THANK YOU for Being Here!

Things appear to be slowly transitioning back towards normal and while many are trying to forget the struggles that we’ve been through, we want to REMEMBER everything you’ve been doing to keep us all going! We’ve received, and continue to receive, tons of praise from our customers about how much they appreciate you and how you’ve helped them get through this.

So, our president wanted to take a moment to say, thank you, as well!

When the COVID outbreak first began, we reached out to our Fresh Ideas Panel of over 6,000 loyal QuickChek customers and asked them if they’d like to share any shout-outs to QC Team Members in their favorite stores. We received hundreds and hundreds of responses – too many to count and list. In addition, we continue to receive customer comments highlighting your excellent customer service and dedication every week. To highlight some of these responses and to send you an extra special Thank You, we created a short video expressing our and our customer’s gratitude. CHEK it out, HERE!

Thank you so much for being there and staying strong throughout these difficult past few months. Together we are stronger and you have certainly proved it. YOU are what makes QuickChek a Great Place to Work and a Great Place to Shop!

– Dean

Thank you for your positive attitudes, smiling faces, wonderful customer service, and everything in between that you do every day – COVID or not! You truly are the best of the best and THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO! Stay strong, stay safe, and keep up the great work!

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