Way to Go, continued

Way to Go, Store #97:
Amy Makes Things Right!

I was accidentally given the wrong order and didn’t realize it until I left one of your stores. I was unable to turn around to go back. I came upon your Sparta, NJ store and asked Store Leader Amy if she would be able to correct the mistake. She jumped right on it with a great attitude! This made all the difference and the food was delicious! Thanks for your help! – A Very Happy Customer

Way to Go, Store #78:
Lookman Saves the Day!

Team Members at your Fanwood, NJ store are always happy and helpful. In particular, Lookman was extremely helpful to me the other evening. I live across the street from your store and accidentally locked myself out of my home! I didn’t have my keys or my phone! Lookman graciously let me borrow his phone to call a friend who had an extra set of my keys. Lookman saved the day! – A happy customer

TCD Roundup:

#32: Best store, always clean and neat. Very friendly Team Members and I love the coffee!
#51: Sandwiches and coffee always fresh! Your Crew and Gas Attendants are always pleasant.
#51: Extremely nice people here! Even when I don’t feel happy, they always put a smile on my face!
#80: Your whole store is so customer service oriented. It’s a pleasure to shop here!
#93: Excellent service at all Bayonne locations!
#95: Excellent service at all Bayonne locations!
#124: Excellent service at all Bayonne locations!
#99: Crew is great and service is excellent! Store is well-stocked! You have in everything I need!
#102: Mella is one of the most professional and genuinely nicest Team Members!
#106: Very nice Team Members; very helpful and very kind! Keep up the great work Kym and Masias!
#109: Team is always pleasant, from early in the morning to past midnight. Sandwiches are great!
#114: Always a good experience here! This area needed you! Keep up the awesome work!
#137: This store has the best customer service and great sandwiches. Best I’ve had in a long time.
#141: Your store is a must-go-to everyday! Thanks for all you do and for being in the neighborhood!

Way to Go, Store #136:
Heather Gets Thumbs Up in Cheerfulness!

I can go anywhere for my daily coffee and gas but enjoy going to your Jackson, NJ store to receive a cheerful “Good Morning” to start my day! Simple gestures go a long way at my age. I’m also very impressed by Heather, the Store Leader! I give her thumbs up! – Brenda

Way to Go, Store #156:
Christian and the Team are Appy to Help!

Tonight was my first time placing an order using your app at your Mt. Arlington, NJ store. The process was simple and the crew was efficient, friendly and helpful; what teamwork! It’s awesome to see them work together! I was also delighted to find Christian working behind the counter. He provided me with assistance navigating the app for the coupons and ordering in an efficient and informative way. His manner is always pleasant, patient, and courteous. This new app and your excellent Team will ensure my continued patronage of this facility. – Alexandra

TCD Roundup:

#10: Awesome experience at this store! Everyone is so helpful and worked as a team! I’ll be back!
#15: Michelle is always so thorough and always makes sure the customers are pleased!
#21: Very professional and courteous! The deli food and soups are top shelf and very economical!
#58: Frank is so nice, courteous and helpful. I keep coming to this store because of him!
#65: I visit this location daily. The crew is awesome and coffee is the best! Thumbs up!
#68: Crystal is very polite and so friendly! Never makes customers feel rushed. WHAT A PLEASURE!
#74: Reno, Kim and Eneyda are wonderful. Eddy is very professional, pleasant and customer oriented!
#80: Always friendly and helpful; especially when it comes to having my first cup of joe in morning!
#100: I stop here every day for coffee. This store is always clean, tidy and well organized!
#103: These folks are doing a great job providing great products! They work hard – show ’em love!
#115: Great staff here!

Way to Go, Store #51:
Dominic Shows that Smiles Are Contagious!

Way to Go, Store #12:
Dawn for Ambassador!
Dawn is a wonderful ambassador for QC! Each time I’m at your Bedminster, NJ store, she is always pleasant and personable. She makes each customer feel important while not spending needless time chatting. She doesn’t waste a single motion and moves long lines quickly while displaying a light-hearted, but completely professional sense of humor. Don

Way to Go, Store #99:
Skye, Kelly and Crew Serve ‘Coffee and Compliments!’

It’s always a pleasure stopping by your Rockaway, NJ store for morning ‘Coffee & Compliments’ with Team Member Skye. Team Member Kelly keeps the coffee ready! She knows that my Hazelnut will run out the second I am in the store and she always has a backup waiting. Everyone is so pleasant and it feels like a quick visit to family. Keep up the good work! – Lisa

Way to Go, Store #142:
Feels Good To Be A Good Neighbor!

Your North Brunswick, NJ store looked great on opening day and the service was even better! Looking forward to visiting again soon! So grateful that we have a QuickChek in our backyard! – Mr. Pearson

Way to Go, Store #140:
Greg Delivers Burrito Bliss!

I was recently in your Bordentown, NJ store for lunch. Team Member Greg Byrd was working the deli and I asked him to surprise me with a creation. He made me the best burrito I’d ever had! He nicknamed his creation ‘the Byrd’ special. I also want to commend Jason and Bill, they are both always so happy and delightful. – Melinda

Way to Go, Stores #73 and 140:
Great Place to Work = Fun Place to Shop!

I love the friendly banter back and forth between the Team Members at both your Bordentown and Hamilton, NJ stores. It always makes me smile, and makes this a really fun place to shop! – Melinda

TCD Roundup:

#32: Crew is very nice and always ready to help!
#82: Want to recognize Gloria, Angelo, Holly and Pedro for their great customer service and friendliness!
#83: Everyone is so very friendly!

Way to Go, Store #51:
Dominic Shows that Smiles Are Contagious!

When I visited your Perth Amboy, NJ store, Team Member Dominic was so helpful! I didn’t know how to order the food and he explained it to me in detail. He’s a very polite young gentleman whose smile goes a long way! I wasn’t smiling when I walked in, but I sure was when I walked out! His kindness and ability to make a great sandwich made my day! Can’t wait to visit again. – Trish

TCD Roundup:

February 23, 2017 TCD Roundup:
#27: I love QC! The Team Members are so friendly and helpful!
#90: The coffee is always fresh and on point! This crew works hard and it shows! Love you all!
#93: Nelly and her crew are great! Their friendliness and hard work keep me coming back!
#98 Smiling Team Members! They seem to really enjoy their work! Keep up the great job!
#109: Just wanted to say thank you to my morning crew! They are the best!
#143: The Team Member who made my sandwich definitely made it with love! Wonderful!
#159: Stopped in to pickup a gift card today and play the lottery. Crew is extremely pleasant and fast.

Way to Go, Store #118:
Bill’s Patience Fuels Customer Loyalty!

I need to repair my gas tank and, as a result, the pump stops several times while pumping gas. This can be really frustrating. But when I go to fuel up at your Lafayette, NJ store, Team Member Bill shows an enormous amount of patience, while still attending to other customers. It may sound silly, but I will not take my car anywhere else for gas because of Bill. – Doreen

Way to Go, Store #159:
Danielle and Her Team Win them Over!

I always stop at your new store in Butler, NJ. I used to frequent the 7-Eleven across the street, but they lost me due to horrible customer service. I love all your friendly Team Members! They are always willing to answer any questions I have. Store Leader Daniele was so patient and polite helping me with my sandwich order. I am also impressed with how clean the store is. Your crew obviously cares and it shows throughout the store. Keep up the great work! – Terry

Way to Go, Store #81:
Missing QC is No Vacation!

The Middletown, NJ store led by Store Leader Mike and his amazing staff are awesome. I visit every day and they treat me with respect and dignity. I am leaving for Arizona on Tuesday and am sad that there aren’t any QuickChek stores there! I can’t wait to be back on March 4. – Joe

Way to Go, Store #71 Rx:
Bob and Carla Show Persistence for TCD!

I was getting a new prescription filled at your Ewing, NJ store, and for some reason the manufacturer’s coupon card wasn’t applying right, making my copay far too high. The two pharmacists who assisted me (Bob and Carla) spent over 90 minutes on the phone with both my insurance company and the manufacturer to make sure the coupon card applied correctly. I really appreciate their patience and helpful attitudes! It made all the difference! – Lucas

TCD Roundup:

#5: Nick always greets me with a smile He is very professional, friendly and hardworking!
#20: My cashier, my sandwich maker & my sandwich wrapper all made me smile because they were smiling!
#77: Kathy has excellent service. She should be commended for going above and beyond.
#93: This whole crew is always helpful and are really great workers!
#95: Excellent service. There’s never an empty coffee pot!
#99: Great coffee and great service!
#154: I no longer drink coffee at home because I look forward to getting it at QuickChek. Thank you!
#156: The ladies who work the register are such amazing women. They really make my day!

Way to Go, Store #34:
Monika’s Excellence and Humility – A Great Combination!

I am a retired policeman, and I work with Autistic and Downs Syndrome adults. We frequently stop at your Emerson, NJ store. All of your Team Members always go above and beyond to treat these very precious people with class and dignity. Today when I pulled in the parking lot, I saw a Team Member stooping down to pick up garbage. I noticed that she had such a happy, joyful demeanor. She smiled and said hello and continued her work. I was so impressed by her wonderful attitude that I decided I wanted to buy her lunch for just lifting my spirits. I asked the Team Members who she was, and was told “That’s our Store Leader, Monika.” I told her how impressed I was, and offered her $10. She thanked me but would not accept it. She was just happy I was pleased by the Team and the store. She was so humble and friendly. – Clem

TCD Roundup:

#34: Colleen makes the best sandwiches, and she’s so friendly! Your coffee is always fresh!
#64: Digna the coffee lady is the sweetest lady and is such a hard worker! This store is great!
#136: Dee and Mary Anne always have good fresh decaf for me! They are always so courteous!

Way to Go, Store #154:
Shawn Notices When Customers Need Help!

Last Thursday I bought a sub for my grandson at your Jackson, NJ store. On my way to the counter to get the sub, my wallet unknowingly fell out of my pocketbook. Team Member Shawn noticed this, and quickly called it to my attention. I really appreciate his honesty! In fact, I’d like to give your store five stars for all your kind, courteous and helpful Team Members. They’re always smiling and greet customers as soon as we walk in the store. – Fely

Way to Go, Store #102:
Joe’s Good Deed Confirms Customer’s Loyalty!

I witnessed something amazing at your Manchester, NJ store. A customer was at the register and his purchases were being rung up. It was at that moment that he realized he forgot his wallet. Team Member Joe opened up his own wallet and paid for the man’s items. Joe told the customer not to worry, that he’d see him the next day. Joe is an asset to your company. I love QC so much, I drive by Wawa to get to your location because of Team Members like Joe. – Christopher

Way to Go, QuickChek:
Providing More Relief than 7-11!

I love QuickChek because (unlike 7-11) you provide restrooms for your customers. Thanks for thinking of us! Keep up the great work! – Eli

Way to Go, Store #122:
Great Neighbors in Plainfield!

Way to Go, Store #64:
Dixa & David Treat You Like Family!
I hadn’t been to my Hackettstown, NJ QC for a while because I’d been sick. Yesterday I went in, and Store Leader Dixa asked where I had been, and if I was ok. It felt great to be missed!! Even Team Member David gave me a big smile as always. Glad to be feeling better and back at my favorite store! Barbara.

TCD Roundup:

#4: Pleasant and helpful staff. Whether it’s the day shift, night, or overnight, they are always great.
#9: People always friendly, especially Tina.
#14: Jessica is always happy and helpful. She loves her job. She’s a fabulous asset to your company!
#59: Samantha and Thomas greet all the customers by name. It’s obvious they really care!
#152: Joseph is the nicest, most amazing Team Member! Always accommodating and friendly!

Way to Go, Store #122:
Great Neighbors in Plainfield!

My neighborhood store is in Plainfield, NJ. I love the crew here. They’re an important part of this community and they are FANTASTIC! – Karen

Way to Go, Marketing:
App-y People!

Your mobile app is the best. It’s so easy to use, especially for a technologically-slow person like me. – Beverly

Way to Go, Store #102:
Anthony Calls on TCD!

Last night, my sister unknowingly dropped her phone in the parking lot of the Manchester, NJ QuickChek. Thankfully, a customer found it and brought it inside. Team Member Anthony took the time to call my contacts until someone informed him that it was my sister’s phone. He was able to get the phone back to me, and I returned it to my sister. Anthony went above and beyond what he had to do. We are QC fans forever! – Eileen

Way to Go, Store #156:
Rain Doesn’t Dampen Michael’s TCD!

As I was pulling away after getting fuel at your Mt. Arlington, NJ store, I accidentally ran over a cone. Team Member Michael saw that I couldn’t get it unstuck from my car and came right away to help me, despite the pouring rain! I’m so grateful for Team Members like Michael who was so able and willing to help me! – Jane

Way to Go, Store #154:
Paul Fills Gas Tanks and Hearts!

Team Member Paul went out of his way to help me the other day at your Jackson, NJ store. I was filling up my tank, and I was short on money (I was paying with quarters). Paul gave me cash out of his own pocket so that I could fill the tank. This act of kindness really touched my heart. – From a grateful customer.

TCD Roundup:

#11: Great coffee, friendly crew!
#34: Love that you’re open when everyone else is closed – love your coffee!
#73: I’m here every morning and sometimes late night. The staff is awesome!
#75: Great store and everyone is especially helpful.
#82: Always great service. Your coffee is always fresh. I always leave satisfied.
#92: Katherine is a joy. We look forward to seeing your crew every morning!
#99: Team Members are friendly and so fast!!
#102: Judy has an uplifting personality. She goes out of her way to accommodate customers!
#102: Matt is my favorite cashier; always so nice! Terri is always friendly; gets my order right every time.
#133: Great store and great people! I have been coming here for over 20 years.
#146: Joe is always there working hard and his service is outstanding. He makes the best subs!
#154: Dee & Joe always seem to be having a great day, and it “rubs off” on everyone!

Way to Go, Store #156:
Drew Jumps In for TCD!

Team Member Drew (Mt. Arlington, NJ) is so helpful. Whenever I have trouble ordering from the touch screen, she always jumps around the counter to help me place my order. – John

Way to Go, Store #95:
Angelo and the Bayonne Rx Team Really Care!

I love your Bayonne, NJ store! The pharmacy is the best I have ever used! They really care about their customers. They’ve helped me with so many questions and even offer me tips for better health! The Pharmacy Leader (Angelo) even gave me his cell phone number in case I had any additional questions. This store has everything I need. I also love the app!! – Pamela

Way to Go, Store #146:
QuickChek = Quick Response!

After posting a comment earlier this morning regarding your Hanover, NJ store, I received a call from the QC Management Team to discuss my concern. Great customer service! Thank you. That’s how it’s done. – Michael

TCD Roundup:

#7: Your coffee is great! I really love the flavors of the month; I always get to try something new!
#15: Thanks to Michele, customers have a great experience and your store is sparkling clean!
#32: Best sandwiches ever! Always perfect and neat! I always recommend QC to friends and family!
#55: When I am there, I feel like family.
#61: Great service! Raquel and crew know how to make a good sandwich!
#72: Brian is very polite and kind to all customers.
#75: Your team members are so helpful and patient. Even getting gas is a pleasure!
#82: Gloria always greets me with a smile and makes my day joyful!
#82: Dawn is great! She always goes above and beyond. Always happy and very friendly.
#84: Great experience each and every visit to this store! Barek is a genuine hands-on Leader!
#85: Love this store! Friendly crew always makes me smile and the store is always spotless!
#95: I love this store because everyone treats me like family!
#108: Team Members always help me order the best sandwiches ever! Very friendly and respectful.
#118: Janice, Megg, Angela, Brandon, Sheryl and both Edna’s are great!
#126: No matter how busy, your Team Members always say ‘Hello,’ ‘How are you?’ and ‘Thank you.’
#131: The coffee is always fresh. The Cuban sandwich is delicious and never disappoints!
#136: I hate using public bathrooms with my children, but yours are so clean and nice! Impressive!
#141: Michael and Denise make my mornings great! Great selection of coffees!
#144: I visit this store at least once a day. It’s the only place I go for cigs and fuel! Great crew!
#154: Keep up the great work in Jackson! So professional and courteous!

Way to Go:
Free Air Makes A Difference!

The reason I get gas and coffee at QC is because you offer FREE AIR. I may only need to use the air pump one or two times a year, but it’s nice to know it’s there. Your air stations are well kept and easy to use. It’s a refreshing difference from the places that charge for air and often aren’t functioning. Thank you for this added service. – Pat

Way to Go, Store #153:
Rock On, Eatontown!

Dude, you guys have a rock-star team in Eatontown, NJ. Everyone in this store is in a good mood. Some of them even sing along to the music playing in the store! It’s awesome! Sandwiches are always well made, tasty as ever, and a HECK OF A LOT BETTER THAN SUBWAY! Soups are awesome, and I appreciate the selection of energy drinks. You have a Straight-A team. – Daniel

Way to Go, Store #35:
Danny Makes Challenging Mornings Sweeter!

Recently, my car ran out of gas a few blocks from your Hillsborough, NJ store. Danny was such a great help! He instructed me how to put gas in the car (with the small can I had purchased). When I returned to the gas station with my car, I realized I had left my purse in my friend’s car. Danny was generous and caring enough to lend me $20 from his own pocket! His kindness made my challenging morning a bit sweeter, and I am grateful that I met him that morning. Thanks so much! – Emily

Way to Go, Store #37, #99 and #156:
Consistently Excellent!

My partner and I go to your Rockaway, Netcong, and Mt. Arlington, NJ stores at least three times a week. We always have a wonderful experience at all of them. Your Team Members are always friendly, the sandwiches and coffee are always fresh and the service we receive is always top notch. You have made lifelong patrons out of both of us! – Jeffrey and Macaulay

Way to Go, Store #26:
Travelers Compare and We Win!

I shop at your Totowa, NJ store 2-3 times a day! I would like to compliment your Team Members for being so caring and helpful on every visit! The coffee is always fresh and the coffee bar is so clean compared to other stores. I travel a great deal in NJ and NY, and it is a pleasure to see a company that has such a dedication to customer satisfaction. – Rocky

TCD Roundup:

#26: Ana is a great sandwich maker – keep up the great work!
#34: This crew is awesome and sandwiches are delicious. Thank you!!!
#81: Team Member showed me how to use the app and explained all of the perks. I love it!
#85: Always great service, great Team Members.
#88: I always go here with my friends! Delicious.
#107: Very nice and friendly cashiers and managers.
#119: Great Team and Susana is a great Store Leader. Always friendly, professional and helpful.
#134: Sue is very hard working, always polite, insightful/knowledgeable, and respectful.
#139: Mark is a prime example of how to provide great customer service.
#146: Nice Store. I love it a lot. I love having a three-minute drive to get lottery tickets.
#151: Coffee bar Team Member so friendly and polite!
#151: Because of Brandon’s great service, we will never get gas at any other store!

Way to Go, Store #24:
Anthony and QC Polish the Apple for Education Foundation!

