Way to Go!

TCD Roundup

#40: This whole team is wonderful! Great dispositions and the ability to resolve problems quickly!
#51: Jill is fantastic! She really knows her stuff! My orders are always quick and 100% correct!
#97: Team Member Bruce is awesome! Always happy, positive, friendly, helpful, and encouraging!

Way to Go, Store #97:
Bruce Almighty Wins Customer Loyalty!

I stopped for fuel at your Sparta store and was greeted by Team Member Bruce. He was cheerful and welcoming! He really made my day with his sunny disposition. I’ll always stop at this QC for fuel from now on! Well done, Bruce Almighty! Keep up the great attitude. – Shari

Way to Go, Store #127:
Todd Respects Our Customers!

Team Member Todd is amazing! He is very friendly and always goes above and beyond for the customers! The back of my credit card requests “ask for ID” before allowing the purchase. Todd always honors this – even though he knows who I am. I appreciate that he takes the time to follow my request and respects my need for security. – Ms. Harrington

TCD Roundup

#24: Team Member Dylan always greets me by name when I come in! This makes my day!
#43: Very friendly crew!! Always outgoing!!!
#72: Professional and courteous crew. It’s a refreshing change from other convenience stores.
#99: Team Members Sandra and Tanya make this a Great Place to Shop!
#117: Team Members Trish and Nadia are so friendly and professional! Thanks, ladies!

Way to Go, Store #22:
QC Soup & TCD Helps You Feel Better

I visited your Trenton store several days in a row this week to get soup because I wasn’t feeling well. Team Members Tom, Kevin, Ashley, and Jamie were so helpful and friendly! – Maggie

Way to Go, Store #24:
QC & Anthony Support Education

I am a teacher in Morris Plains, NJ. Every year, we host a fundraiser to raise scholarship money for two students. This event is always a success because of the generosity of the Morris Plains QC store and Store Leader Anthony. He continues to donate to our fundraiser and is a vital reason why we are able to give back to our students. Thank you to the Morris Plains store for helping us to help students further their educations. – Gary

Way to Go, Store #87:
Helping Customers Save in Bogota

I made a purchase at your Bogota store but forgot about the coupon. Your Team Member went above and beyond to help me by finding the coupon and applying the discount to my purchase. Thank you, QuickChek! – Craig

Way to Go, Store #164:
Elizabeth & Laura Show Real SIGNS of TCD!

I’d like to thank the team at your Bethpage store for taking the time to make my uncle (who is deaf) feel at home. He lives fairly close and walks there almost daily. Because he is deaf it is sometimes difficult for him to communicate with others. Recently, he told me that Team Members Elizabeth and Laura took the time to learn a small amount of sign language in order to help him with his drink orders. We are both so appreciative and touched to see how much they care. They have gone above and beyond in order to keep their customers happy. Thank you! – Ana

Way to Go, Store #168:
Enrico Swipes Some TCD!

Fuel Team Member Enrico is amazing. He and your other Fuel Team Members are why I come back to this store. Recently, I stopped for fuel and Enrico was alone at the pumps. All the lanes were full and one of the “swipe cards” was worn out. He needed to go get a new one. So, he politely explained the slight delay it would cause to the cash-paying customers. He was sincerely apologetic for the inconvenience. Not once (with all of his juggling) did he break from his normal friendly, helpful, and professional demeanor. He is an asset to QuickChek! – Christina

TCD Roundup

#21: Coffee is always hot and fresh! Thanks for great service, great food, and great people!
#23: Your Food Service Team Members ALWAYS make my food the way I request it!
#118: Team Member Cheryl always keeps the coffee station spotless and well-stocked!
#141: The food is always fresh and your Team Members always have great attitudes!
#141: Team Member David is always polite, efficient, and professional!
#178: Great Team Members and gas prices! Love the store-baked cookies and iced coffee!

TCD Roundup

#1: Team Members Alan, Sharice, and Evelyn are always friendly!
#86: Team Member Lisa always goes above and beyond to welcome and help customers!
#134: John and Tab always offer great customer service. It’s a pleasure to shop here!
#145: Erica and Cindy are always friendly and helpful. They are a true asset to your team!

Way to Go, Store #96:
Englishtown Knows What Customers Like

The Team Members at your Englishtown, NJ store are so friendly. I visit this location every morning and they always have a buttered bagel waiting for me! Team Members Vinny and Scott do a great job! I love walking in to this store every morning to be greeted by warm smiles! – Stuart

Way to Go, Store #123:
Mindy Gets an A+ for Customer Service!

I recently ordered two wrap platters from your Highlands, NJ location for our local elementary school Teacher Conferences. Team Member Mindy (who handled the order) was polite, helpful, and friendly. The platters were fresh and visually beautiful. Mindy included everything that we might need during the meal. The teachers were extremely impressed with the wraps and the presentation. It’s rare to find a store that truly cares about customers’ happiness the way Mindy and QC does. Thank you for your assistance! – Leslie

Way to Go, Store #165:
Things are Looking Sweet in Cedar Knolls!

Your location in Cedar Knolls, NJ is beautiful! I’m impressed with the variety of breakfast items you offer. I have definitely found my new morning ritual spot. I am so excited that you are open 24 hours! I’m looking forward to trying all those muffins and cookies! – Maria

TCD Roundup

#20: Bradley Beach store is amazing! The team is polite, professional, and very helpful!
#62: This store is always neat and organized with friendly, kind service!
#73: This store has the friendliest, most professional crew! It’s a pleasure coming here!
#98: There are great Team Members at this store! That’s what keeps me coming back!
#139: Thanks to Team Member Peggy who showed me how to use the QC app!
#150: Team Member Dianna works diligently to make customers happy!
#164: Team Member Al is always helpful and always has a big smile for the customers!
#164: Team Members Jason and Scott always keep the store looking great!
#169: Team Members Gail and Michelle are great representatives for QC!
#169: Great store! It’s clean and your friendly team offers fast service and great food!

Way to Go, Store #65:
Linda Shows SOUP-er TCD!

I was in your Neptune, NJ store and noticed that you were out of chicken noodle soup. Team Member Linda went out of her way to make more for me and other customers. Great customer service! – Cindy

Way to Go, Store #123:
High Marks for the Highlands Store!

The Team Members at your Highlands, NJ store are very polite and respectful. They are always hard at work – no matter what time of day. I will never choose any place else! Great team! – Ron

TCD Roundup

#130: Dawn makes the best sandwiches ever! She is exceptional and always so friendly!
#130: Dominick and Tony are great! I love my local QC!
#157: The Fuel Team Members are so courteous! It’s always a pleasure to see them!
#178: The overnight team is always so kind, upbeat, and outgoing!

Way to Go, Store #67:
Go, Go, Go Amber in GOshen!

I go to your Goshen, NY store every morning. Team Member Amber keeps the coffee area spotless and well-stocked. She’s always very pleasant and greets all the customers with a smile and positive conversation. – Margie

Way to Go, Store #170:
Thumbs Up for Frankford’s Fuel Service!

Kudos to your Frankford, NJ team. I pulled in to get fuel and while the Fuel Team Member filled the tank, I went in the store to shop. When I came out, the Fuel Team Member opened my car door for me and gave me my receipt. He was very polite and kind. I will always be a QC customer! – Elizabeth

TCD Roundup

#12: The excellent service at this store separates them from all other convenience stores!
#68: Team Members Romina and Sharon always offer fast and friendly service!
#150: Team Member Harrison is such a nice person!
#164: Team Member Syed is always very courteous and professional!
#169: This whole crew is great! They always ask if I need help. They’re awesome!

Way to Go, Store #7:
Fast & Friendly in Ulster

Even though it was super busy in your Ulster, NY store, all the Team Members worked really hard to deliver great, fast service. They processed my order quickly and were very friendly in the process. I also love the QC app! – Finny

Way to Go, Store #12:
Kudos to Bedminster

The Team Members at your Bedminster, NJ store are amazing! No matter what time of day, they offer a warm welcome and excellent service. Kudos to them all. – Mr. O’Neill

TCD Roundup

#136: No matter what time of day it is, everyone at this store is very friendly and helpful!
#173: This store has excellent service and a wonderfully friendly team!

Way to Go, Store #127:
Denise & Shaina Show that QC Treats People Right!

I recently ran out of gas on Route 130 in South Brunswick. It was late at night and I didn’t have my cellphone or my wallet. I walked along the highway until I reached your Dayton, NJ store. I was greeted by extremely friendly Team Members Denise and Shaina. They offered me a hot beverage and the use of their personal cellphones so I could call for a ride. They even offered me money (from their own pockets) for a cab. They took care of me without asking for anything in return. I have told my friends and family about this experience and many of them are now QC customers! We all love a store who treats people right. – Sean

TCD Roundup

#16: Fuel Team Member Alex is always polite. Store Leader Mark is really great, too!
#86: Team Member Bridget is very pleasant. She goes above and beyond to help me!
#106: Coffee and brownies are fresh and delicious. The team is great and the store’s so clean!
#118: The team is friendly and efficient. I get my gas here because it’s always a good experience!
#134: Out of meatballs but a friendly Team Member offered a great substitute sandwich!

