparta Store!

Fuel Team Member Bruce embodies the skills of great customer service. He is an asset to your company. He handles any sudden inflow of traffic swiftly and with GREAT customer service interaction. Bruce made such a positive impression on me that I have told many people about his superior customer service skills and they’ve switched to getting fuel at this store. – Martin

Way to Go, Store #157:
Fairfield Coffee Superheroese Rise to the Challenge!

Your Fairfield, NJ store was FANTASTIC tonight!! I was on a late-night “coffee run” for several of my coworkers and almost struck out! I went to Dunkin’ Donuts first but they closed 40 minutes earlier than scheduled! I went to your store and your Team Members sprang into action and saved the night! They filled the coffee orders quickly and exactly as ordered. They were so friendly – it was a great experience! Thank you! – Cosette


#30: Team Member Emma does an outstanding job. She offers great customer service!
#141: Team Members Dave, Melanie, and Deborah make my day everyday with their great attitudes!
#147: Big praise for Torron. He’s a terrific young man – very friendly and a hard worker!
#155: Team Member Dee is very friendly and helpful! We need more people like her!!


#7: Team Member Michelle is wonderful – very helpful and friendly!
#20: This store is well-stocked and clean! The coffee station is immaculate! Well done!
#62: Team Member Sharice helped me load the QC app on my phone!! Great service!
#97: Even with his mask on, I always know that Fuel Team Member Bruce is smiling! Great job!
#167: Shout-out to Fuel Team Member Mel! She’s always so friendly and happy to see us!

Way to Go, Store #74:
Great Work, Whippany!

You have a great team at your Whippany, NJ location! They are always friendly and willing to go out of their way for me. They work hard to make QuickChek a fun, family place and offer a great experience every time! Thank you, again! – Peter

Way to Go, Store #90:
Rahway Fuels Customer Loyalty!

I recently visited your Rahway, NJ store and was very impressed with your Fuel Team Members. They are polite, personable, and engaging. I will shop here from now on! What a great experience! – Jessie

Way to Go, Store #123:
Highlands Store Makes Customers Say Good-Bye to Wawa!

Your Team Members are happy to help me find everything that I need. My orders are always ready quickly and exactly right. It’s such a pleasure to see that professionalism is still alive and well. No more going to Wawa – I’ve got a new home. – Steve

Way to Go, Store #151:
Howell’s Freshness Wins a Forever Customer!

I decided to try your Howell, NJ store. The food was fresh, delicious, and well made! You guys just got a new “forever customer”. – Earl

Way to Go, Store #156:
Mt. Arlington Team Members are a Prize!

Your team in Mt. Arlington, NJ is AMAZING. I only shop at this QuickChek location because the Team Members are so pleasant and helpful. You really hit the lottery with this crew. Keep up the awesome job! – Martin


#11: I go out of my way to go to this store because everyone is so friendly!
#17: Excellent customer service! Keep up the great work!
#59: I love this store – way better than Dunkin’!!
#59: Great place to get coffee and a sandwich!
#59: This is my number one place to go to sit and read the paper!
#64: Your Team Members are very courteous, helpful, and accommodating on special requests.
#73: Alyscia brings great customer service, fun energy, and professionalism to customers every day!
#85: Very helpful people at this location – all of them!
#94: Danixa and Danielle are such a pleasure! I come here knowing I’ll be well taken care of!
#135: Team Members Dawn and Jackie both have such an amazing work ethic!
#155: Niko is a wonderful Fuel Team Member! What a hard working guy who delivers great service!
#157: This is my go-to for all my snacking and drink needs. What a great store!
#164: Your store makes the best smoothies. They are consistently delicious.
#169: I love the whole crew – excellent customer service!


#76: Team Member Stephanie is wonderful. She is always friendly and making customers laugh!
#108: I am a first-time customer – your food is wonderful! The Fuel Team Members are very friendly, as well!
#114: Team Member Marvia goes above and beyond to find customers the best deals for their money!
#141: Chrissy, Melanie, Heather, Toni, Debbie, and Josh are always so friendly, cheerful, and respectful!
#174: I stop here every week for fuel! The Fuel Team Members are very helpful and friendly!


#135: Shout out to Meredith, Dawn, and Jackie who always go above and beyond to be courteous and helpful!
#141: Great service and AMAZING iced coffee! I can never get enough of both!
#159: Best sandwiches EVER! So fresh and delicious and EXACTLY as I ordered it! Thanks!
#176: The Fuel Team Members are so friendly and courteous! I go out of my way to get fuel here!
#176: The customer service at this store always rates an A+! 100% of the time!
#178: Thanks to this team for working under difficult conditions and helping the customers feel safe!
#178: Team Members Andrea, Thomas, Divina, and Abigail always take great care of us!
#181: With great people like Team Member Christina working for QC, I will continue to shop here!

Way to Go, Store #97:
The Sparta Team is My Second Family!

I have gotten to know the Team Members at your Sparta, NJ store very well. We share friendships, life stories, and even some recipes. They make me feel like I’m part of their family! Team Members Gillis, Nicky, Debbie, Shelby, Jess, Volny, Mary, and the rest always display the utmost kindness and professionalism. They do their best to make my day a little bit easier and a little bit nicer. – Ken

Way to Go, Store #139:
Antonio Knows What the Customers Want!

Team Member Antonio is great! Even though he’s only seen me with a mask, he recognizes me and is quick to grab my brand of cigarettes in anticipation of me checking out. I’ve seen him treat other “regular” customers with this gesture. It’s refreshing to see someone that really cares about his job and places high value on customer service. – Mike

Way to Go, Store #151:
Howell Stays Calm Amidst the Storm!

The Team Members at your Howell, NJ store are amazing! Amid the chaos of power outages, packed stores, crabby customers, and overwhelming orders, your team remained calm, professional, friendly, and helpful. – Maggie

Way to Go, Store #151:
Linny & Melissa Make Customers a #1 Priority!

Team Members Linny and Melissa consistently go above and beyond to offer excellent customer service. They happily and professionally handle the steady stream of customers’ needs. These women make customer satisfaction their number one priority. – A Happy Customer


#44: Debbie offers wonderful customer service. The coffee is always hot and fresh!
#52: Team Members Brenda, Christine, Harold, and Yvette keep this store running like a Swiss watch!
#115: Joanne is very friendly and has so much knowledge about coffee! It’s always wonderful!

Way to Go, Store #147:
Ashley & the Morganville Team Really Care!

During a recent visit to your store, my son thought he left his Apple Air Pods there. I spoke with Team Member Ashley who looked but wasn’t able to find them. We returned to the store and Ashley continued to help look for them. She even went through the trash cans and around the parking lot. A Fuel Team Member checked the security footage for me. I was so pleased and impressed with the level of helpfulness and compassion from your team. They went above and beyond. Turned out the air pods were in my car the whole time! We shared a laugh with Ashley. Her good spirit is a breath of fresh air. Our family will frequent this store for years to come. – Valerie


#135: Team Member Kelly makes great sandwiches! She is also very nice and respectful.
#146: All the Team Members are great. They are always so pleasant and helpful.
#146: Fuel Team Member Mark and Team Member Jay have excellent customer service skills!
#147: Team Member Dominick is a very hard worker. He is always on the go!
#180: This store is crystal clean! The Team Members are always friendly, happy, and helpful!
#180: Store Leader Steve is super nice! He’s always smiling and loves to greet the customers.

Way to Go, Store #86:
West Long Branch Team Keeps Customers Safe!

I am a frequent customer at your store. The morning crew are all absolute rock stars!! They keep the coffee area neat and well-stocked.  The team also deserves kudos for keeping the customers safe. They gently remind customers who come in without face masks that a mask is required. After what we’ve been through with COVID-19, their diligence is greatly appreciated. – Patricia

Way to Go, Store #128:
Clifton Feels Like Your Home Away from Home!

The entire team is wonderful! They are always friendly and work hard. This store is clean and well-stocked. I always have a great experience whenever I visit – it’s like my second home! – Tanya

Way to Go, Store #129:
Somerville Keeps Things Clean & Safe!

Your store team does an awesome job at encouraging the customers to socially distance while inside the store. They are doing a phenomenal job. This store is extremely clean and we feel safe! – Eddie

Way to Go, Store #148:
Roberta’s Passion for TCD Gets Noticed!

I had the pleasure of meeting Team Member Roberta today. She fixed a small issue I had. Her passion for QC and its customers is beyond anything I’ve seen. She represents your company and your mission like no other. Thank you, Roberta, for fixing the issue and showing how much you care! – Edward


#165: Ann is spectacular and provides excellent customer service!
#183: Team Members Rachel and Megan are amazing! They offer exceptional customer service!

Way to Go, Store #98:
Middletown Shows Customers & Team Members That They Care!

I overheard a wonderful exchange between the Store Leader and a Team Member. He was thanking her for working so hard – telling her what a great job she is doing. This is great management and explains why your Team Members are so great! Good job, QuickChek! – Raymond


#160: This store makes the BEST sandwiches and all the Team Members are so helpful!

Way to Go, Store #76:
Angel Flies to a Customer’s Rescue!

Team Member Angel is very personable, outgoing, and helpful! This past week, I accidentally left my credit card in the store’s machine and was about to drive away. Angel ran out to my car to return my card to me. He made a huge effort to stop me before I made it out of the parking lot. You can’t put a price on that level of customer service. I really appreciate it! – Greg

Way to Go, Store #97:
The World Needs More “Bruces”!

I was not having a good day and when I pulled into your Sparta, NJ store for gas, my day turned right around! Fuel Team Member Bruce greeted me warmly and made friendly conversation. He was so personable – I felt very welcome. The world could benefit from more “Bruces” in our lives! – Andrea

Way to Go, Store #169:
Customers Say Bye-Bye to Our Competition!

Your Copiague, NY store offers excellent food and outstanding customer service! I’m saying Good-Bye to Subway and Jersey Mike’s. It’s only QC for me! Your team is courteous, friendly, and professional. Thanks again for a terrific experience! – Ron


#183: This store is so clean! Your crew is helpful and the food is great! Well done!

Way to Go, Store #2:
Piscataway Goes All the Way to Make Customers Smile!

I always have a great experience at your Piscataway, NJ store – both the service and the food are incredible. Everything I order is delivered exactly as I request it. I always appreciate that! All the Team Members are very welcoming, kind, and courteous. They’ve worked so hard all through this pandemic. They take safety very seriously but they’ve never forgotten the impact and importance of customer service with a smile! – Ang

Way to Go, Store #73:
Tracey Can’t MASK Her Smile and TCD!

I was recently in your Trenton, NJ store and received exceptional service from Team Member Tracey! I made a special request when I ordered and she was more than happy to accommodate! Even though she was wearing a mask, you could tell she was smiling! This was the first time I’ve been to this location and I’ll certainly be back – thanks to Tracey! – Allen


#3: Team Member Gaylene and the whole crew at this store are friendly and work so hard!
#65: Everyone is so helpful and friendly!
#65: Every time I come here, I think this is a great place to shop!

Way to Go, Store #97:
Sparta Spices Up a Loyal Fan’s Days!

I would like to thank you for acquiring the MOST DELICIOUS Columbian coffee known to mankind. As a 21-year old university student, I’m always on the run but I can assure you it’s never fueled on Dunkin’. Every morning I wake up and, despite being in a rush, there is one stop I refuse to miss – that ol’ reliable QuickChek down the road. I get a large paper cup of your Columbian coffee with a dash of hazelnut creamer and a few drops of French Vanilla. Once I acquire the good stuff, it’s off to the races. Well, not really. The painful hour commute and overpopulated route 46 brings a bitter thought to my brain but not one that can’t be overpowered through another swig of that liquid gold you call coffee!

For four years, QuickChek has served as my benchmark in cafe critique. In that time, I have gone to nearly 100 different cafes in over eight countries. I can tell you that there is no comparison. Nothing is as consistent, reliable, nor flavorsome. I commend your clear appreciation and thoughtfulness to the morning fuel of millions of Americans. I don’t hold the title of “coffee master” but I did manage to write a 30-page export plan on Ethiopian coffee in just two days for an International Business class. I’d pretty much sum that up as expert leve.

I would like to specifically thank the entire QuickChek Team at the Sparta, NJ location. They are always going above and beyond for their customers. I look forward to spending my last semester sipping your coffee. – Alexander


#4: Team Member Ricky made me the best sub – it was delicious! He’s the best!
#86: Delores is exceptionally friendly and patient with all the customers. She is extremely professional!
#97: Fuel Team Member Bruce is so positive and friendly! He always makes my day!
#114: Your whole team is always very friendly – especially during these difficult times!
#114: Special shout out to Team Member Sara! She’s always busy but still takes the time to be friendly!
#123: I had the best Italian sub of my entire life! I will certainly be back – had a great experience!
#123: I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the store. I feel very safe shopping here!
#147: Team Member Ashley always greets the customers! She is always warm and welcoming!
#155: This store has an awesome crew and great service! Thanks again.
#164: This store is the greatest! Team Member Chris is wonderful and always friendly.

Way to Go, Store #64:
High Praise for Hackettstown!

I visit your Hackettstown, NJ store every single morning. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. This QuickChek has been my lifeline during this pandemic because it’s the only place I feel safe shopping. They take every safety precaution seriously and I really appreciate it. Thank you for taking care of your customers! – Nancy

Way to Go, Store #97:
Bruce Makes Customers Feel Special!

Sparta QuickChek is always my go-to store for gas – not just for the good prices but because of the friendly Fuel Team Members like Bruce! He continually makes every customer feel special! He is professional and very friendly at the same time! He is also an extremely hardworking Team Member! Great job, Bruce! – Irene

Way to Go, Store #141:
Lake Grove Deserves an Award!

The whole crew at your Lake Grove, NY store is so kind and welcoming!! They are happy to brew a fresh pot of coffee whenever it’s needed. They even offer a quick cup while it’s brewing! When I’m out and about and people see me with my QC cup, they always say the same thing – “We love that place and the whole team”! You deserve and award for the way your stores handle things throughout this pandemic! Your team is always ready to help and take every safety precaution! Thank you! – Lauren


QC: Your baked goods are consistently amazing! Much better than even Dunkin’ Donuts! Thanks!
#78: Team Member Romany is always helpful, courteous, and pleasant. He’s an asset to QC!
#99: Team Member Tyson is so nice and helpful! He always makes my coffee orders exactly right.
#178: Team Member Keith is amazing! He always takes care of my special orders. What great service!


#7: Team Members Lori and Sue are so friendly and polite! I shop here every day!
#11: This store has done an outstanding job during the pandemic!
#11: These Team Members always go out of their way to be helpful. It is appreciated.
#17: I love this store! Everyone is so professional! You did an amazing job training your team!
#35: Fuel Team Member Brandon is all about manners and customer service. He always brightens my day!
#123: Team Member Denise is excellent! She did an awesome job during a very busy time!!
#123: Thank you to this whole team for being there every day during this time with a smile and support!

Way to Go, Store #65:
Showing We CARE is What We Do!

My elderly aunt recently had two flat tires near your Neptune, NJ store. She didn’t have her cell phone, so she went into your store and explained her situation to a Team Member. The Team Member brought her tea, called her a tow truck, and got her in contact with us. I am so grateful for how you cared for her in her time of need! It’s nice to know that there are still good people who look out for one another. – Pete

Way to Go, Store #131:
Anita, Noreen, and Jen are Super-Helping Heroes!!

Team Members Anita, Noreen, and Jen are outstanding! I recently dropped a $50 bill in the store. The girls found the $50 and proceeded to flag me down in the parking lot to return it. There’s a lot to be said about their integrity. Thank you! – John

Way to Go, Store #155:
CJ, Kiara, Kathy, and Jamal Can’t Mask their Professionalism!

Team Members CJ, Kiara, Kathy, and Jamal offer outstanding professionalism! I recently witnessed them handle a situation that involved a customer who refused to wear a face mask in the store. This issue was handled peacefully and professionally. They made certain all the customers who witnessed this interaction were comfortable, as well. Great job! – Mike

Way to Go, Store #85:
Monica, Crystal, and Carmen Treat Customers Like Family!

