Our Customers Thank You!

Team #1

Diane is a workaholic. You can always tell when she is working because the coffee station is full. She is always greeting the customers between running around cleaning the floors, bathrooms, and managing the coffee.”

Fatima’s smile and kindness is a great way to start my day!”

“All the store Team Members are nice and friendly!”

“There is a young man who works in the afternoon and is always sweet, kind, and cheerful. He makes me feel appreciated.”

Mistee is super nice and she is so welcoming to all the customers!”

Mistee, Gina, and Janae are all so hard-working and friendly!”

Team #2

“Every time I go into this store, Ehab is very friendly and helpful. He looks happy to see everyone and makes them feel welcome.”

Bonnie is incredible and so helpful each time I visit the store!”

“All of the Team Members are always happy and greet you. The store is always clean!”

Janice always has a smile and an upbeat attitude. She has learned my name and always greets me and asks how I am doing.”

Janice is simply the best. She is friendly and efficient – making sure that the checkout is quick and fair. She also lets me know when specials or deals apply to my purchase. I usually end up buying the additional item and think about stopping into her store when I need to grab something.”

“The petite female cashier always has a smile and kind word for every customer. She also remembers what you normally get. Her customer service is wonderful!”

Patty always has a smile, greets me, and tells me to have a great day.”

Team #3

James is always friendly and sincere!”

Flora is friendly and she cares about her customers as well as keeping a clean store!”

Lori is kind, quick, and courteous.”

Melissa is very helpful and always has a smile on her face!”

Melissa always goes above and beyond to help her customers. She will help them find anything they’re looking for, help them find the best deals in the store, offer suggestions for food items, and ALWAYS has a smile with an amazingly sweet personality ready to greet every customer and make you feel valued and important.”

Team #4

Larry, Alex, Rin, Robin, Iliana, Codey, Blondie, Czarina, and Donna make me feel special. They were concerned when I had my eye surgery. They make sure my special requests are taken care of.”

Navin is always friendly and knows what he’s doing.”

Team #5

“I have interacted with Michelle at two stores now. She is a breath of fresh air. She always goes above and beyond to be helpful in the store. I have witnessed her carry cases of water for older customers. She is always smiling and is a hard worker. She is considerate of her fellow Team Members and empathetic to customers. She is dedicated to your company by working at multiple locations. I am always happy to see her when I come into your stores. She definitely deserves to be recognized for all the hard work that she does!”

“No matter what Lisa is doing, she will stop and help her customers with what they need.”

“The manager, Rob, makes sure his store is always clean. He is very engaging with the customers!”

Shavkat always has a smile on his face and such a positive attitude!”

Team #6

Christy knows everyone by name. I see her disinfecting every time I come in. There’s an older Polish woman who is very nice. She always says hello to me like she knows me. And the short girl with black hair always makes my sandwiches and knows how I like my English Muffins cooked. Christy is very friendly and always ready to lend a hand to help you. She always has a smile on her face, which always puts you in a great mood to start your day! A terrific person.”

Lisa always has a pleasant attitude. The store can be quite busy but she remains calm, professional, and extremely helpful no matter what department she’s working in!”

“There’s a very friendly Team Member who always wishes me Good Morning!”

Team #7

“Chef Tom ALWAYS goes above expectations, works tirelessly to restock the deli, and makes the greatest sandwiches and wraps! Tom is THE BEST!!!”

“There’s a lovely older gentleman with glasses who always has a smile on his face and is super pleasant all the time.”

Team #8

Christie is ALWAYS super friendly every morning when I come in to get my coffee. She puts a smile on my face and makes me feel great.”

Christie is very friendly and always ready to lend a hand to help you. She always has a smile on her face which always puts you in a great mood to start your day! She’s a terrific person.”

“This store is always on top of their game. Fast and friendly service is how they roll! Impressive!”

“Your Food Service Team Members are always pleasant and knock the sandwiches out. They know how to hustle!”

Team #9

Brendan is super helpful when you have a question about an item and he goes out of his way when he’s in the deli making sandwiches or subs.”

Team #11

Yanik, Dave, and Alex are all awesome! They all go above and beyond.”

Steven is always nice, professional, and goes out of his way to help in any way he can.”

Margaret is always kind, helpful, and a ray of sunshine. Her positive attitude always makes me feel special and a valued customer.”

“I visit this store every day and all the Team Members are polite and enjoy working there.”

Ben is always happy and cheerful and makes a good sandwich!”

“The coffee was not ready one day, so Ben went out of his way to get it ready for me. He made sure to chat with my 5-year old son and give him a high five! On every visit, Ben talks to me and greets all the customers. He is a wonderful soul and I look forward to seeing him when I’m there!”

Margaret is a kind and thoughtful person who takes interest in her customers.”

“All the Team Members here are so friendly. They all try to make you smile when you come in. Such a friendly store.”

“I frequent many stores, but the Team Members in Garwood are consistently great.”

Team #12

“The Coffee Host does an outstanding job serving each customer their coffee, customizing as requested, and she does so with a smile and an upbeat, positive attitude. I’m grateful and appreciate her.”

“Your Team Members are always helpful.”

Leo is always cheerful and helpful. He is a very hard-working young man and is consistently kind.”

Malcom always treats your patrons like true customers.”

Jackie is very nice!”

Team #13

Brandon is always pleasant, kind, and efficient. He smiles, chats briefly during check-out, and makes me feel welcome and like a true valued customer even when the line is long and he has to move quickly.”

Team #14

“I am a regular customer who visits 3-4 times a day. I love interacting with your Team Members. Helen is a long-time Team Member who is always professional and helpful. Store Leader Kim is exceptional all the time, as well!”

Team #16

Ilene is nice and helpful.”

Christopher is helpful, hardworking, and has a pleasant attitude. I have seen him on every shift and he is always cooperative and helpful.”

Dorothy is very nice and friendly and always has a smile on her face. She goes above and beyond to help you out when you’re in the store.”

“I always leave the store feeling satisfied that I received good service and a good price.”

Dorothy is always friendly and helpful.”

“I frequent this store often. On multiple occasions, I have seen Gretchen go above and beyond to help a customer look for and get what they needed. From the checkout to the deli to the gas pumps even, Gretchen always makes her customers feel important! If there is something she is unable to do for a customer, she will offer alternatives. She will never say ‘no’ and walk away. This is excellent customer service and she should be the model for training new Team Members.”

“Your Coffee Hosts do an excellent job at keeping their coffee bar clean and getting coffee to customers quickly.”

Team #17

Rachel is always smiling.”

Gay is always so friendly and accommodating and always with a smile. She goes above and beyond to help customers!”

Jessica goes above and beyond to help every single customer. She always has a smile on her face and always says ‘hello’ when you walk in. She knows where everything is and is always there to help. She has a heart of gold!”

Lori always makes sure everybody gets the coffee they need. She works very hard to satisfy everyone and keep the counter clean.”

Momma G is always pleasant and helpful. She keeps traffic moving while keeping an eye out to assist. She always goes above and beyond to help all customers. I see her kindness every time I am in the store Kudos to Momma G!”

Jessie is always sweet and kind and has a smile on her face. She gives the BEST customer service!”

“I frequent QuickChek in many different locations and the Team Members in Hopatcong are the friendliest! They make me feel like they value me as a customer.”

Store Leader Rachel, Momma G, Lenny, Jessie, and Laurie are all outstanding! They always go above and beyond. They are part of the reason I go to QuickChek.”

“Your Team Members are always friendly and helpful with fast service.”

Fuel Team Member Steve is always a pleasure. He’s always happy and friendly and offers top-notch service. He gets you in and out in no time.”

