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Cold and Flu Season is right around the corner… are you ready? When you’re sick, the last thing you want to do is get out of bed to sit in a waiting room. So this year, be ready by registering at DOCTOR ON DEMAND!

Doctor On Demand is a new, easy-to-use app that helps with your medical and emotional health needs by allowing you to see a medical doctor or a psychologist without even leaving the house! All Team Members are eligible for this service, and the app is free for downloading to your iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Click HERE to register – and be sure to use coupon code QCHEKFREE to claim your first FREE online visit with the doctor.

Highlights of this great app include:

  • Your first online visit is FREE
  • $40 each additional visit (applied to your deductible if you’re enrolled in a QuickChek medical plan)
  • Connect within minutes to book an appointment – no need to spend time in a doctor’s waiting room!
  • Board-certified and licensed practitioners
  • Common issues treated (i.e., colds, flu, allergies, sore throat, pediatric questions)
  • Emotional health counseling (for issues such as anxiety, stress, depression, addiction, relationships)
  • Prescriptions are filled and sent to your Pharmacy

Have questions? Contact your Benefits Leader or check out these links:

QuickChek’s Doctor On Demand Brochure



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