Way to Go, Store #153:
Store Leader Michelle Never “TIRES” of Helping

I pulled in to your Eatontown, NJ store to get fuel and noticed that my tire was almost flat! I was unable to change the tire and I didn’t have my cellphone. Store Leader Michelle was very helpful. She gave me her cellphone so I could contact AAA. I am so impressed by her generosity and willingness to help me. – David

TCD Roundup

#97: Always a great experience in this store! Very clean and Team Members are respectful!
#105: Team Members Justin, DJ, and Nellie are always polite and helpful – every time!
#113: Team Member Victoria is always friendly and accommodating. She makes my day!
#155: Team Member Dee is so helpful! She always shows everyone so much kindness!
#169: Team Members Gail and Michelle represent the best of QC!
#169: Always made to feel welcome here! Always want to keep coming back!
#169: This is the best place for gas and coffee!

Way to Go, Store #74:
Dean Goes Out of His Way to Show He Cares

Team Member Dean has an amazing work ethic – hard working, conscientious, and courteous. Every time I’m in your Whippany, NJ store, he is always working quickly and efficiently. Today, I went to purchase Logic brand menthol e-cigarettes and there were none on the shelf. He stopped what he was doing and searched through all the under the shelf inventory. He couldn’t find any but he went the extra mile to try to locate them. He even apologized when he realized that there were none in stock. He is a Team Member who truly cares about customer service. – Steve

Way to Go, Store #178:
Wowing Customers in Manalapan!

Your Manalapan, NJ store has only been open for two weeks but I am already very impressed! Whenever I stop, I am greeted by a friendly Team Member who asks if I have any questions or if I need help. It is refreshingly wonderful! – Rhonda

TCD Roundup

#14: The whole team is friendly, the store is very clean, and the food is wonderful!
#81: Everyone here is so helpful. They go out of their way to show me where to find things!

Way to Go, Store #85:
Bridgewater Welcomes New-Comers!

I just moved to the area and I am very impressed with your Bridgewater, NJ store. The whole team is personal, friendly, family-oriented, and just a wonderful group of people. They all take a real interest in the customers. My husband and I love coming here! – Loreen

TCD Roundup

#98: This whole team is awesome! Everyone is always so friendly!
#160: Great store, great Team Members, and the coffee station is always clean!
#160: Team Member Cody is excellent!
#170: We had a great experience at this new store! Welcome to the neighborhood!

Way to Go, Store #69:
Pohatcong: Awesome Team & Great Store!

Thank you to your Pohatcong, NJ store for donating three boxes of coffee to the Alpha Firefighters. There was a gas leak in town and your store donated hot coffee to people who had to wait outside for the gas company to arrive. All the Team Members at your store were so pleasant and eager to help us through a difficult situation. Awesome team, great store! Thank you all so much for caring. – Ruth

Way to Go, Store #139:
Washington Township Buzzes with TCD!

Every time I come to your Washington Township, NJ store, it’s buzzing with activity! I think that Team Member Kat does a great job – everything runs smoothly. Great customer service! – Ron

TCD Roundup

#98: Troy, Christine, Sherrie, and the team at the deli are always so nice and helpful!
#98: All the Team Members are so helpful – even during the hectic, busy times!
#98: I look forward to shopping here every single morning!
#178: I love this new store! All of the Team Members are so friendly!

TCD Roundup

#68: NaNa smiles and greets with a heartfelt “HELLO”. The world needs more people like her!

Way to Go, Store #136:
Tim, Tyrone, & the Whole Team Really Care!

I go to your Jackson, NJ store every morning. Team Member Tim greets me with a warm “good morning” – even if he’s busy helping a customer. He always takes the time to make polite conversation and shows each customer that he really cares! Store Leader Tyrone is also wonderful! The store is well-maintained and all the Team Members are pleasant, courteous, and make sure my orders are correct. It is a pleasure to shop at this QuickChek. – Lisa

Way to Go, Store #178:
How SWEET it is – in Manalapan!

I love everything about your Manalapan, NJ store – from the chocolate chunk cookies to the iced coffee! What makes everything SWEETER is your great Team Members! They are all very friendly. I have told my friends and co-workers about your wonderful store! Congratulations and continued success! – Kathryn

TCD Roundup

#94: These ladies are so sweet – always happy and polite! It’s a great way to start my day!
#157: Stephanie is helpful, friendly, and conscientious! She is a true asset to your company!

Way to Go, Store #22:
From First Time Experience to Loyal Customer!!

My first QC experience at your Trenton, NJ store was amazing. I ordered a classic Italian sub and LOVED it! Every Team Member from the deli to the register was wonderful. It’s an amazing store. I’ll be back!! – Katrina

Way to Go, Store #118:
The Lafayette Artisans Aim to Please!

I had a great experience at your Lafayette, NJ store. While filling our paramedic truck with diesel, I decided to grab lunch. Your Team Members are sandwich artisans! They offered wonderful, thoughtful suggestions on bread and beverage choices. I appreciated the friendly chat, prompt service, and excellent food. – Bryan

Way to Go, Store #164:
Jason and His Frozen Drinks are WAY Cool!

My wife was at your Bethpage, NY location and inadvertently ordered the wrong frozen drink. She was just going to drink it anyway but Team Member Jason graciously made my wife a new frozen drink! He is so pleasant as well as professional. I love QC! – John

Way to Go, Store #165:
QC Pumps Up Tires and Happy Customers

Your Cedar Knolls, NJ location is a great place for morning coffee! The Team Members are friendly and service is fast and efficient! Thank you for putting in a free air machine. My 73-year old mother stopped going to Hess because they charge for air! I’m sure she’ll become a regular QC customer now! Keep up the great work! – Mike

TCD Roundup

#9: Third shift team is amazing! So friendly and amazing in all they do for customers!
#9: This is one of the cleanest stores I’ve ever seen! I go to QC any chance I get!
#13: It’s always friendly here! They’re always happy to make a fresh new pot of coffee!
#50: I love this store. Everyone is so nice and everything is always clean!
#57: I am here every morning at 5:30am. This team is always very nice and pleasant!
#96: The Fuel Team Members are so polite and helpful!
#142: Whether it’s morning or late night, I can always depend on your coffee to be great!
#169: I always receive great service! It’s a pleasure to see people happy to take care of you!
#173: The Team Members at this new store are the nicest!! Great customer service skills!

TCD Roundup

#22: When I ordered using the app, my food was ready for pickup and exactly right!
#22: I always have a great experience and receive nice service. Thank you!
#73: The Store Leader and Team Members are all very helpful and always friendly!
#89: The whole crew is very friendly and this store is always clean!
#173: What a great new store! I’ll definitely be back soon!

TCD Roundup

#59: I’d had a miserable day but then Team Members D, Lupe, and Doreen made it better!
#155: Team Member Niko is a wonderful Fuel Team Member. He’s so courteous!

Way to Go, Store #154:
Hi Fives for Jackson!

The Fuel Team Members at your Jackson, NJ store are so attentive and polite. Thanks for the free air pumps – they’re rare to find now-a-days. This store is always clean and well-stocked. I’ve always had great experiences here. Thank you for coming to this location. – Shelby

TCD Roundup

#164: I always experience the very highest courtesy and consideration at this store!

Way to Go, Store #141:
Loyal Fan of Lake Grove Loves the Coffee!

I love your Lake Grove, NY store! I’ve been a loyal fan since it opened. I love the Team Members and the store is always clean!! You always have the best coffee. I go out of my way to come to your store to get it! – Diane

Way to Go, Store #164:
Alfonso & Logan Treat Customers Like Gold!!

I was recently at your Bethpage, NY store and had the pleasure of meeting your outstanding Team Members – Alfonso and Logan. These truly remarkable professionals always treat their customers like “gold”. QC is definitely 1000% better than 7-Eleven!!! – Lorde

TCD Roundup

#85: This is the best convenience store! I happily drive the extra miles to shop here!
#139: Donna and Donna (both of them), Courtney, Krystal, and Kyle offer outstanding service!
#155: This is my neighborhood “go-to” store. Dee is super friendly!
#168: Great food and a nice variety of choices. Friendly Team Members are awesome!

Way to Go, Store #11:
Great Customer Service Wins Loyalty!

I recently became a daily customer at your Garwood, NJ store. Team Members Margaret and Ben always display exceptional customer service! They make it a pleasure to come to this store. Your Team Members’ attention to customer service has taken me away from Wawa and turned me into a daily QuickChek customer. – Cheryl

Way to Go, Store #166:
Colleen Goes the Extra Mile

I recently purchased cigarettes at your Monroe Township store. Team Member Colleen alerted me to the fact that I could use the QC mobile app to get a coupon for my purchase. I really appreciate that she brought that to my attention. Thanks for looking out for me! Colleen is very cheerful and always goes the extra mile to help customers. – Susan

TCD Roundup

QC: I love your coffee – the perfect blends that are immediately and deliciously drinkable!
#7: Team Member Lori is an all-around great person! She deserves 5 stars!
#51: The service is always amazing! I drive from New York to visit this location!
#136: Dee, Patti, and Brenda are always friendly and helpful. The food service is wonderful!
#155: Dee is friendly, courteous, and professional. She always goes out of her way to help!
#164: Logan is kind, courteous, and professional! He is why I come back to QC!
#169: I wanted soup but they didn’t have the flavor I wanted so they made it for me!