I would like to acknowledge and thank Anthony, the Store Leader of your Morris Plains, NJ store for his continued support of the community. As a board member of the Education Foundation of Morris Plains, I thank Anthony for working with us to provide in-kind donations at our Harlem Wizards event on January 22nd. The donations from QuickChek helped raise money that will go directly to supporting technology and innovation in the Morris Plains schools. Thank you Anthony for your enthusiasm and support. We all appreciate you and your continued generosity! – Your friends from The Education Foundation of Morris Plains.

Way to Go, Store #105:
Larry Goes Above and Beyond!

While I think all your Team Members are polite, helpful, and knowledgeable, there is one in particular at your Piscataway, NJ store who transcends these qualities. Larry goes above and beyond regular customer service. He displays a great attitude and customer service skills. He also displays great leadership skills by maintaining an awareness of what is going on in the store and helps his fellow Team Members. – Douglas

Way to Go, Store #34:
Meeting Customers’ Expectations for Fresh!

I love the QuickChek in Emerson, NJ. The great atmosphere is always nice and welcoming. The sandwiches are always fresh and the coffee is awesome. QuickChek always meets all of my expectations when it comes to delivering fresh items for their customers! – Lee

TCD Roundup:

#2: Great team and clean store. Steve is the best. He knows everyone’s name!
#74: I stop at this store every morning! Kim is always in a good mood and is a great person!
#77: Peggy has an excellent personality; always courteous! She is wonderful!
#85: Colleen is fantastic! She always says hello and knows all the customers who come in at 5am.
#93: From the Store Leader to all the Team Members – everyone is friendly and helpful!
#93: I go to #93 every morning and the service is great. Staff is very professional and caring.
#93: I love QuickChek coffee – it’s the best! Team Members are really nice too!
#102: Dina’s personality brings the customers back to QuickChek.
#129: Delicious sandwich made by a young man who was very polite and friendly. Great experience!

Way to Go, Store #35:
Fill-Up with a Positive Attitude!

I am a Hillsborough, NJ resident and frequently shop at this store. Your Team Members have always demonstrated professionalism and kindness as well as a highly positive attitude to all of their customers. When I am getting fuel, I sit and overhear your Team Members greet every single car and customer with a friendly hello! It makes me smile to see such respectful people serving the community. Thank you for a job always well done. – Brianna

Way to Go, Store #88:
TCD – You Bet Your Cookies!

I walked into your Hackensack, NJ store at 1:00am and it smelled delicious. When I mentioned the wonderful aroma, I was told that fresh cookies were being baked. When I asked if I could buy some of the cookies, the Team Member behind the counter used the in-house phone to call the Team Member who was baking. That Team Member came out to ask how many cookies I wanted. Five minutes later, I had yummy, warm, fresh-baked cookies packaged just for me. What great customer service. They could have just told me ‘the cookies aren’t ready yet,’ but they didn’t. They went out of their way to make a customer happy!! – Michele

TCD Roundup:

#26: Pance is upbeat, helpful and always smiling. Always a great experience!
#28: Jorge, Jocelyn, Tony and Joe are very kind, helpful and so polite! I love to visit this store!
#37: Always friendly, no matter what time of day! Love the vegan and gluten free choices!
#64: Great service – clean store – friendly employees!
#66: Alejandra and Johnny are clearly happy to be there. They love helping customers!
#67: Anna is always smiling and happy. She treats all her customers like family!
#74: Kim is one of the nicest Team Members ever! A real asset to your store!
#84: Exceptional service is over and beyond, very attentive, caring and polite!
#84: Nadia is great at multitasking! Welcomes every customer with a great smile and greeting!
#96: I appreciate the help I receive with the automated sandwich machine!
#108: Ralph is very kind and the place looked great. Mel is doing a great job with his team!
#120: Store Leader Vinny is a credit to your company! This store is great!
#120: Love this QC! Very friendly Team Members!
#121: Lisa was such a help, and always happy and in a good mood!
#122: Bill and his Team are so nice. It’s obvious they are happy to be there!
#135: Susan is so welcoming and keeps customers coming back! She’s amazing!
#152: Deli Ladies do a great job! They make my day and get my orders right!

Way to Go, Store #113 Rx:
Justin Delivers RX for a Problem!

We attempted to get a particular prescription medication for my husband (a transplant recipient) from the Pharmacy at Walgreens. They told me they could no longer get it. Since I also shop at QC in Point Pleasant, NJ, I spoke with Justin, the store’s Pharmacist. He said he’d see if he could get this anti-rejection drug. He was so kind and helpful. He was able to get the drug, and went on to explain about its high cost, and why Walgreens would not cover it. We were not able to afford the expensive name-brand drug, so Justin went out of his way to get an American made generic for us. Justin was honest with us from the start, unlike Walgreen’s lies. We are moving all our prescriptions over to QC. Thank you to Justin. – Isabel

Way to Go, Store #153:
Throwback Freddy Makes Them Smile!

I gas up regularly in the evenings at your Eatontown, NJ store. Freddy is so courteous and gentlemanly. He is always polite, greets you with a smile, and sends you off with kind words. Freddy is a throwback to the old fashion gas attendants who took their work seriously. Freddy takes pride in his work. He’s wonderful! – Alfred

Way to Go, Store #157:
Customer Goes from First-time to Lifetime!

I stopped at QC for the first time today. I shopped in your Fairfield, NJ store today and the Store Leader Matt went above and beyond to help me! This may have been my first visit to QC, but now I am addicted for life. – Cody

Way to Go, Store #140:
Even When Stranded – We’re a Great Place to Shop!

I’m a US Army Reserve soldier. I was on my way home from my weekend drill and stopped at your Bordentown, NJ store for some coffee. When I returned to my vehicle it wouldn’t start. While waiting for a tow truck, I got the chance to hang out in the store for a bit. Your Team Members are so fun and friendly! This store rocks! – Daniel

Way to Go, Store #64:
No Worries, Heidi’s Here to Help!

I was recently at your Hackettstown, NJ store. It was an emotional day for me because it was the anniversary of my husband’s passing. Being emotional was making me forgetful; I had to go out to the car several times to get things (lottery ticket, then my QC gift card, and then again to get my coffee cup). Heidi was so friendly and patient with me. Thank you for having such wonderful Team Members. – Barb

Way to Go, Store #35:
It’s Never Too Early for TCD!

I was at your Hillsborough, NJ store early one morning to get gas. The attendant was so chipper and polite! My initial thought was, ‘it’s way too early for this.’ However, I noticed that he approached every customer with this same upbeat, pleasant, helpful attitude. By the time I was pulling away, I noticed a complete change in my attitude toward the day. What a person to have on your team! – Amy

TCD Roundup:

#80: I think this store is excellent! Betty and Sara are great!
#95: Harrison makes my coffee very hot. Good guy. Always smiles and is happy.
#99: Rachael, Kelly and Sky always make me feel welcome! I am obsessed with your coffee!
#110: Rash is always helpful and always happy. He is the best!
#115: Always great positive staff!!! 🙂
#143: We Coca-Cola drivers think Leanne is outstanding! Amazing customer service!
#145: Gas attendants are so wonderful. Even in miserable cold weather, they are so friendly!

Way to Go, Store #110:
Jared and Team Win Over Newcomers!

This was our first time shopping at QuickChek. I really love the service and the Team Members at your Wayne, NJ store. Everyone is so nice and patient. My Mom and Nana are very picky with everything, and THEY loved the service! Shout out to Jared for being so polite and helpful! – Meryl

Way to Go, Store #126:
Laurie and Her Crew Keep Christmas Bright and Busy!

The Team Members in Wallkill, NY are the best. Your store is immaculate and the people are great. I was in another convenience store on Christmas, and it was horrible. I left and came here. Even though your store was super busy, everyone was smiling and doing their job. It made a big difference to me and my family. Store Leader Laurie is one of the hardest working people I have seen. Always willing to help with a smile! Thanks –  Keith

Way to Go, Store #136:
Brenda Keeps Track of Customers’ Needs!

I was in your Jackson, NJ store yesterday. I was greeted as I walked in the door, and as I walked up to the counter, Brenda had my cigarettes ready for me. This saves me lots of time in the morning. – Alvin.

Way to Go, Store Marketing:
Another Appsolutely Satisfied Customer!

I absolutely love the QC app! The deals are incredible! Keep the BOGO’s coming! – Michael

Way to Go, Store #156:
Dan Makes QC a Great Neighbor!

Dan and his morning crew at the Mt. Arlington store are so friendly and helpful! I recently had a problem with my car, and Dan was able to help me. One time, my son forgot his wallet, and Dan told him to bring the money in the next day. I am so glad to have QC in my town! – Mary

Way to Go, Store #34:
Being Open on Christmas Makes a Difference!

Everything in Emerson, NJ was closed on Christmas Day; even the Stop and Shop. I was so relieved to see you were open! When I walked into your store, Store Leader Monika welcomed me with a big smile. I also I saw the District Leader (who usually wears a suit), wearing a QC uniform. He even carried my groceries to my car. I want to thank the whole team in Emerson. QuickChek is an amazing company and I will never go to a different store for my daily routines. – Zhang

Way to Go, Store #157:
TCD Inspires Loyalty!

Your Fairfield, NJ store is amazing! Every person is kind and courteous. I stop to get gas on my way into work just to start my day off right. Your company values are certainly represented in your Team Members. I will go there no matter the price of gas simply to see your staff. Thank you. – Marissa

TCD Roundup:

#1: Crystal is wonderful! She goes out of her way to help people and is so friendly.
#17: Donna always gets things done. She is the best worker there.
#18: Great service! Gentleman at register was pleasant and fast. His cheer made my day!
#22: This store did a very good job on Christmas Eve and Christmas day being open 24 hours!!!
#23: I love this QuickChek store!
#59: Doreen, Michele, Samantha and Naomi create a very friendly atmosphere to shop!
#65: Always a pleasant shopping experience! Jen and crew do everything to make sure all is good!
#92: I enjoy coming here every morning. I know I’m going to get a smile and leave in good spirits!
#111: I want to recognize Estefany – she is always friendly!
#152: These Team Members are the best around!
#153: Fred has such a wonderful attitude and is so positive!

Way to Go, Store #21:
Paula Delivers 20/20 TCD!

I wanted to let you know what a great Team Member you have in Paula at your Bloomingdale, NJ store. I have very poor vision, and was trying to order a gift card. Paula helped me get what I needed and helped me through the whole check out process. Thank you for having such helpful people at your store. – Heather

Way to Go, Store #153:
Lisa’s Amazing Service Caters to Loyal Customers!

I ordered subs for catering from your Eatontown, NJ store and I will definitely do so again. Lisa was especially helpful and made sure my order was exactly what I wanted. A Team Member even offered to carry the tray out for us. We were blown away by their service and would recommend them to anyone! – Suzanne

Way to Go, Store #151:
Farmingdale Scores Points for Food, Fuel & Friendliness!

I love your new store in Farmingdale, NJ! I love the soup and the sandwiches, and how clean the store is! Everyone is so nice that works there! Your gas is cheaper than other competitors in the area, which is why I always use it to fill up the four cars in our family! – Maggie

Way to Go, Store #156:
Dan Delivers TCD to Happy Customer!

I am an elderly customer who accidently dropped my wallet in your Mt. Arlington, NJ store. I left the store without even realizing it! Store Leader Dan found my wallet and delivered it to my home! I am so thankful for his honesty and for the fact that he went out of his way for me! Thank you Dan! – A Thankful Customer

Way to Go, Store #154:
Joseph Fills Tires with Air, and Customers with Gratitude!

I would like to comment about Team Member Joseph in your Jackson, NJ store. He is an incredible gentleman! He went out of his way to help me put air in my tires. By far, one of the nicest and most pleasant people I have ever met. – Ellen

Way to Go, Store #51:
Doris is Grace Under Pressure!

I recently witnessed Store Leader Doris handle an upset customer at your Perth Amboy, NJ store. This customer was screaming at her, cursing at her and calling her names. All of the customers who saw this were so happy about the way Doris handled this situation with grace. She kept very calm, worked with him, and didn’t let the situation escalate. That’s a true leader. Way to Go to Doris. – Marisol

TCD Roundup:

December 27, 2016 TCD Roundup:
#2: The people that work at the Stelton Road store are the nicest and friendliest ever!
#19: Riz made my wife’s Fiesta Salad. This made her have an easier night working!
#24: Anthony is a great example of Leadership! Keep up the great work!
#27: Renauld is polite & friendly. She really has such beautiful customer service.
#37: Love the friendliness of Linda. This store is so friendly and very clean!
#39: QuickChek is the best in town – I love you QuickChek!
#64: Ed is a very nice courteous young man! Such a pleasure shopping at my QuickChek!
#97: Amy & crew are pleasant, professional; a great team. They make it a great place to shop!
#102: Shout out to Dina! This whole crew is great. Your store is a pleasure to visit!
#108: Mike is so courteous and polite!
#109: The morning crew is the best!
#110: With this kind of great service (and people like Jefferson & Nelly) I’ll be back again & again!
#115: Brandon is awesome; so very friendly and helpful!
#138: Adrianna is simply amazing. She makes my QuickChek experience great!!
#139: I love this store – I’m there every day. Everyone is very friendly!
#144: Excellent Team! They all strive to make customers truly feel welcome!
#144: Chris and Randi are true assets to this store, and make it a great place!
#153: Chris is prompt, courteous, and attentive. Kudos to him for showing that he cares.
#157: Darlene takes care of customers and keeps the store clean. She’s a 5-star Team Member!

Way to Go, Store #24:
Anthony Gets A+ for Friendly Assistance!

Just a note to let you know that Team Member Anthony is so wonderfully dependable! Whenever I place a large sandwich order for my school at your Morris Plains, NJ store, Anthony is always so helpful and friendly. It’s obvious he cares a great deal about his job and customer satisfaction! – Diane

Way to Go, Store #68:
Matt’s TCD Pays It Forward!

I was having a conversation at the coffee station with Team Member Matt, from your Newton, NJ store. My daughter was also getting the white hot chocolate. We were surprised and laughed that it was actually white! When we went to pay for our drinks, the cashier said they were paid for by Matt. She explained that ‘paying it forward’ is something he does. I will now proudly adopt this concept of giving as well. Matt is a shining example of kindness. Please let him know I left him $4.00 for a sub the next time he works. Thanks! – Ken

Way to Go, Store #77:
Satisfaction is Always in Season!

My son and I go hunting on the weekends. We get to your Franklin, NJ store around 5:00am. Your Team Members are so helpful and kind, it’s actually a joy to get coffee and breakfast sandwiches that early in the morning! My 13-year-old son loves your store so much, he tells all his friends to go to QuickChek! Thanks! –  Albert

TCD Roundup:

#31: Great customer service from Jennifer and Mira. They make the best sandwiches and coffee!
#110: Eric (outside gasoline pumps) is wonderful and extremely helpful!
#129: Ding brings great enthusiasm, helpfulness and cheer to everyone he greets! He has amazing energy!
#153: Michelle is wonderful! Attentive, professional and honest! She’s an asset to your store!

Way to Go, Store #51:
Jill’s Honesty is the Winning Ticket!

I am a regular customer at your Perth Amboy, NJ store. Yesterday, I purchased a lottery ticket and accidentally overpaid by $10. Jill noticed this error and quickly repaid me. This shows integrity. I really appreciate her honesty. – Nate

Way to Go, Store #154:
Kathy Wins Them Over With TCD!

I used to go to your competitors, but I have recently discovered your Jackson, NJ store and that is no longer the case. Love your vast selection of choices, and the caloric information on the menu! Kathy, the Food Service Manager, is awesome. She is personable, informative, and made me feel like a very important customer. Awesome experience! – D. Ross

TCD Roundup:

#1: Everyone is efficient, yet takes the time to be polite. Rare & wonderful customer service!
#18: Yolette is always polite and a nice, kind lady!
#64: Always great coffee, nice Team Members and super clean store!
#68: Gina makes the best coffee! Stephanie & deli crew are great. They’re all awesome!
#81: Mike is the best! He delivered us lunch and it was great!
#85: Kim is very nice and helpful!
#94: Alessandra is awesome – always cool, even under pressure!
#96: Great store – great customer service!
#106: Kenni greets customers with a smile every day; it makes such a difference in my day!
#119: Crew is very helpful. So accommodating with special orders!
#134: Christine is amazing! So kind and caring!
#151: Everyone is so personable and helpful! I always smile when I shop there!
#159: I love the service!

Way to Go, Stores #5, #68, and #97:
Displaying Consistent Core Values is Our Goal!

I was prompted to research your company because your Team Members are consistently welcoming, considerate, and personable. I regularly buy gas in Newton, Sparta, and Belvidere, NJ, and your company’s core values have been reflected by every Team Member I have encountered. It is a pleasure doing business with QuickChek. – Deb

Way to Go, Store #102:
That’s the Ticket, Judy!

I was purchasing a lottery ticket at the Manchester, NJ store, but realized I had incorrectly filled it out! Team Member Judy was happy to help me complete it correctly. She was in the process of training a new Team Member, and explained that this is “what we do to make our customers feel welcome.” She was very kind and courteous and I wish to thank her. – Mary

Way to Go, Store #146:
Go Ahead and Compare- No Contest!

I live in Pennsylvania, and am a frequent Wawa customer. I recently visited your Hanover, NJ store. All I can say is – WOW, wonderful! This store and your Team Members are awesome! By far QuickChek is better than Wawa. Congratulations! – Christopher

Way to Go, Store #79:
Tim is Happy to Help!

I was in your Old Bridge, NJ store and had question about ordering a sandwich from the touch screen. Team Member Tim came from behind the counter and was happy to assist me. What a great experience! I appreciated the assistance plus I enjoyed the sandwich! – Robby

Way to Go, Store #9:
Irene Keeps Our Customers Informed!

Team Member Irene is so friendly and helpful! She knows that I usually come to the Raritan, NJ store around midnight (even on holidays). She made certain that I knew the store hours during the holiday season without me even inquiring! This was so helpful, because I just assumed that the store would be open normal hours on Christmas! She always goes above and beyond her duties to make others feel warm and welcomed. Thanks Irene! – A Happy Customer

Way to Go, Store #108:
Mitchell Helps Make a Great Cup of Joe!

I recently visited your Hackettstown, NJ store for the first time to get a coffee for my daughter. I am an elderly lady and was a bit overwhelmed at all the coffee choices. Team Member Mitchell could tell I needed assistance, so he came out from behind the coffee station and helped me prepare a coffee without hesitation! He was so friendly. Thank you! – Helen

TCD Roundup:

#14: We need more people like Kim & Derek in the world. They really care about their customers!
#24: Kudos to Anthony, who is a great leader of a wonderful store! Everyone so gracious!
#34: Great Grilled Cheese! Everyone here is so helpful!
#43: Team Members working the Fuel Station are so friendly! They have a smile for everyone!
#45: So impressed with this store team! Always friendly and the store is always clean!
#88: Team Members so pleasant – great experience!
#103: I would like to clone Team Member Colleen & her crew to work in every store I go to – so pleasant!
#83: Love the 4 am crew! Team Member Luis knows I need my hot coffee before my 12hr ER shift!
#106: Evelyn, Kenni, Judy, Melissa, Colleen, and Lee always go above and beyond to make this a great place!
#109: Saw Team Member Will hard at work 15min before his shift ended – great job Will!
#122: Angelica, Azzi, Lydia, Patricia and Bill are living examples of TRUE customer service!
#126: Always pleasant employees, clean store, and AWESOME coffee
#131: Karen always brightens my day. Makes everyone feel welcomed and appreciated!
#157: The ladies on this crew are exceptional. Each one asked if I had a nice Thanksgiving; they really care!
#159: Friendly, competent Team, excellent service and delicious food and beverages!

