Culture of Safety

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Culture of SafetyQC in the CommunityWorking Smart

Safety Smarts: A GREAT IDEA!

Safety counts and we should always be thinking about how to stay safe. Gary Galgoci from Store #6 suggested that we have certain Team Members certified in CPR. What a great idea! The Safety Committee is processing Gary’s suggestion, and...

Culture of Safety

Why ACCIDENT FREE is the Way to Be

Why ACCIDENT FREE is the way to be: Every Team Member and Customer is important and valued. We want everyone to be safe and happy. Staying accident free makes QuickChek a Great Place to Work and a Great Place to...

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Got a great tip you've been using to increase safety at your store? Have a suggestion for something that will make our stores more safe for both Team Members and customers? Submit your idea and win!! Email your ideas to SUZANNE DELVECCHIO at and...

Culture of SafetyWorking Smart


It’s that time of year when the sun rises later and sets earlier, making the days shorter and darker. You might see fine in less than full sunlight - but can YOU be seen by drivers entering your parking lot?...

Culture of SafetyWorking Smart

Back to School on SAFETY

With summer ending and kids going back to school, our stores are already seeing changes in traffic patterns both inside and out. Kids are usually excited when they come to QuickChek - and who isn't? Our colorful and well-stocked displays...

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