Team #18

“Five days out of the week I get coffee here and, if Twana is behind the wall, she always yells ‘good morning, pretty’. Twana always has something nice to say to everyone at the counter. She has a special connection with all her customers.”

Team #20

Tracy knows how to run her store and she has an excellent attitude.”

John George is the heart of Bradley Beach QC! He takes the time to get to know the customers in a way that not only serves your company but feeds the souls of those clientele like me who thrive on community and connection. I’ve seen him go the extra mile day in and day out. Although I don’t get to see or hear him as regularly, not a day goes by that I do not think of John and his steadfast loyalty to QC.”

Vinnie is a really hard worker.”

“Thank you for all that you do every day!”

Team #21

Liz is very courteous and professional!”

Liz has excellent customer service skills. She knows all her customers by name and what they need from behind the counter. She is the best!”

Fuel Team Member Mike is THE BEST! He always delivers quick service and a pleasant conversation.”

“Everyone in the Bloomingdale store is great. I look forward to going to this location.”

Liz, Adrienne, and Cesar are always extremely nice and helpful. We have pleasant, fun conversations. All three of them work really hard to give people the best experiences. They are appreciated!”

Team #22

Jessica is always friendly and very helpful and polite.”

Tom is friendly and cares about his customers. It is nice to see good people who care about their jobs and people.”

“I get my coffee here every morning because the staff is outstanding! There is a coffee shop on site at work, but I like to start my day with good coffee and a smile here.”

Team #23

“Checkout Area Team Members here are friendly and hardworking.”

“The manager makes great subs and is a real nice guy.”

Mike always goes the extra mile to make customers happy. He is a great guy who works hard for your company.”

“Your cashier always recognizes me even though I don’t go in the store very often. She even remembers my name.”

Team #24

Jo-Jo is a hard worker and a great person. She is always willing to share a brief conversation and treats me the way a “regular” customer should be treated.”

“All the Team Members at this location make it superior to neighboring stores.”

“Your Team Members know the value of an exceptional customer experience.”

“Team Members here are kind, friendly, and appreciative.”

Adele is always professional, courteous, and outgoing. She is an excellent representative of QuickChek.”

Emmett always has a very nice way about him. The wonderful woman in the morning is always friendly, as well.”

“All of the Team Members at this store are friendly and helpful and the store is very well maintained.”

Anthony is always pleasant and goes above and beyond every time!”

Team #25

Cheryl and Geri are both so friendly and helpful. If you need something, they go out of their way to get it. They always have smiles on their faces and make it a pleasure to go there.”

“All the ladies at Fords QuickChek are great!”

Miguel is always polite and knowledgeable. He is amazing!”

Marilu is a hard worker and always has a smile on her face!”

Marilu is always smiling and friendly. She goes out of her way for her customers and always makes you feel like family. She always has an upbeat attitude!”

“Everyone there is always helpful, caring, and pleasant. Thank you for caring for your Team Members and customers.”

“Thanks for staying open and keeping your store running smooth. Keep up the good work.”

Team #26

Debbie is always so pleasant, kind, and helpful.”

Mary is always doing such a great job in the Coffee Center and she’s very quick when called for backup to get the line down. She is very friendly and greets me and my kids whenever she sees us.”

MD makes the best sandwiches and is super nice!”

“Before the outbreak, I bought sandwiches daily. The sandwich ladies always make the sandwiches perfect. I feel like they put care and effort every time. Even when the news of the virus reached New Jersey, they would still make the sandwiches perfect when the store was really busy.”

“The young ladies at the register are always friendly.”

Mary is always pleasant and friendly and the coffee is ALWAYS fresh and hot when she is in charge of the station. I’ve been going to this store for years and the staff is awesome!”

Mary is so pleasant. She’s always helpful and is always concerned for her customers.”

Team #27

“All the Team Members in this store are great. Checkout was pleasant and efficient, the shelves were fully stocked, and the store appeared to be clean and neat.”

“The Team Member was extremely nice and helpful. I had surgery on both hands the day I came in to get some soup. She was very concerned and helped me open everything (even the straw). I don’t know her name but I am truly thankful for her caring and compassion during a time when so many are struggling financially, emotionally, and even physically.”

Team #28

“Whenever you go in the store, Liky is happy, smiling, and pleasant. She always runs when the coffee buzzer goes off and then runs back to the register if the line is long. She’s always got a wet rag in her hand cleaning up the store. She’s like a huggable grandma. I’ve never seen her in a bad mood.”

Johnrae is always polite and a nice dude.”

“Good customer service.”

Team #29

“Regardless of when I walk into the store, Tatiana always has a pleasant smile and a warm welcome. We need more people like Tatiana in this world.”

Billy is awesome!!”

“This coffee Team Member is always willing to help with a smile. I will say a certain type of coffee is out and she comes right over with a smile! So friendly and nice. She goes above and beyond.”

Team #30

“One of the managers here is very respectful and doesn’t stop working. He is always on the move and always helpful. Thank you for your services.”

Team #31

Gail makes it her business to know my kids and treat us all like the most important people ever. She is the reason we go to QuickChek and not 7-11!”

Mayra always goes overboard to make sure customer needs are met. I would also recommend Anthony.”

“The Checkout Area Team Member was friendly, accommodating, and had great social distancing practices. The store was clean and clearly marked for COVID-19 precautions.”

Team #32

Winnie is always helpful and makes great sandwiches!”

Jose, out at the fuel pumps, is a really nice guy. He is friendly and, despite this virus mess, still always smiling.”

Winnie is always kind and courteous with a smile on her face. She is quick and accurate in all tasks!!”

Team #34

“The overnight Team  Member was very friendly and offered to make me a fresh pot of coffee. Despite everything going on and having to deal with rude customers, it is nice to see her still have a good attitude.”

Ted always has a smile and really makes an effort to have a quick conversation with customers. I love going when he is there. Kudos!!”

Ted is always helpful and cheerful – even in these times. Everyone in the store is exceptional!”

Team #35

Lara is friendly, helpful, and professional!”

Fuel Leader Dan always greets me warmly and with a smile. He provides excellent customer service.”

Dan is always personable, professional, and helpful. He is an employee that makes you want to come to this store for your gas.”

“I love our local QuickChek because of the people. The entire team at this store is always hardworking and friendly. It is truly a Great Place to Shop!!”

Dan, the Fuel Leader, works very hard.”

“All the Fuel Team Members at this store are very pleasant. They greet you and wish you a pleasant day. All service providers should take a lesson from this group!”

Team #37

“Great job, QuickChek. You are doing a great job during this crisis!”

Ariel went out of her way to make sure that I had the beer that I was looking for. She went into the cooler when I told her that there was none of my favorite beer on the shelf and she did so with smiles and jokes.”

Jason is friendly, caring, and goes above and beyond!”

“Thank you for being open for us.”

“Even during this crisis and reduced staffing, Courtney keeps the store running as normal. She is friendly and concerned that you are happy with your visit.”

Team #38

“I always go in for coffee and Angie sees me walk in and has my coffee ready as soon as I approach the coffee bar. That’s going beyond the call of duty.”

Chris has such care and consideration for her customers.”

“I go to many different QuickCheks and I see all the Team Members doing their part in this time of crisis. Hats off to all the people that work in your stores!”

“The Checkout Team Member was very polite even when customers were rude and the line was very long.”

Team #39

Rosie is always smiling and welcoming. She is a very warm person and I love to seer her when I go in.”

Ariel is always so helpful and offers great customer service.”

Adan is always helpful. He takes care of his store and all of his customers. Today, he was exceptionally caring and had words of encouragement on the recent world events. I feel safe coming in the store. Great guy!”