Way to Go, Store #115:
Arianna Sparkles in Lake Windsor!

Team Member Arianna is a true diamond in your Lake Windsor, NY store. She handles every customer as if they were part of her family. She is outgoing and personable. Today she asked me if I had the QC app on my phone. She let me know that I could save time and money if I use it! What amazing service! She makes the gray days seem brighter. Thank you, Arianna, for great customer service! – Kristin

Way to Go, Store #9:
Another App-y Customer!

I’m a regular shopper at your Raritan, NJ store and I think your app is great! I’ve never had an issue with it, and my orders have always been perfect and ready on time! Love it! – Kimberly

Way to Go, QuickChek:
The Customer is Always Right!

Wow, your sandwiches are spectacular!! No way could your competitors make a sandwich like that. I loved it. – Joseph

Way to Go, Store #156:
Dan & Kris Kringle Bring Joy to the Holidays!

Dan, the Mt. Arlington, NJ Store Leader is truly amazing! I was recently joking with him about how much I love the Kris Kringle coffee, and I mentioned that I was down to my last bag! I asked when more would be coming in. He asked for my contact info, and told he he’d let me know when it was back in stock. True to his word, I got a call from him to let me know that my favorite coffee was back, AND he had put aside six bags for me to purchase. We always expect to see great things from this store and Dan! – Peg

TCD Roundup:

#8: Singh is such a gentleman! Plus – he makes the best subs!
#26: Jennifer works so hard, and treats everyone with respect!
#30: Great Team! Your store looks great too!
#59: Love that you have soup available in the morning! I eat it for breakfast!
#61: Great location! Team Member Albani is so friendly; her smile makes my hectic day better!
#67: Matthew & CJ keep me coming back, especially after a long night shift and I need a smile!
#139: Best coffee; hands down! I visit many of your locations throughout the day!
#140: Love the new store!
#152: You have the best team ever! Love walking in and seeing these guys – my heroes!

Way to Go, Store #140:
Winning Them Over, One By One!

We are a longtime, loyal WAWA family but have been really enjoying your coffee lately! We are completely impressed with the fantastic customer service at your Bordentown, NJ location. Keep up the great work; we’ll probably switch entirely! – Glenn

Way to Go, Store #118:
Danielle’s Honesty Makes a Difference!

I was at your Lafayette, NJ store and purchased some newspapers. I gave Team Member Danielle a bunch of $1 singles for payment, but didn’t realize that a $20 bill was mixed in. Danielle called to me as I was about to leave, and returned the extra cash to me. I am so grateful for her honesty! By the way, this store is run like a Swiss watch, it’s a gem. Thank you. – Bill

Way to Go, Marketing Team:
Won’t Chicken Out on What Customers Love!

Your chicken noodle soup is OUT OF THIS WORLD!! I’m a good cook, but your soup is way better than mine; and mine is pretty spectacular. I can’t wait for tomorrow to get some more! PLEASE don’t ever change your recipe!!! – Melanie

Way to Go, Store #78:
Door-to-Door TCD!

I left my wallet at your Fanwood, NJ store during the morning rush. When I called the store, it hadn’t been found yet. Later that night, two QC Team Members showed up at my friend’s house with my wallet! They explained the only ID in the wallet was a check from my fiend (with her address)! I can’t believe they went out of their way to return this to me! It was above and beyond! – Lauren

Way to Go, Store #140:
CLEAR to See We Care!

Your Bordentown, NJ store is amazing, and has a really hard-working team! Gas service is always great. I was shocked when one Team Member cleaned my windows and I did not have to ask! Really great! – Tom

Way to Go, Store #43:
The Women of Wantage Aim to Please!

There are several Team Members I see each morning when I stop at your Wantage, NJ store. I tend to always order the same food; these women recognize me, smile, and say “I’ve got you!” It’s so nice to be recognized! My thanks to Dorit, Jane, Mary, Janice, Jess, and Linda. They are wonderful! These ladies start my day with a smile and a laugh and it makes a difference in my day! – Minny

Way to Go, Store #124:
Billy is Flat-Out Impressive!

After two hours in traffic, I had a flat tire and pulled into your Bayonne, NJ store. I simply asked Team Member Billy if they had air. He not only showed me exactly where it was, he helped inflate my tire. When it was clear it was of no use, he recommended a nearby tire repair. He had just finished his overnight shift and was on his way home, so he met me there to introduce me. You have an amazingly kind Team Member! Thank you so very much! – H.

TCD Roundup:

#17: Everyone is always happy to tell me when they have new items or a sale!
#26: Awesome Johnny helps elder people take their bags to their car! He’s a sweetheart!
#37: I love your night-time crew!
#45: Amazing coffee! I love shopping here.
#50: Team Members are fun and energetic, even at midnight!
#59: Doreen is so helpful and friendly. I really appreciate her service in the morning.
#64: Dixa and her Team are to be commended on their work ethic and pride in the store.
#65: Best loaded baked potato Mac and cheese with Chile EVER! Thanks to Princess!
#67: Anna is wonderful! Always so sweet with my 3yr old son! This really impresses me!
#80: Best service at this location. Thanks for your quick service and fresh food.
#102: This store is run very well. The Team is so efficient & very helpful.
#144: Everyone here is so friendly and helpful. I really enjoy shopping here. Thank you!
#151: Heather, Emma & Abigail always make my day!!
#152: Clean store with a friendly and helpful staff! Love the Store Leader!
#156: Dear QuickChek – your hot chocolate is amazing!

Way to Go, Store #106:
Kym Keeps The Place Safe!

My family and I frequent the Manville, NJ store numerous times a day. One night there were unpleasant youths loitering outside the store, being loud and rude to customers. Store Leader Kym offered to safely escort an older customer past the thugs to her car. When Kym told the kids to leave, they became extremely rude, cursing her. One even put a cigarette out on the front window and threw it in her direction. Kym never lost her composure. The troublemakers finally left when Kym announced that the police were on their way. Kym was going off shift and instructed her crew not to confront the kids if they returned, and to just call the police immediately. Tonight I arrived at the store and saw Kym on her hands and knees helping a Team Member clean a leak at the soda fountain. I said, “I thought you were off today.” She just smiled and said “my team needed me!” This store, customers and team are in incredible hands with Kym!! – Lisa

Way to Go, Store #151:
Taylor Keeps The Customer Coming In!

I love coming to your Howell, NJ store, and Taylor is the reason! She’s a hard worker and an excellent person. She’s always smiling and always asking if she can assist customers. Because of her great customer service skills, I would rather go to this QC then the WaWa down the street. – Mike

Way to Go, Store #151:
Marquis Gains Customer Loyalty!

Today I stopped at your store in Howell, NJ to get gas and buy a few items. While getting out of my car, I dropped some money without even realizing it. When I came out of the store, Team Member Marquis came up and gave me back the items I had dropped. I was so impressed by his honesty! Because of the integrity of your Team Members, I am now a QuickChek regular! – Tim

TCD Roundup:

#1: My first of many visits to QC, thanks to Diane. She was a great help!
#23: Team Member Carlos is great. Fast and friendly service.
#35: Your whole crew at this store is so courteous and empathetic, and understanding.
#62: Your Morning Shift works hard to help customers! Also the coffee is fresh ALL THE TIME!
#67: Jill and Kathy always professional and polite!
#69: Always love seeing Phil! He is such a hard working member of your Team!
#79: John the Store Leader is so professional and so helpful.
#100: Irene and Kathy are great. Irene is so professional, and handles every situation like a pro!
#115: Brendan made my night. He was pleasant, polite and happy.
#138: Erin and Alyssa always have smiles on their faces!
#139: Great Team Members who go out of their way to make sure the customer is treated right!

Way to Go, Store #32:
Setting the Standard for Excellence!

Your Hackettstown, NJ store should be used as a role model for all other convenience stores! It has an upbeat attitude, it’s always sparkling clean and the Team Members are always available to help. – Ralph

Way to Go, Store #154:
Kathy ‘Bowls’ Over the Customer With Great Service!

The customer service in your Jackson, NJ store is wonderful. One morning there was a shortage of bowls for the breakfast bowls menu items. Due to the shortage, the item had been removed from the mobile app and the store order screen. Kathy and her Team have made every effort to accommodate me each morning, by making up the bowl for me when I call in or come to the food counter. Great customer service like this makes great customers return each and every day. Thank you so much! – Rachael

Way to Go, Store #138:
Kingston is Supercharged to Satisfy!

Kudos on the placement of a Tesla Supercharger at your Kingston, NY store. I hope to see more good things from QuickChek in the world of electric vehicles! Thank you for offering this option! – Brian

Way to Go, Store #141:
Dawn Helps Make Lake Grove “Best in Class!”

Dawn is a great representative of the wonderful Team Members at your Lake Grove, NY store! It’s caring people like her, plus your great food and service that make QuickChek “best in class” for this type of establishment. – Chris

TCD Roundup:

#32: Your Team Members are all customer oriented people!
#64: Tedi & David make every trip to this store special. Can’t say enough good things about them!
#77: Peggy & Robert are such hard workers!
#114: I get my coffee every day! Everyone is so friendly and I enjoy seeing them every day.
#124: Lael is so courteous & always takes the time to prepare orders accurately.
#131: I always have a pleasant experience here. You guys are awesome.
#141: Love the honey butter biscuits that you recently added to the menu!
#154: I love your store!

Way to Go, Store #17:
Smiley Guy Mr. Steve!

Steve works in the gas station at your Lake Hopatcong, NJ store. He is a wonderful Team Member; ALWAYS smiling and happy. I will only fill my van up at QuickChek because of Steve’s courteous and fast service! My kids actually beg to go to his gas pump so they can say hi to “Smiley Guy Mr. Steve!” – Jennifer

Way to Go, Store #95:
Max’s Charm Makes them Blush!

I won some items at your Bayonne, NJ store. Even though the items weren’t available that day,
Team Member Max tried his very best to make me happy before I left the store. He showed me how to order a smoothie on the ordering computer. I was so embarrassed because I had no idea how to use the machine! Max was glad to help. He was such a gentlemen, I swear I was blushing like a schoolgirl! – Patricia

Way to Go, Store #83:
Sonia & Team Make Things Exactly Right!

The Team Members at your Newark, NJ store are wonderfully kind. When I needed help ordering, Team Member Sonia was right there, and assisted me throughout the process. The whole crew is very attentive in their work and the store is wonderfully clean! In the two years I’ve shopped there, every order has always been exactly as I requested. – Ashley

Way to Go, Store #157:
Every Customer Experience Counts!

My friend and I stopped to get coffee last night at the Fairfield, NJ store. The two Team Members were working like crazy; cleaning, ringing up customers, brewing a new pot of coffee and lots more! They answered all of our questions with a smile, and didn’t seem bothered to stop and talk with us. They were super friendly, upbeat, and accommodating! What a nice change from the unfriendly greetings at other coffee shops that I frequent. I love QuickChek coffee, and because of these two employees, this is my new favorite location. -Jaclyn.

Way to Go, Store #78:
Arnita & Frenchy Show that Family Matters!

Team Members Arnita and Frenchy are so great! My son Drew works with them at the Fanwood, NJ store. Currently my health is not good, and I had to go to the hospital for a few days. Arnita and Frenchy both went out of their way to cover my son Drew’s shift and even made sure he got to the hospital to take care of me. I am so greatful for those two wonderful Team Members. I am so glad and lucky that Drew’s part of the QC family.

TCD Roundup:

#6: Only place in NJ to get a great wrap! Kristine is awesome!
#26: Jacob’s doing a great job. Makes multi-tasking seem easy!
#43: Overnight crew is so friendly; they always make sure your order is perfect!
#64: We love Dixa!
#77: Peggy is so pleasant. Always telling everyone to have a great day! Always smiling!
#83: 4am – Freshest coffee around!
#95: Love the service at the deli! Selina & Helen provide world class service!
#105: I love my River Road QuickChek! Especially Stevie and Nelly!
#139: Just bought my first sub at your store! Great place to visit with great fresh food!
#152: Korean, Sue and Mike are very good at what they do; so hard working!

Way to Go, Store #81:
Mike Delivers Follow Through & Smiles!

I ordered a platter from the Middletown, NJ store for my daughter’s birthday. Everyone enjoyed making their own subs. Team Member Mike did an awesome job. He thought of everything; from toppings to utensils. Then he followed up with me after the event to make certain I was satisfied with the service. His attention to detail and caring attitude exceeded my expectations. – Daniel

Way to Go, Store #138:
Attention to Detail is Noticed!

I stop at your Kingston, NY store every morning for coffee. Your overnight crew – Nick, Tom, Z, Bill and Deb – make my mornings! Lately I have noticed new Store Leader Mohamed cleaning the store every morning when he arrives; doing the little things to keep the store fresh and clean. Keep up the great work! Thanks!!! – Dan

Way to Go, Store #65:
Jen Vaporizes the Problem!

The Team Members of your Neptune, NJ store know that I purchase a particular brand of Vape-Liquid for my e-cigarette. Your store was out of that brand but Team Member Jen told me they went to another store to retrieve it just for me! I was floored and surprised! It’s a great feeling when someone does something for you that you would never expect. – Paul

Way to Go, Store #151:
Mark – A Knight in Shining Armor!

My car was disabled and stuck in the parking lot of your Howell, NJ store. Team Member Mark helped me resolve the issue. He let me use his phone to call a tow truck, and then he bought me a coffee to enjoy while I waited. He is a true gentleman. I really appreciated his help! – Ellen

Way to Go, Store #102:
Judy, John & Dina Touch a Mom’s Heart!

Team Members from your Manchester, NJ store are outstanding! Judy, John and Dina have gone out of their way to help me find more gluten-free, dairy-free cookies for my son. The three of them are amazing! They all really care about trying to help, and are always kind and accommodating. I have never experienced this level of help, dedication and kindness. Thank You! – Lynda

Way to Go, Store #133:
Dean & Crew Make It Easy!

I’ve been shopping at your Hazlet, NJ store every day for ten years! I love how the Team Members greet me by name! Recently I have become disabled and have difficulty walking. Now when I come to the store Dean and his crew knows what I buy and they go and get it for me and bring it to the cash register; saving me the pain of walking there myself. – Paul

TCD Roundup:

#17: Let’s be clear – this is the best Team in the entire area!
#22: Everyone is very hard working, kind and helpful! I love that store and always will!
#52: Christine is the most dedicated person! Such a delight in the morning!
#73: Great store, love the Team Members!
#81: I love this app! Love this store so much. Sometimes I stop in just to say “Hi!”
#98: First time here. So clean and well-stocked. Everyone is friendly and kind. I’ll be back!
#108: Great customer service here in Independence, NJ!
#114: Everyone is great and so hard working! They’ll help you with anything!
#141: Love the whole crew at Centereach store. They are so helpful and kind.
#152: Team Members are kind, helpful and hardworking. Food and coffee always fresh!
#154: New store is beautiful! Everyone is super nice. Great way to start the day!

Way to Go, Store #141:
Kristina & Anthony Make Customers SOUP-er Happy!

I recently visited your Lake Grove, NY store and witnessed how professional your Team Members can be! A customer came in to complain because soup wasn’t available on the menu 24/7. Kristina and Anthony were able to address this issue to his satisfaction. They were patient, kind and respectful. It didn’t rattle them a bit, and they never missed a beat (or a smile) with the other customers. That’s professionalism! Walter

Way to Go, Store #88:
Jenna & Team Make Customers App-y!

Thank you to all the lovely ladies and gents at the Hackensack, NJ store for convincing me to download the QC app! Especially Jenna, who helped me with the Wi-Fi and took the time to show me how to use the app. I really appreciated your help! Leanne

Way to Go, Store #45:
Giovanna & Team Cater to Customers!

We ordered from your Union, NJ store’s catering menu for a going away party. Everything about the experience was awesome. Team Member Giovanna helped us with the ordering process. She was informative, helpful and patient. She made it so easy! When we went to pick up our order, Team Members helped us carry things out to the car. Everybody loved the food; it was delicious! We will definitely call you to cater our events in the future! Anonymous Customer

TCD Roundup:

#5: Alex is always helpful! He’s right there smiling and more than willing to help!
#6: Super hard workers who are always courteous! I tell all my friends to shop here!
#27: I love the service here! Team Members are so polite and friendly!
#35: Buying lottery tickets is so quick & easy. Team Members are helpful and friendly!
#37: Store is spotless, inside & out. Team Members take real pride in this store!
#63: Great Team! I visit 9-10 times a week – they all deserve Kudos!
#95: Always greeted by name! Hands down the best customer service anywhere!
#100: Irene is pleasant, speedy and accurate. I will always choose QuickChek!
#130: Stephanie has a great attitude is a really hard worker!
#135: Even at the peak of rush hour, everyone takes the time to be friendly and kind!
#148: Great coffee, great sandwiches – EXCELLENT service!

Way to Go, Store #24:
Pelma Converts Wawa Customer!

I used to get my coffee at WaWa, and my lottery tickets at QuickChek. Today at your Morris Plains, NJ store I asked Team Member Pelma where the nearest WAWA was. When she asked why, I told her that’s where I get my coffee. She took money out of her own pocket and suggested I try a cup of QC coffee (on her). Your coffee is so much better then WaWa’s! From now on, I get my coffee AND lottery tickets at QuickChek! Your Team Members can really change a customer’s experience! – John

Way to Go, Store #5:
Customer is Pumped by George’s Recognition!

Team Member George (at the pumps) at your White Township, NJ store is such a great guy! He knows me and always knows how much gas I want. He’s wonderful AND professional! – Alexis

Way to Go, Store #34:
Monika and Asya Serve Kindness to All!

The Emerson, NJ store is my favorite! I love to bring my children here. I always notice how Store Leader Monika and Team Member Asya pay attention to all the customers! They are also very sweet, respectful and helpful to any homeless people who shops there. – David

Way to Go, Store #115 & 131:
Patience with Technology APPreciated!

Both your Newburgh and New Windsor, NY stores are so welcoming! I am not very good at using the QC app on my phone or your ordering screen at the store. Whenever I ask for assistance from Team Members, they are so patient, and never make me feel like a bother! Great attitudes! Cathie

Way to Go, Store #64:
Warm ‘Welcome Home’ from Dixa & Tedi!

The first morning back after my vacation, I stopped into your Hackettstown, NJ store. The minute I entered the store, I was met with a big smile from Store Leader Dixa. I went and got my coffee served up by Team Member Tedi with another big smile. What a pleasure! Being back from vacation isn’t so bad, so long as you’re at QC. Thanks everyone! – Barbara

Way to Go, Store #45:
Marisol Makes the Extra Effort!