Team Members Monica, Crystal, and Carmen are angels on earth! Everyone at the Bridgewater store is always so helpful! This store feels like home because these three women are like family! – Audrey

Way to Go, Store #105:
Nelly, Janet, Manny, & Lafayette are Ahead of the Times!

Team Members Nelly, Janet, Manny, and Lafayette are wonderful. I am able to call ahead to place my order and they always bring it out to my car (even before current curbside pickup practices). They are ahead of their time in terms of customer service! In addition to being so accommodating, they are always busy cleaning, stocking, and taking care of the store. – Izzy

Way to Go, Store #173:
Mike Shows that QC Cares!!

Fuel Team Member Mike at your Robbinsville store is always cheerful! He is kind and friendly! In this season of COVID-19 where everyone seems suspicious and fearful, he is a breath of fresh air and human kindness. Thank you, QuickChek for hiring people like him! He is a great example of how much QC cares about its customers. – Kim


#20: Team Members Marietta and Darien made our shopping experience very pleasurable!
#93: Team Members Marquitta and Sam take amazing care of all the customers! Great job!
#148: Team Member Nadja always has an amazing attitude. She is super friendly and helpful!

Way to Go, Store #22:
Tom Always Shows He Cares!

I have been a customer at your Trenton store for many years. Team Member Tom really cares about all the customers he serves. He goes out of his way to meet customers’ requests and needs. He always has a smile, but he is all business when he needs to be. I always look forward to seeing him. He is a true “front-line” worker who takes his responsibilities seriously. He is a true asset to your company. – Angie

Way to Go, Store #37:
Ariel Gets an A+ in Customer Service!!

Team Member Ariel is very friendly and caring. She always takes the time to ask me how I am. A while ago, she shared that she is enrolled in an online master’s program. So pleased for her and her accomplishments. You certainly have great Team Members at QuickChek! Thank you for all you do every day. – Marcy

Way to Go, Store #180:
Todd & Aaron Inspire Eatontown Loyalty!

Team Members Todd and Aaron helped me with a minor problem with my order. They were very patient, understanding, and extremely helpful. They assured me that they were happy to redo the order to my satisfaction. I’ll definitely continue to shop at this location because of Aaron and Todd. A big thank you to them. – Ron


#37: The Netcong Team always greets customers! This makes my day – especially during isolation!


#12: Team Members Patrick and Jose always do a wonderful job! Such a pleasure to shop here!
#123: Team Member Tracy is amazing! She provides a level of customer service that is unmatched!
#160: Team Member Janine is super friendly! Even a mask can’t hide her smile! We all love her!

Way to Go, Store #78:
Fanwood Treats Them Right!

Team Members Arlene, Hopper, and Romany in Fanwood deserve a shout-out! They always offer exceptional customer service. Team Member Romany tells me about store promotions and even installed the QC app on my phone. They are a pleasure to know and a credit to your company. – A Happy Customer

Way to Go, Store #172:
North Plainfield Gets a Lot of Appreciation!

Your North Plainfield store has been on-point with safety. Your Team Members are hardworking and always friendly! I’ve stopped at this location more often in the past few weeks! We truly appreciate all you do to keep us safe and provide great service! Thank you. – Daniele


#20: Team Member Marietta offers the best customer service! She is always so helpful!
#25: Team Members Toni and MaryLou are polite and kind. They make it a pleasure to shop at this store.
#30: Team Member Marisol is so pleasant and cheerful. She always greets me whenever I come in.
#137: Team Member Jenrica is very helpful! She’s a treasure to this company. Thank you!
#176: This team is fantastic. I feel comfortable ordering food even in the current state of the world.


#43: This store has the cleanest restrooms! The whole store is impeccably clean. Awesome!
#43: I always appreciate the friendly customer service! This is an amazing team!
#79: This team is so welcoming and happy! Every time I come here it’s wonderful!
#79: Team Member Karen‘s laughter and cheerfulness make my mornings great!
#142: Your team is always super polite. I only shop here and am never disappointed!
#145: Team Member Ron lets me use his cellphone when I was locked out of my car! Thanks!


#60: Thank you for all the extreme cleaning and sanitizing! Your team really puts safety first! Thank you!
#65: This is the safest place in town! Thanks for giving us a sense of “normalcy” in a scary time!
#65: Your team is amazing! They’re still so upbeat and working extra hard to ensure customers are satisfied!
#97: Fuel Team Member Bruce is an enthusiastic, kind, and cheerful part of your team.
#97: Fuel Team Member Bruce is an amazing representative for QC. Thank you!
#106: Team Member Elaine gathered my items, checked me out, and delivered to my car! Awesome!
#165: Team Member Kimberly always greets people with a smile – even in the midst of this chaos!
#171: Team Member Casey is wonderful! She is so gracious and makes the best subs ever!
#181: Fuel Team Member Alfonso is friendly, quick, and attentive! He always makes my experience great!

Way to Go, Store #135:
Showing the Bayville Community that QC Cares!

A big thank you to your amazing team in Bayville! I called to request a donation of lunch for the healthcare workers and staff at a local nursing home. I was immediately told that QC would be happy to help and arranged for the meals to be ready for pick-up the next day. When I arrived at your store, everything was packed up and ready to go! The whole QC team offered smiles and blessings for the nursing home staff. I was overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you so much for being such an integral part of our community. – Carmel


QC: So grateful that QC is on the front lines during this pandemic! A HUGE thank you!
#106: Team Member Kim and staff does everything to keep customers happy and healthy!
#145: Thank you, QC, for serving our communities during this very stressful time.
#145: Shout out to Denzel! His calm and pleasant personality gives such comfort. Thank you ALL!
#147: Team Member Christos is so good with his customers and treats everyone with respect.
#176: This team is fantastic. I feel comfortable ordering food even in the current state of the world.

Way to Go, Store #106:
Manville Keeps Things Clean While Handing Out Smiles!

I was recently at your Manville store. The Store Leader was busy helping with coffee service, the register, and was constantly cleaning anything that was touched. All the while, she was smiling and joking with customers. It was just what we all needed during this time. – Sandy

Way to Go, Store #176:
Shrewsbury Serves Up Smiles & Cinnamon Twist!

I received excellent service at the Shrewsbury location! All the Team Members are amazing! They are all so friendly and upbeat, despite these trying times. My wife was craving cinnamon twist coffee and she got it – best way to start the day! – A Happy Customer


#133: This team is wonderful – always cheerful! This store is very helpful in our community!
#160: The most pleasant, helpful, and hardworking team I’ve ever seen in any store!

Way to Go, Store #70:
Shonia Puts Customer Safety First!

I went to your Newton, NJ store to get a refill of coffee. Team Member Shonia explained that refills were no longer allowed due to the virus situation and that coffee orders must be made by Team Members. She took great care to sanitize her hands prior to putting on gloves, then poured my coffee into a fresh new cup. Thank you, QC, for being so friendly and showing that you are doing your part to serve the community and keep us safe! – John

Way to Go, Store #97:
Sparta is There to Show They Care!

THANK YOU, Sparta store, for being open and so welcoming after my 12-hour work shift as a health care worker. With everything going on, getting an awesome QC sandwich for dinner made my day. The store was clean and all the Team Members were attentive and smiling. – Skylar

Way to Go, Store #123:
Highlands Offers Normalcy & Comfort!

Thank you, Highlands store, for staying open during this crisis. Your Team Members are as helpful and nice as they always are. It is comforting to go into a usual place and see the usual people, while being stuck at home for most of the day. – Jodi


#44: I love this store! It is so clean and well-stocked! I’m here all the time!
#97: Thank you, Sparta QC, for being there for the health care workers! You rock!
#123: Team Members Justin and Brittney always handle the busy times with ease and professionalism!
#123: Your team is so sweet with my special needs son! Thanks for taking the time to show you care!
#165: Thank you for such a clean store! It feels safe and clean. It shows that you take the time to care!
#175: I love to stop and fuel up at this new store! This store is a great asset to our community.
#176: Even during really busy times, this team is always so pleasant! Great service!


#8: Team Member Singh is amazing! He is very respectful and makes the best sandwiches!
#68: Team Member Sebastian is so nice and helpful – always greets customers with a smile!
#139: Team Member Ruth makes the best sandwiches! QC sure knows how to please its customers!
#147: Sue is always so upbeat and helpful! QC has such happy, friendly Team Members!
#178: Team Members are friendly and welcoming – it’s why I shop there! They make the store great!

Way to Go, QuickChek:
Even Friends are Impressed with QC’s TCD!

My job requires me to travel throughout New Jersey and I fill up my car at QuickChek. I first did it as a gesture of support for a friend that works at QuickChek but now, I shop here because your stores are always clean, your pricing is competitive, and Team Members are friendly and helpful. Congrats on a great company that consistently offers a great experience. – Erik


#17: This is my go-to for all of my snacking and drink needs. What a great store!!!
#94: Danixa and Danielle are very helpful! They both made me feel right at home! I’ll be back for sure!
#123: Store Leader Mindy always goes above and beyond to help! This is my favorite store!
#160: Dawn is amazing and so helpful! I always have a wonderful shopping experience here!


#65:  Team Member Debbie takes great are of the coffee area! It’s always clean and well-stocked.
#106: Store Leader Kim has a great team! Everyone is always friendly and welcoming!
#140: This is the best store! No matter how busy the gas station is, the Fuel Team Members are so friendly!
#163: Team Member Ashley handled a difficult customer situation with great professionalism!

Way to Go, Store #102:
John and His Team Spring into Action to Help a Customer!

My wife recently fell in the parking lot of your Manchester, NJ store. As soon as it happened, a Fuel Team Member rushed over and offered her a pillow. Another Team Member placed their coat over her. Store Leader John quickly contacted the paramedics. They also placed cones around her and the car to keep the area safe. I am overwhelmed with gratitude! This amazing team quickly sprang into action to help my wife. Thank you! – Les

Way to Go, Store #126:
Alizza Pumps up Customer Appreciation!

I stopped at your Middletown, NY store for gas and noticed that the price at the pump was different than advertised on the large sign. I went ahead and pumped the fuel , then went inside to question the price. Team Member Alizza was very friendly and efficient. She refunded the overcharge and apologized for the error. I really appreciated her attentiveness to great customer service! – Joanie


#113: Team Members Diana and Jerry always work hard to keep the store clean.
#129: Team Member Paige offered samples when I couldn’t decide what soup to order! She is terrific!
#154: Team Members Joseph and Rebecca are very nice and give excellent service.
#155: All your Team Members give the impression that this is a great place to work!
#178: Team Member Andrea is always happy to help! She does whatever the team needs!

Way to Go, Store #178:
Manalapan Delivers TCD!

Your Manalapan, NJ store has a wonderful team! My QC app crashed and Team Member Abigail helped me reload it. Team Members Todd and Kimberly are always so pleasant! I only shop here! Keep up the great work! – Cathy


#7: Team Member Kate Lynn was helpful and explained the food ordering process – very friendly!
#111: Everyone at this store is great! They are always welcoming, friendly, polite, and attentive!
#181: Team Member Dennis is wonderful! He treats all customers with respect and kindness!


#85: You have great Team Members at this store! It’s always a total pleasure to shop here!
#97: Fuel Team Member Bruce is always so kind and positive! I always look forward to seeing him!
#141: Team Member Savannah is very helpful and professional every time I shop at this store!
#155: This team is the friendliest and most courteous group of Fuel Team Members I’ve ever seen!
#168: Store Leader Monika and Team Member Nancy are wonderful. Great interaction with the team!
#181: Compliments for Fuel Team Member Nelson and Team Member Oscar – so personable and efficient!!

Way to Go, Store #122:
Matt & Team Show They Care!

I am handicapped and walk with a cane and oxygen. All the Team Members at your North Plainfield, NJ store are very friendly and helpful. They assist me with shopping, the deli, and even help me get to my car safely. Team Member Matt is exceptionally helpful and friendly! I appreciate the care and concern that I am offered whenever I shop at your store. Keep up the great work! – Betty

Way to Go, Store #174:
Jamie & Marie Always Go Above and Beyond for TCD!

Team Members Jamie and Marie always go above and beyond to help me whenever I visit your Cranford, NJ location. I’m disabled but they treat me with the utmost respect and normalcy that they treat all the other QC customers. Great customer service! – Dutch


#20: Team Members Sarah, John, Tracy, and Rae-Ann do an outstanding job! I give this store 20 thumbs up!
#101: Team Member Mamud is always courteous, kind, and helpful! His demeanor really makes a difference!
#126: Team Member Meliza works as hard as two people! She always lets customers know she really cares!
#141: Team Member Ali is so kind and helpful! She has made ma a QuickChek customer FOR LIFE!

Way to Go, Store #145:
Vincent Finds a Wallet and a Customer’s Loyalty!

We received a call that my wife’s wallet was recovered at your Farmingdale, NJ store. As we were leaving to go to the store, our 16-yr old son said, “I bet the person that found the wallet was Vincent at the cash register. He’s a really nice guy!” Turns out, my son was right! Vincent explained how he found the wallet and contacted the local police department to try to reach my wife. What an amazing gesture. It was clear that Vincent values other people and values his job at QC. He is a very kind gentleman – one of the many faces that represent the successful company you have. Your QC Team Members are the reason we continue to shop at your stores. They are kind, friendly, and caring. I will continue to spread the positive news about our wonderful experiences at QuickChek. – Ben


#20: Clean store, fresh coffee, great food, and a friendly/helpful crew = why I shop here!
#44: Team Member Andy is so professional. He makes the food look just like the picture! Amazing!
#75: Team Member Jerry is always such a gentleman – professional, courteous, and friendly!
#97: Fuel Team Member Bruce fills my car with fuel and my family with positive vibes and good energy!!
#141: Team Member Ali is the nicest person – so very friendly!
#155: Team Member Jamal always goes out of his way to greet and visit with customers!
#157: Team Member Miriam and the whole Fairfield crew keep me coming back! Great service!

Way to Go, Store #14:
QC in Belleville is Where Everybody Knows Your Name!

Your Belleville store is wonderful! Every time I walk in this store, I am greeted by name – just like Norm on that show Cheers! Team Members Helen and Kim are always so helpful and friendly! They know what items I like to order and I see them treat their customers with great kindness and respect! – Ken


#16: Team Members Sean and Raymond provide outstanding customer service every time!
#43: Team Members Rachael and David always greet me by name and make me feel right at home!
#81: Team Members Gareth, Shannon, Patti, Tiffany, and Katelyn treat everyone with respect!
#126: This team handles crowds very well with speedy, quality service with smiles. I am always pleased!
#145: Store Leader Ron is an absolute pleasure! He’s an extraordinary asset to QC!
#155: Team Members Dee, Sara, and Heather go above and beyond to offer great customer service!!

Way to Go, Store #118:
Harry Nails Customer Safety!

I stopped at your Lafayette store to get gas. The Fuel Team Member Harry told me the tire on the rear passenger side of my car was almost flat. He suggested I use the free air pump to put air in my tire. I did and then took my car to the mechanic. I found out that I needed a new tire because I had a nail in it! Thank goodness Harry’s alert and caring! I really appreciate his thorough service! I’ve always had good experiences getting gas at QuickChek, but this time was really good! – Katie


#59: Team Members Lupe, Debbie, Amy, and Doreen make every morning a delight!
#82: Team Member Gloria is always upbeat and extremely pleasant. She always brightens my day!
#97: This team offers great service! They are courteous, professional, and always pleasant!
#97: Team Member Jess and Store Leader Amy are amazing! So friendly and helpful!
#147: Team Member Matt is terrific. He’s a hard worker and a really nice guy.


#77: All the Team Members are over-the-top friendly and helpful! Keep up the great work!
#79: Team Member Chris helped me use the app when I placed my order! He was so helpful!
#101: Team Member Mike is so nice! He really brightens my day! His kindness really makes a difference!
#147: Kristen is always friendly! She acknowledges me when I arrive and when I leave! She’s the best!
#152: Team Members Tiffany and Sue offer fast and friendly service – as well as positive attitudes!
#174: It’s a pleasure to shop here! Daksha makes the best BBQ Bacon Mac n’ Cheese! Fantastic!