“I come in almost every day and the cashier is quick and always pleasant.”

“I got three cups of coffee and they were all watery! I felt terrible to keep asking but this Team Member went and brewed a whole new fresh pot. My fourth cup was perfect!”

Wahida is ALWAYS sweet, friendly, and helpful in every way. I look forward to seeing her daily.”

Team #40

“The cashier is always very kind, asks people how they’re doing, and strikes up conversation.”

Cheryl and Samantha are always helpful, friendly, and accommodating.”

Samantha is friendly, calming, and in control of the store. Other stores I’ve been in recently have been rather chaotic but Samantha has the store operating as normal under these unique circumstances. Thank you, QuickChek and Samantha!”

Anthony is so pleasant to everyone who walks in. He takes the time to say ‘hi’ and was happy!! You don’t see that now. It’s so nice to see a pleasant person working at a store.”

Cheryl always says ‘hello’ with a smile and she remembers everyone’s name!”

James was very helpful, answered all my questions about the sandwich I wanted, and even asked me about any allergies I may have. He suggested toppings for me and went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied with my purchase. He was a very friendly and respectful gentleman.”

Cheryl is always positive and knows all the customers. She’s friendly, helpful, and great at her job.”

“I go to the store every Sunday to pick up my wife’s papers. I normally order an egg sandwich with an espresso. Kelly is so alert and fast and asks me if I want my usual when I come in the door. I’m impressed with her memory. She must be an A student!”

Team #43

Dorit is always efficient, helpful, and has nice things to say. It is always a good day when I walk in and she says ‘hi’.”

Roger always puts a smile on my face! He’s always happy no matter the weather. A stop for gas and a few minutes with Roger is always a great way to start my day!”

“I frequent this QuickChek a few times a day. All of the employees are wonderful!”

LeighAnn always goes above and beyond and serves with a smile no matter what is going on. She’s always a great person to talk to. She definitely brightens my day.”

Mary always goes out of her way to acknowledge you, chat with you, and get to know you not only by what you are eating but your name!”

Roger is always polite and smiling. He is a pleasure to deal with and an asset to the store.”

Dorit is always pleasant in the mornings and helps start my day off right. She always has something nice to say. I miss her when I go in and she isn’t there.”

Mary is always helpful, smiling, and ready to help all. She is funny, too!”

“Every one of your employees at this QuickChek is amazing!”

Team #44

Sandy goes out of her way to make the perfect sandwich. She is personable and friendly and appears very loyal to the QuickChek community!”

Team #45

Sylvia is always very understanding.”

Team #49

Shante and her crew always go out of their way to help. The store is always clean while she is there. She is doing a great job.”

Team #50

“We are regulars at this store and Sean recognizes us as such. He is always super nice.”

Linda is the best! She always has a smile on her face and has really been a hero during the coronavirus.”

Team #51

Anna is cheerful and keeps her coffee department clean and organized. I look forward to seeing her in the morning.”

Christina is a super positive person who’s great with everyone. For me, though, she gets my peanut butter bagels every morning – neat and warm.”

Team #52

Harold always goes above and beyond for customers and ALWAYS with a smile all while making food and helping check out customers, if needed.”

“The ladies here have awesome personalities.”

Harold is always friendly and attentive to what I want. The other day, when I asked for a cup of coffee, I told him he didn’t need to put gloves on just to give me a cup of coffee, but he said he had to and put them on anyway.”

Team #53

“The Checkout Team Member was quick and efficient.”

“I’ve been a regular customer at this QC for several years and the entire staff, even through all of its changes, has always been excellent!! They’re efficient, friendly, and helpful. This is my favorite QC store!”

Hannah is very polite and helped me find the beverage I was looking for. All of the Team Members here are very nice.”

“Keep up the great work, QC!”

Team #57

“On weekend mornings when I’m on my way to work, Lisa always greets me with a smile. It’s just not the same when she is not there.”

Joe is always pleasant and, despite the long lines at times, always says ‘hello’.”

“This female Team Member is always caring and polite. She cares more than most employees in your industry.”

Team #59

Dee always has the time to say ‘hello’ and ask how you are doing. She is the employee that you want several of!”

Team #60

Omar ALWAYS goes above and beyond and recognizes and remembers me and my mother. He is as sweet as can be and we return just to see him!!! I used to work at TD Bank and would see him constantly. Now, I do not but I still make sure I go there to say ‘hi’ to him! He definitely deserves recognition… and then some!”

Omar, aka POPPY, is always happy and friendly!”

Team #61

Ivana always greets the customers with a warm greeting and a smile – even though we’re going through social distancing.”

Menka took extra care to make sure my breakfast order was prepared correctly.”

Team #63

“The female cashier has a great demeanor and attitude.”

Team #64

Dixa runs a great store. Before COVID-19, my husband and I were in the store almost daily and everyone always greets us with a smile and small talk. We stopped in this morning and the feeling was the same. Dixa and her Team Members greeted us warmly. Sierra, as always, was quick, efficient, and friendly. Dixa clearly creates a motivational and supportive environment. We have missed our mornings with her team since the pandemic hit.”

Dixa and the entire staff provide amazing customer service! They are always helpful. The coffee is always fresh and sandwiches are always made perfectly to order! This is the only QuickChek we will go to in town. The store is always clean and the staff is always friendly!”

Dixa is a caring and hardworking leader and David is a very hardworking young man.”

Joe is friendly, organized, hardworking, and super helpful. I’ve never met anyone at a convenience store whom I look forward to seeing. This is the cleanest, best-stocked, and organized store I’ve ever been in because of Joe and the night staff. He and Kevin set the store on the right path before the sun comes up. Joe is always in a good mood and helps start my day with a smile and a story. I feel like I’ve missed something on days Joe isn’t there to greet me! It’s obvious that he takes his job seriously and is proud of his work.”

Joe is always super friendly and radiates a positive attitude.”

Team #65

Erica is very helpful.”

Debbie is attentive, courteous, helpful, and pleasant. She does an outstanding job daily!”

Julio is always kind and happy.”

“There is a young man at this store who is always working and always polite. He puts a smile on people’s faces. Besides that, he is showing up every day to work during this terrible crisis. And I love his hair!”

Debbie is always pleasant and helpful if you need anything.”

Team #66

“I really do love your store!”

Khallia always has a smile and a kind word and goes out of her way to make sure that my favorite coffee (Hazelnut) is hot and ready.”

Tamara is always pleasant and she knows what I like to buy.”

“The Sunday morning cashier is always polite and has a smile on her face.”

Kaleda keeps the coffee dispensary fresh and full at all times.”

Team #67

“The store was exceptionally clean and organized. The restroom was very clean, too.”

“All of the Team Members at this store are helpful – especially when I mention something isn’t right in the store.”

Kathy always smiles and makes eye contact with her customers.”

“I am disabled and Store Leader Christina assisted me in getting what I needed and she helped me in and out of the store.”

“The entire staff at the Goshen QC is amazing! They are all super helpful, friendly, and encouraging! They are top-notch!”

“The new Team Member in the deli was very polite and cheerful and she made our orders perfectly.”

Team #68

Vickie always goes above and beyond for the customers (even before COVID-19). She is always very courteous, speedy with long lines, very witty, and charming.”

Joe works with his employees to make sure the store is running smoothly. He is friendly and easy to get along with. He’s a great boss.”

Team #69

Fuel Team Member Mike is always polite and provides efficient, immediate service. Mike has a long tenure and it’s nice to see a familiar face.”

“The entire team at this store should be recognized. They are always going out of their way to make my trip (gas, food, or coffee) a great one!!”