I frequently visit your Union, NJ store. I was there one afternoon and witnessed a wonderful act of kindness. Team Member Marisol carried a customer’s bags to his waiting taxi. He attempted to tip her, but she politely refused. This is a rare act of generousness and courtesy to see these days, except when you’re at QC! – Rosemary

Way to Go, Store #93:
Alyssa & Team Treat You Like Family!

I love the Bayonne, NJ store! Your morning team is ALWAYS on point. Team Member Alyssa makes everyone feel like they are family. This is the cleanest and friendliest store in the whole area. – Annette

Way to Go, Store #86:
Julisa Converts 7-11 Customer!

I recently visited QC for the first time in West Long Branch, NJ. Team Member Julisa was so kind, friendly and eager to help! I used to always shop at 7-Eleven, but after experiencing such amazing customer service, I am now a regular QC customer. – Ken

TCD Roundup:

#8: Best service ever!
#34: Staff is always polite and ready to help. I love the pizza bites!
#64: Chelsea is so pleasant! Her smile is a great way to start the day!
#80: Friendly environment; hard-working employees. Love shopping here!
#88: The ladies here always make a great salad. It’s always the way I want it!
#93: The Morning Crew ROCKS! No matter what, they’re always smiling!
#108: Great store with a friendly staff.
#111: This store has the cleanest bathrooms I have ever encountered! Keep up the great work!
#139: This is my favorite store!
#150: Love the new store that just opened in Beachwood. Clean, bright, well stocked!
#159: Laurie is exceptional; extremely helpful, respectful, and kind!

Way to Go, Store #24:
Our Family Welcomes Your Family!

My 90-year-old father was visiting and I brought him to your Morris Plains, NJ store to meet some of my favorite Team Members. Since I’m there all the time, they all know and ask about him. He’ll be coming to live with me for a few months this winter, and I’ll be sure to bring him in to see his fans!!! They treat everyone like family! – Mary Ann

Way to Go, Store #10:
Service AND Comfort!

One night, I got back to my car after shopping in your Eatontown, NJ store to find my battery had died. One of your Team Members offered to help get the battery charged. Another customer also offered to help, but my car would not start. It was the weekend and I couldn’t reach a mechanic. The Team Member could see how worried I was, and she reassured me that she would notify her Team Leader, and they would remedy the situation. I have been a QC customer for over 30 years, and have always received the best service. That night I was shown exceptional care and comfort. I will remain a customer for life! Thank you! – Lori

Way to Go, Store #151:
Keeping Customers Pumped!

Last week I drove to your Howell, NJ store to put air in my tires (my pressure was really low). I drove to the air pumps and, before I got out of the car, Team Member Paige was right there to help me! She asked about the tire before I even mentioned it. She discover the puncture in the tire, and together with Team Member Maxine, she used the tire patch kit to effectively patch the puncture, fill the tire with the proper air pressure, and sent me safely on my way. I really appreciate their level of service and courtesy. You guys are awesome! – Daniel

Way to Go, Store #26:
Making It Right for Our Customers!

I want to compliment Team Members Leo and Eddie in your Totowa, NJ store. I had a problem with an Entenmanns product. Eddie provided a store credit to me so I could purchase other items. He was very professional and courteous. Team Member Leo was also kind enough to save me a container of milk, in case they sold out with the impending storm coming. I will definitely shop here again! – Jeanne

Way to Go, Store #159:
Nice To Be Needed in Butler!

Just visited the new Butler, NJ location for the $2.99 sub promo. Michael and Ben were so welcoming and helped me pick a Chicken Parm. Thank you for opening in this location, we needed you! – Kathy

Way to Go, Store #139:
‘Appy’ to Help a Customer Smile!

Today was the first time I used mobile ordering and I was a bit confused. Team Member Jody showed me how to use the app. She was so helpful! Just a gem of a lady! I love my QC (in Washington Township, NJ). – Denise

TCD Roundup:

#20: 5 Stars!! Very impressive!
#28: My experience at this store is always a “10”!
#30: So impressed every time I come in! Clean store, fresh food and awesome coffee!
#34: I can’t pass this store in the morning without grabbing my breakfast sandwich!
#52: Great friendly Team Members who have a passion for total customer dedication!
#64: Team Members so very helpful, especially to us older folk! It’s a pleasure to shop there!
#84: The store is always clean and spotless! The manager leads by example which I love!
#101: Great service – always love to see Bassam when I pull up!
#111: The Store Leader is so friendly; always stops to ask if we need anything!
#127: Always smiling, always great attitudes (even when they are slammed at lunchtime)!

Way to Go, Store #35:
Brandon Fills Customers with Smiles!

Brandon in your Hillsborough, NJ store is so delightfully friendly! He’s always there when I come in to fill my gas tank. This morning the gas pump wasn’t working properly, so he took the time to make sure that the gallon amount and cost was what I was used to getting. It’s not often you leave a gas station with a smile on your face, but I’m sure a lot of people do after having Brandon helping them. – Erin

Way to Go, Store #93:
Visitors Become Regulars!

On my recent (and first) visit to NJ, my family took me to QuickChek in Bayonne. What a great store with great service! I will definitely return here many times during my stay! Thank you! – Michael

Way to Go, Store #83:
Dina Treat Customers Like Family!

Your Newark, NJ store is the definition of great customer service! Your Team Members are warm, friendly, and go out of their way to make sure the customers get what they need. Team Member Dina told me how much she loves her job and all her customers! She told me, “we’re like family here, including our customers!” I look forward to coming again and again to get the great QuickChek experience. – Kay

Way to Go, Store #25:
One Stop Shopping for TCD!

I go to QuickChek in Fords, NJ every day – sometimes twice a day. I don’t go anywhere else for groceries; you have everything I need, including great customer service! Thank you! – Debra

TCD Roundup:

#3: Lori is an excellent person. She is so friendly and helps me get in & out quickly!
#26: Dana, Mary and Deon are great! I love that crew!
#64: David was very helpful today. Must compliment him!
#105: I get treated like ROYALTY every time I come to this store!
#148: You have a real winner in Amanee!
#159: Sandy is very sweet. She will help you out with anything. She does a fantastic job!

Way to Go, Store #101:
Team Members’ Service the Key to TCD!

I accidentally locked my keys and cell phone in the car at your Ramsey, NJ store. I explained my situation to one of your Team Members, and he immediately offered his cell phone to call for assistance. Then two Team Members were actually able to get the door unlocked! These guys went out of their way for me and I am so grateful. Your store offers amazing customer service! – Pete

Way to Go, Store #97:
Customers Can SEE Our Valued Assistance!

It was pouring rain when I visited your store in Sparta, NJ. Unfortunately my windshield wipers had broken. Team Member Matthew went above and beyond to help me. He took the time to help me get my wipers working well enough that I could make it to a store to buy new blades. Because of his help, my child and I safely made it to our destination. I will definitely keep coming back to QuickChek! – Anonymous

Way to Go, Store #26:
Giving More Than Asked For!

What amazing service! I was at your Totowa, NJ store and asked a Team Member for a shopping basket. Not only did he get me a basket, but he also helped me carry my bags to my car. – Venitia

Way to Go, Store #7:
Jackie’s Pride Shines!

Team Member Jackie keeps the restrooms at your Ulster, NY store SPOTLESS! As a traveling salesman, I see restrooms in many different types of stores. I have never seen restrooms as clean as this store’s. Jackie does an incredible job! The stainless steel shines and the countertops are dry and clean. He takes great pride in his work, and it truly shows. – Rich

Way to Go, Store #150:
This Is the Beginning of A Beautiful Friendship!

I’ve been to your Beachwood, NJ store at least once a day since it opened. I enjoy going every morning for my coffee. I’m looking forward to a long relationship with your store! – Frank

TCD Roundup:

#8: Terry is the best. I love our morning chats!
#21: Mike (Fuel) is the friendliest person I’ve ever met!
#44: Shelby & Frank provide outstanding customer service. I shop there because of them!
#64: I would like to compliment Heidi and Nicole. Very nice and kind employees!
#75: I love this team especially Erica. They are a great hard working team!
#86: Jen is always smiling & singing. She always has time to greet the customers by name!
#93: Excellent service, fresh products, great smiles!
#111: The best sandwiches I’ve ever had; so fresh and delicious!

Way to Go, Store #1:
Crystal Returns Big Bucks for Customer Appreciation!

I was in your Dunellen, NJ store and accidently dropped $100 from my back pocket. Team Member Crystal noticed this and returned it to me right away! I really appreciate her honesty! She is always so pleasant to me and my children. Thanks again! – Besaida

Way to Go, Store #35:
Sarah the CTS Tutor!

It was my first time shopping at QuickChek in Hillsborough, NJ. I am not very good with ordering on computers, but Team Member Sarah was quick to offer her assistance. She was so sweet and helpful. – Kyle

Way to Go, Store #51:
Kim Sweeps Up Leadership Compliment!

I have been coming to your Perth Amboy, NJ store for many years. I often see Team Member Kim sweeping the store parking lot. One time I suggested that she have someone else take care of this task. She responded that it’s everyone’s responsibility to share the workload. She went on to tell me that she can’t ask a Team Member to do a job unless she’s willing to do it herself. That’s leadership by example! – Tabitha

Way to Go, Store #123:
Highlands Happiness Begins with Cinnamon Twist!

I recently moved to The Highlands, NJ, and I love shopping at QuickChek! I come to this store every night at 3am for my favorite Cinnamon Twist coffee. If it’s not available, the Team Members are always happy to brew me a fresh pot. What a wonderful way to wake up and start my day. They are doing a fantastic job! – Mindy

Way to Go, Store #24:
Morris Plains Gives Their All to TCD!

The best thing about your Morris Plains, NJ store is that the Store Leader and Team Members are so AWARE and FRIENDLY! They are on top of everything from cleanliness and inventory to monitoring the registers to keep the lines short. You can tell these guys are really giving it their all! Nice job! – Denny

Way to Go, Store #123:
Jonathan Hefts TCD Higher!

Thanks to Team Member Jonathan who went out of his way to help me and my injured daughter carry items out to my car. Due to a back problem, I have difficulty carrying heavy items. His assistance was greatly appreciated. Pam

TCD Roundup:

#20: Team Members have winning attitudes! This store rocks both day & night shifts!
#37: Even your “In-Training” Team Members are so professional and enthusiastic!
#50: Always ready and quick to open another register if the lines get long!
#68: Megan is great with customers! Always so upbeat and has a great attitude!
#85: Always greeted by name. They pay attention to every one of their customers.
#86: Everyone is always so happy in this store! Shopping here brightens my day!
#106: Awesome experience! Team Members are patient, kind, helpful & courteous.
#135: Susan always genuinely interested in how I am and how my family is doing.
#143: It’s wonderful to order QC food online. Really appreciate the convenience!

Way to Go, Store #103:
Monroe Team Makes App Smoothie!

Sometimes when I’m in your Monroe, NY store, I have trouble ordering on the app (attempting to win games for awesome free smoothies). Your Team Members are so kind and helpful, always willing to stop and assist me. Thanks to them, I get all the help (and smoothies) I need! – Michael

Way to Go, Store #69, #49, #117, #119 & #15:
Customer Loyalty No Matter the Weather!

I am a regular customer at several NJ QuickChek stores. In my travels, I pass by many other convenience stores I pass on my way to a QuickChek. But I love your stores, so it’s worth it! Through rain, heat and snow, I always find a way to get there. Your stores always have great things to get me through any kind of day. Thanks! – Eric

Way to Go, Store #99:
Rockaway Team a Helpful ‘Crutch’ for Customer!

I am a customer at your Rockaway, NJ store. Recently, I broke my foot and am using crutches. Now when I go to the store, your Team Members go out of their way to help me so I don’t have to hobble up and down the isles on crutches. I am extremely grateful and I appreciate all their wonderful service. Best Team ever!!!!
– Rebecca

Way to Go, Store #29:
App Assistance with Olympic Multitasking!

I stopped for a cup of java at your Scotch Plains, NJ store. Your Team Member told me about the QuickChek app and took the time to show me how it works. She was able to pause and help other customers, help out at the busy register, then came back to finish helping me (she answered all my questions). She was very courteous, thorough and professional! – Jen

Way to Go, Store #113:
Jordan Warms Hearts with Cool Smoothies!

While shopping with my two kids at your Point Pleasant, NJ store, I ordered two smoothies. When I went to use my coupons on the app, I found that they had ‘disappeared.’ I didn’t have any other cash to pay, so I told Team Member Jordan to cancel the order and explained my dilemma. Jordan happily bought the smoothies for my two kids out of the goodness of her heart and wallet. She is a truly beautiful person for appreciating the value of her customers. – Cheryl

TCD Roundup

#17: This entire Team is so friendly and a pleasure to see every day.
#35: Thanks to the nice Team Members who pump gas. Always come there to fill up!
#35: Sarah helped me use the computer to place my order. She is so sweet and helpful!
#64: Always super nice staff and extremely clean store!
#85: Always friendly and honest; they acknowledge every customer who comes in!
#101: Danny sets the mood for everyone in the store – HAPPY!
#103: Megan’s smile and attention to customers is awesome!
#106: Everyone is patient, kind, helpful and courteous. What an enjoyable experience!
#119: Best coffee and friendly Team Members that are always welcoming!
#125: Candice and Travis are always personable and helpful!
#141: Great food, amazing service, reasonable prices. Keep up the great work!
#141: Kristina is a shining light in this store!
#150: Loving this new store!

Way to Go, Store #1:
Diane is an ATM (Attentive Team Member)!

I accidentally left my ATM card at your Dunellen, NJ store. Diane saved the day by keeping it in the safe until I was able to come pick it up! Thank you for your honesty and such wonderful customer service. – From a Happy Customer!

Way to Go, Store #99 & Marketing:
Running for App Rewards!

I went for a run and ended up close to your store in Rockaway, NJ. I didn’t have cash with me but I had my phone so I downloaded your app. This rewarded me with a free iced-coffee. It was the best I’ve ever had. Thank you! – Sue

Way to Go, Store #82:
TCD = Bad Mood Buster!

I’ve never thought a convenience store could make me feel happy. I was in a very bad mood when I arrived at your Woodbridge, NJ store. Then one of your Team Members stopped and talked with me. She made me smile. I really needed that! I’ve since become a loyal QC customer and encourage all my friends and family to do the same. Thank You! – Tyrell

Way to Go, Store #106 & Marketing:
Appy Family!

Hi! The QuickChek app is a household favorite! Daily, my husband and I, and our four sons, all compete with each other playing the games. We visit your Manville, NJ store for subs, snacks and drinks at least five times a week. Keep up the GREAT work! You have a family of loyal customers! – Gina

Way to Go, Store #135 & Marketing:
Appy & Happy Beats Wawa!

Your new Bayville, NJ store location is my daily go-to for everything from coffee to groceries. I always used to choose Wawa, but not anymore. Your food selection and the great deals have me sold. Your mobile app is the best because now I can order from home and know my order will be ready by the time I get there. You’re awesome! – Tony

TCD Roundup

#14 – Love this store and the people who work there. Helen is great.
#145 – Great new store, everyone pleasant and always smiling. Keep up the good work!
#130 – Team Members help me no matter where I am in the store! I love shopping at QC!
#128 – Great Team Members! Always friendly! Store is really clean and well stocked!
#38 – Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Best sandwiches ever!
#17 – Laurie keeps the coffee area spotless even at rush-hour.
#78 – I always have such a pleasant experience. I love this store!
#40 – Nick was so helpful! Made great suggestions from the menu selections!

Way to Go, Store #113 Rx:
Rose, Richard & Justin are the Rx for Customer Satisfaction!

The friendliness and helpfulness of the Pharmacy Team at your Pt. Pleasant, NJ store exceeds all my expectations. I frequently go to your store with my four young children (who enjoy going with me). Rose, Richard and Justin are always patient and helpful with all my questions. Your Pharmacy Team Members are amazing, and are the reason we will continue to choose your pharmacy over any other! – Carly

Way to Go, Store #17:
Donna Models Our Integrity!

Last night at your Lake Hopatcong, NJ store I accidentally dropped $300 cash. Team Member Donna tracked down my phone number and called to alert me. Thankfully I was able to retrieve my money. I am so grateful for her efforts to contact me. It’s really wonderful to know your Team Members are so helpful and HONEST! – Mark

Way to Go, Store #103:
Ryan the Problem Solver!

I was at your Monroe, NY store and locked my keys in my car (which was still running). Team Member Ryan let me use his cell phone to contact my friend who brought me a spare set of keys. In all the confusion I almost forgot to fill my gas tank, even though I had already paid for it. Ryan realized this, and ran back out of the store to make sure I knew to fill up before I left. I am so appreciative for all that he did. – Steven

Way to Go, Store #29:
Kiana Wins Giggles & Smiles!

We love Team Member Kiana! Whenever we shop at your Scotch Plains, NJ store, my 11-month-old son happily looks for her. He’s usually afraid of people but he’s all giggles and smiles for Kiana! Thank you for all that you do Kiana! – Cynthia

Way to Go, Store #75:
Bring Us on Your Vacation!

My wife and I make your Hazlet, NJ store a part of our vacation snack/meal routine whenever we travel to the beach. The experience with your Team Members adds to our vacation fun! – Steve and Judy

TCD Roundup:

#14 – Love this store and the people who work there. Helen is great!
#145 – Great new store, everyone’s pleasant and always smiling. Keep up the good work!
#130 – Team Members help me no matter where I am in the store! I love shopping at QC!
#128 – Great Team Members! Always friendly! Store is really clean and well stocked!
#38 – Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Best sandwiches ever!
#17 – Laurie keeps the coffee area spotless even at rush hour.

Way to Go, Store #124:
A Safe Haven in Time of Need!

My daughter was in an accident that completely engulfed her car in flames. The State police placed her at your Bayonne, NJ store to wait for us to arrive (we live 90 minutes away). Your Team Members were very caring and kind, offering her beverages and a sandwich. They kept checking on her to see if she needed anything. I am so grateful to all who showed such genuine kindness. Thank you for giving her a safe, caring place to wait for us! Thank you for taking care of my daughter. – Stephanie

Way to Go, Store #156:
Dan the Cell Phone Shepherd!

Passing through on a trip, I stopped at your Mt. Arlington, NJ store and accidently left my cell phone on the counter. When I called, Store Leader Dan assured me he would mail it ahead right away. He did so at his own expense and kept in contact over the next few days to ensure that it arrived safely. Thanks for such wonderful customer service! – Valerie

Way to Go, Store #103:
Sam Turns a Bad Spill into a Gush of Compliments!

I was recently at your Monroe, NY store filling my five-gallon gas can. While I was filling it, I noticed it was leaking gas. Team Member Sam sprang into action! He was thoroughly composed as he solved the problem. He properly disposed of my defective container and cleaned up the spill. Then he helped me purchase a new gas can from your store so I could get fuel for my lawn mower. He’s awesome! Thanks for all your help!! – Susan

Way to Go, Store #38:
App-iness, One Customer at a Time!