Way to Go, Store #147:
Jeff, Sean, & Victoria Make QC Thoroughly Enjoyable

I had a wonderful experience at your Marlboro, NJ store. Team Members Jeff, Sean, and Victoria all assisted me. All three Team Members were extremely polite and courteous. My visit was thoroughly enjoyable. – Stephanie

Way to Go, Store #164:
The Whole Bethpage Crew Offers a Great Experience!

I visit the Bethpage, NY store very often. The store is always clean and the Team Members are always friendly! Team Member Syed greets me with a great smile while Team Member Marissa makes my breakfast exactly the way I like it! Team Members Logan, Jake, Jason, Annmarie, and Anthony always go out of their way to make sure my QC experience is amazing! – TC

TCD Roundup

#11: The Team Members at the register always have a smile and are very helpful!
#13: Team Members always go out of their way to make sure I have a great experience!
#49: This is my regular stop for coffee before work. Always greeted with happy faces!
#49: Great place to start my day. I always enjoy it!
#62: Thanks to Team Member Zack for setting up the QC app on my phone!
#143: I go to this store every morning! Everyone is very friendly, prompt, and courteous!
#155: Thanks to Dee who offered good cheer to all customers on Christmas morning!
#159: Thank you for being open on Christmas! Everyone was wonderful and so happy!
#164: Marissa and Jason make coming to QC a wonderful experience!
#167: This was my first visit to QC – I’ll definitely be back! Amy was so helpful and friendly!
#168: You have a great team in this store!

Way to Go, Store #85:
Bridgewater Has Great Food

I just had the best breakfast sandwich at your Bridgewater, NJ store! Definitely better than any diner food and less than half the price. I’ve been getting a lot of my prepared foods from this store since my surgery – I can’t be on my feet in the kitchen. It’s wonderful! – Tammy

Way to Go, Store #85:
Best Service Ever!

I’ve been a QC customer for a long time. The whole team at your Bridgewater, NJ store knows my name! They always ask about my family and they even offer to bring my groceries to my car. Team Members Carmen and Lisa offer the best customer service. I drive out of my way to shop here because I know what kind of service I’m going to get. – Tammy

Way to Go, Store #117:
Shante & Christian are Working Machines!!

I am a customer at your Sayreville store. I think Team Members Shante and Christian are amazing! They are always working to keep the store very clean. They are always busy doing something to improve or maintain the store! They also always offer incredible customer service. – Scott

TCD Roundup

#21: This store is wonderful! This team is professional and always goes above and beyond!
#21: Luz and Liz are fantastic – welcoming, friendly, and very helpful!
#53: A wonderful Team Member took the time to help me find coupons on the app!
#78: Casey makes the best sandwiches! I will recommend this store to everyone!
#82: Michelle, Edith, and Pedro are amazing! They are worth the travel to your store!
#117: I love this store! The team is wonderful!

Way to Go, Store #83:
Luis’ Customer Service Makes a Difference

I recently visited your Newark, NJ store during the lunch rush. Store Leader Luis always has a genuine smile for everyone. The way he interacts with the customers is phenomenal. He is so friendly and kind. He even helped an elderly lady carry her things to her car. I am so impressed with the way he treats people! I will continue to return to this store for the good service and the smiles. – Ivonne

TCD Roundup

#41: Your Team Members are always courteous and very friendly – especially the cashiers.
#139: Peggy is so helpful and friendly. She makes my day feel special every time I shop here!
#164: Logan and Alfonso are courteous, considerate, polite, and extremely professional!
#171: Mike is always courteous and nice!

Way to Go, Store #21:
Liz Turns Bad Days into Good Days

I’d been having a bad day at work but then I stopped into your Bloomingdale store and things got better! Team Member Liz could tell that I was not in a good mood. She even said, “You look like you’re having a bad day!” She was so nice and kind that it turned my day around. It’s Team Members like her (with a warm and kind heart)  who bring people back to this store. – Travis

Way to Go, Store #76:
Victoria’s Kindness Makes a Difference

I went to pay for my coffee this morning at your Bound Brook location and my debit card was denied. Team Member Victoria told me I could have the coffee anyway – rather than waste it. She was very discreet. She could tell that I was embarrassed and didn’t want the other customers to know what happened. I really appreciate the way I was treated. – Thankful Customer

Way to Go, Store #86:
Julisia is a Goodwill Ambassador

I noticed an older gentleman who was having difficulties while trying to use one of the deli ordering machines. Team Member Julisia also noticed that he was having trouble, so she offered to help. It soon became obvious that the gentleman was disabled. Julisia helped this man through the order process with great kindness and patience. She is a gem – an amazing ambassador of goodwill. – Jim

TCD Roundup

#59: Shout out to Doreen, Thomas, Derrick, Danielle, and Michelle! Keep up the good work!
#105: This team is personable and courteous. Nelly sets a great example of how to treat customers!
#105: I always recommend this store to my co-workers and will always be a customer!
#108: Your app is really impressive. Henry even put my smoothie on ice to keep it cold!
#155: Dee is great. She’s delightful as well as professional! Way to go!
#164: Alphonso is always polite. He makes every visit to this store a great experience!
#164: I wish this store was closer to where I live! I’m only able to get here on weekends!
#168: Gerald is phenomenal! He is quick, professional, and effective!

Way to Go, Store #2:
Janice Has Their Number!

Team Member Janice, at your Piscataway store, is amazing! She is helpful, cheery, and a pleasure to see every morning! One thing she does when she checks me out is tells me my deli number. Hearing her say my deli number helps me remember it so I’m ready when they call it. Thank you, Janice, for helping start my day with a smile! – Lyndsay

Way to Go, Store #66:
Victoria Delivers Holiday Kris Kringle Magic

Every December, I look forward to QC’s Kris Kringle coffee. This year, my store (Clifton, NJ) didn’t have this flavor. I asked Team Member Victoria and she explained it’s not available to buy hot but I am able to purchase the coffee grounds and the k-cups in that holiday flavor. Then, Victoria made my week. She offered to take a bag of grounds off of the shelf and brew me my own special cup of Kris Kringle coffee! I am writing this review as I drink it. It is absolutely delicious! I have never met a more personable, friendly, and helpful QC associate than Victoria. She is truly a special person! Thanks so much! – Jason

Way to Go, Store #136:
Warming Hearts and Taking Care of the Troops at Christmas!

I asked Team Members at your Jackson store for a donation of cookies for a “cookie drop” – my company is sending cookies to troops during the holidays. This store went above and beyond what I had requested! They donated so many cookies for the troops – their generosity made me want to cry! Their kindness and support is absolutely overwhelming! This group of people is wonderful. Not just today, but every day! Thank you! – Elizabeth

Way to Go, Store #147:
Cathy & John are Uplifting!!

While in line at the register at your Marlboro store, the customer in front of me turned quickly and accidentally knocked me down. I am a senior citizen and quite frail. Team Members Cathy and John quickly came to offer me aid. They were solicitous of my care and condition. Thank you for this level of service. – Mary

TCD Roundup

#33: Scott is always smiling and cheerful. He always greets me warmly!
#97: I love the way I’m greeted in the mornings! The store is always clean and the food is always great!
#141: Store is so clean and well-stocked. Everyone is happy and upbeat! Great experience!
#142: Christine is amazing. She helped me load the QC app to my phone!
#162: Eileen is always so sweet. She’s a real asset to your team!

Way to Go, Store #5:
Transporting Customers to Gratitude City!!

The Team Members at your White Township store are the most kind and helpful I have ever met. The Store Leader even helped me arrange for transportation when I was unable to get home due to car problems. I am very grateful for this level of service. – Jonathan

Way to Go, Store #10:
Customers Get MORE than They Bargained For!

The Team Members at your Eatontown, NJ store are awesome! I went in to get cigarettes and lottery tickets and, while I was there, they told me about the deals on sub sandwiches. So, I walked out with a great dinner! I really appreciated such great food after such a long day of work. I’ll be back tomorrow! – William

Way to Go, Store #17:
Brady and Amanda Keep Hope Alive!

I’d like to commend Team Members Amanda and Brady at your Lake Hopatcong store. Recently, I was at the store and accidentally left my debit card at the fuel pumps. Fuel Team Member Brady found it and gave it to Team Member Amanda who kept it safe until I was able to claim it. It’s really nice to know there are honest people – it gives me hope! – Jimmy

Way to Go, Store #100:
Irene and Cynthia Have Found the Keys to TCD!!

I stopped in to your Jefferson store for a snack and accidentally misplaced my car keys. Team Members Irene and Cynthia sprang into action and immediately began to assist me in finding them. They offered very logical suggestions as to where they usually find things. Great customer service! – Raykesha

Way to Go, Store #133:
Paul and Mike Make Customers Feel Like Part of the Family!

Team Members Paul and Mike offer customer service that is head-and-shoulders above any other convenience store experience. They always extend themselves to lend a hand or offer assistance. They make me feel like I’m part of the store. – Bill

Way to Go, Store #155:
Getting a Jump Start on Satisfaction!