Way to Go, QC:
QuickChek Plays Cupid!

A little over four years ago, I was standing in line at one of your stores. The man behind me in line looked over at me and we sparked a conversation. We continued to chat while we waited for our food to be prepared. We started dating and, long story short, last night he asked me to marry him. We met because of our mutual love of QuickChek. You really work miracles! Thank you for helping me meet the love of my life. – Allison

Way to Go, Store #7:
Frank Shows the Real Christmas Spirit!

I recently visited your Kingston store for your chicken salad cranberry sandwich. When I went to pay, I remembered that my son had my debit card and I had no money. As I walked to the register, I explained my situation to the cashier. Team Member Frank pulled out his personal debit card and paid for my sandwich! This story of kindness and good will really touched my heart. Thank you so much for a lovely experience! – Diane

Way to Go, Store #10:
Willie & Aaron Keep Customers Coming Back!

Team Members Willie and Aaron are amazing! Willie prepares my food perfectly every time! Aaron is so wonderful! Every time we walk in, we are greeted by name. He is also so personable – no matter what time of day! As long as Willie and Aaron are here, we will always be customers. They make the overall shopping experience very special. – Demi & Dan

Way to Go, Store #176:
Mark Shows the Shresbury Community that QC Cares!

I went to your Shrewsbury store and told Store Leader Mark that I was there to get coffee and donuts to deliver to homeless people at the Asbury Park train station. Without missing a beat, he asked if he could help with some of the cost of the coffee. I have appreciated having this store near the synagogue that I serve (Monmouth Reform Temple). I now appreciate having this store as a partner in taking care of the community. – Marc


#43: The whole crew is always smiling and pleasant. This is a wonderful place to shop!
#57: Lee is so nice and always attentive to customers! Thank you for always having fresh coffee!
#67: Stacey is very attentive and has good customer service skills. She’s the best!
#96: Fuel Team Members Daniel and Shawn are very friendly and attentive – no matter the weather!
#157: Team Member Allen is such a hard worker. He’s always on the go and doing a great job!
#160: The coffee, food, and very friendly Team Members make every visit a special one!
#174: Store Leader Mari does a wonderful job running this new store! I’m here all the time!
#175: Best customer service! Team Members Daisy, Missy, Jerry, and Maryann are so friendly!
#176: Team Members Mark, Darin, and the rest of the crew are extremely kind and so very helpful!
#176: I was very pleased with the service here. I’ll definitely return and recommend to others!

Way to Go, Store #43:
Sussex Satisfies a Sweet Tooth!

I frequently shop at your Wantage store. Recently, you were out of stock of my favorite candy. I spoke with a Team Member about it, and he assured me that he would re-stock it very soon. I came back a few days later and it was in stock!! I really appreciate that level of competence and reliability. It’s things like that that keep me coming back to shop there! – Kelly


#5: I love your team!
#31: Amazing everything – food, service, and cleanliness. This team is ALWAYS friendly and helpful!
#86: Bridget is amazing! She’s always so helpful! I keep coming to QC because of people like her!
#103: The service is great and the team is always pleasant!
#135: You have an incredible team. They go over and beyond to help customers on a daily basis.
#147: Store Leader Jon is a friendly guy who always makes his customers feel welcome!
#147: Christos, Matt, Sue, and Kristen are terrific Team Members!
#173: Team Member Deneen is always friendly and welcoming and makes shopping a great experience!
#176: Your new location is great! Every time I’m here, the team is happy and very pleasant to everyone!

Way to Go, Store #43:
Nick Makes Sure Coffee Station is GREAT!

I stopped in at your Wantage store this morning for fuel and coffee. Team Member Nick greeted me at the coffee station to make sure there was plenty of hot coffee. The coffee station was so clean, well-organized, and well-stocked! This guy is doing a great job! – Dan

Way to Go, Store #74:
Whippany Earns Customers Loyalty!

I am a frequent customer at your Whippany store. Thank you very much for providing free air for tires. I really appreciate it – you’ve earned my loyalty! I’ve also started buying gas and getting my coffee here. Thank you for consistently great customer experience. – Tim


QC: I love your soups! I treat myself to them twice a week! So good!
#43: Fuel Team Member Glen is helpful and courteous!
#60: Excellent customer service! Great food and quick service! I appreciate all you do for customers!
#145: Your Team Members are always willing to help everyone!
#155: Everyone is so nice and helpful! They go out of their way for a good experience.
#160: This team is the nicest group of people!

Way to Go, Store #18:
Maplewood Makes Customers Feel Special!

The ladies at your Maplewood store take great care of me! Team Members Brittany and Angel are excellent and very helpful! Thanks to all the Team Members who make me feel like an important customer every time I shop there! – Priscilla


#18: Great people and great food at this store!
#77: Awesome job getting us through the ice/snow storm! Team Members kept customers happy!
#176: Polite, happy, and helpful Fuel Team Members! We’re so happy to have you here in Shrewsbury!
#176: The whole team is extremely kind!

Way to Go, Store #73:
Alyscia Leads By Example!

Store Leader Alyscia runs a well-oiled machine and leads by example. Every day, customers are met with smiles and great attitudes by the entire team! They all make sure their customers have a great shopping experience. Keep up the great work! – Joe & Sgt. Dan

Way to Go, Store #174:
Daca Shows Cranford That She Cares!

Your Cranford store is a welcome addition to our community! From fuel to great food, you offer the best! Team Member Daca is an outgoing and sincere person! She always has a kind word, a smile, and genuinely cares about all the customers. Thank you. – Jenn


#35: Very impressed with Team Member Bryan. Works hard and still stops to greet customers!
#75: This is a very clean store and all the Team Members are very courteous and helpful!
#93: Team Member Max is an asset! He’s always pleasant, kind, and greets you with a “hello” and a smile.
#93: I had a hankering for a QC sub. Team Member Max did not disappoint – always great! Thanks!
#93: Team Member Daniel is always courteous. He always makes my visits special!
#99: Team Members Oscar, Depak, Mike, Tanya, and Sandra are wonderful and make the store fun to visit!
#142: Team Member Christine always has a smile and always makes sure my breakfast is perfect!
#174: Fuel Team Member Kasan is always willing to go the extra mile to help customers!
#181: Team Member Oscar is personable and polite!! Thanks for putting a store in Commack!


#64: No matter what time I’m here, it is always clean, well-run, and everyone is always friendly!
#80: Team Member Josh provides great and professional customer service!
#95: Casey is always kind, courteous, and helpful. I always hear customers sing her praises!
#106: Team Member Kym cheerfully greets me every morning! I really enjoy shopping here!
#120: The coffee stations are always clean and the Team Members are friendly – even late at night!
#157: QC is the best. No worries about the new Wawa nearby, you have many loyal customers!!
#176: I’m addicted to your wonderful coffee. Team Members Ron, Tara, Mark, and Ryan are the best!


#99: The food is always great and the Team Members are always friendly and happy! Great job!
#99: This is such a well-run, clean store with great fresh food! Thank you!
#137: Team Members Monica, Micolina, and Gill are wonderful! They make shopping such a pleasure!
#141: Team Members Melanie and Gio provide such excellent service!
#164: The store is always clean and the whole crew is super friendly! Thanks!
#176: I’ve never seen such clean bathrooms! I’ll be sure to always stop here when I travel!!

Way to Go, Store #166:
Brian, Angelica, Patty, and Team #166 are Worth the Trip!

I live in Philadelphia and REALLY wish there was a QC store close to me. I’m a frequent customer at your Monroe, NJ store and your customer service is outstanding. Team Member Brian keeps all the customers happy and coming back for more. Team Members Patty and Angelica are so sweet! QC makes the best sandwiches I’ve ever had. Thank you for all that you do! – Matthew


#23: Your store is so clean and the Team Members are always kind and helpful!
#35: Fuel Team Member James is awesome. He’s always willing to go above and beyond to help!
#128: The service is excellent! I always  feel very welcomed whenever I come to this store!
#181: Great team! Team Members Keyon and Jason always have smiles and positive attitudes!

Way to Go, Store #164:
Bethpage DREAM TEAM Keeps Customers Coming Back!

I am a regular customer at your Bethpage, NY store. Your Team Members should be called The Dream Team. Team Members Alfred, Dan, Chris, Brendan, Tyler, and Corey make sure the store looks great and help me with my orders. They always have a smile for me and greet me by name – no matter how busy they are! They are amazing! It’s because of these people that I come to QC every day! – TC


#10: Team Member Aaron helped me with a sale item! It was a great customer experience!
#64: Your Team Members are so courteous and pleasant. They really care.
#123: Team Member Justin made me an awesome sub! It was so good that I went back for another!
#152: The Team Members who make the coffee are so nice and pleasant!
#157: Everyone on this team is so helpful and friendly!
#159: Team Member Laurie is always so friendly and accommodating!
#164: This store is so clean and the team is friendly. We love it!
#169: This is a great place to shop. Everyone is very friendly and the sandwiches are really good!
#174: Team Member Dasha is fabulous. She explained the perks of the QC app and the coffee refills!
#181: We love your new store! Love the food, the selection of products, the coffee, and the TEAM!!
#181: This is a beautiful new store! Fuel prices are cheaper and the Fuel Team Members are so helpful!

Way to Go, Store #150:
Finding the Best in Beachwood!

I go to your Beachwood, NJ store every morning. I used to be a Wawa customer, but I switched to QC because of your coffee. All the Team Members (Deanna, Laurie, Shannon, Hannah, and all the rest) know me by name and make me smile every day! They treat me (and my family members) like family! They all know the way I like my coffee and what my family members like to eat! I am so grateful to be a part of this store and the wonderful Team Members who run it! You guys are the BEST! Thank you. – Kristin


#59: Team Members Doreen, Di, Lupe, and Thomas offer amazing customer service!!
#164: Great team at this store! Everyone is always very friendly!!
#167: Team Member George is always willing to go out of his way to help!
#169: Team Member Gail is always amazing. This whole team is so friendly!
#181: Team Members Nelson, Oscar, and Chantelle make this a great store! Great attitude and service!

Way to Go, Store #131:
Tony is an MVP in Newburgh!

I had the pleasure of meeting Team Member Tony at your Newburgh, NY store. Tony’s friendliness and warmth are apparent from the start!! He noticed that the bottle of water I was about to purchase had a tiny leak in it. Without hesitation or fuss, he ran back to the cooler and grabbed me a different one. Then, he completed the rest of my transaction with a smile. He is a wonderful part of your team! – Karen


#10: Team Member Pam does so many wonderful things! Her attention to customers gets 5 stars!
#13: Your Team Members are so upbeat and friendly with all the customers! Thank you!
#176: Fuel Team Member Donnie is so friendly, responsive, and efficient. He’s a one-man success show!
#181: The Fuel Team Members and Team Members are so polite! Everyone is so accommodating!
#181: Everything at this store is great! I love coming here for my coffee every morning!
#181: All your Team Members get an A+ for cheerfulness and helpfulness! Welcome to Long Island!

Way to Go, Store #77:
Peggy Goes Out of Her Way for TCD!

Team Member Peggy in Franklin, NJ always goes out of her way (sometimes literally) to make sure I am satisfied with my QC experience. Once, I forgot to take my change, and Peggy chased me out to the parking lot to make sure I got it! She is always extremely pleasant and helpful – no matter how busy she is. – Dawn

Way to Go, Store #125:
Alice to the Rescue!

Last week, I accidentally locked my keys and my phone in my car at your Lake Katrine, NY store. Team Member Alice came to my rescue and was so kind! She offered me the use of her phone. She even looked up the phone number of the local police for me. She is to be commended! Thank you! – Kathleen


#31: Team Member Gail is the best!
#51: Team Members Michael, Brandi, and Thomas are the absolute best! This whole team is awesome!
#139: Team Member Courtney always makes me smile! Going to this store makes my day better!


#62: Susmit is efficient, energetic, and friendly! He exemplifies what customer service should be!
#166: Fuel Team Member Anthony is amazing! He takes the time to show customers that he really cares!

Way to Go, Store #52:
Team Stanhope Scores Big!

Brenda, Brian, and all of Team Stanhope do such an amazing job! They blow me away with the level of customer care and service they offer. It’s because of the great service that I keep coming back to this store. – Kimberly


#110: Team Member Gabby is very sweet and patient! She even showed me how to use the app!
#117: This is my favorite store! Everyone is always happy, helpful, and cheerful!
#166: Fuel Team Member Anthony greets customers with a smile and is a real positive game changer!


#10: Team Member Aaron always takes the time to help customers with great service!
#10: Aaron and Rob take great care of customers! They always show how much they care!
#21: Liz is always pleasant. – even when she’s very busy! She’s a class act and always professional!
#31: Team Member Anthony is the best sandwich-maker and has great customer service skills.
#32: Team Member Alex is always so pleasant and helpful! I love to visit this store!
#70: Team Member Mary makes the best chicken salad sub that I’ve ever tasted!
#82: Haidy greets everyone with warmth and friendliness. She offers excellent customer service!
#91: Team Members CJ, Sam, and Izula always make my visit a great experience!
#168: Sebastian is very pleasant and extremely helpful!


#109: All the Team Members are incredibly hard working! I love the coffee area – so many choices!
#109: Andrea treated my young daughter to extra whipped cream on her slushie – it made her day!
#164: I travel quite a distance for the great service and amazing coffee! Thanks for being awesome!
#169: This team is very service-oriented, professional, knowledgeable, and friendly!
#176: Friendly Team Members who always get my complicated orders right. Doing a great job!

Way to Go, Store #97:
Amy, Bruce, and Team Make Sparta a Great Place to Shop!

It’s such a pleasure to visit Store Leader Amy and her team every day at your Sparta, NJ store. They’ve practically become my second family. Your food is so delicious and nutritious. I particularly want to recognize Fuel Team Member Bruce. He’s such a friendly and genuine person. He and I are both the “seniors” at QC, but he’s been calling me “Young Man” from the day we met. I call him “Young Man” too! Bruce and I have become friends, and I look forward to seeing him each time I visit. The whole team is amazing and it’s a pleasure to shop at your store! – Paul


#110: Gabriella is amazing – full of happiness! Shopping at this store is a great way to start my morning!
#172: Carolyn, Brenda, and the whole team are amazing people – friendly and welcoming!
#176: Love this store! Tara, Ron, Mark, and Donny work so hard and are always so courteous!
#176: I am in love with your coffee! I’ve permanently switched from Dunkin’ to QC!
#176: I am so impressed with this team’s dedication to keep this great store running smoothly!

Way to Go, Store #64:
Hackettstown is HIP to HELPING!

Store Leader Dixa and the whole Hackettstown team are fantastic. The store is always clean and well-stocked. You can tell they take pride in their work and their store. I recently had hip surgery, and the whole team was so helpful before and after the procedure. They even brought my mobile orders to the front counter to be ready for me when I arrived. All these Team Members are great representatives of your brand. – Linda


#64: Dixa makes sure we find what we need. She tells me about all the promotions to save me money!
#64: We shop here every day. The Team Members are courteous and helpful. We feel like family!
#176: This store is amazing! The Team Members are very helpful and respectful!
#176: Love this new store! The team is helpful, knowledgeable, and kind. I’ll be back many times!

Way to Go, Stores #146 and #165:

I’ve been a loyal QC customer for a long time. There are two Team Members who are true shining stars in your organization. Team Member Robert (Cedar Knolls) and Team Member Denise (Hanover) are the best ever! These two offer the best customer service and keep me coming back as a regular customer at both of these stores! – Brenda

Way to Go, Store #160:
Filling UP Tanks & Making a Difference!