I love your Wallkill, NY store! What other store has Team Members who are happy to show you how to use their app?! Abby was so polite and friendly. Now that I know how to use the app, I’ll use it all the time! – Magali

Way to Go, Store #38:
Kristine Earns Her Wings!

My husband and I enjoyed eating our breakfast at your Middletown, NY store. But it wasn’t until later in the day that we realized my husband left his iPhone on the table there. We dialed the phone and Team Member Kristine answered it. She was happy to report that she had found the phone, and it was being kept safely at the register. We were so relieved! Your Team Member’s honesty is so refreshing and affirming! We met an angel today, and her name is Kristine! – Donna

Way to Go, Store #90:
QC- Setting the Standard!

Your Team Members are so delightful! Every other convenience store I’ve been to has employees who are rude, apathetic and impatient. Your Team Members are polite, respectful, courteous and professional. Your stores set the bar on how every store should be. It makes all the difference in a customer’s experience. – Jason

Way to Go, Store #141:
Feel the Long Island Love!

Love this place! We need more QuickCheks on Long Island! – Keith

Way to Go, Store #31:
QCafé & Sub Satisfaction!

We are new customers to your store and just tried your strawberry banana smoothie. Awesome!!! Your subs are the highest quality, and your Team Members are so friendly! So glad we tried you. We’re customers for life! – Elida

Way to Go, Store #143:
Hector is Cool under Pressure!

Hector was the only attendant working the very busy fuel area this morning. He was great; customer service at its finest!!! He apologized for the short delay, was friendly, engaging and cared about everything going on. – Jason

Way to Go, Store #62:
Company-wide APProval!

The South Plainfield, NJ store is the lunch place of choice for me and my employees. Your new mobile app has made our work lives much more productive. We are there and back in half the time by pre-ordering on the app. It is a win for me as an employer, and a win for my people because everything is always fresh and delicious! – DJ

Way to Go, Store #107:
Why Go Anywhere Else?!

I get everything I need at your Lawrence, NJ store. Everyone is always busy, yet they all have time to give me a smile and a hello. I now come here every day. It started with coffee, and now I shop here for all my groceries and snacks! Keep up the great work! – Karl

Way to Go, Store #141:
Serving Up Smiles in Lake Grove, NY!

QuickChek is the greatest thing that has ever happened in Lake Grove, NY! – Walter

Way to Go, Store #128:
Khaled = Happy Customers!

When it comes to customer service, you guys are #1!! Team Member Khaled makes my day, every day! This young man remembers every one of his regular customers. I’m only in there once a week and he still treats me like I’m a daily customer. He has amazing energy and always makes us smile. We all need a little more ‘Khaled’ in our lives! – Mark

Way to Go, Store #90:
Derrick Keeps Things Moving!

While I was recently in line waiting to check out at your Rahway, NJ store, Team Member Derrick noticed that the line was pretty long, so he opened up a second register right away. This attention to customer service is so important and tells me that you value the customer’s time! Thank you for employing great people. – Kathleen

Way to Go, Store #8:
Singh Cleans Up with TCD!

I accidentally spilled my coffee in your Parsippany, NJ store the other day. I was mortified! Team Member Singh immediately put me at ease: it’s no big deal, please don’t worry about it, I’ll take care of it. He was courteous and genuinely pleasant. Thank you for helping me during an embarrassing moment! – Jason.

Way to Go, Store #116:
No Act of Kindness is Too Small!

I have started caring for my Mother (who is ill), and stop into your Beachwood, NJ store to get us coffee in the afternoon. The Team Members always brighten my day by asking me how I’m doing, and about my mother. It’s important for your Team Members to know how their simple kindness has become the highlight of my days! – Peggy

Way to Go, Store #124:
When Customers are Happy – We All Win!

I love QC, it’s like a family. I was at your Bayonne, NJ store to redeem a free drink that I won playing your fun match game. Your Team Members were so happy and excited for me! It was like I was the first person to win. In fact, they are always sincerely happy to see me and help me in any way they can. I would walk an extra ten blocks to get to QuickChek! – Patricia

Way to Go, Store #145:
The Place to Meet for Great Coffee & Great Service!

I invited a couple of friends to meet for coffee at your Farmingdale, NJ store. While we were there, Team Member Joe came over and introduced himself as the Assistant Store Leader. He wanted to know if we were enjoying our coffee, and asked if he could get us anything. Before returning to work, he told us that if we needed anything, we could contact him and he’d do his best to help us. What outstanding service! My girlfriends and I decided that this will be our regular meeting place for coffee and snacks. Thank you for taking the time to get to know your customers. Because of Joe’s kindness and professionalism, you just gained three loyal customers. – Edith

Way to Go, Store #157:
Tommy & Sam Welcome Wagon!

I used to be a regular customer at Dunkin Donuts for my morning coffee. One day I stopped in at your Fairfield, NJ store… that was all it took! Pleasurable experience from start to finish, with smiles the whole way through! Now every time I visit this store, I am greeted by name! Even Team Members Tommy and Sam (at the gas pumps) call a greeting to me from across the parking lot when I’m not there to fill up! What a delight to have your store as part of the community. Keep up the great work! – Tom

Way to Go, Store #20:
Gary Makes Sure it’s Right!

I’m a regular Bradley Beach, NJ customer: five days a week for lunch! Team Member Gary is familiar with my usual order. One day I ordered something different on the ordering machine. When he realized my order was different than normal, he made sure to ask me before making it, just to make certain! That’s customer service! I will always choose a QC sandwich made by Gary over one from WAWA or any other local sub shop. – Tina

Way to Go, Store #145:
Making Them Smile in Howell/Colts Neck!

I visited the new QuickChek in Howell-Colts Neck, NJ today. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I’m looking forward to seeing your smiling faces every day!! Welcome to the neighborhood! – Helen

Way to Go, Store #67:
Anna Saves the Day!

I was having one of those days and left my wallet in your Goshen, NY store. Team Member Anna found it and contacted me (my contact info was on the inside). What a relief to know that honest people look out for one another! Thanks for being so reliable! – Barbara

Way to Go, Store #33:
Sue and Janell are the Rx for Customer Loyalty!

I have been a customer of your Washington, NJ store for three years. The Pharmacists (Sue & Janell) are the best anywhere! I take about 20 different medications a day, so I always have plenty of questions for them. They are always happy to take the time to make sure I get all the answers. Your other Team Members at this store are also helpful, always willing to help and find what I’m looking for! I always leave that store with a big smile! – Kenneth

Way to Go, Store #24:
QC Joins the Race to Support Education Foundation!

I would like to thank the Morris Plains, NJ QuickChek for supporting the Morris Plains Education Foundation’s annual 5K race. Store Leader, Anthony, immediately and enthusiastically agreed to help us with this event, and we are so grateful. Thank you for donating bottled water, Gatorade and snacks for the race participants. We really appreciate your help to make this a great event! Thanks for supporting our community. – Deanna

Way to Go, Store #115:
Making Their Day – One Smile at a Time!

What a great group of Team Members in the New Windsor, NY store! I am always greeted with a warm welcome and lots of smiling faces! I use a wheelchair, and I am offered complete assistance in your store. There is always someone ready and willing to help! I love going to your store; it’s the best part of my day! I just wanted to say thanks for making a difference. – Jeffrey

Way to Go, Store #65:
Megan Delivers Extreme Brew!

It was 8:00 at night and I was in pursuit of your Extreme Caffeine coffee. I called your Neptune, NJ store to see if they were serving this flavor. Megan told me they didn’t have any ready at the moment, but she’d be happy to brew some up right away! When I arrived at the store it was hot and ready!! This meant the world to me because I needed to work late. Thank you for going the extra mile! – Julie

Way to Go, Store #25:
Anna & Joe – The Prescription for Great Service!

Fords, NJ has the best QuickChek! Anna and Joe are the most caring, thorough and attentive pharmacists I’ve ever met! They go above and beyond for their customers! – Roger

Way to Go, Store #102:
Joe’s Daily Fun Wins Loyal Customers!

I always see Joe at the register when I visit the Manchester, NJ store. He’s awesome! Every day he comes up with fun trivia questions for the customers to answer. It’s a great daily tradition everyone really enjoys. I used to go to the local WAWA, but I’ll never go there again. I truly enjoy my early mornings at QuickChek. – Jim

Way to Go, Store #74:
Lester Reads the Fine Print!

I stopped at your Whippany, NJ store for gas. I was greeted by Lester, handed him my credit card and asked him to fill the tank. He turned my card over to read the signature panel and asked me for identification. I handed him my driver’s license, he compared the name on my credit card to the license and saw that they matched, then proceeded to fill my car. For many years, I’ve had ASK FOR ID written in the signature panel of my credit card. No gas station attendant has ever respected that wish and asked me for identification. I would like to acknowledge Lester for his remarkable attention to detail and a job well done. – Martin

Way to Go, Store #152:
Our App is User-Friendly!

I recently used my QuickChek App for the first time at your Lakewood, NJ store. I was unsure how to use it, but your Team Members were so helpful. They walked me through the entire process right through checkout. What a great app, and thanks to your Team Members for making it truly user friendly! – Mary

Way to Go, Store #106:
Kim Brings Out our Sweet Side!

I stopped at your Manville, NJ store to purchase sugar, but there wasn’t any on the shelf. When I asked Team Member Kim for assistance, she stopped what she was doing and started digging through about 20 boxes that had just been delivered. She apologized for the delay and even offered me a free cup of coffee while I waited for her to find the sugar! She was determined to make sure I was happy. This is my new favorite store! – Nicole

Way to Go, Store #110:
Customer Loyalty is Worth Chasing!

Yesterday I stopped in at your Wayne, NJ store for gas and a drink. I gave the man at the pump my credit card which he swiped and returned, then I went inside. When I came out (I had forgotten that I’d already paid for the gas) I handed him $20 cash for the fuel. I jumped in my car and started to drive away. As I was waiting at the light to get on Hamburg Turnpike (about a 100 yards away from pumps) I noticed a guy in a reflective vest running towards me. It was the attendant running to return my $20. I truly appreciate his dedication and honesty! – Thomas

Way to Go, Store #156:
Dan The iPad Finding Man!

My son thought he had lost his iPad in your Mt. Arlington, NJ store. I went back and spoke with the Store Leader, Dan. He was so sympathetic and helpful! He offered to check the security cameras and helped me look all over the store for the device. Thankfully, the iPad was in my car all along. Dan was very understanding. I want to thank him for his professionalism and helpfulness with the situation. – Pat

Way to Go, Store #137:
Ray Shows Customers They Come First!

I visited your Lodi, NJ store for gas and food. When I got to the register I realized I had left my wallet at home and was a couple dollars short for my purchases. I was going to return some merchandise but the Store Leader Ray insisted I accept money from his own wallet to cover the difference. His act of kindness saved me from a major inconvenience! I will definitely return to this store and recommend others go there as well. Thank you for putting your customers first! – Sarah.

Way to Go, Store #59:
Thomas brings TCD (& ice cream) to the Rescue!

It was the end of a long, hard day and I needed ice cream… badly! I stopped at your Roseland, NJ store to get my favorite flavor, but it wasn’t available. I grabbed another flavor and headed to the register. While at the register I joked with Team Member Thomas and joked, ‘I was really looking forward to Vanilla Swiss Almond Ice Cream and you’re out that flavor – can you call 911?!’ To my surprise, Thomas ran to the back and returned with a container of Vanilla Swiss Almond Ice Cream! This is over-the-top, outstanding customer service! Thank you so much for employing such wonderful, caring people. My day got better just being in your store! – Russell

Way to Go, Store #38:
Nick Shows the Heart of QC!

I visit your Wallkill, NY store around 1am every night, and have made a real connection with the Team Members who work there. Two days ago my wife unexpectedly passed away. I shared my horrible news with Team Member, Nick – and the next day I went to your store he gave me a beautiful sympathy card and a $20 QC Gift Card. He is so thoughtful! Your Team Members are very special! – Frank

Way to Go, Store #100:
Love What’s App-ening!

I love your new ordering system on the QuickChek app! It’s so easy to use, and everything is ready and exactly the way I ordered it! – Jessica

Way to Go, Store #147:

This morning I stopped at WaWa to purchase grapes. I noticed they all had mold on them. When I reported this, I was told: “Oh well, these things happen.” When I spoke to the manager, I was treated with no respect, so I left the store. I drove to your Marlboro, NJ store and was cheerfully greeted by the Store Leader. When I explained what happened at WaWa, he got me a complimentary cup of coffee and went with me to check out the grapes. They were very fresh and delicious! Thank you for taking pride in your work and caring about the customer experience. The Store Leader and I shared a laugh about the whole thing, and my day turned right around! QuickChek is out of my way, but I will wake up earlier just to come and see the Team of people who care about their jobs and always put the customer first! – Mary

Way to Go, QuickChek!
The Real Deal!

I am a vendor who services many of your stores. It’s always great to visit the stores as a customer. I’m lucky enough to see ‘behind the scenes’ in your stores – all that cheerfulness and caring about the customers is the real deal. – Leo

Way to Go, Store #126:
No Matter the Hour, Everyone’s Happy To See You!

Love the QuickChek in Wallkill, NY. Where else can you find genuinely happy people working at 4am? Keep up the great work. Coming to your store is the highlight of my day! – Mary

Way to Go, Store #93:
Customers Love Mobile Ordering!

I love the new mobile ordering system! My Bayonne, NJ store had my order ready for me, and I even got a free bag of chips! It paired perfectly with the cookies Michelle suggested. What a great Friday treat after a rough week! – Maria

Way to Go, Store #131:
Paul and Marlon Double-Team TCD!

One night a few weeks ago my disabled mother visited your Newburgh, NY store. She was a few cents short when she went to pay for her coffee. She was assured that it was no problem. Team Members Paul and Marlon helped her get coffee and then helped her to her car. She spoke of their kindness for days. – Anna

Way to Go, Store #24:
Customer Loyalty is Priceless!

Last week I was in your Morris Plains, NJ store and realized I’d forgotten my wallet. I was in a rush and just wanted a cup of coffee, so I asked your Team Member if I could stop back later and pay her for my order. The Store Leader overheard me and told me not to worry, and that he would pay for it. There is no other store that would ever extend such courtesy to a customer. I’ll never go anywhere else for coffee!! – Michael

Way to Go, Store #5:
Making Customers Smile with a Song!

I am a first-time user of your online ordering. I arrived at your White Township, NJ store and my order was perfect and ready right on time! Thanks for your hard work and cheery attitude every morning! I love how your Team Members are so happy – they sing along to the in-store music… it makes my mornings awesome! – Sarah

Way to Go, Store #152:
TCD + Great Coffee = Worth the Drive!

I stop at your Lakewood, NJ store every morning! Your Team Members are always so pleasant, friendly and helpful. I drive right by WaWa, Dunkin Donuts and several other places that sell coffee, right to your store. Trust me, it’s always worth my time to get the level of service and quality coffee you offer. – William

Way to Go, Store #88:
Team Members Show they REALLY Care!

I love shopping at your Hackensack, NJ store. I am a person with disabilities, and I always receive a great deal of extra help when I shop at your store. When your Team Members see me coming, they rush out to greet me. They always help me by opening a door, holding my umbrella or taking my bags to my car. There is nowhere else that offers me this kind of service! I am very lucky to have a QuickChek in my neighborhood! – Arleen

Way to Go, Store #126:
Lori Fuels Customer with Kindness!

I ran out of gas near your store in Wallkill, NY. I had just lost my cell phone and was out of money. Your Store Leader, Lori McAree, gave me money out of her own wallet so I could put gas in my car. I have never had a stranger offer me such kindness, it was amazing. – Dick

Way to Go, Store #74:
Start to Finish – Great Service!

While I was ordering lunch at your Whippany, NJ store, Team Member, Rich noticed that I was having trouble with the ordering screen. He came around and asked if he could help me. Once my order was complete, I took the ticket to the register to pay. By the time I paid for my order, Rich came right up and handed the sandwich right to me with a great big smile. What wonderful service! – Vera

Way to Go, Store #99:
Meghan Makes Sure the Connection is Strong!

I was having a problem accessing the internet on my phone at your Rockaway, NJ store. The next day, your Store Leader Megan called me at home to apologize about the internet problem. I really appreciated her taking the time to contact me! Just another reason to love your store! – Donna

Way to Go, Store #83:
Sonia is GPS with TCD!

Getting lost in a city is never fun! I was lost driving around Newark, NJ for over an hour. I finally decided to go into your store for directions. Your Team Members were awesome – particularly the Store Leader, Sonia! She could tell that I was quite upset, and instantly came over to help me. She got me a cup of water and helped me calm down. She was able to get me very clear directions to my destination. She really cared about my situation. I will never forget this kindness. – April

Way to Go, Store #156:
Don is the Quicker-Picker-Upper!

I am a perpetual klutz! I was recently in your Mt. Arlington, NJ store and spilled coffee all over the place (including on myself!) Not even one minute later, Team Member Don came and helped me clean the whole thing! We even had a good laugh about it! Thank you for such wonderful service! – Teresa

Way to Go, Store #124:
Customer Service – No Contest!

This is such a great store! I used to go to WAWA or 7-11 until I found QuickChek in Bayonne, NJ! What a difference! Clean, friendly, well stocked, better prices! Can you say no contest?! All your Team Members feel like friends that I get to see every day! It’s awesome! – Phillip

Way to Go, Store #82:
Claribel Watches Out for the Little Things!

When I’m at your Woodbridge, NJ store, Claribel always encourages me with great ideas. She recently suggested that I purchase a thermos mug so that my coffee will always stay hot. What a great idea! She always brews me a new pot whenever I ask for it. I truly appreciate her level of service. – Caridad

Way to Go, Store #35:
Hillsborough Extinguishes Thirst and Hunger for Local Firefighters!

Just wanted to write to say thanks to your Hillsborough, NJ store for feeding all those firefighters who helped fight the Hillsborough warehouse fire. Knowing my son and his fellow firefighters had something to eat and drink while they battled this fire is a true blessing. – A Firefighter’s mom and family

Way to Go, Store #72:
Team Members Know What’s REALLY Important!

Your Woodbridge, NJ store consistently proves that you understand what customer service is all about. Your Team Members look up and greet me when I enter the store; they’re not busy looking down at their cell phones or gabbing with co-workers. They all give proper attention to the customers standing in front of them. It may seem simple, but it goes a long way. Keep up the great attitude of putting customers first! Thank you! – William

Way to Go Jason, Store #37:
Jason Gives Lessons in TCD!

I was in your Netcong, NJ store the other day ordering lunch. I was having trouble with the ordering screen, and Jason stopped what he was doing, came around and coached me on how to place my order. He didn’t just do it for me, but rather took the time to show me how to use it (and it was really easy). He is so personable, helpful and is doing a fantastic job! – Sandy

Way to Go Basia, Store #77:
Basia the Super-Barista!

I was in serious need of a QC cappuccino last Wednesday. When I arrived at your Franklin, NJ store, I was sad to see that the machine was not operating because it was being repaired! Basia jumped into action and hand-made my cappuccino; it was the best one I’ve ever had! Basia went above and beyond to satisfy my needs. – Linda.