I stopped at your Toms River store to get fuel. When I went to restart my car, the battery was dead. The Fuel Team Member was very helpful and respectful. He helped me move the car away from the pumps so that I could jump start the car – with the help of another customer. His assistance was truly appreciated. – Audrey

Way to Go, Store #169:
Cory and Jackie Offer Coffee AND Dedication!

I am a new patron to your Copiague, NY store and I am amazed by your dedicated team. They are always in high spirits and I appreciate their hard work. There is no other store where the staff cares this much! Team Members Cory and Jackie even offered to buy me a cup of coffee! What a great group of people! – Jared

Way to Go, Store #171:
Thumbs Up for the Overnight Team!

I come to your Raritan store all the time – mainly for the great Team Members who work the overnight shift. They always treat me as if I’m the only customer in the store – even when the store is filled with people. They are very attentive and I greatly appreciate their customer service. – A Thankful Customer

TCD Roundup

#15: Your team is kind, polite, and makes the best subs and sandwiches. Great food!
#59: Esperanza is very kind and helpful to me. She always makes my visits special!
#83: I come here all the time! Friendly team and great customer service! Keep up the good work!
#85: Your morning crew is amazing! Friendly team, quick service, and the food is delicious!
#85: I have a convenience store closer to my house but I only come to this QC!
#139: Fuel Team Member Alexander is so attentive and polite. I really appreciate this at this time of year!
#168: Getting fuel before work used to be a hassle but not since I started coming here! Thanks!

Way to Go, Store #20:
Mark, Tracy, and Lisa are the Smile Makers!!

Team Members Mark, Tracy, and Lisa are outstanding! These three hard-working individuals always have a smile and something nice to say whenever I come to this store. They always make me feel good – even when I’m not feeling good! – A Happy Customer

Way to Go, Store #102:
Chris Turned a Frown Upside Down!

I recently stopped at your Manchester store to fuel up my car – I was nearly out of gas. When I went to pay, I realized I didn’t have my credit cards or any cash. I only had change! I felt horrible! Team Member Chris restored my faith in humanity and offered to pay for the fuel out of his own pocket. He just smiled and told me to “keep my change”. Thank you! – Jessica

Way to Go, Store #170:
Feeling Comfort & Joy in Frankford!

My wife was driving home from work during the recent snowstorm when her windshield wipers malfunctioned. She pulled into your Frankford, NJ store and the Fuel Team Members tried to assist her. They were unable to get the wipers working but they escorted her inside the store and offered her a fresh cup of coffee. They assured her that she could stay in the store as long as she needed and not to worry about leaving her car there if she found a ride. While my wife waited for a ride, several Team Members continued to check on her to see if she needed anything. They went out of their way to comfort her and make her feel safe. You have a customer for life! Great job! – Kevin

TCD Roundup

#11: This is a great store!
#50: I love this store!
#98: I’m a new customer and I love this store! Great food and the Team Members are so nice!
#155: Dee is friendly, helpful, and very professional!

Way to Go, Store #20:
Bradley Beach Team Handles it ALL!

You have a very professional and caring team at your Bradley Beach store! They treat everyone with the same special and thoughtful service! I have seen them handle stress and unpleasant situations with courteousness and sincerity. Thank you. – Cathie

Way to Go, Store #119:
Sayreville is Worth the Trip!

The Team Members at your Sayreville store are very nice! My husband and I shop here at least six times a week – even though other convenience stores are closer to my home. Thanks to your amazing Team Members. – Lee

Way to Go, Store #164:
Bethpage’s Step-by-Step CARING Makes a Difference!

I really appreciate your helpful Team Members at your Bethpage store. Today, I went to use the coffee app but was unable to figure it out! A wonderful Team Member took the time to show me, step-by-step, how to use it. Every time I come to this store, one of your Team Members does something to make my visit excellent. – Susan

TCD Roundup

#100: Irene is friendly and upbeat! She knows what brands her customers prefer! She truly cares!
#154: Dawn is a superstar! She helped me find things in your store. Thank you, Dawn!

Way to Go, Store #11:
Margaret Makes it Right – Every Time!

Team Member Margaret is great! My customer experience is consistent and always pleasurable! She always makes sure that I have what I need. She even suggests other items I might like. I also want to say that I love QC coffee. It’s better than anywhere else! Thank you, QuickChek, for the convenience and thank you to Margaret who makes it right each and every time! – Patti

Way to Go, Store #20:
Mark Offers Only the Best!

I was at the Bradley Beach store getting my sandwich from the pickup area. While I was waiting, Team Member Mark asked me if I’d like to try a taste of the new chicken salad. I tried some and it was really good! What a pleasure! Mark is very pleasant! I had a very nice experience! – Maddie

Way to Go, Store #155:
Kim Fills Tires with Pressure and Customers with Gratefulness!!

Yesterday, I noticed that my tire pressure light came on. So, I pulled in to your Toms River store. Team Member Kim helped me figure out how to put air in my tires – I was clueless about how to do it. I want to give her a shout out and thank her for her patience and kindness. I will always remember her helpfulness! – Consonya

TCD Roundup

#35: Team Members at this store are always nice, pleasant, and willing to help!
#155: Team Member Dee is the best! Everyone at this store works together like they are family!
#172: I come to this store because of Team Member Lydia. She always goes above and beyond!

Way to Go, Store #29:
Rosemary Makes Mornings Better!

Team Member Rosemary is the best cashier! She makes every morning better because she’s always smiling and happy. Whenever I need to be cheered up, I go right to her! I’ve been shopping at your Scotch Plains, NJ store for my whole life – it’s my favorite! – Nick

Way to Go, Store #167:
Amy’s Manners and TCD Win Customer Loyalty!

I go to your Wanye, NJ store every night of the week. Team Member Amy is absolutely wonderful. She is so friendly and has the nicest manners! Whenever I order a sub sandwich, she always remembers my special requests and makes it exactly the way I like it! Because of her great customer service, I will continue to come here! –  A Happy Customer

TCD Roundup

#133: Michael is an amazing asset to QC. He brightens the mood of the store!
#141: Scott makes the best sandwiches! Great job!
#167: Washah is very pleasant and respectful. Thanks for such a pleasant experience!
#167: Olga and Amy are great! They offer great customer service – very helpful and friendly!
#169: QC is my favorite place to get fuel – even if I have to drive out of my way!
#171: This new store is very clean!

Way to Go, Store #50:
Sandwich-Making is Jose’s Superpower!

Jose is the best sandwich maker! I’m on the road a lot for my job and have had many sandwiches in many different convenience stores. By far, he makes the best!! – Craig

TCD Roundup

#157: Miriam is amazing! She is the reason I keep coming back to this store every morning!
#167: Pance and the whole team are friendly and helpful! I’m very impressed by this store!

Way to Go, Store #77:
Vanessa Defines Store Leadership!

Team Member Vanessa is really exceptional! I recently overheard her talking to customers and she is the definition of a great Store Leader. – A Happy Customer

TCD Roundup

#143: All good, friendly staff. I had lunch and filled up my gas tank – which was very convenient.
#169: Malcom makes THE sandwiches! My son ordered a hot meatball hero and then ate another!
#169: Very polite and friendly!

Way to Go, Store #11:
Margaret is APP-solutely Extraordinary!

I was recently in your Garwood, NJ store and Team Member Margaret told me about your app and showed me how to use it! I am in a QuickChek almost every day for coffee so this is really awesome! Margaret was extraordinary, very helpful, and courteous. – Tamar

TCD Roundup

#5: Awesome sandwiches! The food is always delicious and I always have a great experience!
#20: Mark and Tracy are awesome. They got me into using the mobile order app and it’s great!
#20: Every time I walk in, I am greeted by everyone! They make my visits so pleasant!
#20: There is a welcoming vibe here that makes me want to keep coming back. 10 out of 10!
#139: I love the $3 specials! Please keep it going!

Way to Go, Store #113:
Jersey Mike’s is SUB-jected to Customers Choosing QC

All the Team Members are always polite, courteous, and smiling. I have over 2,000 points saved from Jersey Mike’s Subs but I now only buy QC subs because they taste much better. – Frank

Way to Go, Pharmacy #111:
North  Bergen Has the Prescription for TCD!

I always receive incredible service from the Pharmacy Team at your North Bergen, NJ store. My prescription required my doctor to be called. The pharmacist took care of this and I had my prescription filled in no time. I am really appreciative of all the Team Members at this store – including the Store Leader Jaouad and Team Member John! – A Happy Customer

TCD Roundup

#74: It’s always a pleasure to be around Team Members Kim, Lester, and Pam!
#111: I love the pot roast sandwiches. I hope they stay on the menu for a while!
#138: Your Team Members are always so nice and the store is always so clean!
#155: Dee is a very hard worker. She’s very cheerful and eager to help in any way she can!
#155: I love this store. It’s very clean inside. Everyone is always nice and helpful!

Way to Go, Store #1:
Dunellen QuickChek Rocks!

The Team Members at your Dunellen, NJ store are always friendly and courteous. The other day, I purchased a product that I didn’t enjoy. I spoke to the Store Leader and the situation was handled quickly and efficiently. This experience left me happy and satisfied! #DunellenQuickChekRocks – Chuck

Way to Go, Store #84:
It’s Easy to See Our TCD!