We often stop at your Brick store. Fuel Team Member John is always so nice. Our three year old loves to ask him to, “Fill it up!“. John always listens to my son’s request, smiles, and answers, “Yes, of course!”. My son loves to hand John the credit card, and John gives him the receipt  when the transaction is complete. It makes my son’s day every single time! Our family continues to go to your store because of the wonderful customer service we receive! John and all the great Fuel Team Members really make a difference to us and our son. – Brie


#82: Edith, Katherine, Jennifer, and Sanaa are outstanding! They all work so hard to make customers happy!
#126: Kevin is awesome! He makes my food perfectly and offers the best customer service ever!
#138: Matthew is amazing! He’s always friendly yet efficient. He is courteous even when multi-tasking!
#174: The Team Members always go above and beyond for the customers. It’s a pleasure to shop here!
#174: Everyone is so nice and helpful at this new store!

Way to Go, QC:
QC Stores Meet ALL Shopping Needs

I frequent QuickChek stores all over NJ. No matter which store I go to (or what time of day), the food is always fresh and delicious, and your Team Members are so polite and helpful! I really appreciate your stores for so many of my shopping needs. I also travel late at night and early in the morning, and I know that QuickChek is a safe place to stop for food and gas. – Desiree


QC: Kim, Stephanie, and Armando are always ready for me, and they make sure I leave with everything I need.
#10: Aaron and Rob are kind and helpful. They told me about the app and how to use it to save money!
#51: Great place to buy your coffee and breakfast. Excellent service and great Team Members!
#64: Everyone here is friendly and helpful. The coffee is fresh and hot and the store is super clean!
#110: Team Member Cheila makes the best sandwiches. They are always fresh and delicious!
#123: Erica, Paige, Marsha, Mindy, and Jessica always greet me! They really show that they care!
#145: This store is great! Team Member Erika helps all the customers find what they need!

Way to Go, Store #29:
Scotch Plains Keeps ’em Smiling

I love going to your Scotch Plains store! The food and beverages are great, but it’s your Team Members that are the icing on the cake! I love the comradery! Shopping here is always a friendly, pleasant experience that puts a smile on my face. Keep up the good work! – Mary


#110: Team Members Gabriela, Rama, and Sheila (and the rest) are always friendly and willing to help!
#124: I love the sandwiches, and the whole team is so courteous!
#135: The Team Members at the register are very kind and helpful.
#148: Amazing service!! Food was prepared promptly and was delicious!! Thank you!
#148: QC is the best place to shop! Thanks guys, you are amazing!
#155: A very happy, caring team!! I’m addicted t the chicken salad with cranberry sauce sub!
#176: Welcome to Shrewsbury! Love this store! Great food, service, and prices!
#178: Team Member Abigail is very helpful and friendly!


#59: I love that Team Member Doreen always tells me about all the promotions and offers.
#110: Gabriella is extremely helpful! She told me about a coupon I could use to save on my order!
#118: Team Member Terry is always very helpful, friendly, and respectful! I love this store!
#118: This is an awesome store! Team Member Terry is great!
#173: Best coffee in town! Awesome crumb cake and great service!


#110: The morning crew always greets customers with a smile and gets the day off to a good start!
#110: Gabriella and Christina are always friendly and polite. They always make the customers smile!
#110: Christina and Gabriella are so welcoming and sweet! I always look forward to visiting this store!
#110: Tanya is always helpful and happy. She turns my whole day around with her friendly greeting!


#51: We love your store! Everyone is so hardworking and willing to help!
#82: Gloria is always full of great energy! She takes great care of all the customers!
#110: This store is a GREAT place to shop!
#110: Christina offers amazing customer service. She takes the time to do things right!
#164: It’s always a pleasurable experience here. The whole team is wonderful!
#174: I used my free coupon card any my food order was delicious – service was great, too.
#174: You are dong everything right! This store has greatly improved our neighborhood.

Way to Go, Store #164:
Soup-er Service in Bethpage!

When I arrived at your Bethpage store, they had run out of broccoli and cheddar soup. One Team Member offered to make a fresh pot of the soup and even offered me a complimentary beverage while I waited. I love the customer service here! – Rebecca

Way to Go, Store #174
No Pressure.. Cranford is Here to Pump Up the Customer

My tire pressure was low, so I pulled in to your Cranford store. The problem was that I didn’t know how to use an air machine. When I asked a Fuel Team Member for instructions, he patiently explained the procedure and I was able to fill all my tires with the correct amount of pressure. I will definitely return to your store again. – Marguerite


QC: The chicken with cranberry relish sub is amazing!
#20: The staff is very friendly, efficient, and helpful!
#43: The food was delicious. Thank you!
#64: Everyone is so nice and the ladies at the deli counter are incredible. Great job, team!
#103: This is always a warm and friendly place. Team Member Tom always helps me!
#155: I love this new store – such a happy team!
#155: This store is always neat and organized. The team is friendly, professional, and always smiling.
#164: I’m always happy with the service here!
#168: Great service! The coffee is amazing – always fresh!
#174: I LOVE this new store!! I work very nearby and will be here often.
#175: I love the sandwiches. They are my favorite!

Way to Go, Store #69:
Kevin Goes Above & Beyond

Team Member Kevin is amazing! My 6 year-old daughter loves to go to your store just to see him. He always goes above and beyond to make us happy. He is a hard worker and we truly are so grateful for him. – Kristin

Way to Go, Store #79:
Old Bridge Team is Worth the Trip

Your entire Old Bridge crew is awesome! Tara is amazing. She’s always ready to dive in and help her team get the job done! Team Members Ciara, Kathy, Sarah, Jason, and Stan are incredibly friendly and helpful! I can’t say enough nice things about these Team Members! They go above and beyond their call of duty on a daily basis! I drive all the way from Staten Island, NY just to visit THIS QuickChek! It’s always worth the trip! – Anne


#130: Your coffee and food are always delicious and the prices can’t be beat! I’m there 2x daily!
#160: I always have a great experience here. Everyone is so friendly and helpful.
#178: Brandon is always helpful and cheerful! All the Team Members at this store are so pleasant!


#14: Everyone is so nice, and I really appreciate the consistently clean restrooms!
#17: Team Member Donna is so nice! It’s a pleasure to come here for hot and fresh coffee!
#107: This team is great – always nice and always helpful!
#144: Store Leader Asad and his team are all super friendly, helpful, and personable.
#156: Team Member Katie greets us by name and our sandwiches are always made perfectly!!!
#164: The fruit and cheese selections are perfect, but the blueberry basil iced tea is the absolute best!
#172: Thanks for your service! The Team Members are always pleasant and professional!
#172: I love this new store – the crew is always helpful and polite!
#173: Even when your store is very busy, I always have an excellent customer experience!

Way to Go, Store #99:
Co-Workers are Team Rockaway!!

Once a week, my co-workers and I all order the Italian Chef salad from your Rockaway store. They prepare it perfectly and it’s something we all really enjoy! Go, team Rockaway! I’m thankful for your hard work. – Danielle


#38: Kamel is awesome. He’s attentive, respectful, and really enjoys talking with the customers!
#105: Team Member Gweneth helped me bring all my groceries out to my car! Great service

Way to Go, Store #115:
Genesis Puts Customer Appreciation into Action

Team Member Genesis is outstanding. She noticed that I’d been in the store a few days in a row, so she offered to help me download the QC app. I’m really enjoying the perks that come with this app! I appreciate her taking the time to make a suggestion that has helped save me some money! THAT is real customer appreciation in action. Thanks again! – Larissa


#14: I had a great experience here. Quality service and amazing food – it doesn’t get any better!
#82: Team Member Edith is professional, hardworking, efficient, and friendly – a true leader!
#110: This whole team is fast, friendly, and professional – especially the Fuel Team Members!
#110: I go out of my way to shop here because of the great service!
#166: Team Member Arthur is AMAZING!
#179: Your store is my new favorite spot for gas, cigarettes, and coffee!

Way to Go, Store #164:
Shout Out to Bethpage Team Members

Your Team Members at your Bethpage store are thoughtful and caring! They always look to help and answer any questions! Shout out to Team Members Dan, Corey, Amanda, Alphonso, Chris, and the rest of the team for always giving my family a great experience and making us feel like part of the QuickChek family! Your customer service is amazing! – Dave

Way to Go, Store #179:
Tony Offers Great TCD in Mahwah

Welcome to Mahwah, QuickChek! Your store is always incredibly clean, and the Fuel Team Members are very polite! I was recently at your store to order a sandwich, and Team Member Tony showed me how to use the ordering system. Then, he helped me with the express check-out machine! I’m not very good with technology, but he was very patient and friendly! When I was at the register, he offered to help me download the QC app to save on future purchases! All stores should have employees as friendly as the QC Team Members. They go above and beyond to set the standard! Thanks for everything! See you tomorrow – and every day after that! – Sam


#69: A lovely Team Member helped me at the register in the kindest manner!
#164: Everyone here is so good, friendly, and provides great customer service!

Way to Go, Store #160:
BLAST Problems to Show Customers How We Shine!

I recently filed a complaint with your Brick Township store regarding the use of an online coupon. The Store Leader and his team were extremely professional, timely, and courteous in their response. My claim was investigated, and it was determined to be caused by an online glitch. An acceptable solution was offered to me – I happily and gratefully acknowledged it. Thank you! – Arnold


#5: Store Leader Robert is very kind and helpful. This store is run extremely well!
#75: Team Member Amanda is very kind. She helped me download the app!
#179: Team Member Pat is a wonderful person and always a big help. We love her!

Way to Go, Clifton & Union:
QC’s Consistent Quality Stands the Test of Time

I wish there were QuickChek stores everywhere I travel. I enjoy your food, the variety of coffees, and the greetings I receive from the Team Members. I have been a QC customer since 1993 at your Union store. I recently visited your Clifton location, and everything is excellent, as usual. No matter where my travels take me, I specifically Google the nearest QuickChek location. Thank you. – Mel

Way to Go, Store #179:
Landon Offers TCD

I was recently at your new Mahwah store and had an issue at the register. Team Member Landon gladly assisted the cashier to fix the problem. Landon appeared to be on his break or going home, but he didn’t hesitate to offer the cashier assistance. This kind of excellent service is why I look forward to coming here every day! – Susan


#21: The Team Members at this location are great!
#74: Every Team Member at this store is always pleasant. Fast service and great prices. Thank you.
#147: Team Members Michelle and Christianos are great! They are so helpful and very personable!
#156: Team Member Katie is always smiling and accommodating! She greets everyone!
#179: I love this new store! It is super clean and the Team Members offer great customer service!

Way to Go, Store #124:
QC is the “You Can Get Everything Store”

Just started going to your Bayonne store and decided that I’ve found my new “I can get everything store”! Your Team Members are great – very easy and pleasant to interact with. Now that I’ve found your store and downloaded the app, it’s going to save me precious time in placing my orders! – Anthony

Way to Go, Store #155:
Dee & Sarah’s Service Convince Customers to Convert to QC

Team Members Dee and Sarah are so nice and helpful.  I used to go to Wawa, but after meeting these two women (and because of their kind and helpful manners), my family has switched to shopping at QuickChek. Keep up the great work!! – Carl


#16: The night crew at this store is awesome! Love them!
#59: Team Members Dee, Margret, Lupe, and Amy welcome everyone! What great customer service!
#80: Team Member Lou is the friendliest guy with the best attitude! Makes my day a great one!
#169: My visit was excellent! Everyone is so kind and attentive to my needs!
#179: I visited your new location and had an excellent experience!

Way to Go, Store #164:
You Have Friends in Bethpage

Team Members like Alfonso and Amanda are worth driving out of my way to stop in and see! I have friends that work where I shop! They are really nice, happy people. They go out of their way to help. I would hire them to work for me in a NY minute! Thank you! – Dave


#17: Store Leader Rachel leads an amazing team – Donna, Jessy, Chris, and all the rest!
#17: No matter what time of day, this whole team offers outstanding quality customer service!
#49: Thanks for always having a positive vibe at your store. Great coffee and great people!
#65: Debbie keeps the coffee station so clean and organized. She works hard to keep the coffee flowing!
#81: Team Member Shannon is so friendly and polite! She always has time to greet me and smile!
#89: Team Member Beverly is very patient, accommodating, and helpful!
#113: Always fresh coffee and always a friendly team!
#131: My order was ready as I walked in. Very easy! This was a great experience. I’ll definitely be back!
#164: Team Members Scott and John were so helpful with my iced tea order! So courteous!
#168: Team Member Sebastian is always willing to go above and beyond!
#179: Your store is amazing. I got a sub and it was delicious!
#179: Everything is very clean and organized. Great food! I will definitely recommend QC to my friends!

Way to Go, Store #59:
Thomas Brings In Another

I used to be a loyal Wawa customer. Last night, I visited your Roseland store and met Team Member Thomas. Boy, he is one of the nicest, most helpful guys I’ve ever met. Because of him, I am now a loyal QC fan and will be back! – Dominic

Way to Go, Store #97:
Bruce Puts the HAPPY in Your Birthday!

I recently visited your Sparta store. Fuel Team Member Bruce is wonderful! He is such a positive and friendly person! He even sang Happy Birthday to my son when I mentioned that it was his birthday! I posted on Facebook about the great experience I had. The post received over 60 comments and 100 likes! Bruce has made many people smile because of his positive attitude and friendliness! – Sonja

Way to Go, Store #123:
Jess & Brittany Help to Make QC a Step Above

My wife and I visit your Highlands store on weekends. Team Members Jess and Brittany are always smiling, pleasant, and helpful. They are always happy to honor any special requests when we place our food orders. Their attitude and work ethic are a credit to your organization and make QC a step above Wawa and Royal Farms. – Lou & Tracy

Way to Go, Store #123:
Highlands Greetings Get Noticed

This was my first visit to your Highlands store and I was very impressed by the cleanliness of the store and the friendliness of the whole crew. I usually go to Wawa, but I decided to get a QC sub on my way to the beach. I was very happy with the experience! The food was excellent, and I was greeted on my way into the store. That NEVER happens at Wawa, even though I’ve been a customer for 10 years! The summer decorations around the store are great! I will definitely be back. – Tucker

Way to Go, Store #147:
Michelle Makes TCD Come First

Team Member Michelle is amazing. I stop in several times a week and Michelle always remembers my order. She is professional, efficient, and friendly. It is so wonderful, in these stressful times, to be able to count on a very cordial and hospitable encounter every single time I am in your store. Michelle is awesome! – Kathryn

Way to Go, Store #155:
Sara & Team Score BIG and Make a Difference

The vendor who was scheduled to cater my son’s school soccer tournament canceled at the last minute. We contacted your Toms River store and Sara and her team immediately stepped up and donated subs, water, and cookies. They were just amazing! My family, my charity, my business, and everyone we know will be shopping at QC from now on! – Mike

Way to Go, Store #164:
Alfonso & Amanda Treat Customers Like Friends

I love your Bethpage store. Team Members Alfonso and Amanda make me feel like I have good friends there. Your fries are the best, and I also love the prizes on the app! Keep up the good work. – Dave

Way to Go, Store #173:
QC Summer Sub Days is Catching On!

I have visited your Robbinsville store quite frequently since it opened. All the Team Members are very friendly, and your food is always very good. By the way, if you were trying to get the QuickChek Summer Sub Days song stuck in my head, good job – it totally is! Keep up the great work! – Paul


#5: Team Members Lori and Michelle provide quality work and customer service!
#11: Team Member Ben is so warm and welcoming. He knows our names and what we like to order!
#43: I always get amazing customer service from Team Member Emily!
#61: Team Member Myra always makes sure I have a great experience at your store!
#81: This team is absolutely wonderful – helpful, friendly, and courteous! Love this store!
#88: Store Leader Monika is great! I’m always greeted with a smile! It’s a great way to start my day!
#97: The crew is always friendly, nice, and extremely helpful!
#97: Fuel Team Member Bruce is the friendliest, nicest, and most well-mannered person I’ve ever met.
#136: Team Members Tim and Brenda are awesome! I smile every time I walk in the door and see them!
#142: All the Team Members at this store treat me like I’m part of the family!
#155: All the Fuel Team Members are polite and well-spoken! Their respect for customers is refreshing.
#178: Every Team Member at this location is very friendly and they always get my order correct!
#179: Very impressive new store! Team Member Holly made sure I received great service!!


