Back to School on SAFETY

Elementary school students get on school bus

With summer ending and kids going back to school, our stores are already seeing changes in traffic patterns both inside and out.

Kids are usually excited when they come to QuickChek – and who isn’t? Our colorful and well-stocked displays are always inviting. We love the traffic – but we also need to be aware of situations that might be a hazard to young customers.

Please be extremely aware of placing signs on wet floors, totes when restocking, and mobile displays throughout your store.

Here are a few important reminders:

  • New Jersey stores: help your customers be aware of kids in parking lots
  • Be watchful for backpacks and other items that kids may leave behind
  • Keep isles clear and free of tripping hazards
  • Ensure that welcome mats lay flat
  • Use proper safety signage when floors are wet

We all have a role in keeping stores safe for all customers and Team Members!

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