I stopped at your North Bergen store one morning and realized that I had forgotten my glasses. I had trouble reading the ordering screen and a very helpful Team Member came over to help me with my order. She was so sincere and extremely helpful! Thanks for having such wonderful Team Members! – John

TCD Roundup

#169: Thandi is always smiling and singing when I go in for my morning coffee! It’s a treat!

Way to Go, Store #11:
Margaret, Ben, and Mark Make Garwood Great!

What a wonderful team at your Garwood, NJ store! I am a frequent customer and am so impressed by all your Team Members – especially Margaret, Ben, and Mark. I don’t know everyone’s names but they are all kind, courteous, and eager to help. I have seen them help some very demanding and difficult customers but your Team Members remain unfailingly polite. – Marianne

Way to Go, Store #151:
Destination Howell = Good Times

I was driving past your Howell, NJ store and stopped in for lunch. The touchscreen was easy to navigate and the Team Members were very attentive and helped me decide what to choose. I enjoyed the experience and the store has a great atmosphere. – Jamie

TCD Roundup

#64: Dixa, Heidi, and Rose are such wonderful people!
#144: Kind and courteous Team Members in the store and out at the pumps.
#164: Logan is always pleasant and goes out of his way to make sure customers are satisfied.
#169: Team Members are so helpful and courteous!
#169: I love shopping here! Everyone does an awesome job!

Way to Go, Store #121:
Applause for Oakhurst!

I visit your Oakhurst, NJ store at least three times a day – it’s the best! The sandwiches are awesome! I want to mention Team Members Mary Lou, Henry, and Jason because they are amazing – such sweethearts! This store is so clean and the customer service is spot on! Thank you, guys! – Nicole

TCD Roundup

#28: Lilly always greets everyone with a smile. It’s a real treat to shop there every day!
#32: Anthony is always quick to open another register in a timely manner. Great job!
#171: The coffee area is always so clean. I really appreciate it! I love QuickChek coffee!

Way to Go, Store #155:
Toms River Team Knows What the Customer Like!

Your team at your Toms River, NJ location is totally awesome! They are nice, cheerful, and very helpful! I come here every morning. My breakfast sandwiches are fresh and tasty and the Team Members know exactly how I like them! – Tonya

Way to Go, Store #114:
Jayne Sets the Bar for TCD!

Jayne is a prime example of a great QuickChek Team Member! She goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction, she suggests new items that are available, and she remembers customers’ names. She is friendly, courteous, and someone everyone looks forward to seeing at the store. Thank you, Jayne, for all that you do. You are very much appreciated! – Roger

TCD Roundup

#23: Best QC in the world!
#77: This is the best store in all of Sussex County, NJ!
#100: Irene always has a smile and remembers my orders. Great personal service!
#102: I always have a great experience at this store!

TCD Roundup

#162: We love your sandwiches! They are neatly and properly made and are delicious!

Way to Go, Store #144:
Vanessa is Always Happy to Help!

I shop at your South Bound Brook, NJ store whenever I visit from Florida. One day, I needed assistance with the deli ordering system and Team Member Vanessa was happy to help me. She was very friendly and accommodating. I was so impressed by her service! – Leslie

Way to Go, Store #77:
Fast & Friendly Service Keeps Them Smiling!

I recently stopped at your Franklin, NJ store due to low tire pressure. The air machine was easily accessible, easy to use, and free! I went into the store for a few items and was very impressed with the cleanliness of your restrooms. Due to the fast and friendly service, I was even able to stop and get a lottery ticket and be out the door in less than five minutes. Love it! – Samantha

TCD Roundup

#43: I love being able to get in and out quickly! It makes for a great start in the morning!
#59: Dee and Lupe offer warm greetings to all the customers! Great customer service!
#82: Team Member corrected my drink order quickly and with a smile!
#124: Sonia is always available to help me with any questions!
#126: Team Member Joanne and Store Leader Martin are both doing a great job!
#144: Ben and David are great Fuel Team Members! I go out of my way to come to this store!
#151: All Team Members go out of their way to make every experience an awesome one.
#156: Drupadi is very efficient, friendly, and always hard at work!
#170: Store is super clean. The Team Members are super nice! Great job!

Way to Go, QuickChek:
Orange You Glad There’s a QC Near You?!

I love all of your locations! I always look for your stores wherever I go! Your coffee and your pretzel braids are the best! The real reason you have loyal customers is because of your Team Members and their excellent customer service. I’ve only had wonderful experiences at every store! Thank you, QuickChek, and keep up the great work! By the way…. I have been to all of your stores in Orange County, NY!! – Katherine

Way to Go, Store #151:
Howell Treats You Like Family!

I stopped in your Howell, NJ store for a coffee and was really impressed by the atmosphere. It was so down to earth and friendly! The Team Members felt like a family; joking around yet completely professional at same time. It made me want to start coming here more frequently. You have got yourself a new customer! – Steven

Way to Go, Store #123:
Mindy Knows That TCD Has A Nice RING To It!!

I was at your Highlands, NJ store, and was panicked because I thought I’d lost my wedding ring while washing my hands in the restroom. Store Leader Mindy went above and beyond to look everywhere. She even went through all the garbage. She also offered to check the video surveillance tapes. After all that, I ended up finding the ring it at home. Thanks to Mindy for her extensive customer service! – John

Way to Go, Stores #154 & 136:
Jackson, NJ Teams Walk the Talk – Pay it Forward!

My family stopped at your Jackson, NJ store for lunch. When it was time to pay, my husband and I both realized that neither of us had our wallets. I tried to pay with a credit card app on my phone, but it didn’t work. I got more and more frustrated! Team Member Brenda was very comforting. She suggested we go eat our lunch and she’d figure out a solution. While we were eating, a young woman came over and told us the bill was taken care of. I asked Brenda who it was, and she told me it was Team Member Tori, from the other Jackson, NJ store. When I offered to get payment to Tori, she just smiled, politely refused any payment and recommended that I “pay it forward”. It is rare to find such caring people, but you definitely have them in the Jackson QC stores!

TCD Roundup

#20: John always greets me in the morning; it makes me feel special. I love this store!
#63: Shout out to Ibrahim; always smiling and making sure customers get what they need!
#111: The service I get from the Store Team and Pharmacy Team is fantastic!
#164: Logan is nice, helpful and polite to all of the customers!

Way to Go, Store #53:
Saddlebrook Makes Customers Feel At Home!

You have such great Team Members at your Saddlebrook, NJ store! This store always makes me feel at home. Whenever I walk in, Store Leader Nadia welcomes me with a warm greeting! This is such a nice store; always clean and with a polite Team! – Kathrine

Way to Go, Store #121:
Shawanda Offers COOL TCD to Customers!

I was in your Oakhurst, NJ store last week and my credit card wouldn’t work. It was a really hot day and I was really frustrated! Team Member Shawanda took it upon herself to pay for my soda so I could have a cold drink on a hot day! She’s amazing! Great customer service! – A Happy Customer

Way to Go, Store #64:
Dixa & Team build Community and Family!

Hackettstown, NJ has been home to me and my family for many years. The QC on Stiger Street has always been the center of happenings in our wonderful town. It’s a haven for residents during storms, as well as a nice warm place to have coffee on a cold winter day. It’s also a great place to meet and talk about local issues with the local politicians. QC always takes care of its customers with tact and great care. I recently had to move from Hackettstown, but every day I have fond memories of my QuickChek family, and those yummy Italian subs! Thanks to the whole Stiger Street Team. I am very thankful for your great customer service for so many years! – David

TCD Roundup

#4: Robin and Samantha make it a great shopping experience for me every time!
#120: Tara is always on the look-out for ways to help her customers!
#151: QuickChek is my favorite store. Everybody is so wonderful and nice!

Way to Go, Store #18:
Maplewood Is A Welcomed Part of the Community!

Your Maplewood, NJ store (and crew) always gets high marks from my family! The store is always clean, and the crew is always attentive, friendly and extremely helpful! This store is totally appreciated by our community. QuickChek is a great neighbor. – Priscilla

Way to Go, Store #111:
North Bergen is a Well-Oiled Machine!

I’ve been going to your North Bergen, NJ store for years. This store runs like a well-oiled machine. Every Team Member is so nice and helpful! I especially love the pharmacy. – Angel

TCD Roundup

#4: TM Carolina turned a stressful time into a great experience. I was able to leave happy!
#69: I drive by three Wawa’s just to get to the Phillipsburg store. Keep up the great work! I love QC!

TCD Roundup

#11: Margaret always greets customers cheerfully. She really brightens my day!
#76: David went out of his way to find my receipt from the trash – I needed it for work. Way to go!
#85: Monica was very patient and understanding when I took a long time to find my credit card!
#133: Marlene, Karen, both Mikes, Paul, and Vanessa – I am a loyal customer because of them.
#170: Coffee is always great (hot and fresh) and the breakfast sandwiches are toasted perfectly!

Way to Go, Store #26:
James is a MACHINE!

