Being accident-free is essential to being a Great Place to Work and a Great Place to Shop. In the past year, we boosted our focus on this in several ways:

  1. The new online accident reporting system streamlines and accelerates the process, increasing our ability to respond and investigate swiftly. A big “THANK YOU” to those teams who used the new system and got their accidents reported within 24 hours!
  2. “Days Without Accidents” boards are now posted and visible to all Team Members. Your store team should be proud as the number of days without accidents increases each week. Safety is everyone’s responsibility and remaining aware of the goal maintains focus and keeps the number of accident-free days going up!
  3. Safety Captains keep a watchful eye to ensure that conditions in our stores are safe for Team Members and customers. Safety Captains and their store teams also generate great ideas to keep people safe. Keep the tips coming in! Each quarter the Team Member who submitted the best safety tip will receive $50 in QC Rewards points!
  4. This year at TCD Weekend, over 20 stores were recognized for being accident-free for one year. Way to Go! We expect that number to double this year as everyone stays alert and works to be accident-free every day.

Great job and keep a focus on safety!

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