Way to Go, Store #124:
TCD – Day or Night!

I stop at your Bayonne, NJ store every night on my way home from work. It’s nice to walk into a business after 9pm and get the same level of service that people get during ‘normal’ business hours. Your Team Members are always super friendly, fast, efficient and welcoming. I would never be able to tell if their day just started or was about to end. Keep up the great work! – Ashley

Way to Go Eric, Store #65:
Eric ‘Locks-in’ Customer Loyalty!

I was at your Neptune, NJ store, and locked my keys and cell phone in my car. Team Member Eric was happy to help and immediately called AAA for me. I have never been treated with such care and concern!! I am a QC Customer for life! – Carol

Way to Go Kim, Store #113:
Customer Satisfaction: No Waiting!

After a terrible day at work, I stopped at your Point Pleasant, NJ store. While standing in the checkout line, another customer cut in front of me. Team Member Kim noticed this and immediately opened another register for me without hesitation. This small act of kindness truly turned my day around and almost brought me to tears. I appreciated her sense of fairness and compassion. A smile can go a long way and every QuickChek Team Member knows and shows this! – Lucyanne

Way to Go, Store #156:
Mt. Arlington Shares Christmas Cheer!

I was on my way to work on Christmas Day and stopped at your Mt. Arlington, NJ store. I had just come from a Dunkin Donuts where the employees were miserable because they had to work on Christmas. Their attitudes were so terrible and toxic; I left the store without purchasing anything. When I arrived at your store, I was met with smiles and Christmas cheer! Your Team Members were like happy little Christmas elves – what a difference! I’m going to change my routine and shop in your store from now on! Thank you and Merry Christmas! – Kimberly

Way to Go, Store #109:
QC: Welcome to the Community!

The QuickChek store in Florida, NY is the BEST thing to happen in our community! Thank you. – Mark

Way to Go, Store #34:
QC Coffee – We’re worth it!

I’ve just become a ‘regular’ at your Emerson, NJ store. All of your coffee drinks are delicious and more price-friendly than DD or Starbucks. This location is significantly better than any other coffee shop. From now on, I will definitely get my coffee here, even if it’s a bit more out of my way in the morning. Totally worth it! – Helen

Way to Go, Store #125:
Shataya Shows Holiday Spirit!

I ran into your Lake Katrine, NY store last week to pick up some soup and coffee. When I got to the register, my credit card wouldn’t work! Team Member Shataya offered to pay for my order because she knew my children were waiting in the car, and I had a long drive ahead of me. I was overwhelmed with her offer! She made my day with her smile and her kindness. This is the best store ever! She IS the true giving spirit of the holidays! Thank you – Samantha

Way to Go, Store #22:
Girl Power at the Gas Pumps!

When I arrived at your Trenton, NJ store last evening, I was in a horrible mood. I stopped to get gas, and was surprised to find a happy, bubbly young woman at gas pumps. She was so pleasant and efficient, she completely turned my day around! Who would’ve thought that after a bad day at work and fighting traffic that a gas station attendant would be able to put a smile on my face so easily? You guys always brighten my day! – David

Way to Go, Store #35
Hillsborough – Where Everybody Knows Your Name!

I visit your Hillsborough, NJ store several times a day for many reasons (amazing food, gas up my car and work vehicles, great service and quality items). But what I love most about this store, is that I feel like I’m on that TV show “Cheers” when I’m there; everyone knows my name, and they are always so happy to see me! You can’t get this kind of friendliness ANYWHERE else! – Brian (Norm!)

Way to Go, QuickChek:
Few Words Say it ALL!

Great customer service! Definitely coming back! Beats the heck out of 7-11! – Bradd

Way to Go Store #7:
Vincent Lends A Helping Hand for TCD!

I went to the Ulster, NY store the other night to get some drinks. As I was walking to the register, my arms were filled with sodas, juices and water. Team Member Vincent saw me walking towards him and rushed out from behind the counter to help me carry my items. How thoughtful! He was really wonderful and I appreciate the kindness and caring from such a fine young man! – Diane

Way To Go, Store #7:
QC – The Heart of Giving!

I stopped at your Ulster, NY store and noticed a Team Member purchasing food items. After paying for them, she walked over to a gentleman that seemed to be homeless and handed him the food and an empty coffee cup. I was curious, so I asked her about it as she walked back to the deli. She informed me that the man had asked if he could work for food. She declined his offer because it was against company policy, but then purchased food for him with her own money. This just confirms what I already knew about QuickChek Team Members: they all have amazing, caring hearts. – Kaitlyn

Way to Go, Store #109:
Mary Brings Smiles to Young and Old!

Team Member Mary in your Florida, NY store is such a delight. My five-year-old grandson absolutely loves her! She always goes out of her way to speak with him and even bought him a cookie. The joy and happiness it gave my son was awesome! He asks me to bring him to QuickChek just to see her. It’s a great feeling to have such a pleasant experience in a store. QuickChek is the gold standard of caring – keep up the great work! – Meghan

Way to Go, Store #4:
No Need to Cry over Spilled Milk!

I was in your Highland Park, NJ store and bought a gallon of milk. As I was walking home, the double bag broke and the milk jug fell out and spilled on the sidewalk. I returned to your store to buy another gallon. When I explained what happened, your Team Member gave me a replacement gallon free of charge. I really appreciated this level of service. I will definitely be a QuickChek regular from now on! – Tim

Way to Go, Store #102:
Showing Others We Really Care!

I’ve been a steady QC customer in your Manchester, NJ store since it opened. The Team Members are so friendly and enthusiastic. Last month, I lost my wife to Alzheimer’s. Your Team Members were always so kind to my wife. They were all very sensitive to her condition and what we were going through. My family and I are very grateful for your gift of friendship and making sure we knew you really cared about us. You guys are the real deal! – Tom

Way to Go, QuickChek:
QC – A Welcomed Member of the Community!

We are so impressed and overwhelmingly grateful that you have shown interest in our concerns regarding the plans for the new QC store on Rt. 23 South in Butler, NJ. We are very appreciative that you took the time to personally contact us. It’s easy to see why your corporation is advancing so rapidly with such extraordinarily caring people involved. – Residents of Butler, NJ

Way to Go, Store #4:
QC-Fresh Market Favorite!

My friends ask me why I shop at your Highland Park, NJ store instead of going to a grocery store. Let’s see: it’s close to my home, I’m always treated with friendliness and respect, the food and prices are awesome – what’s the question? I will always continue my daily QuickChek shops because the experience is worth it. Keep up the great work! – Laurie

Way to Go, Store #32:
Customer Service Shines Bright!

I’d just ordered my sandwich at your Hackettstown, NJ store, when all of a sudden there was a loud bang and the electricity went off. We all went outside to see that a garbage truck had run into a pole and tore out the wires. The Store Leader quickly called the police – and the Team Member that was making my sandwich went back in and finished making it in the dark. Now that is awesome service!! – Art

Way to Go, Store #49:
Emily Cares!

I’ve been a QC customer for over 23 years. Last week at your Sayerville, NJ store I noticed a young woman lying on the ground outside the store. I mentioned it to Team Member Emily. She immediately went out and helped the woman. After determining that the woman was ok, Emily used her own money to pay for a cab so the woman could get home. You have such wonderful caring Team Members! – Patty

Way to Go, Store #72:
Denise Puts Others First!

I was at your Woodbridge, NJ store for lunch. While waiting in a busy line for my sandwich, Team Member Denise (who happened to be off the clock) went back and helped out the Team Member in the deli. It’s awesome to see people put the customer AND their fellow Team Members ahead of themselves. That’s QuickChek for you! – Justin

Way to Go, Stores #29 & 90:
Rose is the BLOOM in a Customer’s Day!

I am busy caring for my autistic and my elderly mother. I am also a cancer survivor. Most of my days involve doctor appointments and running errands for others. But I always start my day at the Scotch Plains, NJ store for wonderful coffee and a smile from Rose. Your Team Members treat me like family. I think your Team Members are the secret to QuickChek’s success! – Ann

Way To Go, Store #64:
Valued Customers are Priceless!

I am long-time customer of your Hackettstown, NJ store. Everyone there treats me like family! One day I was $1 short at the register, and the Team Member told me not to worry about it, that she’d give me the dollar. She went on to tell me that she knew I was a good and regular customer, and that they really valued my loyalty to the store. That one act of kindness turned my whole day around! Your Team Members are always willing to go the extra mile to make the customers happy! – Mary

Way To Go, Store #153:
Tara Puts Customers First – Always!

I was in the Eatontown, NJ store and saw an elderly woman trying to order a sandwich using the order screen. She was having trouble with the process and seemed a bit confused. Just as I was about to offer her assistance, Team Member Tara stopped what she was doing and came over to help her. QuickChek really keeps their eyes on every little detail in their stores; good to know! Keep up the great work! – Colin

Way To Go, Store #45:
Mac & Cheese – YES PLEASE!

Everyone in your Union, NJ store is awesome. They all know how much my daughter LOVES your Mac & Cheese! They all exclaim ‘Mac & Cheese!’ when we come into the store – it’s like a little party! You guys make even the little things seem special! Thank you! – Carly

Way To Go, Store #74:
Gary SMOKES the Competition with TCD!

Whenever I shop at the Whippany, NJ QuickChek, I’m greeted by Gary. He knows me so well, he even knows which smokes I like to purchase. As a customer, it’s really wonderful to have your Team Members know me and care about what I like and need. That’s the reason I come to QuickChek instead of going to the local Krauzer’s. Your customer service makes all the difference! Great job, Team QuickChek! – Sam

Way To Go, Store #38:
Max App-ily Helps Customers!

I was at your store in Wallkill, NY trying to download your app onto my new phone. I asked Team Member Max to help me. Although he was on a break, he was more than happy to assist me. He was such a courteous gentleman! I offered to buy him a snack, but he politely declined and told me it was his pleasure to help! – Mary

Way To Go, Store #139:
Dan Delivers the Heart of QuickChek!

We were having a local fundraiser in Washington Township, NJ. Not only did Store Leader Dan provide us with a donation of sandwich platters and ice, he delivered it as well! His timing was PERFECT, as we had just run out of food. We are so grateful for QuickChek’s generosity during this time – and made sure that each person at our event knew how great QuickChek was! Thanks again to QuickChek and Dan for being so pleasant and generous with our community. – Denise

Way to Go, Store #141:
LONGing for More QCs on Long Island!

I live in the Lake Grove, NY area and I love your store! It’s a gorgeous structure and delivers first rate service! I hope you continue to expand your company in other Long Island locations. I’m a huge fan of the business model, layout and design. It’s significantly better than 7-11, due to its size, and the fact that gas is offered. Your gas prices are always competitive and there’s no increase in price for credit cards. I no longer consider going to other convenience stores for gas or other items. I just get in my car and head to QuickChek. – Matthew

Way to Go, QuickChek:
Gluten-Free Options are SWEET!

Thank you for stocking gluten-free cookies! They’re awesome! I was so pleasantly surprised to find them when I stopped in my local QuickChek. It’s great to have a snack to accompany your delicious coffee! Those of us with special dietary needs are grateful that you are such a considerate merchant! Thanks again! – Donna

Way to Go, Store #128:
QuickChek beats the Competition AGAIN!!

I used to go to Wawa because it was close to where I worked. I recently checked out the Clifton Valley, NJ QuickChek, and I’m hooked! There is such a huge difference between QC and other convenience stores! Now I only go to QuickChek; cleaner stores, better food, nicer people! You are the best! – Annabel

Way to Go, Store #77:
QC Pumps Up Customers (and their tires)!

I am a regular customer at your Franklin, NJ store. One of the things I love about QuickChek is that your gas stations offer free air. Not only is it free, but the air pumps are so much easier to use than other air pumps. Many of your competitors charge for air, and that’s just crazy. Thanks for offering this user-friendly service to your customers. – Janet

Way to Go, Store #120:
Jerome Serves Up Touch Screen Touch!

I was getting lunch in your Wall Township, NJ store, and was having trouble deciding on my order. Jerome was so helpful. He came out from behind the counter and showed me how to use the ordering machine. He was such a great teacher! His level of courtesy and friendliness is rare these days. Everyone at this store deserves recognition. It’s a very special place! – Marilyn

Way to Go, Store #15:
Alyssa is FAITHFUL to details!

I am so thankful to Team Member Alyssa in your Matawan, NJ store! I am Muslim and have a difficult time finding food stores that will respect my specific religious limitations when it comes to food preparation. Alyssa is happy to help me by taking care of all specific aspects of preparing my food (washing all utensils, cleaning the table). She makes certain that my food is prepared according to my preferences as well as meeting my religious obligations. Thank you Alyssa & QuickChek. – Syed

Way to Go, Store #141:
Sharing the Love on Long Island!

QC came to my neighborhood in Lake Grove, NY almost one year ago. At the time, I was hesitant because I didn’t know what to expect. I decided to check it out and am so glad to have you in my town! All my friends love QuickChek and all the Team Members. They are all so bright, cheerful and helpful! Hoping their happy spirits spread throughout the rest of our community! – Barbara

Way to Go, Store #126:
Taking the ‘Labor’ out of Labor Day!

I was in your Wallkill, NY store over Labor Day weekend. You guys were packed; business was jamming! All your Team Members were professional, courteous and FAST! They showed no signs of being flustered by the massive crowds; they were awesome! I spoke to another customer who had just come from a competitor’s store where he gave up after waiting over 20 minutes in line for a sandwich!! Thanks for taking such good care of your all your customers with such great service! You guys rock! – Martin

Way to Go, Store #106:
Happy to Serve at All Hours!

I was recently at your Manville, NJ store at 3:00 in the morning. Team Member Melissa was so upbeat and cheerful. Who expects cheeriness at THAT hour? She was very professional and deserves praise. Thank you. – Richard

Way to Go, Store #77:
Anthony Never Tires of TCD!

My daughter pulled into your Franklin, NJ store and realized that one of her tires was completely flat! Team Member Anthony instantly offered to change her tire. It’s little things like this that make your store stand out. Thank you for taking such good care of your customers. – Doug

Way to Go, Store #143:
Multi-Tasking Meliza!

Today was my first visit to your Carlstadt, NJ store. I had questions regarding placing multiple orders of the same item on the screen. Meliza was so happy to help. Even though it was rush hour and the store was really busy, she was so friendly and patient and showed me how easy it was! I will become a more frequent customer because of this wonderful experience. Your Team Members are the best! – Johana

Way to Go, Store #56:
Customers Bank on QuickChek!

I’d like to thank all the Team Members at your Lakewood, NJ store. I walked out of the store the other day and inadvertently left my wallet on the counter. They went out of their way to make sure I got it back. I visit the Lakewood store every day and now I know I can completely count on you for everything – maybe even my banking! – Phillip

Way to Go, Store #120:
Ria Keeps Customer’s Loyalty SAFE!

I was at your Wall Township, NJ store over the weekend and accidentally dropped a wad of cash, $300 to be exact. When I retraced my steps back to QuickChek, Team Member Ria assured me that she had found the money and put it in an envelope in the store safe. I am so grateful and appreciative of Ria’s honesty and integrity. I’ve always been a huge fan of QC, but after this experience you’ve won my total loyalty. Thanks! – Rick

Way to Go, Store #106:
Kym Delivers Personal Touch!

I was in your Manville, NJ store and wanted to try something different from my usual sandwich order. I was interested in one of your premade sandwiches, but I don’t eat all the ingredients offered. Team Member Kym went out of her way to come over and help me order it through the kiosk, then personally went and made it herself. It was the best sub I’ve ever eaten! I will definitely be back again! – Laura

Way to Go, Store #20:
Arielle Delivers a Boost with Extreme Caffeine and Satisfaction!

After having worked a second shift at my job, I dragged my tired self to my favorite QuickChek in Bradley Beach, NJ, desperately in need of QC’s Extreme Caffeine blend of coffee. But none of this particular blend left when I arrived. Team Member Arielle sprang into action and happily brewed a fresh pot for me! In no time, I was fueled up and revving for work! QC Team Members are all so helpful and eager to please. No other store in the world that matches your level of customer service and satisfaction! I’m giving you all virtual hugs! Your now and forever patron – Julie

Way to Go, Store #141:
Lake Grove Loves QC!

I am so happy that QuickChek is coming to Long Island! Your Lake Grove, NY has set the bar for high quality in everything about a convenience store. I look forward to being a customer for a long time to come! Thank you so much – Ed

Way to Go, Store #156:
Fernando Goes the Extra MILE to Win a Customer for LIFE!

I want to send a BIG THANK-YOU to Fernando from your Mt. Arlington, NJ store. I ran out of gas and called a competitor’s gas station close to me, but they refused to help. I was a ¼ mile from QuickChek and walked to your store. Fernando helped me fill a gas can, then escorted me back to my car to fill it up! We drove back to QuickChek and he filled the rest of the tank. I really appreciate Fernando’s willingness to help. I am now a QC Customer for LIFE! – Robin

Way to Go, Store #122:
Max is the Cream of the Crop!

I was in your North Plainfield, NJ store getting coffee. There wasn’t any hazelnut creamer, so I asked a Team Member Max if there was any out back.  After discovering that they were out of stock, he asked me to wait one minute; he knew a sure solution. He ran out back to the delivery truck that was currently off-loading supplies and asked the driver to help locate the creamer. He displayed total commitment to getting my creamer. It was amazing! I own a small store and I only wish that I had people on my team like Max! – Matthew

Way to Go, Store #71:
‘Speedy’ TCD in Ewing!

I’m a frequent customer of your Ewing, NJ store. There is a Team Member there who I have given the nick-name ‘Speedy.’ She is so fast and thorough when she does her job, and eager to help everyone in any way! One day I was in the store and realized I’d forgotten my wallet. Speedy noticed something was wrong, and offered to pay for my lunch order! I’m very grateful to her and her kindness. – Hailey

Way to Go, Store #109:
Florida, NY Loves QC!

Awesome store! Everyone is so friendly and the food is the BEST! Thank you for being such a great part of our community! We love to meet up with our friends at your store! – Steven

Way to Go, Store #7:
Lenny Makes Their Day!

My husband and I were returning from a LONG car ride, very hungry, cranky and with another two long hours of driving ahead of us. We stopped at your Ulster, NY store to order sandwiches. Lenny was so friendly he turned our whole mood around! He made our journey much more pleasant. He also made great sandwiches!! All hail Lenny!! – Janet

Way to Go, Store #18:
Sampling and Enthusiasm Sells!

I am a daily customer in your Maplewood, NJ store. It’s great to see Team Members who care about customer service and the people they work with. I love this store! The Team Members are so excited about new products, and even offer samples! No other store can compete with that level of enthusiasm and quality service! Jose

Way to Go, Store #8:
Knowing Our Customers Makes them Happy!

My day gets better the minute I enter your store! I’ve been to many QuickCheks, but the Parsippany, NJ store makes me feel like I’m at home. Always friendly, spot-on clean, and the Team Members always amaze me. They know my name, what I like, how to make it… without me even having to order. This is the best place to go for fast, friendly service PLUS that added touch of knowing their customers! Keep up the great work. – Charlene

Way to Go, Store #156:
New Mt. Arlington Store Brings MANY Smiles!