Team Member James is amazing! He was alone on his register and was working so quickly and efficiently! He even jumped over to the other register to ring up more customers who were waiting for credit cards to be approved. This kept the lines moving! He’s a machine – I was so impressed! – Daniel

TCD Roundup

#89: The restrooms are always so clean!
#100: Cynthia always greets me with a smile! She understands fresh coffee and customer service!
#136: Wonderful experience using the app. My food was ready (hot and tasty) when I walked in!
#141: QuickChek is the best. I love all your Team Members. Josh is the best!!
#151: Mark is kind, friendly, and helpful!
#155: Dee is extremely helpful! She helped me with your app! She’s wonderful!
#155: Dee is always cheerful and helpful. She’s the reason I come here every day.
#170: Danielle is so sweet and loves to help all the customers. Beautiful store!

Way to Go, Store #45:
Choices AND Cleanliness!!

One of my favorite things about getting coffee at QC is that I can choose what kind of milk/creamer I’d like in my coffee or tea (unlike Dunkin’ Donuts). I’m also impressed at how clean the coffee area is kept! Well done! – A Happy Customer

Way to Go, Store #82:
No Failure to OUR System!

Even a system failure in your Woodbridge, NJ store didn’t stop this amazing team from keeping customers happy! Store Leader Frencherica jumped right in to help and prepared my sandwich herself. She was a great coach to her team and helped them handle the difficult situation. – Rosa

Way to Go, Store #152:
Great Service Can Change EVERYTHING!

I had a really bad start to my day this morning. Then, I went to your Lakewood, NJ store and everything changed. Everyone was so nice and friendly to me! The coffee was fresh and my day turned from bad to GREAT! How could I be in a bad mood when everyone else was smiling?! Thank you for making my day! – Colette

Way to Go, Store #155:
Fast-Fuel Bob Makes Customers Happy!

I am always impressed with Fuel Team Member Bob! I never wait more than 30 seconds before he greets me and fuel is being dispensed. His work ethic is OUTSTANDING. I love that he washes my rear window without being asked. My rear wiper is missing so this is appreciated. It’s great to be able to get fuel quickly and get to work on time. – Karl

TCD Roundup

#74: Steven is the nicest guy! Whenever he fills the tank, he is so friendly and polite!
#96: Love my local QuickChek. Nice products. Great coffee! I get my fuel there, too!
#109: Daniel was really nice and helpful dealing with a large crowd.
#142: Very pleased with the freshness and taste of the bread.
#155: Dee was so helpful with setting up the app on my phone – really went above and beyond!
#157: Sam is an excellent Fuel Team Member. He is efficient, quick, and friendly with all the customers.

Way to Go, QC:
Mom Approved – Great Food at Great Prices!

I am such a huge fan of your food – especially the $3 subs. I am thrilled that I can get healthy, affordable food in seconds. I buy my son’s lunch on the way to school. It’s cheaper and healthier than the cafeteria. I have always had great experiences in your stores! – Maureen

Way to Go, Store #137:
QC Rocks in Lodi!

I inadvertently left change in the fast lane at your Lodi, NJ store. Team Member Jimmy brought my change to me while I was standing waiting for my sub. What an amazing level of service. QuickChek rocks! – Pam

Way to Go, Store #160:
Denise Wins New Customer Loyalty!

Stopped for fuel at your Brick, NJ store and I was very impressed. When I was ordering lunch, Team Member Denise noticed that I was having trouble with the ordering screen. She stopped what she was doing and went out of her way to help me. Then, she showed me how to download the QC app and explained how it worked. I will certainly be a regular customer! Thanks for the great customer service. – Barbara

TCD Roundup

#9: Tina makes every customer feel at home! She has real dedication to her job!
#31: I love my Wanaque QC! Team Members Gail, Mayra, and Lisa are awesome!
#59: The Roseland team is so great that you always want to go back!
#79: Cathy always keeps the coffee hot and fresh!
#110: Tina is very friendly and hard-working. She makes it a great place to visit every day!
#164: Gail and Elaina are very friendly! They both work so hard!
#164: Team Member Scott really knows what he’s dong. Great job!

Way to Go, Store #164:
Alonzo & Brandon Make Bethpage GREAT!

Team Members Alonzo and Brandon are so nice and very helpful. Alonzo showed me how to order and prepared my sandwich exactly as requested. We need more QuickCheks on Long Island and definitely more Team Members like those in this store. I’m looking forward to visiting again soon. – Patricia

Way to Go, Store #12:
Bedminster is the Power Team!

The Bedminster team deserves an abundance of praise. Store Leader Katie is absolutely awesome! She smiles constantly, is personable, works non-stop, and gets along with everyone! She’s a very welcomed addition! Everyone is awesome – Casey, Jose, and Dawn! This is the power team! – Bobby

Way to Go, Store #122:
Matt & Crew Genuinely Care!

Team Member Matt is always attentive and a great part of my daily routine. He treats all the customers with the utmost respect. I thoroughly enjoy this location because all the Team Members take the time to get to know their customers and show that they genuinely care. – Brittany

Way to Go, Store #74:
Jim’s Service Makes a Difference!

We had a great experience last night at your Whippany store. It was late and my family and I were all tired, hungry, and cranky. Team Member Jim was great. He prepared our sandwiches perfectly – even while tending to several other large orders. He was polite, pleasant, and he answered our questions with a smile. – Amanda

TCD Roundup

#11: Mark is awesome! I go out of my way to go this store because everyone is so friendly!
#17: Excellent customer service! Keep up the great work!
#59: I love this store!
#59: Great place to get coffee and a sandwich!
#59: This is my number one place to go to sit and read the paper!
#64: Great sandwiches! Everyone is so accommodating. I will continue to be a faithful customer!
#64: Your Team Members are very courteous, helpful, and accommodating on special requests.
#75: Pat makes THE BEST subs!!
#85: Very helpful people at this location – all of them!
#86: Lisa brings great customer service, fun energy, and professionalism to her customers every day!
#94: Marcus is such a pleasure! He is an asset to your company. I come here just for him!
#98: They are very friendly at this store!
#107: Chelsea has an amazing work ethic!
#117: Shante, Christian, Lauren, and Steve are so helpful. They’re all-stars!
#151: Chris is a wonderful Fuel Team Member! So sweet with my 5 year old! What a great guy!
#157: Mohammad is super friendly and helpful!
#164: Logan makes the best smoothies. They are always consistently delicious.
#169: I love the whole crew! Excellent customer service!

Way to Go, Store #151:
Howell’s Freshness Wins a Customer!

I usually go to Wawa but yesterday decided to try your Howell store. The food was delicious and well made! I’m not going to Wawa anymore. You guys just got a new customer. Thank you! – Earl

Way to Go, Store #90:
Quinn Fuels Customer Loyalty!

I went to get gas at your Rahway store. I was impressed with Fuel Team Member Quinn. He was so polite, personable, and engaging. He spoke with the biggest, most beautiful smile. I need to change my regular gas station and come here from now on! What a great experience! – Cori

Way to Go, Store #123:
Mindy Makes Customers Say, “Bye-Bye Wawa”!!

Team Member Mindy helped me find everything that I needed. I also had quite a large sub order that she made for me, as well. The order was done quickly and perfectly. Such a pleasure to see that professionalism is still alive and well. Bye-bye Wawa. I’ve got a new home. – Steve

Way to Go, Store #164:
Great Work Bethpage, NY!

You have a great team at your Bethpage location! They are always friendly and willing to go out of their way for me and my family. I especially want to commend Team Members Dan, Liz, Logan, Brandon, and Alphonso. They work hard to make QuickChek a fun, family place. They offer a great experience every time! Thank you, again! – Anthony

Way to Go, Store #153:
Eatontown Team Members are a Prize!

Your team in Eatontown is AMAZING. I only fuel up at this QuickChek location because the night crew is so pleasant and helpful. You really hit the lottery on all of your Team Members. Keep up the awesome job! – Katy

TCD Roundup

#11: Ellen and her team do a great job!
#14: Belleville QC gets me going in the morning – the best store around!
#14: Lewis made the best sandwich I’ve ever had. It was delicious and satisfying!
#14: Helen is so friendly! My mornings are better because of her!
#17: Sully is a wonderful Fuel Attendant. He is always polite and prompt!
#20: This store has amazing guest service! They introduced me to the app – which is amazing!
#57: Nart is consistently outstanding. He’s fast, friendly, and efficient!
#69: Fuel Attendant Ben is polite, professional, and listens when I ask for premium gas!
#86: All the customers think Team Member Lisa is fantastic! People notice when she’s not there!
#128: This is the cleanest store (even the coffee station)! Keep up the good work!
#150: The food is fresh, team is friendly, and store is so clean. We will definitely be back!
#162: Team Member Ben is very friendly. He made my visit a great one. Keep up the good work!
#162: Store Leader Miranda and crew are amazing! This is my favorite place to shop!
#164: Alfred is very friendly and goes out of his way to make you feel welcomed!

Way to Go, Store #145:
Mike Wasn’t “Chicken” to Make a Customer Souper Happy!

I was in your Farmingdale store and my granddaughter wanted some chicken soup. When I didn’t see any, I asked Team Member Mike if there was any available. He was happy to go warm some up for her. I really appreciate that Mike went above and beyond to make my granddaughter happy. – Donna

Way to Go, Store #96:
Vinny Keeps Customers On-the-Go!