Charlene is always so personable.”

“All of the staff here is amazing. They are kind and caring and always step it up in times of community hardship. The other day when I was there, the staff were tired but still had smiles. They still took time for small talk and made everyone feel special. What an awesome team there!”

Fuel Team Member Alicia goes above and beyond expectations – especially during this trying time. She is always polite and considerate to the customers and helps with every little things they need.”

Team #70

“This is a busy store and they always seem so pleasant, helpful, and nice. It’s always a great visit here.”

Michael, Robert, Shana, and Danielle have done a real great job during this challenging time. They have all gone out of their way to keep life as normal as possible for their customers.”

“Everyone here is great, but Store Leader Robert always goes above and beyond. He works in every area, as needed.”

“Thank you for all your team does for its customers!!”

Team #73

“The new girl, Devon, is a hard worker.”

Tracy is amazing. My kids love seeing her and she brightens their day. She takes time to talk to my kids and ask them how things are going. She is AMAZING!”

Kim is a great person.”

Tracy is friendly, helpful and great to talk to. She always gets my order right.”

Debbie is a very good worker. She is able to handle late night customers that are difficult.”

Team #74

Pam is the personification of truly exceptional customer service. I frequently stop by the QuickChek and whenever I enter the store, Pam is at the register. She ALWAYS greets me with a warm and sincere ‘hello’! Pam is always more than happy to talk when I am at the register and even recommends the latest QC snacks (knowing I love snacks) that are being offered. I stop by various QuickCheks throughout my travels, but if I know Pam is working, I will go out of my way to stop by her store to guarantee a pleasant, efficient, and highly positive customer experience. Thank you, Pam, for all that you do!”

Pam is always so friendly to everyone. She remembers customers’ names and makes us feel like family.”

Kirk is very friendly and knowledgeable.”

Team #75

“I visit the Hazlet store seven days a week, year round. I watch the Team Members work during the brutal summer beach crowds, the snowstorms, and the new pandemic. The entire staff is dedicated, hardworking, and loyal. Each and every shift carries more than their weight. They are a TEAM.”

Donnie is always helpful and friendly.”

“I walk with a walker and whenever I order a sandwich, a gentleman from the deli brings it to me at my table. The workers are very nice and helpful in this store.”

Team #76

“The Team Members here are always kind to people.”

Victoria is unfailingly friendly and helpful – even early in the morning. She explains and answers questions in a pleasant way.”

“The young man working in the deli has a great attitude and manner about him.”

“The blond Team Member with glasses is always pleasant, was wearing PPE, and maintained all safety protocols. Thank you.”

Victoria maintains the store well.”

Team #77

Peggy is always smiling and helpful.”

“Every day, I come for gas and Leroy is always polite, kind, respectful, and helpful. He is genuine and an excellent employee. He is a true gem for QuickChek. In today’s day, you don’t see many employees who hold the kind of professionalism he shows to each customer.”

Peggy is consistently friendly and helpful. It is evident that she loves her job at QuickChek.”

“Everybody is great!!”

Peggy is always so cheerful, professional, and just a pleasure! She explained the new system of how to get coffee to me and I just can’t say enough about her. She’s awesome!! She always talks to the customer and is the epitome of great customer service.”

“I’ve come to Franklin QC many times and Leroy greets me with a smile. He is always a gentleman and helps me to my car if he is not busy with a customer and helps me get my bags in the car.”

Soli is always smiling, friendly, and a great worker.”

Team #78

Romy is highly motivated and always taking care of business – restocking, cleaning, and attending to customers’ needs.”

Lynda is always so pleasant and makes a mean sub!!! I like her cleanliness.”

Hope is always smiling, friendly, and outgoing – no matter what. She always takes the time to say ‘hello’. She know all the customers and makes everyone feel special.”

Amanda is very friendly and always helps out.”

Team #79

Karen is always bright and cheerful and goes out of her way for the customer.”

Chris is always helpful and very polite.”

Team #80

“There is a short, older woman who always makes my sandwiches and drinks right – every time, never fails!”

Team #81

“The Team Members in this store are wonderful. They work well as a team and everything looks nice and clean. The cashier with the lip piercing is always friendly when she sees me!”

Team #82

Maribel has gone that extra little bit numerous times and always has a smile on!”

Michelle is an outstanding Store Leader. My son works at this store and I see her go above and beyond not only for her customers but for her Team Members, as well. She is constantly hands-on and no matter how long her shift or how hard she worked, it’s always with a smile. She is awesome!”

Edith always makes you smile because she is always happy. Keep smiling and making your customers happy!”

Sona goes out of her way to make customers comfortable with all the changes in the store with no fountain drinks and no self-serve coffee. Her deli work is great and she listens to the customers.”

Store Leader Michelle works so hard at making the store great. I’m in there at least five times a week and she is always working hard with a kind word and friendly face!”

“This is a great, clean store. Everybody is really friendly!”

“The whole Woodbridge team is pretty amazing! There is a closer store to my home and I actually pass it and drive five minutes out of my way to go to Woodbridge.”

Team #84

Sonia and Maria are and have been attentive towards the patrons and very helpful in ensuring their needs have been met to the fullest. They are caring and super friendly with everyone who comes to the store.”

Saif is always helpful, knowledgeable, and well-dressed.”

“I love QuickChek!”

Maria is always so happy. You can’t help to smile when you see her. Considering the times we are dealing with, this woman is remarkable!”

“There is a very sweet, young lady who always does an amazing job when preparing food. She truly deserves to be recognized for her hard work. She is highly organized and adheres to food safety. Everything is on point.”

Team #85

“Great store! I’m very comfortable when in this store. All the Team Members are very nice. That’s why it’s my favorite.”

Angelina was very courteous and kind. She explained about the coffee being served by a Team Member and was very informative about how the store was making a difference. She’s very well-mannered. Two thumbs up for that young lady!”

Kim is always efficient and pleasant. She is one of the main reasons why I stop here.”

Crystal always has a smiling face and great customer recognition.”

Kim has been there as long as I remember – two or three decades. She has always been behind the register with a smile!”

“The entire QuickChek team is always helpful no matter what!”

Team #86

Lisa is the best Team Member I have seen in a long, long time. She’s always kind, always helpful, and always fun to talk to in the morning.”

Lisa goes above and beyond every morning for every customer! She makes everyone who enters the door feel like they are part of the QuickChek family. Haven’t seen someone like her at a convenience store in years!”

Lisa has been there for a long time and has always treated everybody in that store like family.”

“This is my new favorite store.”

“This store always goes above and beyond for its customers. God bless all of you. You won’t ever see me at 7-11!”

Lisa went out of her way to warm up the soup and find a Team Member to make my daughter’s sub. She was so nice and uplifting. She made my day! Especially with the climate in the world, we need more people like her to make us smile!”

Lisa is always pleasant and fast.”

Team #87

Sam is extremely pleasant! He greets me with a smile every time I enter the store. It’s nice to go to a store and see smiling faces! He also helped me check out using the self-checkout machine.”

Maryann is always friendly and very nice to the customers.”

Team #88

“All the Team Members here are very friendly.”

“There is a special needs Team Member who always provides excellent customer service.”

Team #90

Esther always has fresh coffee ready and always has a smile.”

Margaret is always friendly and helpful.”

Team #91

“When Sam works in the Food Service Area, he makes them quick and great. Sam is very sweet.”

Izzy is always pleasant and so hardworking.”

Mike, Sam, Joel, and Troy all go beyond their call of duty and always help out. They are very friendly and hardworking.”

Lupe has calm demeanor despite all this virus stuff.”

“I think that, during this time, all the Team Members are stepping up and doing a great job!”