We want to give a SHOUT OUT of THANKS to your new Mt. Arlington, NJ store. Gas attendants
wash the windshields and windows without being asked! This store is a welcome addition to the community. We love it! – Diana & Mike

Way to Go, Store #29:
Serving the Community in Time of Need!

I was stranded at your Scotch Plains store during the recent flooding from heavy rains. Alica, Alexi, and AJ took amazing care of me! They took the time to help me even though the store was busy. They got me coffee and helped me remain calm. They kept checking in with me while I waited for my son to pick me up. Alexi even loaned me her cell phone because mine had no battery left. They all went above and beyond to help me feel comfortable during an upsetting time. – Loretta

Way to Go, Store #130:
Jennifer’s Classic Service Makes a Difference!

Whenever I go to your Middlesex, NJ store, Jennifer never fails to impress me because she is so professional and courteous! I am greeted by name every time I walk into the store! It feels like a throwback to the way stores and customer service USED to be. Jennifer always makes me feel like she is so glad to see me. She’s the reason I keep coming to QuickChek. – Sarah

Way to Go, Store #136:
Hometown Feeling!

I have been coming to the QuickChek in Jackson, NJ since it opened. Every visit is awesome. I am always greeted with smiles and friendliness. Being a regular, it is nice to come in and feel welcomed on every visit, from the Team Members making your sandwiches and at the registers! Everyone I see always takes the time to greet me, and your coffee has won my taste buds for life!!! There’s no other store like QuickChek! – Denise

Way to Go, Store #131:
QuickChek: Just What Your Neighborhood Needs!

I am a gasoline-needing, sandwich-loving QuickChek customer of your Newburgh, NY store. Years ago when I learned that QuickChek was building a store in my town, I was dismayed. It was being constructed on the grounds of the old Middlehope drive-in movie theater, a local landmark enjoyed for generations. My first thought was, “we don’t NEED another gas station!” Imagine my surprise now that QuickChek is my favorite convenience store. I am so impressed; the store is spacious and clean. The gas prices are the best in the area, and your Team Members are the nicest, most pleasant people I’ve ever met. QuickChek is my go-to place to fuel up and grab a drink or snack. – James

Way to Go, Store #125:
Shantaya’s Eye Catching Hard Work!

I am a customer at the Lake Katrine, NY store. Shantaya is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever seen! Whenever I come into the store she’s busy helping someone with a big smile on her face. All my friends have commented on her sunny disposition and willingness to help everyone!! It makes a huge difference dealing with happy, upbeat Team Members. – Barbara

Way to Go, Store #102:
Helping People – Appy To Do So!

I am new to your coffee app. So when I was at your Manchester, NJ store, trying to use it for the first time, I was all thumbs! Your Team Member at the register was so patient and kind – she took all the time I needed to show me how to use it. Now it’s a snap! – Georgina.

Way to Go, Store #77:
Expect the Unexpected in TCD!

Let’s be honest, it’s hard to be extremely happy pumping gas for a living. But Anthony at your Franklin, NJ store is the exception and such an amazing Team Member! He is extremely friendly, attentive and positive. What gas station washes your windshield anymore? QuickChek – THAT’S WHO! That’s service! Thanks for training your Team Members to make a difference in customer’s lives! – Ryan.

Way to Go, Store #19:
Total Team Commitment!

Three weeks ago, I had ACL replacement surgery on my knee. On my way home from physical therapy I stopped at the Rahway store, hobbling in to grab lunch. Every employee in the store asked if they could help me with my shopping and carry my things to the car. It was the nicest experience I’ve ever had in a store! Your Team Members are very special. Their kindness turned my whole day around and made ME smile! Thanks again! – Melissa

Way to Go, Store #32:
People Travel MILES to see Joey’s SMILES!

You hire the BEST people! Even though it is not convenient for me, I drive across town just to see Joey at the Main Street store in Hackettstown, NJ. He is always smiling, and always helpful! – Martina

Way to Go, Store #133:
Personal Service Makes a Difference!

Whenever I shop at your Hazlet, NJ store, I know I’m in for a treat! Paul always completes my sandwich/salad order exactly the way I like it. I never get this level of service at any other store. My favorite part is that he comes out from around the counter to hand it to me. I actually look forward to him being the one behind the deli counter. Job well done! – Kristen

Way to Go, Store #117:
QC Fresh Exceeds Expectations!

I shop at the Sayreville, NJ QuickChek. This is a busy store! With the amount of traffic you’d think the floor would be filthy. Nope – it’s sparkling clean! I usually run in thinking I’ll just get one thing, but everything is so fresh, well-displayed and well-stocked, I end up buying so much more! Everything about this store exceeds my expectations for a ‘convenience store.’ I think of you as my mini-gourmet market! – Maryanne

Way to Go, Store #139:
Happy to See QC @ Washington National Night Out!

Thank you for your participation in the Night Out at Washington, NJ. It’s really nice to have a local business support the town. The cookies were great and all of the employees were so friendly and made the night enjoyable. Happy to be a long-time QC customer! – Rick

Way to Go, Store #43:
Roger – The Lost Cell Phone Whisperer!

I stopped at the Wantage, NJ QuickChek to put air in my tires. I accidentally left my cell phone on the roof of my car and drove away. When I arrived home, I couldn’t find my phone! I drove back to the store and asked Team-Member Roger if he’d seen my phone. He had not, but used an app on his OWN phone to track mine. We located it a quarter-mile down the road. Without Roger’s help, there’s no way I would have found my phone. He went WAY above and beyond to help me. – Donny

Way to Go QC Balloon Festival Teams
Rising to New Heights!

Thank you QuickChek for a great time at the NJ Balloon Festival. This was our second year attending and we had a great time! Your staff inside the pop-up store was so courteous and helpful. Even on such a hot afternoon, everyone had smiling faces and helped us find things like spoons and tops for drinks with no hesitation. Great customer service like that is hard to find! Having QC there made the event even MORE special for us! – Michelle

Way to Go, Store #64:
Customer Loves her QC Family!

I am so lucky to have three QuickChek stores in my town of Hackettstown, NJ! I go to all of them, but I am partial to Store #64. This store and staff are the best! Everyone who works there feels like family to me! They greet me by name and are always so friendly and welcoming. They remember the products that I like, and are always genuinely excited to show me new products or features and get my opinion on them. There’s a sense of caring and belonging that exists nowhere else! As far as cleanliness and being well-stocked, this store is second to none. It looks as good now as the day it opened! Keep up the great work! – Angela

Way to Go, Store #138:
Getting DOWN for Customers!

I am a frequent customer at your Kingston, NY store. The other day I dropped my debit card in front of the ATM and it slid UNDER the machine (which is bolted to the floor). Your staff took turns getting down on the floor to try and retrieve my card. They rotated between helping me and making sure all the other customers were being taken care of. They tried everything, including using their cell phone flashlights and were successful! What a relief! They declined my tip and graciously replied that it was all part of customer service. These people are amazing! I am so appreciative to QuickChek for employing such dedicated, selfless Team Members! – Darren

Way to Go, QuickChek Balloon Festival:
Balloon Ride Winner Soars with Gratitude!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone involved with the QuickChek Balloon Festival. I would have never thought that an innocuous post on QC’s Facebook would ever take me floating hundreds of feet over the New Jersey countryside! The entire experience from tip to tail was first class. Our balloon pilot was exceedingly professional and accommodating. The flight was a once-in-a-lifetime, bucket-list event for me! – Dan

P.S. I really dig the fact that I can walk into one of your stores and grab a six-inch sandwich, chips and a drink for five bucks and change. It’s one of my favorite lunch options. Keep that going!

Way to Go, Store #135:
Bayville Team Marches to the Tune of TCD!

The Central Regional Marching Eagles and Band Parent Association runs a concession stand at Veterans Park to raise money for our Student Marching Band activities. We usually get ice for our beverages from the local VFW, but last night the machine was broken. Our students and two band parents went to QuickChek in Bayville, NJ to ask if they would donate ice. Your Team Member, Kathy, was wonderful. She sprang into action and helped us out right away! Thank you QuickChek for the contribution to our students and school. We truly appreciate everything you did for us and Central Regional Marching Band! – Sherri

Way to Go, Store #97:
Matthew Helps Customers Get App-y!

I love going to QuickChek in Sparta, NJ! The new app is great! One time I had difficulty retrieving a coupon. Your Team Member, Matthew, graciously and patiently explained how to use the app! He’s a great example of QuickChek putting the customer FIRST! – Antoinette

Way to Go, Store #97
4 Paws Up for QuickChek!

I always get great service at your Sparta, NJ QuickChek! The location is spotless and organized; a great place to visit. Getting a dog biscuit at the gas pump is such a great idea! ARF! ARF! We love QuickChek! – Mark

Way to Go, Store #12:
Thanking the Real Heroes!

I am a frequent customer at your Bedminster, NJ store. I was so grateful when you put the Wounded Warriors donation jar at your register. Your Team Members are very excited and the jar is almost full already! When customers offer to tip QuickChek Team Members for great service, they request that the tip instead be donated to this worthy cause! This alone has me coming back to your store (beside the great coffee!). – Kathy

Way to Go, Store #63:
Mike Defines the Standard of Excellence!

I visited your West Amwell, NJ for gas and to grab a bottle of water on my way to vacation. Unfortunately, in my haste, I locked my keys and cell phone in my car. I walked back into the store and Mike, the Store Leader, immediately helped by allowing me to use his cell phone. He was an absolute savior for the 2 hours that I waited for assistance. He even offered me a complimentary fountain drink. I was stunned by his generosity and genuine concern for a total stranger. He was competent, well spoken and courteous. Given the competition in your market, it is the human element that sets this store apart from Wawa and 7-11. I will always remember Mike and his help during my trouble. – Chris

Way to Go, Store #137:
Stephanie Loves Getting Gas!

Most Tuesdays I stop at the Lodi, NJ QuickChek to fill up, and get coffee and groceries. The attendants always recognize me and verify my regular gas order. It’s a routine that I have come to love! Imagine, looking forward to refueling my car!! In the past, I would drive around for the least expensive fuel at a clean enough station with non-threatening attendants. QuickChek employees are always professional and courteous. The outside is always clean and the inside is clean and well-stocked. Now I never go anywhere else to get gas. – Stephanie

Way to Go, Store #34:
Monika Puts Customers First!

My whole family loves your Emerson, NJ store. A few weeks ago you offered a coupon for Butterfinger Bites. When I came to get some, you had sold out. Your Store Leader, Monika, called another QuickChek location and found that they had some in stock. I was told I could come back to the store later that day and they would have them for me! That is service ABOVE and BEYOND the norm! I would never get that level of service at any other store. This just shows you that QuickChek really DOES put their customers first. – Thomas

Way to Go, Store #102:
Manchester Team Shows Out-of-Towners TCD!

I was visiting this area from Williamsburg, VA. I stopped in your Manchester, NJ store for breakfast one morning; what a delight! This store is so clean and efficiently run! The food was exceptional and the service was outstanding. I met with the Store Leader, John, and told him that I wish we had stores like QuickChek in the south! I congratulated him on such a wonderful store, and for providing us with such a memorable experience! We will definitely be back, and look for more opportunities to visit QuickChek stores in our travels!! – Rob

Way to Go, Store #11:
Diane Saves Father’s Day!

On Father’s Day afternoon, my husband went to get sandwiches for our family at the Garwood, NJ QuickChek. When he went to pay for the order, his credit card wouldn’t work. He called our bank and found out his card had been compromised… uuggghh!!! The order totaled $31, and he only had $26 in cash. Team Member Diane opened her own wallet to pay the difference, and wished him a Happy Father’s Day! Amazing! Diane restores my faith in humanity and the type of people that represent QuickChek. I’ll see her tomorrow so I can pay her back, but more importantly, thank her for her heart of gold! – Ellen

Way to Go, Store #85:
QC App – Still Going Strong!

I was in your Bridgewater, NJ store and your Team Members were excited to show me the new QC App for my phone. They didn’t just tell me about it – they SHOWED me how to download it and access its features. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Love this great App!!! Yet ANOTHER reason to keep coming to QuickChek. – Barbara

Way to Go, Store #139:
Krystal, Kala & Dominic Showcase Teamwork!

When I stopped into your Washington Township, NJ store, I had a great experience with Crystal, Kala and Dominick. These three worked like a well-oiled machine, helping several customers with complicated orders. They communicated like they’ve been working together for years! So polite, friendly and respectful, not only to the customers, but to each other! Amazing teamwork! – Kendra

Way to Go, Store #22:
Jerry’s Go Get ‘Em Keeps Customers Coming!

Every day after work, I stop at your Trenton, NJ store to get gas and something to eat. Everyone is so happy and hardworking, but man – I’ve got to give it to Jerry, he’s so fast, friendly and humble. I love seeing that guy work; it makes my day! – Juan

Way to Go, Store #117:
QC Smiles Cure the Blues!

I love the cleanliness of your Sayerville, NJ store! The dynamic of the Team Members is incredible! Even in the morning, when I’m in a bad mood on my way to work, they all cheer me right up! I want to take them all home with me! A trip to QuickChek is a sure-cure for any bad mood! – Carol

Way to Go, Store #99:
QC Cookies- It’s All About the Cookies!

I come in to the Rockaway, NJ store every morning and several times throughout the day. What I look forward to the most is seeing Denise making cookies! They are the best I’ve ever tasted! They taste as if they came out of my mother’s kitchen! I won’t buy cookies anywhere else! You guys put some kind of magic in those cookies, because I’m hooked! Keep up the great work! – Ken

Way to Go, Store #12:
QC Offers Something Like No Other Store!

I keep coming to your Bedminster, NJ store is because of the way I am treated by the Team Members. They all go out of their way to help me, no matter what they’re doing. They treat me as if I’m the only customer in the store! I have many other choices in this area when it comes to coffee (Dunkin’ Donuts & Starbucks), but I will never go anywhere other than QuickChek. It is so evident that your Team Members really care about their customers. You can’t get that anywhere else! – Bobby

Way to Go, Store #21:
QC Coffee- Hooked Another One!

I regularly visit your store in Bloomingdale, NJ. Your coffee is the best coffee ever! No matter where I go, it doesn’t compare to QuickChek Coffee! My best friend came in and tried to see for himself after hearing me rave about it. Now he’s convinced too! It’s phenomenal! The smiling faces of the people who work there make it even nicer! – Michael

Way to Go, Store #40:
QC- Putting the Point on Service!

I stopped at your Chester, NJ store on my way to work. I realized I didn’t have a pen with me, and I needed one for my meeting. I looked to see if you sold any, and when I asked the Team Member, she told me you didn’t sell pens. When I explained that I needed one for a meeting, she gave me a pen from behind the register. What customer service! QuickChek is awesome; always putting the customer first! – Wayne

Way to Go, Store #73:
Welcome to Planet QuickChek!

I’d never been to QuickChek before. When I saw an ad for $2.99 6-inch sandwiches, I decided to visit your Hamilton, NJ store. The gentleman behind the counter was so helpful! He was also so patient when showing me how to use the computer to place my order. He made sure that I got exactly what I wanted. Then, when I went to pay for my groceries, the cashier had a wonderful smile for me! I told her how impressed I was with the store. She informed me that they all looked forward to seeing me again very soon. Everyone was so genuinely friendly and caring. It’s like no other store I’ve ever been to! I felt like I was on another planet! Total customer service is so rare these days. It really sets your store apart from all the others. I will definitely be back! – Jerry

Way to Go, Store #77:
Antonio Saves the Day in No Time FLAT!

I stopped in to your Franklin, NJ store when my tire unexpectedly went flat. Team Member Antonio at the gas station offered to change my tire for me. Wow! It was such a relief to not have to do it myself! What customer service! It’s so nice to know that you have Team Members who are so skilled at helping their customers, and with such a wonderful attitude! Thanks for helping me out of a tough spot!! – Adrienne

Way to Go, Store #2
Jennifer & Ryan- Deliver Respectful Care!

As I entered your Piscataway, NJ store, Team Members Jennifer and Ryan noticed that I had a disability and walk with a cane. They were so attentive and helpful, all the while being so pleasant. Sometimes I get treated with frustration from workers, other times with pity. Your Team Members were respectful and professional. Above all, they really made me feel like they cared and were happy to assist me. I am a forever QuickChek customer. – Brenda

Way to Go, Store #141
Customers Appreciate our Gas Prices!

I love QuickChek! I go out of my way to get gas here because it is one of the only stations in the area to offer the same price for cash or credit gas purchases. Plus the coffee is delicious and inexpensive, the service is always friendly, and the premises are always very clean. I’ve been telling all of my friends and family to start using you guys. Keep up the good work!! – Andrew

Way to Go, Store #31
Gail Gets a Five-Star Review!

I need to pay a HUGE compliment to Gail who works at our Wanaque, NJ QuickChek. I am a loyal customer, and every when I go in for a cup of your wonderful coffee, I am greeted by Gail’s smiling face wishing me a good morning and how are you! What a way to start the day! Always helpful, and knows her job inside out! A kind word for everyone and a ‘have a great day’ when I leave! Hats off to Gail! I give that sweet lady a five-star rating for sure! – Faith

Way to Go, Store #63
QuickChek and its Team Members are Worth the Commute!

There are many other convenience stores closer to my home. I always choose to drive a little further to go to the West Amwell, NJ QuickChek. The store is always clean and well-stocked, and the staff is very friendly. Thank you for making such an effort to give me a consistently great shopping experience! – Dan

Way to Go, Store #101
Eliza, Jennifer and Dany – Consistently Excellent!

We come to the Ramsey, NJ store everyday on our way to work. Everyone is so nice and personable. We come here so often that they know what to do when we pull up to the pump (fill it with regular). While the car is being fueled, we pop into the store for coffee. Whether it is Eliza, Jennifer or Dany, we are always treated respectfully. You really get the feeling that everyone enjoys their work and loves being a part of the QC team. They are wonderful examples of your customer service culture. There aren’t many things you can count on these days, but having a great experience at QuickChek is definitely one of them! Keep up the great work! – Brian and John

Way to Go, Store #73:
Marc’s Got TURBO Sandwich Skills!

The new Food Service Manager at your Hamilton, NJ store is the best! My wife says his salads are the best around. I stopped in and ordered a turkey and ham melt. I don’t know what Marc’s magic recipe is, but it was the most delicious and heavenly sandwich I have ever eaten! – Luke

Way to Go, Store #88:
Showing That We REALLY Care!

I shopped at your Hackensack, NJ store after a very important test at grad school. I was very anxious that morning and forgot to put my debit card in my purse. I realized this when I got to the counter. I felt awful, and offered to leave what I had but the cashier smiled and took care of it. I was so touched by this overwhelming courtesy. This show of kindness is very rare! I have been coming to QuickChek for a while, but now I am a ‘forever customer.’ You really show people that you care!! – Shane

Way to Go, Store #108:
Dawn’s Late-Night TCD Appreciated!