Team Member Vinny is always polite, friendly, and courteous. He always works hard to improve things and make things easier for people on-the-go. I used to go to Wawa but not anymore! – Joe

Way to Go, Store #113:
Point Pleasant Makes it Pleasant

I live close to Wawa but would rather come to QC in Point Pleasant because of my great experiences here. The whole crew is warm and friendly and have taken the time to get to know me. Thank you for having Team Members who make my experience wonderful! – Wendy

Way to Go, Store #151:
TCD: Show ‘Em Howell it’s Done!

I was having a bad day but then I went to your Howell  store and my day turned around! The friendly Team Members were so nice and really uplifting! I have never been around such a friendly and professional team. I am definitely going to keep coming here every morning. – Stephen

Way to Go, Store #65:
Lisette & Crew Offer Freshness and Kindness!

After being in the hospital for several hours, I wanted a simple sandwich. Your Neptune store offers the freshest food options and everything was made just right. I was completely satisfied! Team Member Lisette was so kind! – A Happy Customer

TCD Roundup

#4: This store provides excellent service and is very clean!
#152: Team Members are so nice and helpful – both the deli team and the cashiers!
#157: Thank you for the iced coffee coupons Mohammad!
#162: The whole crew is fabulous. This store is always very clean!

Way to Go, Store #164:
Jason Shows that QC Cares!

Team Member Jason at the Bethpage, NY store addressed all my concerns. I was impressed with how professionally he handled everything. It shows that you are a company that cares! Thank you! – William

TCD Roundup

#14: Kim makes my daily coffee experience awesome!
#16: Rich is friendly, hardworking, and always happy!
#66: The entire staff is very accommodating!
#73: This store is always so clean! The people are very nice and I enjoy the coffee.
#73: Love your coffee. Way better than Dunkin’ and Starbucks!
#169: Great service, food, and friendly staff! Love to shop here!

Store #155 is DEE Best!
  • Dee took the time to help me navigate the app.
  • Dee is the best at multi-tasking!
  • Dee is great. I enjoy going there whenever I can.
  • Dee introduced us to the app and is a delight so early in the morning.
  • Dee was very nice and helpful. We downloaded the app and love it!
Store #157 – Shout-outs for Mohammad!
  • Mohammad is a super customer service guy!
  • Mohammad hooks me up with all the mobile app deals.
  • Mohammad was excellent! Extremely helpful!
  • Mohammad is the friendliest!
  • Excellent service by Mohammad!
  • Mohammad is always very nice and helpful. Always smiling!
Way to Go, Store #141:
Amanda, Josh, and Bill to the Rescue!

Yesterday, my son and I stopped for gas at your Lake Grove, NY store. We had trouble with our vehicle and needed immediate help. I asked for assistance at the counter and Team Members Amanda, Josh, and Bill responded quickly and professionally. They made a difficult situation a lot easier. Thank you! – James and Stephen

Way to Go, Store #117:
Lori Re-COUPS a Customer’s Loyalty!

Yesterday, I sent an e-mail regarding a coupon issue in the app. Store Leader Lori promptly called me and quickly rectified the issue. She was very courteous and professional. Very impressive!!!!! – Krisiann

Way to Go, Store #4:
Jackie Goes Above & Beyond…

I am a customer at your Highland Park, NJ store. Because of my disabilities, I take more time at the register than the average customer. Team Member Jackie is so helpful to me. She is very polite, kind, helpful, and informative. She goes above and beyond in her job. – Geanine

Way to Go, Store #22:
Over the Top Overnight Crew!

I just wanted to say that you have a very impressive overnight crew at your Trenton, NJ store. All the Team Members are extremely happy, helpful, and courteous! – Michael

Way to Go, Store #21:
Kudos to Bloomingdale!

Thank you so much to your Bloomingdale, NJ store for the yummy sandwiches and the great service. The Team Members are so helpful and knowledgeable. So glad they showed me how to use the QuickChek app! Kudos to your amazing team! – Marilyn

TCD Roundup

#140: I love the service! Everyone is great. I’m here almost every day!

Store #155 is DEE-lightful!

#155: You need more people like Dee. She’s wonderful and extremely hard working.
#155: Dee is the best. She makes you feel comfortable. She’s such a nice person.
#155: Dee is the best. We all love her.

Way to Go, Store #64:
Dixa & Her Team Really Care!

This store has the best coffee and the best team. I suffered a bad fall in May and have been unable to get to this store until now. The whole team was so glad to see me. Dixa even gave me hug and welcomed me back! I really missed this place!! – Barbara

Way to Go, Store #157:
Mohammad’s Service Keeps ‘Em Coming Back!

Mohammad is a wonderful Team Member! He went out of his way to tell me about a coupon that was available through the QC app. His customer service skills are what everyone should strive for. I will be returning because of him! – David

TCD Roundup

#31: I love coming here every day! Gail & the crew are great!
#125: Outstanding service and very welcoming Team Members!
#129: Great service in Somerville!
#155: Dee is so friendly and helpful!
#157: Mohammad is the man! He is the best!

Way to Go, Store #86:
Steve’s Customer Service is SUB-stantial!

I recently submitted a comment that my cheesesteak order was cold. I immediately received a follow-up call from Store Leader Steve. He was very apologetic, polite, and professional. He gave me credit for new subs. Great job and great customer service! Thanks! – Lori

Way to Go, Store #169:
Gail Gains Customer Loyalty!

Team Member Gail is a breath of fresh air every morning! She always greets customers with a smile and is so polite. Because of Gail’s wonderful service (and your great coffee), I have stopped going to 7-11! – Areshia

Way to Go, QC:
QC = Great Healthy Food + Lots of Choices!

All stores have great deals and so many great healthy choices! Love the mobile app, too! – Anthony

Way to Go, Store #59:
Customers Love Custom Service!

Stopped in to your Roseland store for a quick cup of coffee. I was pleasantly greeted by Thomas and another young Team Member. Unfortunately, my favorite flavor of coffee was out but they made a fresh pot of it for me right away! How great is that!? Your Team Members are so polite and accommodating. Thank you! – Phil

Way to Go, QuickChek:
Customers are Glad to See Us Grow!

I love everything about QuickChek. You have great gas prices, easy-to-grab healthy foods, and the best self-serve coffee bar around. Glad to see you have stores popping up all over NJ. (P.S. the cookies are the bomb!) – A Happy Customer

TCD Roundup

#92: Keven is so friendly and courteous. He knows what I want before I even ask!
#101: Brooke and Norma are very professional and helpful with sub and meal orders.
#141: Best customer service! Christina and Josh are always so helpful!!
#155: Dee was so helpful and friendly setting me up with power perks! Love her!

Way to Go, Store #64:
Dixa Wins App-solute Loyalty from a Customer!

Store Leader Dixa was able to fix the problems that I was having with connecting to your app. It’s a great feeling to know people who are willing to go above-and-beyond to address the needs of others. This is another reason why I am a loyal customer to this store. Thank you, again! – Nancy

Way to Go, Store #141:
Maureen & the Lake Grove Team Aim to Please!

Your Lake Grove, NY store is so clean and well-organized. I came in to see Team Member Maureen busy helping the customers. She’s a real asset to the store. The coffee is perfect and the register lines move quickly. This is a great store! – A Happy Customer

TCD Roundup

#95: Your sandwiches are delicious. I especially love the Italian!
#141: Best QC Team! Kelsey and Debbie are great!
#169: Jamila puts her heart into making really great food! Tastes great – made with love!

Way to Go, Store #86:
Regina’s TCD Makes it Right!

I had a small problem with my order at your West Long Branch store. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize it until I got home. I called and spoke to Team Member Regina who was very pleasant and professional on the phone. She asked if I would please come back to the store so they could make it right for me. Everything was handled to my satisfaction. I really appreciate that level of total customer service! – Elaina

Way to Go, Store #96:
Vinny is App-solutely Awesome!

Vinny at the Englishtown store is a true gentleman. He is always courteous and friendly and helps with anything I need. This morning he told me about the QC app! I love it! – Joseph

Way to Go, Store #64:
Dixa’s Caring Gang Deliver Fresh!

Dixa and her Hackettstown team are fabulous! I order from this store every day and it’s always fresh and correct. Their salads are the talk of my friends at lunch. They are fresh, beautiful, and taste delicious. The store is always clean and the team greets you with a welcoming smile. – Linda

Way to Go, Store #69:
Lewis Keeps Them Coming Back!

I appreciate the great service from Team Member Lewis at the Alpha location. He always greets me with a smile and makes me feel welcome. Because of him, I will always return. – Martin

Way to Go, Store #136:
Tyrone and His Team Win a New Customer!