Team #93

“The Friday night cashier is doing an amazing job at the store.”

Taylor works extremely hard and is an excellent worker. She is always king to me and to everyone. She is the best worker in the store!”

Casey goes out of his way making everything myself and my grandson need. He’s always pleasant when telling me the specials.”

Team #94

Pam is always pleasant and sincere.”

Team #95

Raquel is caring, LOVING, and completely dedicated to all things QuickChek!!!! She’ll stop what she’s doing and help you!!!! THIS IS A COMPLETE EMBODIMENT OF CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!”

Anthony goes above and beyond to be sure all guests in the store are treated professionally and are safe. He keeps the store clean and organized. He’s very professional at all times.”

Christopher is the most friendly, kind, caring person and anytime I need something, he’s quick and efficient. He is by far the best Team Member you have at this store.”

Jeffrey is so polite and professional. There is no way to measure it. He is always smiling and takes his job seriously. I look forward to seeing him whenever I stop in.”

Sonya goes out of her way to recognize me and say ‘hello’ anytime she sees me. She’s a very pleasant and nice person.”

Team #96

“I go here just about every day. The Team Members are always smiling. It makes me happy to shop here. The coffee and food are always fresh. They always have good attitudes. Especially this past month, it’s nice to be appreciated as a customer.”

George is friendly and efficient when working at the gas pumps.”

Kathi always has a smile on her face and is happy to assist when needed. She’s just great!”

“Keep up the great work!”

Team #97

Bruce always goes above and beyond. He’s very sweet and always has a smile on his face.”

“Being handicapped, I sometimes need some additional help and Giles is always there.”

“All of the Team Members in this location are wonderful. They are doing a great job during this crisis.”

Team #98

“The coffee is ALWAYS filled and the Coffee Host is always so cheerful and gives me a smile when I fill my cup.”

Dominic is always helpful and greets everyone with a big smile and a ‘hello’. He is very engaging and makes conversation with everyone so he can get to know the customers.”

“Thanks to all the staff at this location!”

“I go to all of your stores around town and the Store Leader here has the best running store in Middletown. She is always available for questions. Everyone who works in this location is always welcoming and very nice!”

Kim is always in the store and is very helpful because she recommends items.”

Team #99

“All the Team Members are great at the Rockaway store. They have gone above and beyond in the last couple of weeks.”

Tanya always says ‘Good Morning’ and is very friendly. She does a good job watching over the coffee bar and is always on top of things.”

“Your Coffee Host has a good attitude.”

“The entire team at the Rockaway store is kind and sweet.”

“The night Team Member in the deli is always kind and sweet! She knows me from my late night Cheesesteak Mac and Cheese!”

Tanya and Oscar show excellent customer service and are friendly and happy.”

Tanya is always smiling and always says ‘Good Morning’ and asks how you are doing. She keeps up with the coffee and always makes sure supplies are filled and the area is clean.”

Skye is both a sweetheart and a true QC pro!”

“QuickChek is doing an excellent job to help us through this crisis. Thank you for being open!”

Team #100

“There is a brunette Team Member I see every time I go to this store and she’s always doing so much – covering the front, making sandwiches, assisting other Team Members, and greeting customers with a friendly smile. Even despite the situation we all find ourselves in, her work ethic hasn’t changed and she’s always willing to help!”

Ashley always has the brightest smile – no matter how tough things seem to get. Walking into QuickChek and seeing Ashley’s smiling face makes our day just a bit brighter. A smile goes a long way. Thank you, Ashley!”

Kayla is very kind and professional.”

Team #101

“I see Joseph doing everything – sweeping the floor, stocking, making sandwiches, and the cash register. He is friendly and helpful to employees and customers. I even saw him pumping gas.”

Team #102

Cathy is always polite. One day, I was short 12 cents for a buttered roll and she told me to pay her the next time I came in. I am in the store every day. She is always helpful to customers.”

Mary is always polite. She always asks how you are and says ‘have a good night’. She leaves you feeling good.”

Mary is friendly to us and our autistic son.”

Mary is always upbeat and happy and everyone she waits on seems to know her. She’s such a joy and it really makes my day when she’s there!”

“The Assistant Store Leader here is always very helpful and her personality is wonderful.”

Jane offers great service.”

Team #103

Jamie really shines on every shift. During this time of crisis, she has been the steadying force at store #103 – facing every issue head on and dealing with it fairly to all Team Members and trying at the same time to keep the calm.”

Richard is kind, caring, and great with people relations. He represents your store with dignity! Customers love him.”

Jamie is always polite, respectful, and helpful.”

Team #105

“Though this store location is small, it gives a big feeling. Great staff!”

Steve has an ongoing support with many of the customers coming and going in the morning in Piscataway. Whether the Yankees, Rutgers football, or observations about the neighborhood, Steve helps create a hometown feeling.”

Steve is always pleasant, always has a smile on his face, and tries to make you laugh.”

Janeth and Steve are wonderful people. Janeth is always cheery with a very polished and professional appearance. She’s also very kind. Steve is the keyston of this store. He’s wonderful and we always talk about Pokemon. :)”

“I’ve been visiting this location for 20 years. Though I don’t see Steve every time, whenever I do we have pleasant conversation. I admire Steve for always having a positive outlook. He, along with your coffee, are the best way I can thin of starting my work day.”

Steve is awesome!”

Team #106

“Before Sam was transferred to South Bound Brook, she was so supportive and helpful with my order. She was exceptionally courteous and fun! Her orders were ALWAYS accurate and she made the BEST pork roll and cheese ever!!!! If I made a mistake with my order, she would know as soon as she got it and would tell me. She brightened my mornings every day and I have missed her since she left. She was not just a great employee, she was a great person!!!!”

Debbie cares a lot!”

Deb is always so nice and helpful. I was struggling carrying too much and she saw and went and got me a basket. She makes it a pleasure to visit the store.”

Team #108

Eugene is always friendly and is a nice face to see.”

Mary, the Coffee Host, is kind, caring, friendly, efficient, and a true ambassador for the store!!! She should be recognized as your model employee.”

Eugene is always happy and attentive.”

Team #109

Derrick is a very pleasant person who is always helpful.”

Max has done a fantastic job during the pandemic of remaining calm and sharing that level of comfort with his customers. What is likely an anxiety-provoking trip for many customers, especially the elderly or at risk, is made laid back and comforting for the customers in the Florida store. Max’s cool head is admirable and helps set the right tone for each customer as they enter. He deserves accolades for his ability to make the Florida QC feel like a safe destination in the midst of struggling times for all.”

Derrick is exceptionally courteous and friendly.”

“The Florida QuickChek is well-managed and the most pleasing of all of your locations to visit.”

Steve goes above and beyond every day to care for his workers. I have seen him walking miles to get to work – which is a lot considering his age. He is an inspiration and deserves to be rewarded for his dedication to QuickChek!”

Max is always friendly and professional. He has a nice disposition and is always positive.”

Team #110

“The Store Leader always addresses customers with a smile – especially now with the COVID-19 outbreak.”

Team #111

“The Middle Eastern Team Member is always polite, helpful, and very welcoming. He is kind, caring, and courteous to all. I’ve never met anyone as nice as him. He is the nicest person you could ever meet.”

“The overnight crew is extremely helpful.”

Team #113

“The early morning cashier is always friendly and focused on service.”

“Before and after everything going on in the world, Alex is there. He’s always done an amazing job.”

Regina is a great Food Service manager. She is quick to make sandwiches and gets people out quickly so they don’t clutter near the counter. Suzi is a good cashier. She’s very friendly and always smiling – especially at a time like this. Store Leader Vinny has a great staff. He was the best thing to happen to that store.”