#22: Store Leader Carlos and team are so friendly. It’s a pleasure to shop there!
#118: This store is always so clean, and the Team Members are always friendly. Love this store!
#147: Store Leader Jon treats his customers really well. He’s a very nice guy!

Way to Go, Store #151:
Howell Team Powers-Up When the Power’s Out!

The entire team at your Howell, NJ store is amazing! After a terrible storm, your store was one of the few places that had power. Lines for fuel were long, and many customers were angry and impatient. Your team remained calm and continued to offer great customer service. In spite of honking horns and customers yelling, your team kept smiling and did their jobs in a timely, courteous manner. I am very grateful for the QC Team that showed such professionalism. QuickChek should be extremely proud of their crew. – Nicci

Way to Go, Store #152:
Mitchell’s Generous Spirit Gets Noticed & Appreciated

Shout out to Fuel Team Member Mitchell! My wife pulled in to get fuel and realized that she had forgotten her credit card. She asked Fuel Team Member Mitchell if she could give him her credit card number verbally. Without hesitation, Mitchell pulled out $10 and handed it to her explaining that, while he was not permitted to take the credit card verbally, he was happy to give her money for the fuel. We returned to the store later that day to pay him back. I continue to be amazed at this man’s generous spirit combined with a solid respect for company policy. Thank you! – Joshua

Way to Go, Store #168:
Fred Teaches Others to Pay It Forward

Fuel Team Member Fred is courteous, personable, and friendly no matter what the weather. He always goes out of his way to give his customers a pleasant experience. Fred is a shining example of how to make the world a better place –  just by being nice. His positive attitude has given me perspective to consider how I treat others. – Chris


#21: Team Member Liz is such a pleasure – totally the best! I really enjoy going to this store.
#26: I know most of the Team Members by name and they always greet me by name!
#26: This is such a great crew! Always so happy and working together!
#51: Awesome team! They are very knowledgeable about helping customers with the app!
#86: I always receive excellent customer service from Team Member Matthew!
#98: Everything (from coffee to subs) is awesome! Thank you!
#128: Team Member Nicholas is really funny and very nice to all the customers.
#151: Even when super busy, this morning team keeps calm, remains smiling, and keeps moving!
#155: I love this store! Team Member Dee is always helpful, happy, and friendly!
#168: Fuel Team Member Enrico takes great care of me! He is always well-mannered and composed.
#170: Team Member Karl is such a nice young man. He is so friendly and helpful!
#179: Great service, clean store, and awesome food!

Way to Go, Store #126:
Joanne Is Never Allergic To Helping Customers

Team Member Joanne is very friendly, attentive, and extremely conscientious about customers with food allergies. I always have a great experience with her. She is an asset to QC! – Carolyn

Way to Go, Store #126:
Kevin Brings Customers Carts Full of TCD

My husband and I stopped in to get fuel and some beverages. We were having difficulty carrying all of our items to the register. Team Member Kevin came over from the deli with a shopping cart and even offered to bring it to the front for us. He also helped us download the app so we could get a free coffee. I really appreciated all his help, professionalism, and hospitality! – Kelly

Way to Go, Store #151:
Gabby is Happy to Assist

Team Member Gabby is wonderful. I was recently injured and walk very slowly with a cane. She let me shop and held everything at the counter for me so that I wouldn’t have to carry things. She always offers to help. This is why I shop here and NOT Wawa across the street. – Phyllis

Way to Go, Store #152:
Team Lakewood Starts the Day Off Right!

Whenever I walk into your Lakewood store, I am greeted by Team Members Corrine, Theresa, and Linda and Store Leader Mike. They always work hard to do a great job and keep all the customers happy. The whole crew is amazing. I love coming to this store. It’s a great way to start my day off right! They are always smiling and willing to help! – Joseph


#2: Team Members Chris and Janice are always welcoming and extremely nice to their customers.
#160: Team Members Sue, Mike, Darlene, Rosemarie, and Cody are all so friendly! Great team!
#163: This team is always friendly and eager to assist! We really appreciate them!

Way to Go, Store #97:
Bruce’s Great Attitude Brings Customers Back!!

Fuel Team Member Bruce is an exceptional example of a QC Team Member. He greeted me happily and we had a great discussion. He is so pleasant! He told me how he always strives to be the best at what he does. His attitude and great customer service make me want to continue to return to his store! – Dana

Way to Go, Store #144:
Ely Brings Full-Service Quality to Customers

I recently stopped for gas at your South Bound Brook store. Fuel Team Member Ely greeted me and was so personable. He even offered to help me with my car door. Full-service indeed! Well done! – Mark


#64: I always get my extra large Extreme Caffeine every morning. Awesome Team Members!
#64: This store keeps the coffee fresh and they’re always friendly! They score a 10 out of 10!
#78: The ladies at Fanwood are great! Very fast service! I love going there every day!
#117: Steven and Lauren have such great attitudes! Seeing them in the morning is the best!
#159: Team Member Melissa is the best at keeping the coffee station clean and well-stocked!

Way to Go, Store #10:
Aaron Jumps Right in to Help

Team Member Aaron is awesome! He is always ready and willing to help customers in any capacity. Whether at the register or helping a customer locate an item, Aaron jumps right in to be of service with a great attitude! He is a shining example of a real QC Team Member. His helpful demeanor is what keeps me coming back to this store! – Jay

Way to Go, Store #131:
Anita Untwists the Pretzel Issue for Guaranteed TCD!

Team Member Anita is amazing! She went above and beyond for us! When my daughter and I were at the register, we noticed the soft pretzel basket was empty. Anita was quick to offer to get us fresh pretzels from the back and she let us know they’d be ready in four minutes. She also was thoughtful and caring to put the hot pretzels in a paper bag so we wouldn’t burn our fingers! Anita is extremely friendly and helpful. We really appreciate her wonderful customer service. – Rachael

Way to Go, Store #173:
When Sarah Helps, it’s like Winning the Lottery

I went to purchase lottery tickets for my wife. I’d never done this before and Team Member Sarah was most helpful and understanding! She took the time to explain the entire process. Thanks to her for being so helpful! – Richard


#21: This is the most wonderful, friendly, and helpful store! It’s a joy to shop here!
#59: The coffee is always fresh and hot and the store is so inviting. I look forward to every visit.
#82: Team Members Gloria and Ivon are the sweetest ladies! I love coming to see them!
#118: Team Member Danielle is always smiling and upbeat. She works hard to make this store shine!
#141: Team Members Scott and Heather offer great food and great customer service!
#154: Team Members Angela and Lenard take the time to assist all their customers!
#167: Team Members Amy and Olga both have great spirits and wonderful energy!


#2: This team is always great! The subs they make are so tasty!
#59: Team Member Esperanza is lovely – always cheerful with a smile.
#95: This store is very clean and inviting to ALL customers.
#98: This store offers excellent customer service. The food is prepped fast and is fresh and delicious!
#98: The Store Leader is very pleasant and helpful. He helped me with a gas pump problem!
#124: This store is well-organized and super clean! It’s the best store in the area!
#136: Team Member Brenda is always cheerful! She’s always there and always willing to help!
#164: I usually shop here after midnight and everyone is always polite. It’s a pleasure to shop here!
#173: The team who worked July 4th was so friendly and helpful!


#2: Store Leader Stephanie works in every part of the store to ensure everything is in order!
#10: Everyone is very kind, caring, and helpful.
#11: Team Member Margaret‘s customer service is outstanding. She always helps me!
#16: Your Team Members are very courteous and the store is exceptionally clean!
#24: Team Members are all friendly and incredibly helpful. They helped me install the QC app.
#26: Naisha makes phenomenal subs! They’re so good – I order one whether I’m hungry or not!
#30: Team Member Adreanna is amazing – very diplomatic at handling rude and difficult customers!
#30: Team Member Crystal is terrific – full of energy and very welcoming. She is a true angel!
#34: You have very nice, professional people on your team!
#40: This team is super friendly! Team Member Cheryl puts me in a great mood every morning.
#63: Mike is super helpful! Your cold brew is better than Wawa! Please come to Philly!
#74: Team Member Surrender is the nicest man I’ve ever met! He offers great customer service!
#91: Team Members Stephanie, Izzy, and Lupe are the best!!!
#97: Team Member Bruce has such a positive attitude! Great way to start my day!
#100: I was in a rush and Team Member Sheyla helped me find everything I was looking for!
#102: I love my QC store! You have awesome Team Members and offer great service.
#141: Team Member Chrissy is very pleasant and extremely helpful!
#142: Team Member Jaedyn is always ready to help – even when she’s busy! She’s so friendly!
#151: Gabby and Dean help customers way beyond just doing the job.
#155: Fuel Team Member Michael is awesome! He always provides great service!
#164: This store is the best! There’s no better late night spot to grab great food.
#164: Alfonso is awesome and never seems to have a bad day. He keeps me coming back!
#164: Team #164 night staff rules! It’s always great to see Team Members Anthony, Jake, and Alfred!
#164: Clean store, great food, and decent prices!
#168: Team Members Hector and Daisy offer customer service that goes above and beyond!
#170: Team Member Mercedes always goes out of her way to help all the customers! She is great!

Way to Go, QuickChek:
QC Quality & Freshness Get Noticed

Please don’t change what you’re doing with fresh food. It’s great. I love that I can go to any QC and get a Portuguese roll with egg and sauteed onions. I can’t do that at Wawa – they only have pickled onions. Additionally, your coffee is much better than Wawa’s. Wawa definitely takes shortcuts and it shows in the quality of the food. Thanks again! – Kevin

Way to Go, QuickChek:
Another Wawa to QC Customer Conversion!!

I want to thank QC for providing great service and great products. I used to be an avid Wawa customer. However, since you opened a location near my residence, I am a converted consumer. It’s not often that companies get credit for the good things they do but your company offers amazing quality food at a great price point! Your customer service is outstanding, as well. – Sam

Way to Go, Store #97:
Bruce Protects Customers’ Belongings

The other day, I was at your Sparta store and was helped at the pump by Fuel Team Member Bruce. His top-notch customer service is amazing! When I ran into the store for a quick purchase, he noticed that I had left my window open and my wallet was on the front seat. He stood by my car to make sure no one bothered my belongings. He is kind, professional, and honest. I will always go to QC because of him! – Joanna

Way to Go, Store #168:
Dennis & Andrew Provide Service with a Smile!

Fuel Team Members Dennis and Andrew in Hackensack are always pleasant and polite. No matter the weather, they offer service with a smile and are always ready to help. I will always continue to shop here. Keep up the good work! – Roz


#2: Team Member Awab is so friendly and efficient! He has a wonderful personality!
#64: The coffee station is always neat, clean, and very well stocked!
#95: Cliff and Harsson are fabulous Store Leaders!
#95: Team Member Casey is wonderful! She is helpful, attentive, and remembers everyone’s name!
#97: Store Leader Amy is so impressive! She is always pleasant and kind to all the customers!
#97: The crew at this store makes us feel like celebrities!
#97: Fuel Team Members Bruce, Hunter, and Anthony warmly greet us and thank us for coming!
#125: Team Member Becky offers excellent customer service!
#155: Team Member Dee is always a big help and so friendly!
#164: Team Member Amanda helped me carry all my items to the register!
#164: This store is always clean! Team Members Evelyn, Monika, Marta, and Dalia are all so friendly!
#164: I love having this store in our community!

Way to Go, Store #97:
Sparta Team Members Make a Great Experience

Your Sparta, NJ store is awesome! What a great team! Team Members Ian, Jess, and Deborah make great sandwiches! We love the friendly, kidding give-and-take conversation with them. Team Member Lorraine keeps the coffee hot and fresh while Team Member Sherry checks us out with a smile! We always look forward to our next visit to your store to see the whole team! – Michelina

Way to Go, Store #97:
TCD Brings Dedication to QC in Return

Recently, my daughter fueled up at your Sparta, NJ store but forgot her wallet and had no way to pay. The Fuel Team Member, who recognized her, told her not to worry about it. He told her to drive home and come back with the payment! What a sincere gesture of customer appreciation! I tell everyone about this act of kindness as I continue to convince my friends that they should fuel up at “our” QuickChek! – Anthony

Way to Go, Store #157:
Consistently Good Service Gets Noticed!

Your Fairfield, NJ store is amazing. Every Fuel Team Member always greets me with a smile and is very friendly. My friends and family have made the same comments to me about your store. Customer service and satisfaction are so important! Keep up the great customer service and I’ll keep telling everyone I know! – Kim

Way to Go, Store #164:
Amanda Pays Attention to Customers’ Needs

I had a very pleasant experience at your Bethpage, NY store. I wanted to order a banana smoothie but I only saw strawberry banana smoothies on the menu. I let Team Member Amanda know that I have a strawberry allergy. She showed me where to find banana smoothies on the menu and made sure that all of the smoothie equipment was thoroughly cleaned before she made my drink. I appreciated her kindness and that she really listened to my concerns and took my food allergy seriously. – Christina


#2: This store is the BEST of the BEST!
#27: Jen, Maria, Olga, Chris, Renaude, Ivan, and Marc are so friendly and work as a great team!
#120: Your Team Members who make the sandwiches are TOP NOTCH!
#162: Fuel Team Member Brian is polite and professional! His behavior makes him a real asset to QC!

Way to Go, Store #21:
Tony Makes First-Timers into Long-Timers!

I was at the Bloomingdale, NJ store with my husband to get some sandwiches. This was our first trip to QuickChek (we usually go to Wawa) and we were unfamiliar with the ordering process. Store Leader Tony was so helpful. He came over and helped us place our order. He even allowed us to sample different condiments before we made our selection. Then, he personally made both our sandwiches perfectly! We will definitely choose QuickChek from now on for our sandwiches! Tony also informed us about your great QC app for our phones! – Tiffany

Way to Go, Store #126:
Say Farewell to DD and Hello to QC!!

I used to be an avid Dunkin’ Donuts coffee drinker. One day, I stopped at your Middletown, NY store for a cup of coffee and I’ve never set foot in DD since. All your Team Members are great. Joanne is always so friendly. She greets me by name and brews the best coffee in town. Thank you for such a pleasant place to shop. – Kim

Way to Go, Store #165:
Mona’s Professionalism is Appreciated

We recently visited your Cedar Knolls, NJ store to get lunch. As we were leaving, my son noticed his sandwich was made incorrectly. I went back into the store and Team Member Mona was very apologetic and happily remade his sandwich. She went above and beyond to help us quickly –  even though the store was very busy. I appreciated the way she handled this issue so professionally. – Eva


#11: Team Member Margaret is awesome and offers great service.
#16: You have the best and freshest coffee!
#25: The Team Members are all fantastic. The ladies who run the deli do an awesome job.
#28: Very happy that Team Member Lily is back in the store!!
#98: I am very impressed with the speed and quality of service!
#98: This store is the best ever! The team is very helpful and always make my day a little better!
#150: Team Member Patty is amazing! I always receive wonderful customer service.
#155: Team Member Dee is always smiling and pleasant! It’s a great way to kick off my day!

Way to Go, Store #65:
Linda is Shore to Please!