When I moved to Jackson, there was a Wawa and a QuickChek. I visited both to compare and decide where I’d get my morning coffee. The minute I walked into your store, I was greeted warmly and approached by several Team Members asking if I needed assistance. The coffee area was clean and well-stocked. Even the person tending the coffee area gave me a smile and asked how I was doing. Store Leader Tyrone introduced himself to me and asked if I was receiving the level of service that I expected. I also overheard him speaking to his crew in a positive manner. All the Team Members seem genuinely happy to work there. The store is a friendly, clean, and well-run place. It was an easy decision to determine where I’ll be getting my coffee every morning. Kudos to Tyrone and his team! – Jose

TCD Roundup

#17: Jesse and Charlie are always very nice, polite, and friendly. We always have a great experience!
#20: I am always greeted in a friendly and caring manner. This is a great way to start my morning!
#35: Laura is great! I love her!
#43: Alyssa went out of her way to talk to my young grandson and really cheered him up!
#50: Awesome service in Madison, NJ store!!
#79: Joe, Sarah, and Kathy are all super sweet and keep the store running efficiently!
#82: Love seeing the longevity of Team Members like Pedro, Edith, and others! Great store!
#86: My smoothie was wonderful. We love QuickChek!
#128: I am a frequent shopper! Your Team Members are friendly and the store is well-stocked!
#139: The store is always clean and the staff is always friendly and courteous.
#145: I love your store in Farmingdale, NJ. You’re doing a great job!
#145: Erica is terrific with customers – eager to help with any issues. Kudos to her work ethic!
#154: The team is super nice!! They helped me download and put a preference on the app!
#155: The cashier was so friendly and helpful.
#155: Dee took the time to show me how to download the app! It’s awesome and so is she!
#168: The service was phenomenal this morning! The staff at this store are very friendly and warm!
#169: Your whole staff is very helpful and friendly. This is a very clean store!

Way to Go, Store #102:
William Offers Fuel & Friendly Service!

I was at your Manchester, NJ store and was helped by Fuel Attendant William. He is extremely professional and very personable – in a sincere and caring way. He makes the experience of getting fuel more like seeing a friend. You are extremely lucky to have such a friendly, talented, and considerate person working for you. – Matt

Way to Go, Store #162:
Toni is the SUPER Greeter!

I had an amazing experience while shopping at your new Butler, NJ store. Team Member Toni greeted me and made me feel so welcomed. We had a very nice conversation. She is wonderful! – Antonio

TCD Roundup

#89: Team Members always warmly greet me by name. I love being a regular here!
#138: The people are all friendly and very helpful!

High Five to #155!

#155: Love that Dee has my cigarettes ready and reminds me to scan the QC App!
#155: Dee makes my mornings brighter and off to a good start.
#155: Dee is the best! QC is lucky to have her.
#155: Dee is awesome!
#155: Thanks for showing me the app to save money and receive coupons!

Way to Score #164!

#164: I’m impressed. Food is awesome, gas is cheap, service is friendly, and the store is clean.
#164: Store looks great! Creamers were stocked, coffees were full, and everything was spotless!
#164: Team Members are definitely a notch above similar stores selling similar items.
#164: Keep up the great work! You’ve got a satisfied and happy customer on your hands!

Way to Go, Store #20:
Bradley Beach Gets High Marks!

Your Bradley Beach, NJ store has the most professional team. The store is always clean and everyone always makes sure that customers’ needs are fully met! – Cathie

Way to Go, Store #148:
In Wayne, Nothing Shakes TCD!

I recently visited your Wayne, NJ store to get a milkshake. When I got it, it didn’t have the same quality of ones I’ve ordered in the past (I think the Team Member who made it was new, so I understand). Another Team Member noticed my dissatisfaction and asked if anything was wrong. I explained the problem and without hesitation, she asked if she could make me a new shake. She even offset my inconvenience by giving me a large instead of a medium. The drink was perfect and I really appreciated that level of customer service. – Amanda

TCD Roundup:

#7: You have two of the friendliest, efficient cashiers!
#82: Compliments to the whole crew (the night shift, too)!
#129: I always have an excellent experience. Linda and the whole team are awesome!
#155: This is a very well run store with super friendly Team Members!
#155: My friends and I all love this store because of its coffee… and Dee!
#155: Pat is the best! We love her because she’s always so happy and smiling!
#155: Dee is so helpful and friendly. The store is great. I love coming here!
#155: All the Team Members are great!

Way to Go, Store #2:
Chris Keeps Things Going in Piscataway!

I was so happy to see Store Leader Chris at your Piscataway, NJ store this morning! He is a dedicated human being who is a pillar in the QC community. His leadership makes all the difference in this store! He keeps it immaculate! Hold on to him!! – Christine

TCD Roundup:

#32: Martha and Thomas are great Team Members with great attitudes!
#73: Everyone is always nice and helpful! It’s always a great experience!! Thank you!
#101: Brian is very friendly, professional, and happy to help me!
#128: Roberta is respectful, hardworking, and goes above and beyond for her customers!
#155: Great store! Love it!
#155: I come to this store every day! These Team Members are some of your very best. I look forward to starting each day by stopping her for my cup of coffee!
#155: Everyone is so friendly and very helpful. I’ve been coming to this store since it opened – it’s my favorite location!

Way to Go, Pharmacy #25:
Joe has the Rx for Customer Satisfaction!

Your Fords, NJ store has the best customer service!  Joe, the Pharmacist, treats his customers with great care. He takes the time to explain the medications as well as the refill process. I really appreciate his level of care and service! – Ivelisse

Way to Go, Store #155:
Customers Think Dee is Dee-lightful!

My wife and I visit your Toms River, NJ store often.  We love your coffee!  Team Member Dee is such a pleasant person!  She’s always smiling and is a very hard worker!  We have watched her run all the registers AND put deliveries away, all-the-while continuing to greet customers with a big smile!  Dee is number one in my book! – Grant

TCD Roundup:

#7: Quick service and great food makes for a wonderful experience!
#21: Liz makes it a pleasure to come to your store. She always makes my day brighter!
#32: Marty makes the best sandwiches! He always gets it right! Tommy is good, too!
#45: Marisol is wonderful. Her cheerfulness made my day! Great sandwiches, too!
#59: Margaret and Danie are pleasant and welcoming! They always make customers smile!
#75: Michael is so helpful and cordial. He took the time to show me how to use the QC app!
#94: Very good service – thank you!
#101: Alyson helped me download the app and I love it!  Great service!
#121: Delores is always so pleasant; always willing to go the extra mile to help!
#141: This Crew is very helpful!  This is a great place to get coffee. Everyone is so nice!
#148: Your Team Members are always nice to the customers!
#148: I am here every day! The coffee is wonderful (always hot) and the food is delicious!
#155: Dee is wonderful at multitasking! She has a great pleasant attitude always!
#155: Dee is always able to help me use the app!  I really appreciate it!
#155: Dee is the best! Her customer service goes above and beyond my expectations!
#155: Dee is the best!
#155: Dee has the best customer service! She is the most cheerful!
#169: I love the app and your Team Members are so friendly!

Way to Go, Store #72:
Ranae, Brian, and Michael Make it Feel Like Home!

Many compliments for your Woodbridge, NJ store! Team Members Ranae, Brian, and Michael all work so hard and make me feel so welcomed! I always get great service and am a very satisfied customer. This feels like my second home! Thanks! – Caridad

Way to Go, Store #105:
Mopping Up the Compliments in Piscataway!

Today I was in your Piscatway, NJ store trying to put a lid on my fountain drink. I ended up knocking over the drink, spilling it all over the counter and the floor. I was so sorry. I felt terrible! The cashier was so sweet and told me not to worry about it. She immediately got some wet floor signs and another person came right over with a mop to clean it up. Store Leader Nelly has an amazing team! – Joey

TCD Roundup:

#20: Vinny and John are great employees and make me feel like family!!
#50: This store is well-stocked! Great soup! Helen is always so helpful!
#82: Edith always greets me with a smile and makes me feel at home.
#82: No matter how busy she is, Gloria is always very cordial and attentive.
#92: I love this store!
#169: Team Members are always happy to assist me with my ordering! You guys have a great team!

Way to Go, Store #142:
Keepin’ it Fresh in North Brunswick!

I stopped by your North Brunswick, NJ store for gas and to pick up lunch/dinner before my 12-hour shift. The store was impeccable and so inviting. I was so impressed by the generous size and freshness of my sandwich compared to any sandwich from Wawa. This store has the freshest food and friendliest customer service any time of day. Super congrats and keep up the great work! – Cynthia

TCD Roundup:

#22: This is such a great store. Everyone is really great!
#22: Team Member Tom is the best!
#31: My experiences here are always good!
#35: Very friendly!
#52: Your Team Members are outstanding!
#59: Doreen, Danny, and Esperanza are a great crew! They are very special!
#70: Very nice customer service! Clean store!
#73: Maurice makes the best sandwiches! Top-notch service every time!
#131: Anita is a great customer service rep for your store! Friendly and helpful!
#169: Great store; really clean and great items. Way better than 7-11!
#169: Everything her is amazing! It is always my morning stop!

Way to Go, Store #145:
David’s Loyalty Generates New Customers!

One of the reasons I shop at your Farmingdale, NJ store is because of Team Member David, the Fuel Team Member. He’s kind, considerate, personable, and a proud QC Team Member. When I first stopped in for fuel, he recommended that I check out the store. He even suggested that I download your app. David has created a very happy, loyal customer. His loyalty to QC and pride in his work are evident. Who could ask for anything more? – Rose

TCD Roundup:

#24: The staff area always pleasant and personable. Items are always available!
#24: I give this store a score of 10 (with 10 being the best)!
#86: I love all that you offer and your crew i always so polite and helpful! Keep it up!
#102: Always good! Always friendly!


The Praise Continues!
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