Rose is friendly and helpful.”

“The whole store is great and polite. It’s a place you want to go.”

Rita has a great sense of humor and is very kind. She was such a great help when I got sick in the store. She even stayed with me until the EMTs came. She deserves recognition for her great job.”

Regina has excellent customer service and attention to cleanliness and detail. She is polite, friendly, and cheerful. She always greets customers and gives well wishes on their departures.”

John, who works the overnights, is always pleasant with a smile, always nice, and helpful.”

Team #114

“Before this virus lock down, I bought four pounds of coffee. People were buying toilet paper but not me. I had to make sure I had your coffee – fresh blend, yum.”

Laura always makes sure the coffee is fresh. She is always caring. If coffee is not available, she will make it. The cashier always has a friendly smile. She will leave the register, when possible, to make my coffee or buttered roll. They are all great.”

Theresa is friendly and goes out of her way to get you anything you need. She helps out all the new employees. She’s always asking me how I am or how my night is going.”

“The Checkout Area Team Member is always friendly. She doesn’t have to be nice but she is. Other Team Members in the store are nice, too.”

Team #115

“I don’t know all of the employees’ names but I know most of the morning crew because for YEARS QC has been where I stop off midday for coffee. Genesis is always friendly, kind, and helpful. She does a great job. I have not been going in much since the virus, and I miss my morning coffee stop.”

“The young lady at the counter is very personable and welcoming.”

Team #117

Bianca always goes above and beyond.”

“The lady who works in the morning has great customer service.”

“The older blond Team Member is so kind and friendly.”

Team #118

Alexander is always helpful and always has a great attitude.”

Team #119

“Thank you for being open for essential workers and consumers who need the basics. Please have your employees stay safe and healthy at this tragic time in our lives.”

“The Store Leader is always nice and friendly.”

“The whole staff at this store is amazing. They are always kind and helpful during the four years we’ve been going to this store.”

“This gentleman used to work in the Parlin store before it closed. He is always pleasant and polite. He provides excellent customer service whether behind the register or in the deli. He is the main reason I frequent this QuickChek!”

Team #120

Ryan is very patient and extremely helpful at this time. He makes me feel at ease. Every time I am in your store and see him, he always has a smile on his face and is so polite.”

Team #122

Matt remembers my name. He knows I work a grueling job as an EMT. When I was in paramedic school, he always made sure I was eating and taking care of myself during a demanding schedule and working full time. He knows how I take my custom drink and makes it perfect each time. He has become family – especially during COVID-19. He always checks in and makes sure I am okay. Where else do you get that? Nowhere! Only right here. He is a huge asset to this store and when I am in darkest of days from my job, he makes me always laugh. I need that. He is truly an unsung hero!”

Lydia is professional yet friendly and she always keeps the coffee area clean and well-supplied.”

Team #123

“At the Highlands location, everyone is very helpful, including the Store Leader. Emma, however, stands out. She greets everyone with a smile and ‘how can i help you?’.”

Marsha is always awesome.”

Christina is always positive and friendly. Everyone there is great.”

Team #124

“All the ladies and gentlemen on 38th Street are the nicest in the worst of this pandemic!”

Marquitta goes over and beyond her call of duty. She always has a pleasant smile and friendly mannerisms. She gets you out quickly but so friendly. She truly cares and is an asset!”

“I needed help getting to my car as I am handicapped. Alexandria helped me with my packages. You need more people like her who care about others and are willing to help at their own risk.”

Team #125

“I went in to get some soda. I was standing in line and watching Tammi as she was so friendly and nice. It really brought a smile to my face.”

Tammi was very nice and friendly and had a smile on her face. Everybody else around was looking so down because of COVID-19 and she was just as happy and smiling and I was pleased with her service.”

Carol makes sure the deli is clean and everything is stocked for the day. She always helps customers if they need help. She’s always willing to do whatever it takes to make the customer feel comfortable.”

Team #126

“I came in because I needed milk and juice. Dominic immediately went to the back of the cooler and hunted down some items that were not on the shelves. He makes extra effort.”

Melissa is always pleasant and professional.”

Mike is a hard worker and wants to please customers.”

Octavio is always working extremely hard and goes beyond his duty to make a great sub and keep the customers moving so they don’t wait long.”

“Thank you to all of your workers for showing up and keeping the store going.”

Octavio works very hard and is very pleasant! He is an asset to your company!”

Shafi does everything and with a caring attitude!”

Team #127

“There is a kind, older lady who makes coffee in the morning. She always goes out of her way to recognize patrons daily! She always say ‘good morning’. She’s excellent.”

“The cashiers on the front lines dealing with customers all day deserve special credit and recognition.”

Team #129

“There’s an older Team Member who always gets it right. She’s friendly, recognizes me, and knows I ask for cucumbers on the side before I say it. I like her attitude.”

Paige is a hardworking employee. She’s always upbeat and has a smile for me. She got extra muffins from the freezer for me as there were not enough on the shelf.”

“The Assistant Store Leader contrives to strive for quality and good customer service through these tough times.”

“Everyone at #129 is great! When the menu changed, Paige was able to help me order my former Tuscan Veggie Melt. Everyone there knows me and knows me by my sandwich! Thanks, Paige and team!”

“Everyone at store #129 is fantastic!”

Team #130

“I ordered two hoagies and Carley went out of her way to make sure they were exactly what I wanted. She even suggested that they would taste better toasted. Her work area is exceptionally clean and neat.”

Jessica is very friendly and helpful.”

“Thank you to all the QuickChek employees! God bless them!!”

Team #131

Raykisha is one of the most polite people that I know. I come in specifically on the overnight shift because I know it’s her that’s working and I know I can expect a pleasant experience. She is very efficient, hardworking, and is always cleaning and stocking.”

Anita has a great personality and is very upbeat. She makes everyone who walks through the door feel special.”

“The cashier always has wonderful and warm greetings for you in the morning. I appreciate it because it gets my day off to a bright and positive start. We all need that – especially in times like these.”

Team #133

Marlene and Cynthia recognize me when I walk into the store and always ask me how my morning is going.”

Marlene is very helpful, kind, and friendly.”

Amanda is always polite and cleaning the counters.”

“They are all amazing!!! This is the best store ever! They are willing to help and are always smiling no matter how the day is.”

Sue makes every visit special with a great smile and genuine care.”

Dean is a very kind man.”

Team #134

Charles is efficient, knowledgeable, caring, and helpful. He has a nice smile and he keeps the line moving while making all the customers feel special. He makes coming to QuickChek a special time in my day.”

Carol goes above and beyond. She never sits still. She is constantly cleaning. This woman is the backbone of the store. She greets everyone with a smile and a ‘hello’. This is exactly the kind of employee you want in your store.”

Carol refilled my gas card very quick and was very pleasant with a smile.”

Team #135

“There’s an older Fuel Team Member who always seems to be there and he’s always smiling. He’s super nice and friendly. He always greets you in a friendly manner and is quick and professional. I always look to see if he’s working and then head to his pump. He’s a great example of a super employee!”

Team #136

Garrett knows exactly what I need before I even ask. He’s always polite and he’s great with everyone. He is absolutely the best.”

Tyrone, Tim, and Brenda are good workers and always take care of what we need. They are always friendly which is nice for regular customers.”

Allison is always happy no matter what. She is super pleasant to everyone.”

Mike, the Fuel Team Member, is always working hard and multi-tasking.”

Brenda is probably the nicest person I know. She is friendly and knows what her customers want before they even ask. She always makes me smile.”

Tim is always kind to all the customers. Besides being friendly, he is always polite and a gentleman.”