We placed a last minute sandwich order for a pot luck at Jersey Shore Hospital. Team Member Linda went above and beyond to give us exceptional service and made sure the order was ready. She came back after her shift to complete the order for evening pick-up. We really appreciate her hard work. Not only did she prepare the sandwiches and condiments, she also helped us carry the order out to my car. That’s great customer service! – Danielle

Way to Go, Store #164:
Annemarie’s Cheery Smile Keeps them Coming Back

Team Member Annemarie is a pleasure. She greets every customer with a smile and always thanks them for coming to QC. I come back every Sunday morning because of her wonderful customer service. – Krystle


#31: The night crew is always excellent! They are always hard at work to keep the store great!
#31: I go out of my way to shop here because of your Team Members! Amazing people!
#43: This team is so friendly, the store is so clean, and the chocolate chip cookies are so great!
#59: I’m so impressed with the cleanliness of the store and the friendliness of the team!
#64: Excellent service – very polite Team Members! This is the only QC I’ll shop in!
#70: Mary makes perfect sandwiches! She puts great care into everything she does!
#93: I love QuickChek coffee!
#96: This store goes above and beyond! Gregory and Zachary make this a Great Place to Shop!
#98: Customer service was A+! The bathrooms were amazingly clean.
#99: I love this store! Everyone is so friendly and helpful. The food is always fresh and delicious!
#99: Kudos to Tonya! She’s always working hard to care for her store!
#115: Shosh is always upbeat and makes conversation with customers while working hard!
#120: This store is fan-flipping-tastic! Very helpful cashiers!
#124: This store provides excellent service!
#128: Roberta and her team are amazing! They are all friendly and welcoming!
#141: Melanie and Alley both have very polite and friendly attitudes.
#172: Compliments to the Team Members who make the sandwiches. They are always excellent!

Way to Go, Store #76:
Jenn Changes Customer’s Mind on NEW Iced Coffee

I used to like your “old” iced coffee from your Bound Brook, NJ store. The first time I tried your new iced coffee was during the recent FREE Iced Coffee Promotion but I didn’t like it. I told Team Member Jenn how I felt and she offered to make me another one to try it again. Now, I love it! This is a great store with great Team Members! – Bemay

Way to Go, Store #97:
Bruce Fuels Tanks AND Customers with TCD!

I visit your Sparta, NJ store every morning to get iced coffee. Yesterday, after I’d ordered, I realized I’d left my wallet at work. I couldn’t pay for my order. Fuel Team Member Bruce offered to pay for my coffee. This was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me! – Lisa

Way to Go, Store #163:
Ashley, Tracey, & Ted Keep Customers Coming Back

I recently visited your North Brunswick, NJ store. WOW! This store is bright and clean and the Team Members are exceptionally attentive and pleasant. Team Members Ashley, Tracey, Ted, and the rest of the team made my visit great! I will certainly keep returning to this store. – Stacey

Way to Go, Store #169:
Thandi LOCKS in a Customer for Life!

Recently, I was at your Copiague, NY store and accidentally locked my keys in my car – along with my cellphone. I went inside the store to ask if anyone knew of a lock service. Store Leader Thandi used her own phone to contact a lock service for me. She offered me a cup of coffee and waited with me for the locksmith to arrive. She is one of the nicest people ever! Trust me when I say that you have a customer for life. I will recommend your stores to everyone I know. – Andrew


#1: The Store Leader went above and beyond to address my concern/complaint. Very professional!
#1: Thank you for making my shopping experience so memorable. I’ll definitely be back!
#64: This is the cleanest store in the area that also offers great customer service!
#150: Donna and Betsy are so friendly! I accidentally spilled my coffee and they were so helpful!
#153: Team Member Faith is quick, efficient, and friendly. She really stands out in fuel service!


#64: This store is so nice, friendly, and clean! Team Member Dixa is awesome! She’s always smiling!
#69: Store Leader John is an outstanding leader and has a great team!
#87: This is one of the best stores! Great crew!
#94: These Team Members are always nice, polite, friendly, and always helpful.
#120: Team Member Mark is very helpful! He is very polite and sincere!
#163: Such a beautiful store and team! Thanks for the free coffee week!
#178: Team Member Andrea is excellent. Also, your coffee is great – nice and hot, too!

Way to Go, Store #69:
Dumpster Diving in Pohatcong to Help a Customer

Recently, I had breakfast at your Pohatcong, NJ store. When I returned home, I thought I’d lost a small but profoundly important medical device. I went back to the store thinking I’d accidentally thrown it out. I told a Team Member about my situation and, without blinking an eye, he put on rubber gloves and said, “OK, let’s check the dumpster.” I was astonished at his consideration and quick attention to a customer problem. Thanks for the help! – Peter


#10: The way this crew interacts with all the customers shows amazing teamwork!
#10: I love how the morning muffins are well-stocked and the coffee is always hot and fresh!
#20: This is a great store with great Team Members!
#22: This store is very clean and very well run!
#51: This whole team is delightful and courteous. Customer service is spot on!
#70: The team does a great job at this store! Even when busy, they are all super helpful and friendly!
#75: This whole team always goes above and beyond to help! They are always kind and helpful!
#77: Team Member John always has a smile and is so thankful for customers’ business.
#79: This is a great store! You have great Team Members who are always so nice!
#164: Marissa was very helpful the other day. She was very friendly and professional.

Way to Go, Store #134:
Saugerties is Worth the Trip!

We travel down to your Saugerties, NY store every other week to shop – that’s 50 miles each way. We bring a cooler and always purchase creamers and other products each trip. Whenever we are in your area, we will ALWAYS stop at your store. If you were in the Albany area, we would never go back to Cumberland Farms. Keep up the great work! – Joseph

Way to Go, Store #164:
Bethpage Wins New Customers!

My friend recommended your Bethpage, NY store because she loves it and now I love it, too! The Store Leader treats everyone with great care and your Team Members really come together to make customers happy! Great store, amazing leadership. – Robbie

TCD Roundup

#85: Monica and her team always make it a great shopping experience for me!
#152: Rebecca, Kiana, Angela, Jasmine, and Mike are accommodating, wonderful, helpful, and kind!
#152: This store is my home away from home!
#155: Thank you for the free iced coffee promotion!!
#155: Team Member Dee treats us wonderfully and always tells us about your great specials!
#178: Team Member Abigail offers great customer service! Going to QC is the best part of my day!

TCD Roundup

#64: This is such a great store. Great team who really appreciate all their customers!
#164: I am so impressed with everything from the great subs to the friendly people!
#168: Fuel Team Member Fred is the reason I keep coming to get fuel here! He’s a great guy!

Way to Go, Store #64:
HUGE Thanks to Dixa & the Hackettstown Team!

All the Team Members at your Hackettstown, NJ store treat their customers like family! Recently, I ordered a latte online. When I arrived at the store, I was asked to confirm that I had ordered a ‘regular” latte (instead of my usual decaf). This is serious attention to customers’ needs! Store Leader Dixa leads her team with a quiet strength. She is dependable, reliable, and very kind. This whole team is exceptional. Huge THANK YOU to these wonderful people! – Stephanie

Way to Go, Store #95:
Keith Offers Respect & Professionalism!

I have been a customer at your Bayonne, NJ store for a long time. Team Member Keith is the best! He treats every customer with respect and professionalism. He is always excited to promote new products and special offers with genuine sincerity. Even when he’s not waiting on me, he always takes a moment to engage in pleasant conversation. He is a quality asset to your team! – Robert

TCD Roundup

QC: The iced coffee is very good. You have very friendly teams that all offer great service.
#23: Team Member Michael is always friendly and helpful. He is phenomenal!
#55: I’m warmly greeted when I arrive. Friendly Team Members always offer me assistance!
#74: Team Member Euneida is extremely hard working – Keeps things moving in the morning!
#145: This crew is awesome! Great customer service! Keep up the good work!
#145: This team is always friendly and welcoming. I love shopping at this store!
#153: Great food! Great service!

TCD Roundup

#22: This team provides excellent customer service – very helpful and friendly. I won’t shop anywhere else!
#23: Team Member Carlos is very polite and greets ALL the customers! This is very important!
#43: The prep workers in the deli are excellent!
#51: Team Member Viviana is a hard worker! She’s very positive and always smiling!
#64: I really enjoy the great customer service. They’re all so helpful and kind – especially Store Leader Dixa!
#78: Best morning crew ever – Fuel, Food Service, and Checkout. Awesome team! I love my QuickChek!
#97: I’ve placed multiple catering orders and they are awesome! Thank you for above and beyond service!
#145: Your Team Members are great – so professional! They all deserve an A+!
#178: I needed help at the coffee bar and a Team Member came and immediately offered me assistance!

TCD Roundup

QC: Great food and great promotions! Thanks for being such a great company!
#3: Team Members Lori, Flora, and James are extremely friendly! Customer service is exceptional!
#35: This place is the best – inside and out! All the Team Members and the facility itself!! The BEST!
#82: Team Member Michael is very kind! He makes it a pleasure to shop there!
#86: Team Member Lisa is incredible. She is always pleasant, kind, helpful, and courteous!
#120: This team is so friendly and helpful! The free iced coffee is awesome!! Thanks, QC!
#120: Every Team Member is friendly and helpful – especially Mark! They are a special bunch!
#164: This team is always courteous, professional, and very helpful.

Way to Go, Store #164:
Decaf or Regular – Dan’s TCD Keeps Customers Happy!

I recently went to your Bethpage, NY store for a cup of decaf coffee. The pot of decaf was not full so Team Member Dan offered to make a new pot for me. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to wait so I got a cup of regular coffee. Dan didn’t charge me for my coffee since it wasn’t what I originally wanted. What great customer service! – Andrew

TCD Roundup

QC: Thank you for the free iced coffee! What a nice way to introduce your new product.
QC: Today, I tried your free decaf coffee with a little bit of vanilla. It’s delicious!
#4: Always quick and great service. We love the soups.
#8: The Store Leader is always checking to make sure every customer is happy.

Way to Go, Store #20:
John’s Greetings Make Customers Into Friends

I love your Bradley Beach, NJ store! I visit this store every morning to purchase breakfast and coffee. My favorite Team Member is John because he greets me every time I walk through the door. I love coming to your store and now I feel like I have a new friend! – Laura

Way to Go, Store #85:
Crystal Passionately Proclaims Product Promotions

Team Member Crystal is extremely helpful and very passionate about QuickChek! I told her that if she were on an episode of Undercover Boss, she would be given a promotion immediately. She excitedly told me about the free iced coffee program and the Summer Sub Days promotions. It was truly a pleasure to meet her! – Marcie

TCD Roundup

#23: Team Member Carlos is friendly and helpful. He always asks about my family and is eager to help!
#131: Team Members Anita and Rose always ensure that I have a great shopping experience here!
#169: Team Member Scott is a great leader. He brings a great energy to the evening team!

Way to Go, Store #164:
Corey Offers a Rainbow of TCD!

I love your Bethpage, NY store. The entire team is wonderful! Team Member Corey goes out of his way to make our visits to your store feel like an event. My daughter (who is autistic) wants to go to this store JUST so she can see Corey. She loves the Rainbow Iced Coffee and he gave us his word that he would always try to keep it in stock! He makes us all feel so welcomed and happy! – Wanda

TCD Roundup

#16: Great store! Team Member Mark takes great care of this store at night!
#23: Team Member Carlos is so attentive. He knows all his customers’ needs. He’s so pleasant!
#23: Team Member Carlos has a great spirit and is great with all the customers!
#91: This store is always good! Team Member CJ is very helpful!
#91: Team Member Sam is so nice and helpful! Seeing his smile is a great way to start my day!

Way to Go, Store #146:
Dean Sure Can Hustle!

Team Member Dean is a pleasure! He is always smiling, hustling around the store, and as friendly as they come. All the Team Members at this store are so nice! Dean is definitely amazing. – Shayne

Way to Go, Store #164:
Corey’s a HOT Commodity!

I just wanted to give a special “shout-out” to wonderful Team Member Corey! He is uniquely knowledgeable and just a delightful gentleman! I was pleased to see that he is in the QC Leadership Program! If he wasn’t working for you already, I’d definitely snatch him up to work for me! – Manny

Way to Go, Store #172:
Carolyn Fuels Cars and Pumps Up the Smiles!!

Fuel Team Member Carolyn is a joy to see in the morning. Every morning, she is all smiles and very friendly! It is a joy to have a conversation with her. She is pleasant and efficient at her job and helps folks get through the pumps quickly and efficiently. Now, I come to this QC just to see Carolyn. It’s my gas station of choice because of her. – Karen

TCD Roundup

#52: Team Member Harold is super nice and makes great sandwiches. Great job!
#66: Team Member Deanna is amazing! She’s very polite and makes the best sandwiches here!
#123: Team Member Charlene is very pleasant and very helpful!
#150: Fuel Team Member Paul is so kind! He always says, “Do me a favor and get home safely”!
#170: Team Member Gina is amazing! She’s one of the fastest, most competent workers ever!

TCD Roundup

QC: Love the bagel sandwiches, your coffee, and your lunch subs! Your cashiers are very friendly!
#12: Store Leader Katie is crushing it! She’s great!
#12: Team Leader Dawn is a customer service Superstar!
#31: Myra and Anthony are a pleasure to interact with – especially in the morning!
#73: Customer service is great and the food is even better! The coffee is always fresh!
#73: Team Member Kristin is great! She’s always smiling and so polite!
#102: Team Member Andy makes every visit to this store a great experience!
#106: Javon and Jenna are very pleasant and helpful PLUS they make really good sandwiches!
#120: I love the Team Members! Everyone knows my name and remembers my favorite orders.
#138: Team Member Phil is very polite and respectful. He has great positive energy.
#141: Alley is always very friendly and keeps the long lines at the register moving smoothly!
#141: The overnight team is excellent! The coffee is always fresh and the store is always clean!
#141: The sign that reads “You’re always welcome” is definitely made clear by Maureen and Jessica!
#160: Tori and Dominick are both so helpful! They care about each other and every customer!
#162: I love this store! The service is excellent and the Team Members are so friendly!
#164: Team Member Alley has great customer service skills!
#164: Love this store!
#164: This is such a nice store!
#166: Love the flavored iced coffee! Great cashiers – they are all so pleasant and helpful.

Way to Go, Store #21:
Bloomingdale – Beautiful Inside & Out!

I was recently at your Bloomingdale, NJ store for fuel and groceries. Everything about this store (inside and out) was impressively clean!! The Team Members at the register are friendly and one Team Member introduced me to a few new products in the hot bar. Everything was delicious – just as it was described! – Anna

Way to Go, Store #38:
Found Wallet in Wallkill Makes Everyone Happy!

My son recently went to your Wallkill, NY store for groceries. Several hours later, he realized he’d accidentally left his wallet at your store. He was upset because there was a large amount of cash in the wallet. He went back to QC to see if anyone had turned in his wallet. The Store Leader was quick to offer assistance. He checked the safe and found my son’s wallet was there. To my son’s amazement, all of the cash and his personal ID were still in the wallet. My son was very grateful that QC guarded his wallet with such fidelity. We are grateful for your assistance! – Kim

Way to Go, Store #97:
Bruce & Silvana are the Shining Stars of Sparta!

Team Members Bruce and Silvana have such positive attitudes and offer amazing customer service! Bruce pumped my gas and I was blown away by the joy he shares with his customers. I went inside the store and found that Team Member Silvana is just as upbeat and happy! They both offer excellent customer service! – Katie

Way to Go, Store #119:
Anna & the Sayreville Team Rock!!

I always have such a great experience at your Sayreville, NJ store! Team Member Anna (and the whole team) is wonderful!! This store is always clean and they are always so nice to all of their customers – even when they are super busy – Shannon

Way to Go, Store #165:
Robert Specializes in Special Orders!

I need to salute your Store Leader Robert at your Cedar Knolls, NJ store. I was having a bad day and didn’t have a clue how to make my special order. Robert took my order and made it (and wrapped it) exactly the way I had requested. Great customer service! I’m looking forward to coming back. – Jennifer

TCD Roundup

#1: Gina is extremely helpful and very courteous! There should be more Team Members like her!
#59: Lupe, D, and Thomas greet all the customers and make us feel right at home! Great team!
#97: So impressed with Team Member Bruce! I’ll always purchase gas here because of him!
#130: This store has the best salads and the best Team Members!
#141: Allie provides a great shopping experience! She has a great attitude and is very friendly!
#145: Team Member Rachel is always happy and friendly. This seems like a great place to work!
#150: Hannah, Shannon, and Laurie are awesome! QC is like a family and they treat US like family!
#164: I needed help with the ordering touchscreen and several Team Members were happy to help!
#169: It’s a complete joy to come here. Always my first option for gas in the morning. Thank you!