On behalf of all the employees at Hackettstown Hospital, we say a special Thank You to Dawn at your Independence, NJ store. When the hospital night shift orders out, we always choose QuickChek for total late-night food satisfaction! When I am taking orders, everyone asks: “Is Dawn on tonight?” Everyone knows when I come back from QuickChek, Dawn prepares everything exactly as ordered. Dawn is always so polite and courteous, and goes the extra steps to make sure we’re happy. – Christopher

Way to Go, Store #136:
Third Shift Shout Out!

I wanted to give a shout out to the Jackson, NJ store. The crew there is awesome and is always willing to go out of their way to make my visits fantastic. A special shout out to the overnight team. Even though they work the late hours, they never fail to make me laugh. They are truly very busy but are always a blast!!! Keep up the fun guys!! – Jason

Way to Go, Store #22:
Trenton Team TCD: Ready On Time!

I needed baked goods for an orientation meeting for my freshman class. I want to thank Chris and his team at the Trenton, NJ location for exceptional service!! They helped get my prearranged order of bagels, muffins, coffee and condiments ready for an on time pickup. This saved me a lot of time and everything was fresh and tasty. Thanks again for a job well done. – Marie

Way to Go, Store #100:
QC: The Winning Ticket!

I was at your Jefferson, NJ store today and won $500 on a lottery scratch-off ticket! Irene was the Team Member who paid me, and she was just as excited as I was!!! It was so refreshing to have someone be so genuinely happy and caring about people they serve! What a delight! – Barbara

Way to Go, Store #107:
Attention to Detail Make Customers Happy!

I am in your Lawrenceville, NJ store five days a week, and I love it! I get your Chicken Pot Pie soup every time it’s available. One day I noticed that soup wasn’t available, so I was getting ready to order something else. One of your Team Members recognized me and offered to get me some Chicken Pot Pie soup. I didn’t even know that she knew this was the soup I loved. How thoughtful and observant! Now THAT’s customer service! I am very impressed! – Marie

Way to Go, Store #74:
Sandra Helps Customers Get APP-y!

The thing I like most about the Whippany, NJ QuickChek is the fresh and delicious coffee! Now it’s even better since you have the new app! Sandra showed me how to download it and use it to get free coffee perks! Awesome! – Brent

Way to Go, Store #148:
Tonita Makes Sure Customers Come First!

I had a wonderful experience at your Wayne, NJ store. Tonita stopped everything she was doing to help me order my sandwich and she even offered to help carry my things to the register. She made me feel very welcomed. I’m a new customer and because of this great service I will definitely be coming back again and again. – Khadijah

Way to Go, Store #39:
Lost Wallet in good hands with Vanessa & Judomi!

I stopped into the Passaic, NJ QuickChek to get cash on the way to an event. After using the ATM, I got back on my motorcycle and headed to my destination. About 20 minutes later I noticed my wallet was missing. Imagine my panic as I began re-tracing my steps. When I returned to the QuickChek, I was informed that a wallet had been found, and placed in the safe. I would like to commend Vanessa and Judomi for their honesty. What a relief! – Eladio

Way to Go, Store #130:
Alice Displays Consistent TCD and Customers Love It!

I am a loyal customer at your Middlesex, NJ store. Alice is the Poster Lady for a model Team Member. She’s been working at this store for as long as I can remember. It’s like seeing an old friend every time I visit. She’s polite and cheerful to everyone she encounters. I’ve seen her happily help people who are unsure of what to order. She’s very patient and efficient, even when the store is super busy! You don’t come across many people like Alice these days, except in other QuickChek stores! – Linda

Way to Go, Store #153:
TC Serves Up Satisfaction at the Gas Pumps!

TC works as a gas attendant in your Eatontown, NJ location. I often get gas there and I notice how hard she works! She hustles from car to car and always has a bright and bubbly personality with each customer. I have never seen a gas attendant so responsive, quick and polite in the 30 years I have been in NJ. – Glenn

Way to Go, Store #79:
Home Town Feeling Keeps Customer Coming!

I pass five convenience stores on my way to work. Not one of them compares to the Old Bridge, NJ QuickChek! I go there several times a week because the staff makes such a difference in my day! I am welcomed with a smile and a cheerful greeting every time I walk in the store (not ignored like in other stores). It has a small-town, homey feeling that no other store can come close to! – Kee

Way to Go, Store #32:
Is that how QuickChek got its name?

I always go to the Hackettstown, NJ QuickChek after I get out of work. I am usually tired and always hungry. Man, these people can make a sandwich good – and QUICKLY! They always taste so fresh. I have never had sandwiches as good as the ones from QuickChek – no matter what store I go to. So now, I only go to QuickChek! Great food, great service, and FAST! I guess that’s how you got your name! – Michael

Way to Go, Store #64:
QC is Amazing – Let Me Count the Ways!

There are so many reasons why your Hackettstown, NJ store is so amazing! Let’s just start with cleanliness, professionalism, and your staff! The store is always clean and bathrooms are always kept in great condition! I am always greeted with a smile! Your Team Members are always happy and excited to tell me about new products or any specialty items. Your staff really works as a TEAM. It’s the best store ever! – Melanie

Way to Go, Store #102:
Justine Scores One for the Home Team!

I am a customer at QuickChek in Manchester, NJ. I want to compliment Justine (Team Leader). Justine is such a true professional and makes every customer who walks into that store feel like a friend. She is helpful, courteous and friendly. She has personally helped me with setting up fundraising for our local travelling baseball team. She is an example of the quality of people who work at QuickChek! – Deirdre

Way to Go, Store #102:
Maggie Gives Out Smiles Every Morning!

Maggie at the Manchester, NJ store is awesome! She always has a smile every morning, even with her arm in a sling. She makes me laugh and smile every day! Thanks to the entire crew, you are all awesome! – Dani

Way to Go, Store #44:
QuickChek Customers = Friends!

I love your Iselin, NJ store! I’m always finding a reason to stop in and buy something. I love the service and all the employees are so friendly. I’ve actually become friends with them! Matthew

Way to Go, Store #141:
Agatha Keeps them Coming Back!

I frequently stop into your Lake Grove, NY store late at night. What a pleasure it is to see Agatha! Most people who work nights are so grumpy! Not Agatha! She is so witty and friendly, she is always happy to help me. – John

 Way to Go, Stores #98, #67 & #101:
Rounds of Applause for ALL!

We are customers at many different QuickChek stores. The ones we go to most often are in Middletown NY and Goshen NY. But it is so nice to know that when we see the QuickChek sign, we KNOW we’re going to get great service and good food! Recently my daughter left her phone in the bathroom at your Ramsey, NJ location. Someone turned it in, and your store kept it safe until my daughter could pick it up. As a company, you sure are doing things right! – Audrey

Way to Go, Store #137:
QC Is What They’ve Been Looking For!

I stopped off at your Lodi, NJ store last week. So wonderful to finally find a nice, clean gas station with pleasant, attentive attendants! I’ve been back since then and I always receive quick and cordial service. The food area is wonderful! What a great selection of food & drinks, plus lots more! Your coffee is always fresh too! Keep up the great work – I am now a loyal QC Customer. – Scott

Way to Go, Store #79:
When You’re Happy And You Know it….!

I visit your Old Bridge, NJ store 2-3 times a day. Hey, what can I say – I like the people there!! I want to recognize the entire team, especially Don, Mara, John and Ryan. They are all fantastic! Let me tell you – these people really enjoy their jobs! I can tell because they are always so happy and are able to share that happiness with their customers. – Ira

Way to Go, Store #34:
Thumbs Up for QuickChek!

QuickChek in Emerson, NJ is the greatest! Your team members are amazing, especially Monika, Alexandra, Juliet and Lora. The coffee and sandwiches are always fresh, and the whole store is so sparkling clean!! I love this store – I give it two thumbs up! – Monica

Way to Go, Store #70:
Newton, NJ – Consistent TCD Over the Years!

I have been a QuickChek customer of for many years. I always stop at your Newton, NJ store for coffee on my way to work. I have always found the staff to be friendly and courteous even when they have a long line of demanding people who are in a hurry. Congratulations on the great customer service! – Martin

Way to Go, Store #8:
Rewarding Loyalty Brings MORE Loyalty!

I visit your Parsippany, NJ store each morning at 6:00 am. I purchase my two newspapers and a fountain soda for my wife. One morning last week, I went to the register with my items and realized I had forgotten my wallet. Team Member Stephen paid the $3.20 out of his own pocket, and told me not to worry about it. I thanked him and went home to get the money. When I returned, he graciously refused to accept the payment, saying “this is what we do for our regular customers.” Two days later I saw Denise, the Store Leader, and told her the story. She repeated what Stephen had said to me. I am so grateful for QuickChek. You recognized my loyalty and rewarded me by showing kindness and making me feel like part of your family! I’ll never shop anywhere else. – Glenn

Way to Go, Store #117:
Feels Like Home!

I visit your Sayerville, NJ store where Trish and Raquel are absolutely the best. I truly look forward to seeing their smiling faces every morning when I get my coffee. I ordered a bagel a few days ago with cream cheese and tomato and Raquel made it with such love that it was literally the best bagel I’ve ever had (I’m a Jewish guy from Brooklyn, so I’ve had a lot of bagels in my life). Your Team Members are the best. It feels like home when I go there! Keep up the great job! – Josh

Way to Go, Store #45:
Michelle Jump Starts Customer Loyalty!

I visited your Union, NJ store for the first time, and I had an amazing experience! Michelle is amazing! When she was taking the garbage outside this morning, she overheard me on my phone trying to reach my husband to tell him that my car wouldn’t start. Without hesitation, Michelle went right to her car and backed it up to mine. She apologized that I was having car trouble and offered to help jump-start my car. She even had the cables out and ready! This level of customer service is outstanding, and has made me a loyal QuickChek customer for life! – Robin

Way to Go, Store #115:
QC – A Wonderful Place to Go with Friends!

My friends and I love hanging out at the New Windsor, NY QuickChek. Instead of going to bars or to clubs, we meet and hang out at QuickChek. It’s open 24/7, we can hang out late into the night in the eating area and not worry about the drama of club life. The food is so fresh, and the variety is incredible. QuickChek has been our favorite place in the world since 2012. We have faithfully been meeting at QuickChek several times a week. It’s a great place! – Charlyne

Way to Go, Store #52:
A Consistently Great Experience!

Every Tuesday morning we stop at your Stanhope, NJ store to grab a sandwich. Everyone there makes it a great experience, EVERYTIME. Everyone is friendly, remembers us, and goes out of their way to make our visit enjoyable. The Team Members here were so excited to tell us about the new QuickChek app. It’s made a great place even better! – Kevin

Way to Go, Store #74:
No Pressure for Angelo to Deliver TCD!

I was recently getting gas at your Whippany, NJ store. While there, Team Member Angelo noticed that my one of my front tires looked like it needed air pressure. He offered to check it for me. Sure enough, it was low, and needed air. He directed me to the air pump and filled the tire himself! I really appreciate this extra level of service. QuickChek really takes great care of its customers. Thank you very much! – Jeanette

Way to Go, Store #141:
Lake Grove Continues to Please!

The first QuickChek store just opened down the road from us in Lake Grove, NY. My family and I can’t say enough great things about it! We are so pleased! The prices are great, the food is so wonderfully fresh, and the coffee is always awesome! Our Grandkids love the fresh-baked cookies! The store is clean the staff is friendly. Dawn the Manager is super friendly and totally on top of things! Thank you for giving us QuickChek!! – Marlene

Way to Go, Store #105:
It’s River Road with the Assist!

This morning I purchased a sub sandwich and several other items at one of your stores. I placed the order for the sandwich, but became preoccupied with my other purchases and forgot to go back to the deli to pick it up! By the time I realized my mistake, I had already left the store and was close to another of your stores (River Road, NJ). I stopped in and explained my situation to Nellie. She had me go to the deli and get the sandwich I had paid for at the other store. I was so completely satisfied with this experience! What great team work between your stores! – Dee

Way to Go, Store #18:
QC Is Like A Second Home!

I am a loyal customer at your Maplewood, NJ store. It is like my second home. I have noticed so many positive improvements in this store; it’s beyond words. It is so organized and neat! The Team Members are so friendly and helpful. The Team Leader helped me download the new QC app on my phone; then took the time to show me how to use it. Last week this store sampled some frozen drinks; and now I’m hooked on them. They’re so delicious! I am so grateful to have a QuickChek in my neighborhood! Keep up the great work; you guys never disappoint. – Jerrell

Way to Go, Store #95:
Bayonne Keeps Getting Better!

Your Bayonne, NJ store is awesome! The staff and management provide outstanding customer service. I know everyone in this store and look forward to going there every day. They all greet me by name and know exactly what I need. I go there sometimes just to see what’s new, and I am always delighted to find new and exciting products to try. Your Team Members are always happy to tell us about new things that are coming. This store keeps getting better all the time. When I stop at your store, it’s the best part of my day. – Diana

Way to Go, Store #22:
TCD Seals the Deal!

I would like to compliment the Trenton, NJ store for always being so clean and organized. This store gets A LOT of customer traffic, yet it always looks perfect. I recently moved into the area and stopped at your store to get gas. The store was very clean and the Team Members all greeted me with a smile. While there, I decided to try the coffee for the first time. The choice of fresh-brewed coffee flavors was amazing; I didn’t know which to choose. Your coffee is so delicious! The service I received was outstanding. As I stood at the register, I noticed how customers were taken care of quickly, efficiently and with genuine courtesy. I also noticed several Team Members knew customers by name! This encounter made me feel special and it was a great way to start my day. I will definitely tell my family and friends of the great experience I had at QuickChek. I used to stop at Dunkin’ Donuts. No more! Thanks again QuickChek for your attention to detail and caring for you customers. Both are very evident! It makes a real difference! – William

Way to Go, Store #141:
Another Fan for Lake Grove!

Dawn, the Team Leader at your Lake Grove, NY store, is a very friendly person she always has a smile for her customers! She pays a great deal of attention to the needs of everyone. Her attitude is so positive whether it’s with her Team Members or other customers. We are SO happy you finally came to Long Island!! My grandkids love Q (your mascot)!! They especially love all your fresh baked goods! It’s always a great time whenever we visit your store! – Evelyn

Way to Go, Store #118:
Bill Brings TCD to Life!

I had a very pleasant experience at your Lafayette, NJ store today. My cashier, Bill, was very patient and courteous with me and even assisted with bringing my cases of water out to my car. Every time I visit this store he is extremely pleasant. He is doing a great job! – Susan

Way to Go, Store #77:
Matt Makes Sunday Mornings!

We would people to know what a wonderful job Matt does at his service station job at your Franklin, NJ store. We get gas every Sunday on our way to Shop Rite and usually have the pleasure of Matt being our gas pumper. He is such a pleasant young man; very efficient, couldn’t ask for more in an employee. I love going to QuickChek for gas because all the attendants are so polite and helpful. Matt deserves an attaboy – always look forward to being waited on by him! Keep up the good work. – Alan & Shelly

Way to Go, Store #125:
Wonderfully Fresh Food Keeps them Coming Back!

I love your Lake Katrine, NY store! The food is always so fresh and tasty, the prices are great, and the employees are ALWAYS so cheerful. Your store is my number one stop EVERY morning. – Amy

Way to Go, Store #20:
Jon – Team Member Extraordinaire!

I am a customer at your Bradley Beach, NJ store. Jon is a model employee! I’ve watched him go out of his way to help several customers. He’s stopped what he was doing and personally escorted people to find the products they were looking for. He helped a couple of people carry their things out to their cars. I overheard many people saying, “he’s very kind and helpful!” – Michael

Way to Go, Store #99:
Early Morning Greetings Keep the Customers Coming In!

I visit your Rockaway, NJ store everyday around 4:30 am. Every morning I look forward to being greeted by Denise. She is always smiling and makes my visit very special. I don’t think I would go there everyday if it wasn’t for her greeting! The way she says good morning and smiles – it makes my day. She is such a very hard worker and is always on the go when I see her. She is great! – Gus

Way to Go, Store #119:
Happy to be Back in Sayerville, NJ!

My family and I are loyal, frequent QuickChek customers. I am so happy and excited that my favorite QuickChek store in Sayreville, NJ is back open. I felt lost without it. The store looks great and is always immaculate. All the employees are wonderful, friendly and kind. It’s a great store! – Sarah

Way to Go, Store #109:
Fired Up to Help First Responders!

I’m writing on behalf of the Highland Engine and Hose Company in Florida, NY. We are an all-volunteer group of firefighters that provide the manpower for the Florida Fire Department within the towns of Warwick, NY and Goshen, NY, including the Village of Florida. This past Sunday night, the department, along with a large number of departments across the county, fought a four-alarm fire in Goshen, NY. The operation took 10 hours of exhausting work. Naturally, we had to keep all the firefighters fed and well hydrated during such a grueling effort. Your staff at the Florida, NY store was so very helpful and cooperative. Their willingness to provide anything we needed, with no advance notice, was astounding. These employees are fine representatives of your organization and they have truly shown your company to be excellent neighbors and compassionate, giving members of the community in which you operate. Thank you QuickChek for the leadership you’ve clearly shown to enable your people to be so helpful in our time of need. – Tim

Way to Go, Store #83:
Alba Makes Mornings Bright!

Your Newark, NJ store always makes my mornings better! I can always count on a great cup of coffee and lots of smiles from your store. Alba is always there to greet me by name. This store is always clean and stocked. Thank you Alba for making my mornings great! – Henry

Way to Go, Store #37:
Barbara Makes the Morning Commute Great!

Barbara at your Netcong, NJ store has a fantastic memory! She knows I take the train to and from work. She also knows I’m consistently late! She always has my newspaper ready to hand to me! Lately, she’s taken to having my usual donut ready to go as well!! That’s amazing service! Can’t believe how she does it. She helps me make the train on time, everyday! Your coffee is great, and the coffee bar is always clean and well stocked. My family and I love going to your store! Barbara is the best! – Maryann

Way to Go, Store #22:
Modern Convenience with Old Time Charm!

Your Trenton, NJ crew is awesome! Marc, Chris, Harold and Tom and the rest of the crew make the place feel like an old-school corner deli. They always take the time to say hello and ask how everything is going. The gas guys are awesome too!

Way to Go, Store #6:
Manager Sets the Standard for Excellence!

The manager of your Linden, NJ store is incredible! I was speaking with her the other day (while she was cleaning), and she stopped what she was doing and really focused on my questions. Then she personally showed me the product I was searching for. After I thanked her, she smiled and went right back to cleaning. I don’t see managers in other stores rolling up their sleeves and working as hard as the other employees. Most managers are just standing around. This manager WORKS to keep her store in tip-top shape. She is always friendly and very knowledgeable. Keep up the great work, QuickChek! – Shelly

Way to Go, Store #22:
Jeff’s Quality Service is CLEAR as his Customer’s Windshield!

It was so nice yesterday when Jeff (the gas station attendant at your Trenton, NJ store) went above and beyond by washing my windows. He sets a great example of the type of courtesy that is rare at gas stations. Great job Jeff. Keep up the good work! – Robert

The Praise Continues:

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