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Future Leaders Played to Win Last Week

Our first Play to Win session of 2019 took place over the course of three days last week. The session began on Tuesday and ran through Thursday afternoon. The much-anticipated ropes course day occurred on Wednesday under a shining sun...

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Say “Hi” to Highland Park

The team at store #4 in Highland Park received a surprise visit on Wednesday from a member of the QuickTalk Team. Store Leader Matthias was not in but the Certified Assistant, Martin Prokai, and his crew for the day were...

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Family Fund Mini-Golf Event

The lawn of the Support Center transformed yesterday when QuickChek hosted guests from roughly 75 of our vendors for the annual QuickChek Family Fund Mini-Golf Event. This year's theme was game shows! The Store Engineering and Real Estate groups mowed...

QC FunRecognizing Greatness

PLC Visits Mickey

The 2019 President's Leadership Club, or PLC, headed down to Disney World on January 30th to spend some time celebrating their accomplishments from 2018. The group spent Wednesday evening having dinner, sharing conversation and getting to know one another better,...

QC Fun

QuickChek Holiday Spirit

Last week, you saw how store #172, in North Plainfield, celebrated the holiday. Here are some more stores who got their Christmas spirit on this year. Thanks, everyone, for sharing with us! Happy Holidays!...

QC FunQuickChek Family

Happy Holidays from Store #172!

Vina and the team of store #172, in North Plainfield, celebrated had a holiday celebration on Friday and a special guest in red even stopped by to partake in some of the fun and festivities.  There was food, fun, gifts,...

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