TCD Roundup

#57: Everyone is friendly and helpful! This is the best store ever! Great coffee!
#141: The whole team is wonderful. Your sandwiches are the best and are a great price!
#160: We love the team, food, and coffee! Tried Rainbow Cake flavor coffee and loved it!

Way to Go, Store #155:
Sara Shows a Stunningly Remarkable Commitment to TCD!

Recently, I brought my wife to Urgent Care and we spent many hours there. My wife was hungry and tired. On the way home, I called your Toms River store to ask if you offer “curbside take-out”. Store Leader Sara told me that QC did not offer that service but she’d be happy to bring our order to our car for us. Also, I had only a bank card to cover the order. Sara offered to pay for the remainder of our order with her own money. She told us we could re-pay her the next time we were in the store! This is a stunningly remarkable and unique commitment to customer service. We thank Sara profusely. QuickChek now has two lifetime customers! Thank you! – Bob & Debbie

TCD Roundup

#30: Team Member Liz is the hardest worker I know. She brings a lot of positivity to this store!
#39: Team Member Wahida always turns a bad day into a good one! Great customer service!
#82: Team Member Haidy and her mom are friendly, efficient, and professional!
#164: Team Members Dan, Laura, and Sabrin offer excellent customer service!
#169: Team Members Lana and Rich always go out of their way to keep customers happy!

Way to Go, Store #165:
Rob Has the Lucky Touch!

I would like to compliment your staff. I always stop in for coffee and scratch-offs. The machine wouldn’t accept my money so I asked for help. The manager, Rob, was super cool. He took money out of his wallet and traded my bills. Well, I won 500 dollars! Really made my day. – Rebecca

Way to Go, Store #169:
Scott Doesn’t BLOW SMOKE When it Comes to QC’s WE CARD Policy

It’s good to see that QC’s Team members have such strong standards. I was recently in your Copiague, NY store and the kid in front of me was trying to buy cigarettes without proper ID. Team Member Scott would not sell him the cigarettes even though the kid was giving him a hard time. It was impressive to see your Team Member hold firm to the policy. He did a fine job! – Margaret

Way to Go, Store #169:
Scott Really Knows His Customers

I usually stop at your Bethpage location (where Scott works) but recently went in to your Copiague, NY store and saw that Scott was working there that day. He gave me a friendly greeting and told me it was great to see me again. It made me feel appreciated that he recognized me from the other store. – Mildred

TCD Roundup

#16: I love how clean this store is! All the Team Members are very friendly and polite!
#67: Team Member Roseann is always extremely pleasant, kind, and friendly!
#164: Team Member Daniel is so friendly and helpful! This store is awesome! Great food!
#169: This store is very clean and the whole team is wonderful!

Way to Go, QuickChek:
QC Coffee & Cookies are Great!

I love coming to QuickChek! I used to go to Starbucks for coffee but then I discovered QC! You have the best coffee and cookies. I always bring QC cookies as a gift when I go to parties – everyone loves them. – A Happy Customer

Way to Go, Store #49:
Trish, Lori, & the Parlin Team Make a Difference

I am a regular customer at your Parlin, NJ store. I was recently out of town and had to stop at other convenience stores. Returning home, I couldn’t wait to get back to QuickChek. It’s so nice to walk into a store where everyone is smiling and helpful. Your morning team (especially Trish and Lori) is awesome! It’s great to be home! – Debbie

TCD Roundup

#31: Team Member Gail is so friendly. She makes this a great place to shop!
#164: Team Member Dan told me about the QC app and its coupons. I’m very impressed!
#165: Sonya provides those extra touches that make your products even better (extra crispy fries)!
#165: Love having this store open at convenient hours. Keep up the good work!

Way to Go, Store #169:
Gail Makes Customers Feel Like Family

Team Member Gail makes a world of difference at your Copiague, NY store. She knows all of the regular customers by name. I’ve never seen such amazing customer service! She’s also great at promoting different QC food items (like breakfast sandwiches). Gail makes me feel like family when I come to the store. – A Happy Customer

TCD Roundup

#79: Team Member Justin is always super nice and very good-natured!
#79: I always get great customer service at the register and the deli. I love the phone app!!
#91: Team Member Christopher is always friendly and welcoming. It’s obvious that he enjoys his job!
#130: Team Members Flora, James, and Tatiana are absolutely amazing! What a great crew!
#164: What a great shopper experience! I’ll definitely be back!
#164: I love to shop here. This team is fantastic!
#164: Team Member Nicole is always so friendly and she makes the best subs!
#164: Team Members Dan, Corey, Laura, and Chris are always so happy and helpful!
#169: We love Team Member Gail. She’s a great representative for QC!

TCD Roundup

#171: I love going to the Somerville Circle QuickChek. The experience is so much better than other options in the Bridgewater area.

Way to Go, Store #41:
Joe Goes Above and Beyond to Make Customers Happy

Store Leader Joe went above and beyond to help me resolve an issue. He was extremely courteous, professional, and respectful. Thanks, Joe!!! – Renee

Way to Go, Store #123:
High Marks for the Highlands Store!

I often have the luxury of visiting your Highlands store. I have many options to get fuel and coffee but I choose your store! No matter what, I can always count on your store to be “on point”. Your Team Members always make my life so pleasant and convenient. Thank you for being so customer-oriented. – Mike

TCD Roundup

#21: Tony and team keep this store in great shape! I will definitely be back again and again!
#141: Debbie and Allie are always friendly and helpful! This store always looks perfect!
#141: Melanie, Heather, and Christine are wonderful! I love this store!

Way to Go, Store #144:
Team Member Asad Fuels the Team!

I am a fellow QC leader and I was traveling around and about to run out of gas. Luckily, I was able to make it to the South Bound Brook store. When I arrived at the store, I realized that I didn’t have any money with me. Store Leader Asad kindly loaned me his own money for gas and even offered me a cup of coffee! I returned home and got cash to pay him. I can’t thank him enough for helping me when I really needed it! Big THANK YOU to Asad! – Lori

Way to Go, Store #165:
Cedar Knolls isn’t CHICKEN to Provide TCD!

I visited your Cedar Knolls store last week. I was sad to learn that you were out of chicken empanadas! A very nice Team Member apologized profusely and then told me they’d be available the next time I came in. Sure enough, when I came back today, they were already prepared in the warmer. It was such a small gesture (and maybe even a coincidence) but it really made my night. A BIG THANK YOU! – Samantha

TCD Roundup

#141: Maureen is the BEST! I love the whole crew at this store and QuickChek!!
#169: The staff is always very friendly and very helpful!
#178: Keith is personable and accommodating! I am a very satisfied customer! Great job, QC!

Way to Go, Store #169:
The Copiague Team is a Welcoming Bunch!

I am a frequent customer at your Copiague, NY location. This store is always clean, well-stocked, and the team is amazingly friendly! My kids and I love stopping here before school for lunch and coffee! – Kimberly

TCD Roundup

#68: Team Member Sharon is always so pleasant and nice!
#85: Monica, Crystal, Carmen, and Dina have amazing personalities and are totally awesome!
#90: Team Member Daryll is very helpful and very patient when customers have questions!
#97: Fuel Team Member Bruce goes out of his way to make customers feel good! God bless him!
#155: Quick and easy ordering and quick check out. The cashiers are awesome!

Way to Go, Store #11:
Maggie Makes a Huge Difference by CARING!

I’ve had a tough year health-wise and Team Member Maggie really made a difference to me. She offered to give me her phone number and told me that any time I needed something to call her and she would bring it to my home after her shift. I was amazed that someone would be that caring! All the Team Members at this store are friendly but Maggie goes the extra mile. You hit the jackpot with her! – Gert

Way to Go, Store #29:
Alexa Turns an Empty Pot into Loyal Customer Gold

I walked into your Scotch Plains, NJ store to get a cup of coffee but the pot was empty. Team Member Alexa saw my disappointment and stopped what she was doing to immediately change the pot. While doing so, she asked about my morning and if I needed anything else. Her sweet attitude put me in a happy mood so I bought a sandwich. It tasted amazing! I will definitely be stopping back in because of her service. – Resha

Way to Go, Store #106:
Manville QC Outworks 7-11

The Team Members at your Manville, NJ store are extremely hard working – especially the night shift. If every QC store had such a great crew, 7-11 would be out of business in weeks. These Team Members are responsible for making me a QC fan for life! – Shane

Way to Go, Store #123:
Mindy & her Team Value Their Customers

Store Leader Mindy goes above and beyond to help customers and her team. Every Team Member always greets customers with a smile and offers great service. It’s nice to know that there is a store where customers are truly cared for and valued. Thank you for doing a great job!!!!!! – Eileen

Way to Go, Store #155:
Toms River Gets an A+ Rating!

My son-in-law was in your Toms River, NJ store with my debit cards (mine and my wife’s) and accidentally and unknowingly dropped them when he took his phone out of his pocket. The cashier saw what happened and ran right after him to give the cards back. Before he gave the cards to my son-in-law, the cashier asked him to identify the names on the cards. I really appreciate this extra level of care to ensure that the cards were returned to the correct person! I give this cashier and your store an A+ rating! – Keith

Way to Go, Stores #21, #31, #110, & #148:
Bloomingdale, Wanaque, & Wayne Get Some Love!

I love your Bloomingdale, Wanaque, and Wayne stores! You have the friendliest Team Members! – Laurie

TCD Roundup

#40: This whole team is wonderful! Great dispositions and the ability to resolve problems quickly!
#51: Jill is fantastic! She really knows her stuff! My orders are always quick and 100% correct!
#97: Team Member Bruce is awesome! Always happy, positive, friendly, helpful, and encouraging!

Way to Go, Store #97:
Bruce Almighty Wins Customer Loyalty!

I stopped for fuel at your Sparta store and was greeted by Team Member Bruce. He was cheerful and welcoming! He really made my day with his sunny disposition. I’ll always stop at this QC for fuel from now on! Well done, Bruce Almighty! Keep up the great attitude. – Shari

Way to Go, Store #127:
Todd Respects Our Customers!

Team Member Todd is amazing! He is very friendly and always goes above and beyond for the customers! The back of my credit card requests “ask for ID” before allowing the purchase. Todd always honors this – even though he knows who I am. I appreciate that he takes the time to follow my request and respects my need for security. – Ms. Harrington

TCD Roundup

#24: Team Member Dylan always greets me by name when I come in! This makes my day!
#43: Very friendly crew!! Always outgoing!!!
#72: Professional and courteous crew. It’s a refreshing change from other convenience stores.
#99: Team Members Sandra and Tanya make this a Great Place to Shop!
#117: Team Members Trish and Nadia are so friendly and professional! Thanks, ladies!

Way to Go, Store #22:
QC Soup & TCD Helps You Feel Better

I visited your Trenton store several days in a row this week to get soup because I wasn’t feeling well. Team Members Tom, Kevin, Ashley, and Jamie were so helpful and friendly! – Maggie

Way to Go, Store #24:
QC & Anthony Support Education

I am a teacher in Morris Plains, NJ. Every year, we host a fundraiser to raise scholarship money for two students. This event is always a success because of the generosity of the Morris Plains QC store and Store Leader Anthony. He continues to donate to our fundraiser and is a vital reason why we are able to give back to our students. Thank you to the Morris Plains store for helping us to help students further their educations. – Gary

Way to Go, Store #87:
Helping Customers Save in Bogota

I made a purchase at your Bogota store but forgot about the coupon. Your Team Member went above and beyond to help me by finding the coupon and applying the discount to my purchase. Thank you, QuickChek! – Craig

Way to Go, Store #164:
Elizabeth & Laura Show Real SIGNS of TCD!

I’d like to thank the team at your Bethpage store for taking the time to make my uncle (who is deaf) feel at home. He lives fairly close and walks there almost daily. Because he is deaf it is sometimes difficult for him to communicate with others. Recently, he told me that Team Members Elizabeth and Laura took the time to learn a small amount of sign language in order to help him with his drink orders. We are both so appreciative and touched to see how much they care. They have gone above and beyond in order to keep their customers happy. Thank you! – Ana

Way to Go, Store #168:
Enrico Swipes Some TCD!

Fuel Team Member Enrico is amazing. He and your other Fuel Team Members are why I come back to this store. Recently, I stopped for fuel and Enrico was alone at the pumps. All the lanes were full and one of the “swipe cards” was worn out. He needed to go get a new one. So, he politely explained the slight delay it would cause to the cash-paying customers. He was sincerely apologetic for the inconvenience. Not once (with all of his juggling) did he break from his normal friendly, helpful, and professional demeanor. He is an asset to QuickChek! – Christina

TCD Roundup

#21: Coffee is always hot and fresh! Thanks for great service, great food, and great people!
#23: Your Food Service Team Members ALWAYS make my food the way I request it!
#118: Team Member Cheryl always keeps the coffee station spotless and well-stocked!
#141: The food is always fresh and your Team Members always have great attitudes!
#141: Team Member David is always polite, efficient, and professional!
#178: Great Team Members and gas prices! Love the store-baked cookies and iced coffee!

TCD Roundup

#1: Team Members Alan, Sharice, and Evelyn are always friendly!
#86: Team Member Lisa always goes above and beyond to welcome and help customers!
#134: John and Tab always offer great customer service. It’s a pleasure to shop here!
#145: Erica and Cindy are always friendly and helpful. They are a true asset to your team!

Way to Go, Store #96:
Englishtown Knows What Customers Like

The Team Members at your Englishtown, NJ store are so friendly. I visit this location every morning and they always have a buttered bagel waiting for me! Team Members Vinny and Scott do a great job! I love walking in to this store every morning to be greeted by warm smiles! – Stuart

Way to Go, Store #123:
Mindy Gets an A+ for Customer Service!

I recently ordered two wrap platters from your Highlands, NJ location for our local elementary school Teacher Conferences. Team Member Mindy (who handled the order) was polite, helpful, and friendly. The platters were fresh and visually beautiful. Mindy included everything that we might need during the meal. The teachers were extremely impressed with the wraps and the presentation. It’s rare to find a store that truly cares about customers’ happiness the way Mindy and QC does. Thank you for your assistance! – Leslie

Way to Go, Store #165:
Things are Looking Sweet in Cedar Knolls!

Your location in Cedar Knolls, NJ is beautiful! I’m impressed with the variety of breakfast items you offer. I have definitely found my new morning ritual spot. I am so excited that you are open 24 hours! I’m looking forward to trying all those muffins and cookies! – Maria

TCD Roundup

#20: Bradley Beach store is amazing! The team is polite, professional, and very helpful!
#62: This store is always neat and organized with friendly, kind service!
#73: This store has the friendliest, most professional crew! It’s a pleasure coming here!
#98: There are great Team Members at this store! That’s what keeps me coming back!
#139: Thanks to Team Member Peggy who showed me how to use the QC app!
#150: Team Member Dianna works diligently to make customers happy!
#164: Team Member Al is always helpful and always has a big smile for the customers!
#164: Team Members Jason and Scott always keep the store looking great!
#169: Team Members Gail and Michelle are great representatives for QC!
#169: Great store! It’s clean and your friendly team offers fast service and great food!

Way to Go, Store #65:
Linda Shows SOUP-er TCD!

I was in your Neptune, NJ store and noticed that you were out of chicken noodle soup. Team Member Linda went out of her way to make more for me and other customers. Great customer service! – Cindy

Way to Go, Store #123:
High Marks for the Highlands Store!

The Team Members at your Highlands, NJ store are very polite and respectful. They are always hard at work – no matter what time of day. I will never choose any place else! Great team! – Ron

TCD Roundup

#130: Dawn makes the best sandwiches ever! She is exceptional and always so friendly!
#130: Dominick and Tony are great! I love my local QC!
#157: The Fuel Team Members are so courteous! It’s always a pleasure to see them!
#178: The overnight team is always so kind, upbeat, and outgoing!

Way to Go, Store #67:
Go, Go, Go Amber in GOshen!

I go to your Goshen, NY store every morning. Team Member Amber keeps the coffee area spotless and well-stocked. She’s always very pleasant and greets all the customers with a smile and positive conversation. – Margie

Way to Go, Store #170:
Thumbs Up for Frankford’s Fuel Service!

