Taking out the Trash – Safely!

Garbage is a workplace feature that everyone has – and it brings potential safety hazards with it. One of the many ways that safety comes into play when dealing with garbage removal is simply due to negligence. Many times people underestimate the dangers that exist when emptying the trash bins and open themselves up to easily avoidable injuries.

Next time it is your turn to take out the trash, think safety first! Here are some tips to help!

  • Always wear gloves when handling garbage.
  • To prevent injuries due to heavy bags, place a false bottom (i.e. a cardboard box) at the bottom to manage weight.
  • Tie and remove bags before they are full – don’t wait until they are overflowing!
  • Never push down garbage with your hands – this could result in impaling your hand on unseen objects.
  • Test the bag weight before attempting to carry it which could result in a back strain.
  • Always lift with both hands. This will stabilize the load and protect your wrists.
  • When removing trash, scan the contents and the surface for sharp or pointy objects.
  • Minimize the amount of lifting done above the shoulders by using a step stool or ladder to throw bags into a dumpster.

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