“All the staff at this location are great – manager Tyrone, Brenda, Mike, and Garrett.”

Team #137

Anna is always very friendly and welcoming. She makes coming here all that much more special.”

Team #138

“The Checkout Team Member Susan greeted me with a much needed smile. She was very welcoming! Employees like Susan help us get through this.”

Team #139

Courtney knows what coffee I want when I come to the counter and she gets it for me without me having to say anything. Keep up the good work!”

Bonita always goes above and beyond when we come in the store. She is always so friendly and welcoming and she always asks us what she can help with and answers any of our concerns. She’s a very pleasant young girl.”

Store Leader Donna is always running to help everyone. She is a great manager.”

Bonita is friendly and goes out of her way to help.”

Cody always helps people at the gas pump including putting air in tires, holding doors for customers, talking to them, and asking if anyone needs help. Even if the job is not at the pump, he gets to know everyone who comes through the station. He always has a bright smile and we look forward to seeing him when we go get gas. He is just so nice to everyone and will help with anything!”

“We appreciate everyone at the Washington store. It’s always clean and organized and the staff is willing to help with a great attitude!”

Phen takes awesome care of all the customers. She always makes everyone feel important. She has the cleanest work area, too. She is always smiling and I look forward to seeing her every day!”

Bonita always has a smile, is helpful, and engages in conversation.”

Peggy always has a smile on and is willing to help in any situation. She represents QuickChek well.”

Michelle is kind, friendly, helpful, and efficient.”

Team #140

“There’s a young woman who is always friendly, polite, and helpful.”

Jorge has maintained his pleasant and cooperative personality through all of this stuff that the store has been going through.”

“The Fuel Team Member always has a smile, gives a greeting, and says ‘thank you’.”

Team #141

Rachel is always engaging and has a pleasant personality.”

Chrissi is always helpful, cheerful, and upbeat. She’s always doing something – never just standing around. I would hire her in a minute.”

“Thank you, QuickChek, for helping the community to cope during this tragic time in American and the world.”

“Everyone in the store gives off a warm, family feel that is appreciated.”

“The Lake Grove store is always nice, clean, well-stocked, and the employees are great.”

Deborah is consistent in her calm, friendly manner. She is a hard worker.”

“I would love to acknowledge ALL of the employees at the Lake Grove location for their outstanding dedication to the community as well as their work commitment during this scary and uncertain time of COVID-19.”

Deborah is always there with a big smile and a warm greeting. It is a pleasure to see her every day.”

John is always there when I go in. He is dedicated, friendly, and fast. I applaud the QuickChek staff for putting themselves in harm’s way.”

Melanie is very caring.”

“The staff is always friendly. I appreciate all of your e-mails, surveys, and free treats. It proves to me that you care about your organization and your staff! Thank you!”

“The employees of this store are always cheerful, helpful, and work well together.”

Team #142

“The Shift Leader here is always helpful, polite, and smiling.”

Team #143

Leann is so customer-oriented. She really cares for QuickChek and her customers. But, let’s not forget AJ, Dennis, John, Jayden, Kathy, Greg, and Victor. They are all great people.”

“The sandwich crew is always helpful, kind, and conscious of my special requests. Thank you, QuickChek, for vegetarian options!”

“I’ve been shopping at this location since it was built. I feel like I need to go there every morning for my coffee and breakfast because this staff makes you feel like family. Sofia is always friendly and she says ‘good morning’ every day. I’ve never seen her in a bad mood!!”

Team #144

“The cashier is always friendly.”

Jen always greets customers with a smile and is very helpful to other Team Members and customers. The store has a great staff.”

“The Store Leader was helpful when I asked to scan the code during my coffee purchase. He was helpful, patient, and asked if I needed any assistance.”

“The Store Leader is great!”

“South Bound Brook’s whole staff is really polite and helpful and the store is always clean. We frequent there very often for coffee, sandwiches, and gas. Thank you!!”

“The cashier provides exceptional service. She’s friendly, sincere, and welcoming. She makes you glad to be there. She also knows all the products and knows how to work the quirks in the automatic check-out scanner. Her service is delivered in a personal, upbeat, and cheerful manner.”

Team #145

Erica is truly awesome! She is always smiling and extremely helpful.”

Denzel is polite, friendly, and an asset to QuickChek. It is such a pleasure to see a young man so respectful and hardworking. Denzel deserves recognition for a job well done every day to your customers!”

Cathy is always pleasant and helpful! She remembers customers and is always interacting with people! She is a total asset!!”

Pete is always a welcoming smile when I come in and he is willing to help whenever he can.”

Erica is friendly and helpful and offers positive, upbeat chatter.”

Team #146

“The girl behind the sandwich area and who puts the breakfast sandwiches out is always so friendly and bubbly! She always says ‘hello’ to all the customers every morning. She sings, too, and has a great personality! When she’s not making breakfast, she’s cleaning and wiping things down.”

Diana is extremely concerned about preparing sandwiches but she’s always smiling.”

“The special needs worker at the register is always a nice and pleasant person to deal with. He is always smiling. The whole staff is friendly.”

Alex is good. He’s always cleaning up.”

Team #147

Michelle knows everyone and is extremely pleasant.”

John is a terrific manager and he’s a very nice guy. He treats his employees in a professional manner and is terrific and very helpful to his customers.”

“The Store Leader is running the store professionally and properly.”

“The Food Service Team all deserve recognition. They are pleasant, responsive, and courteous – like they normally are without worrying about the pandemic.”

Fuel Team Member Andrew is always polite and kind. He’s always in a good mood and happy to serve us.”

Team #148

Christina always greets me and my husband with a smile when we come in. She takes the time to offer a smile and happy words to everyone she meets and makes sure the coffee urns are refreshed, as needed, and the dairy bar is clean and stocked. It’s obvious she takes pride in her work and she deserves to be recognized for her efforts!”

Nadja is 70 years old and working during this crisis! She is going above and beyond the call of duty!”

Gabrielle is always so pleasant and very helpful. She took the time to show me how to work the credit card machine. She’s welcoming and always has a smile.”

Christina always does her job well and with a smile. She also takes the time to remember and acknowledge regular customers. She is kind and does her job super well.”

“The young man at the fuel pumps deserves special recognition for doing his job with a smile. He is always polite and does his job with professionalism.”

Team #150

“The female Team Member who works the register on the overnight is a solid worker. She’s friendly and always on top of things.”

“The older cashier is always nice and polite!”

“All of the Team Members at this store are very nice.”

Team #151

“I would like to thank Rich, Randi, and Tara. Through these unfortunate days we are all going through, all of them still smile and make me feel comfortable. Thank you ALL!”

Dan always goes above and beyond. He knows my regular choices and has them ready for me.”

Dan always goes out of his way to be helpful and cheerful which is especially appreciated in these dismal times. He makes my checkout a breeze, too!”

“I love my local Howell QuickChek! I appreciate everyone so much. The store is always super clean and well-stocked.”

Team #152

Mechele is a hard worker and a friendly, caring, person. She keeps her area spotless at all times.”

Tiffany is so helpful.”

Team #153

“There’s a Shift Leader with long black hair who is always friendly and nice.”

Austin always serves with a smile and asks how we are.”

Team #154

“The Store Leader is so friendly, welcoming, and cheerful despite how crazy it is outside.”

Team #155

“Everyone who works in this store is always pleasant and helpful!”

Dee always goes above and beyond every day.”

Fuel Team Member Jeff is always pleasant to everybody and works real hard.”

John is very polite and helpful.”

Team #156

“Thank you for always keeping your stores clean. Much appreciated. Please be safe and healthy during this time.”

