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COVID-19 Can’t Keep Us Down

We want to start by saying THANK YOU to each and every one of you who continue to show up every day with positive attitudes and contagious smiles and keep delivering excellent TCD to our customers and communities. We know...

Culture of SafetyQC Cares

QC Gets Certified in CPR/AED

Friday of last week was not just important because it was Good Friday but also because two groups of QuickChekers spent time getting certified by the American Red Cross in CPR/AED procedures. Each group spent 3 hours with a member...

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Food Service Pros!

A HUGE Way to Go and Congratulations to Yadira, Jenna, and the entire team at store #35 in Hillsborough for achieving a 100% on their most recent Food Service Walk! Yadira and her team have shown tremendous dedication and engagement...

Culture of SafetyQC Fun

Snowstorm Fun

With the recent snow, some of our stores received more accumulation than others. While some of us barely needed to pull out a shovel, some of our Team Members needed to dig out! Chek out Neda in store #164 (where...

Culture of Safety

September is Food Safety Month

This month is National Food Safety Month and each week focuses in on a different aspect of food safety. This week’s focus is time and temperature control. Time and temperature control is crucial to reduce pathogens in our food and...

Culture of Safety

Slicer Safety Tips

All of us know that slicers are sharp and can cause serious injury if operated improperly. Here are some general tips on how to keep your hands and fingers safe when operating the slicer. 1. Wear the cut-resistant wizard glove...

Culture of Safety

Taking out the Trash – Safely!

Garbage is a workplace feature that everyone has – and it brings potential safety hazards with it. One of the many ways that safety comes into play when dealing with garbage removal is simply due to negligence. Many times people...

Culture of Safety

Support Center CRASE Training

We had a special guest at the Support Center today from the Hunterdon County Prosecutor’s Office. His goal was to help educate the Support Center Team Members on how to better react to potential active shooter situations. He held three...

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