Our Customers Want to Say Thank You!

Staying Strong During COVID-19

These past months have been trying and difficult on everyone and our “normal” routines have changed so drastically to help us all get through. One constant, however, throughout the struggles of the pandemic has been all of you. Your smiling faces and positive attitudes have remained and persevered. Our customers have noticed!

We recently polled customers to see if they had any special commendations they wanted to give to recognize Team Members during this time and we received a resounding number of Way to Gos for you. You are appreciated – not just by us, but by them. You continue to make a difference in their lives every day by trying to keep some normalcy in their lives. For that, we, and they, THANK YOU!

To see the positive customer comments that we’ve received in recognition of your hard work and dedication throughout our COVID-19 struggle, click HERE.


  • The whole staff at the store on South Olden Avenue in Hamilton NJ are the best, they’re always kind – they help you with anything you need and they keep this were very clean!

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