Mike and Ana, at the Mt. Arlington store, are a pleasure to see and talk to. They are a great asset to your company.”

Andrew is attentive and accurate with the coffee orders. He does a great job.”

“The entire inside team is exceptional from day one when you first opened that location! They are all very helpful and ask if you are looking for something specific and if they can help! Everyone seems to work really well with each other! Keep up the great customer service, Team Mt. Arlington!!”

“Regardless of the situation, day, or experience, the male cashier is always welcoming and pleasant. I wish I knew his name!! He was so thoughtful to an older adult who had difficulty getting his payment method ready, which held up the line. He was so considerate and we all knew that this was the type of generosity you want to see… always!”

Mike is always a  pleasure to see when I go there! He’s very helpful!”

“Every time I see Mike, he is running around like a crazy person from one task to the next. I’ve honestly never seen a harder working person and he always has a smile on his face!”

Team #157

“Every time I am in the store, Stephanie always has a sense of urgency. Whether it’s keeping the coffee stocked or helping at the registers or the counter, she works hard and does a good job.”

“I think Myriam is the hardest working person in the store. She is behind the register, she stocks the shelves, she cleans the floor, and that is just what I’ve seen her do. She is wonderful with customers and will go out of her way to help someone.”

“All employees at this location provide pleasant service. I have never had an issue with poor customer service here. That makes it an always joyful experience.”

Team #159

Laurie is always friendly and helpful. She is considerate and always asks about my health and that of my family. She is a truly wonderful employee.”

Laurie always goes the extra mile to help and she always remembers my name which is impressive!”

Ed takes the time to check items for customers. He is friendly and personable. All your employees at the Route 23 location do an excellent job.”

Laurie has a smile on her face and welcomes me every time I come in and she knows me by name.”

Laurie is always willing to help everyone. She is always friendly.”

Team #160

“Everyone at this store is just wonderful!!! I’ve never seen a cleaner, more organized store in my life. Kudos to everyone there including the gas pump attendants. They are the most polite and helpful staff.”

Cody, Sue, Darlene, and Mike are friendly and helpful. We love visiting this location. The people are awesome!”

Rebecca made us feel safe when in the store.”

“I go a couple of times a week and Rebecca always has a smile even with COVID-19 stress she still manages to smile.”

Adrianna works long hours and comes in when she is not scheduled. She is very nice and always has a smile on her face. She goes out of her way to search for the products I need.”

Mike, Sue, Darlene, and Cody are all super friendly and they keep the store clean and neat.”

Team #162

Ivan is working every day and he always has a smile and an energetic vibe to him that makes your mood go from so-so to I can do this.”

Edward is great with people and very respectful and gives 110%. He is an all-around great guy.”

Fuel Team Member Jan is always friendly and has a smile even on bad weather days.”

Team #164

Chris is a hard worker.”

Christine is kind, compassionate, and helpful – even under all the stress of this crazy time. All of the employees are great, Christine just happens to stand out to me.”

Alfred always treats me like I am the most important person in the store. I am sure he treats all the customers like this. He is an important asset to your Bethpage store.”

Chris is always friendly even though this is a stressful time.”

Nicole always smiles and keeps a good attitude during these crisis times. Go, NICOLE!”

Alfred is polite and friendly.”

“All the employees at this store are friendly and helpful.”

Team #166

“The young man that works at the register is the most polite, respectful, and helpful employee at this location.”

Michele is always happy and welcoming. It’s a nice store.”

Dave always has a great attitude.”

Team #168

Dalia Maria makes good sandwiches.”

“When I order lunch during the week, the ladies at the deli counter are quick, polite, and helpful.”

Team #169

Grace always makes my visit so pleasurable and she is so friendly.”

Gail has a beautiful laugh and really friendly, welcoming personality. She makes you feel special. People come to the store specifically to see and say ‘hello’ to Gail.”

Anthony remembers what you order and gives you coupons and game cards if you come in a lot. He is very polite and helpful.”

Team #170

Herb (who works the fuel pumps) is ALWAYS kind and greets you with a smile. He is willing to help and washes the windows. He is an all around good guy.”

Lou always has a smile and is helpful above and beyond. He takes pride in his work and encourages others to do the same.”

Gina goes out of her way to make my shopping experience amazing.”

Craig is always willing to help a customer. He’s very friendly and very courteous.”

Team #171

Karen is always kind, helpful, and professional. She always has a smile on her face. I often have trouble with my app since it was updated and she has tried to help.”

Tina is absolutely a pleasure every morning. She laughs and jokes with the customers, knows them all by name, and always makes you feel like family. Tina is the reason I go there for my coffee every morning. Karen is also super personable and is always so nice to the customers!”

Tina is an exceptional employee and should be recognized for her outgoing personality and for making everyone smile in the morning. She can cheer you up on your worst day!”

“I’ve known Tina and Karen for a long time. I see them every day. I can see how hard they work. They are like family. Keep up the great work.”

Victor offers great service. He has the personal touch and he makes a great sandwich.”

Karen is ALWAYS pleasant and remembers my name. Leslie is also great!”

Team #172

Jose always has a smile on his face – especially in tense, tough times. He is always willing to help and he is upbeat.”

“Your Coffee Host has a great attitude, is very polite, and is all smiles.”

“Great store, great staff.”

“You have a lovely Team Member with dark hair who usually runs the register. She is warm, hospitable, and makes a point of knowing even a quick, weekly customer like me. She is so helpful and friendly and sets a tone that makes you want to stop by whenever you are nearby. I think she positively influences others who work there because, overall, the store is excellent and very positive-spirited.”

Team #173

Charlene is very hardworking.”

Team #174

Starlin has a sweet personality.”

“The Coffee Host is always smiling, cleaning, and answered my question on the new special coffee flavor.”

“Beautiful store.”

Team #175

Michael is one of the nicest people on the planet. He always says ‘hello’ when I walk in his store, is attentive to everyone I see him working with, and genuinely makes my day when I see him.”

“The Team Member provided excellent service, wonderful attitude, and was very helpful.”

Maryann is always helpful, friendly, and remembers to ask if I scanned my coffee perks for the day.”

Missy, Maryann, Ruth, and Sam are very pleasant people. They are always on top of their sections, customer satisfaction comes first, and it’s always done with a smile.”

“I’ve been going to this store every day for almost a year and it’s my favorite store. The other morning, Sam took time out of his busy schedule to make sure the store was completely clean and sanitized. Everything was spotless and it made me feel happy about being an essential employee because I was welcomed in the store with open arms. It makes you feel happy when a store and an employee cares about the safety of their customers.”

Sam is a great leader and always pleasant.”

Team #178

“Someone I was with wanted a soda from the fountain machine and it was not working. We were just going to leave but Todd tried several times to fix it and when that didn’t work, he got us a cup of ice and a soda from the cooler section and said it was on him. He also always has a good mood and a positive personality that is contagious.”

“The cashier was super friendly and had a smile despite everything that’s going on.”

Team #179

Tony is very helpful and greets you when you come inside. I go there a lot and he is always there to help anyone.”

Pat is always happy, smiling, and treats customers like part of your family.”

“The store is always clean when Tony is there. He was cleaning and told me that he cleans the store every half hour to keep everyone safe from COVID-19. Pat is also very helpful and polite.”

Team #181

Emily always has a smile on her face and a great attitude towards her customers.”

Brian is a hard worker and makes sure the job gets done.”

“All the employees at this location are the GREATEST – the fuel attendants, the sandwich-makers, and the cashiers! They all ALWAYS SMILE!!! Since this location opened, all my trips have been EXCEPTIONAL!”