Kudos to your Frankford, NJ team. I pulled in to get fuel and while the Fuel Team Member filled the tank, I went in the store to shop. When I came out, the Fuel Team Member opened my car door for me and gave me my receipt. He was very polite and kind. I will always be a QC customer! – Elizabeth

TCD Roundup

#12: The excellent service at this store separates them from all other convenience stores!
#68: Team Members Romina and Sharon always offer fast and friendly service!
#150: Team Member Harrison is such a nice person!
#164: Team Member Syed is always very courteous and professional!
#169: This whole crew is great! They always ask if I need help. They’re awesome!

Way to Go, Store #7:
Fast & Friendly in Ulster

Even though it was super busy in your Ulster, NY store, all the Team Members worked really hard to deliver great, fast service. They processed my order quickly and were very friendly in the process. I also love the QC app! – Finny

Way to Go, Store #12:
Kudos to Bedminster

The Team Members at your Bedminster, NJ store are amazing! No matter what time of day, they offer a warm welcome and excellent service. Kudos to them all. – Mr. O’Neill

TCD Roundup

#136: No matter what time of day it is, everyone at this store is very friendly and helpful!
#173: This store has excellent service and a wonderfully friendly team!

Way to Go, Store #127:
Denise & Shaina Show that QC Treats People Right!

I recently ran out of gas on Route 130 in South Brunswick. It was late at night and I didn’t have my cellphone or my wallet. I walked along the highway until I reached your Dayton, NJ store. I was greeted by extremely friendly Team Members Denise and Shaina. They offered me a hot beverage and the use of their personal cellphones so I could call for a ride. They even offered me money (from their own pockets) for a cab. They took care of me without asking for anything in return. I have told my friends and family about this experience and many of them are now QC customers! We all love a store who treats people right. – Sean

TCD Roundup

#16: Fuel Team Member Alex is always polite. Store Leader Mark is really great, too!
#86: Team Member Bridget is very pleasant. She goes above and beyond to help me!
#106: Coffee and brownies are fresh and delicious. The team is great and the store’s so clean!
#118: The team is friendly and efficient. I get my gas here because it’s always a good experience!
#134: Out of meatballs but a friendly Team Member offered a great substitute sandwich!

Way to Go, Store #153:
Store Leader Michelle Never “TIRES” of Helping

I pulled in to your Eatontown, NJ store to get fuel and noticed that my tire was almost flat! I was unable to change the tire and I didn’t have my cellphone. Store Leader Michelle was very helpful. She gave me her cellphone so I could contact AAA. I am so impressed by her generosity and willingness to help me. – David

TCD Roundup

#97: Always a great experience in this store! Very clean and Team Members are respectful!
#105: Team Members Justin, DJ, and Nellie are always polite and helpful – every time!
#113: Team Member Victoria is always friendly and accommodating. She makes my day!
#155: Team Member Dee is so helpful! She always shows everyone so much kindness!
#169: Team Members Gail and Michelle represent the best of QC!
#169: Always made to feel welcome here! Always want to keep coming back!
#169: This is the best place for gas and coffee!

Way to Go, Store #74:
Dean Goes Out of His Way to Show He Cares

Team Member Dean has an amazing work ethic – hard working, conscientious, and courteous. Every time I’m in your Whippany, NJ store, he is always working quickly and efficiently. Today, I went to purchase Logic brand menthol e-cigarettes and there were none on the shelf. He stopped what he was doing and searched through all the under the shelf inventory. He couldn’t find any but he went the extra mile to try to locate them. He even apologized when he realized that there were none in stock. He is a Team Member who truly cares about customer service. – Steve

Way to Go, Store #178:
Wowing Customers in Manalapan!

Your Manalapan, NJ store has only been open for two weeks but I am already very impressed! Whenever I stop, I am greeted by a friendly Team Member who asks if I have any questions or if I need help. It is refreshingly wonderful! – Rhonda

TCD Roundup

#14: The whole team is friendly, the store is very clean, and the food is wonderful!
#81: Everyone here is so helpful. They go out of their way to show me where to find things!

Way to Go, Store #85:
Bridgewater Welcomes New-Comers!

I just moved to the area and I am very impressed with your Bridgewater, NJ store. The whole team is personal, friendly, family-oriented, and just a wonderful group of people. They all take a real interest in the customers. My husband and I love coming here! – Loreen

TCD Roundup

#98: This whole team is awesome! Everyone is always so friendly!
#160: Great store, great Team Members, and the coffee station is always clean!
#160: Team Member Cody is excellent!
#170: We had a great experience at this new store! Welcome to the neighborhood!

Way to Go, Store #69:
Pohatcong: Awesome Team & Great Store!

Thank you to your Pohatcong, NJ store for donating three boxes of coffee to the Alpha Firefighters. There was a gas leak in town and your store donated hot coffee to people who had to wait outside for the gas company to arrive. All the Team Members at your store were so pleasant and eager to help us through a difficult situation. Awesome team, great store! Thank you all so much for caring. – Ruth

Way to Go, Store #139:
Washington Township Buzzes with TCD!

Every time I come to your Washington Township, NJ store, it’s buzzing with activity! I think that Team Member Kat does a great job – everything runs smoothly. Great customer service! – Ron

TCD Roundup

#98: Troy, Christine, Sherrie, and the team at the deli are always so nice and helpful!
#98: All the Team Members are so helpful – even during the hectic, busy times!
#98: I look forward to shopping here every single morning!
#178: I love this new store! All of the Team Members are so friendly!

TCD Roundup

#68: NaNa smiles and greets with a heartfelt “HELLO”. The world needs more people like her!

Way to Go, Store #136:
Tim, Tyrone, & the Whole Team Really Care!

I go to your Jackson, NJ store every morning. Team Member Tim greets me with a warm “good morning” – even if he’s busy helping a customer. He always takes the time to make polite conversation and shows each customer that he really cares! Store Leader Tyrone is also wonderful! The store is well-maintained and all the Team Members are pleasant, courteous, and make sure my orders are correct. It is a pleasure to shop at this QuickChek. – Lisa

Way to Go, Store #178:
How SWEET it is – in Manalapan!

I love everything about your Manalapan, NJ store – from the chocolate chunk cookies to the iced coffee! What makes everything SWEETER is your great Team Members! They are all very friendly. I have told my friends and co-workers about your wonderful store! Congratulations and continued success! – Kathryn

TCD Roundup

#94: These ladies are so sweet – always happy and polite! It’s a great way to start my day!
#157: Stephanie is helpful, friendly, and conscientious! She is a true asset to your company!

Way to Go, Store #22:
From First Time Experience to Loyal Customer!!

My first QC experience at your Trenton, NJ store was amazing. I ordered a classic Italian sub and LOVED it! Every Team Member from the deli to the register was wonderful. It’s an amazing store. I’ll be back!! – Katrina

Way to Go, Store #118:
The Lafayette Artisans Aim to Please!

I had a great experience at your Lafayette, NJ store. While filling our paramedic truck with diesel, I decided to grab lunch. Your Team Members are sandwich artisans! They offered wonderful, thoughtful suggestions on bread and beverage choices. I appreciated the friendly chat, prompt service, and excellent food. – Bryan

Way to Go, Store #164:
Jason and His Frozen Drinks are WAY Cool!

My wife was at your Bethpage, NY location and inadvertently ordered the wrong frozen drink. She was just going to drink it anyway but Team Member Jason graciously made my wife a new frozen drink! He is so pleasant as well as professional. I love QC! – John

Way to Go, Store #165:
QC Pumps Up Tires and Happy Customers

Your Cedar Knolls, NJ location is a great place for morning coffee! The Team Members are friendly and service is fast and efficient! Thank you for putting in a free air machine. My 73-year old mother stopped going to Hess because they charge for air! I’m sure she’ll become a regular QC customer now! Keep up the great work! – Mike

TCD Roundup

#9: Third shift team is amazing! So friendly and amazing in all they do for customers!
#9: This is one of the cleanest stores I’ve ever seen! I go to QC any chance I get!
#13: It’s always friendly here! They’re always happy to make a fresh new pot of coffee!
#50: I love this store. Everyone is so nice and everything is always clean!
#57: I am here every morning at 5:30am. This team is always very nice and pleasant!
#96: The Fuel Team Members are so polite and helpful!
#142: Whether it’s morning or late night, I can always depend on your coffee to be great!
#169: I always receive great service! It’s a pleasure to see people happy to take care of you!
#173: The Team Members at this new store are the nicest!! Great customer service skills!

TCD Roundup

#22: When I ordered using the app, my food was ready for pickup and exactly right!
#22: I always have a great experience and receive nice service. Thank you!
#73: The Store Leader and Team Members are all very helpful and always friendly!
#89: The whole crew is very friendly and this store is always clean!
#173: What a great new store! I’ll definitely be back soon!

TCD Roundup

#59: I’d had a miserable day but then Team Members D, Lupe, and Doreen made it better!
#155: Team Member Niko is a wonderful Fuel Team Member. He’s so courteous!

Way to Go, Store #154:
Hi Fives for Jackson!

The Fuel Team Members at your Jackson, NJ store are so attentive and polite. Thanks for the free air pumps – they’re rare to find now-a-days. This store is always clean and well-stocked. I’ve always had great experiences here. Thank you for coming to this location. – Shelby

TCD Roundup

#164: I always experience the very highest courtesy and consideration at this store!

Way to Go, Store #141:
Loyal Fan of Lake Grove Loves the Coffee!

I love your Lake Grove, NY store! I’ve been a loyal fan since it opened. I love the Team Members and the store is always clean!! You always have the best coffee. I go out of my way to come to your store to get it! – Diane

Way to Go, Store #164:
Alfonso & Logan Treat Customers Like Gold!!

I was recently at your Bethpage, NY store and had the pleasure of meeting your outstanding Team Members – Alfonso and Logan. These truly remarkable professionals always treat their customers like “gold”. QC is definitely 1000% better than 7-Eleven!!! – Lorde

TCD Roundup

#85: This is the best convenience store! I happily drive the extra miles to shop here!
#139: Donna and Donna (both of them), Courtney, Krystal, and Kyle offer outstanding service!
#155: This is my neighborhood “go-to” store. Dee is super friendly!
#168: Great food and a nice variety of choices. Friendly Team Members are awesome!

Way to Go, Store #11:
Great Customer Service Wins Loyalty!

I recently became a daily customer at your Garwood, NJ store. Team Members Margaret and Ben always display exceptional customer service! They make it a pleasure to come to this store. Your Team Members’ attention to customer service has taken me away from Wawa and turned me into a daily QuickChek customer. – Cheryl

Way to Go, Store #166:
Colleen Goes the Extra Mile

I recently purchased cigarettes at your Monroe Township store. Team Member Colleen alerted me to the fact that I could use the QC mobile app to get a coupon for my purchase. I really appreciate that she brought that to my attention. Thanks for looking out for me! Colleen is very cheerful and always goes the extra mile to help customers. – Susan

TCD Roundup

QC: I love your coffee – the perfect blends that are immediately and deliciously drinkable!
#7: Team Member Lori is an all-around great person! She deserves 5 stars!
#51: The service is always amazing! I drive from New York to visit this location!
#136: Dee, Patti, and Brenda are always friendly and helpful. The food service is wonderful!
#155: Dee is friendly, courteous, and professional. She always goes out of her way to help!
#164: Logan is kind, courteous, and professional! He is why I come back to QC!
#169: I wanted soup but they didn’t have the flavor I wanted so they made it for me!

Way to Go, Store #147:
Jeff, Sean, & Victoria Make QC Thoroughly Enjoyable

I had a wonderful experience at your Marlboro, NJ store. Team Members Jeff, Sean, and Victoria all assisted me. All three Team Members were extremely polite and courteous. My visit was thoroughly enjoyable. – Stephanie

Way to Go, Store #164:
The Whole Bethpage Crew Offers a Great Experience!

I visit the Bethpage, NY store very often. The store is always clean and the Team Members are always friendly! Team Member Syed greets me with a great smile while Team Member Marissa makes my breakfast exactly the way I like it! Team Members Logan, Jake, Jason, Annmarie, and Anthony always go out of their way to make sure my QC experience is amazing! – TC

TCD Roundup

#11: The Team Members at the register always have a smile and are very helpful!
#13: Team Members always go out of their way to make sure I have a great experience!
#49: This is my regular stop for coffee before work. Always greeted with happy faces!
#49: Great place to start my day. I always enjoy it!
#62: Thanks to Team Member Zack for setting up the QC app on my phone!
#143: I go to this store every morning! Everyone is very friendly, prompt, and courteous!
#155: Thanks to Dee who offered good cheer to all customers on Christmas morning!
#159: Thank you for being open on Christmas! Everyone was wonderful and so happy!
#164: Marissa and Jason make coming to QC a wonderful experience!
#167: This was my first visit to QC – I’ll definitely be back! Amy was so helpful and friendly!
#168: You have a great team in this store!

Way to Go, Store #85:
Bridgewater Has Great Food

I just had the best breakfast sandwich at your Bridgewater, NJ store! Definitely better than any diner food and less than half the price. I’ve been getting a lot of my prepared foods from this store since my surgery – I can’t be on my feet in the kitchen. It’s wonderful! – Tammy

Way to Go, Store #85:
Best Service Ever!

I’ve been a QC customer for a long time. The whole team at your Bridgewater, NJ store knows my name! They always ask about my family and they even offer to bring my groceries to my car. Team Members Carmen and Lisa offer the best customer service. I drive out of my way to shop here because I know what kind of service I’m going to get. – Tammy

Way to Go, Store #117:
Shante & Christian are Working Machines!!

I am a customer at your Sayreville store. I think Team Members Shante and Christian are amazing! They are always working to keep the store very clean. They are always busy doing something to improve or maintain the store! They also always offer incredible customer service. – Scott

TCD Roundup

#21: This store is wonderful! This team is professional and always goes above and beyond!
#21: Luz and Liz are fantastic – welcoming, friendly, and very helpful!
#53: A wonderful Team Member took the time to help me find coupons on the app!
#78: Casey makes the best sandwiches! I will recommend this store to everyone!
#82: Michelle, Edith, and Pedro are amazing! They are worth the travel to your store!
#117: I love this store! The team is wonderful!

Way to Go, Store #83:
Luis’ Customer Service Makes a Difference

I recently visited your Newark, NJ store during the lunch rush. Store Leader Luis always has a genuine smile for everyone. The way he interacts with the customers is phenomenal. He is so friendly and kind. He even helped an elderly lady carry her things to her car. I am so impressed with the way he treats people! I will continue to return to this store for the good service and the smiles. – Ivonne

TCD Roundup

#41: Your Team Members are always courteous and very friendly – especially the cashiers.
#139: Peggy is so helpful and friendly. She makes my day feel special every time I shop here!
#164: Logan and Alfonso are courteous, considerate, polite, and extremely professional!
#171: Mike is always courteous and nice!

Way to Go, Store #21:
Liz Turns Bad Days into Good Days

I’d been having a bad day at work but then I stopped into your Bloomingdale store and things got better! Team Member Liz could tell that I was not in a good mood. She even said, “You look like you’re having a bad day!” She was so nice and kind that it turned my day around. It’s Team Members like her (with a warm and kind heart)  who bring people back to this store. – Travis

Way to Go, Store #76:
Victoria’s Kindness Makes a Difference

I went to pay for my coffee this morning at your Bound Brook location and my debit card was denied. Team Member Victoria told me I could have the coffee anyway – rather than waste it. She was very discreet. She could tell that I was embarrassed and didn’t want the other customers to know what happened. I really appreciate the way I was treated. – Thankful Customer

Way to Go, Store #86:
Julisia is a Goodwill Ambassador

I noticed an older gentleman who was having difficulties while trying to use one of the deli ordering machines. Team Member Julisia also noticed that he was having trouble, so she offered to help. It soon became obvious that the gentleman was disabled. Julisia helped this man through the order process with great kindness and patience. She is a gem – an amazing ambassador of goodwill. – Jim

The Praise Continues!
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