EquiFax Data Breach

Some of you may have heard or read in the news that Equifax, the national credit reporting agency that QuickChek uses, has recently had a breach of security and has exposed Social Security Numbers and other sensitive personal information of millions of people nationwide.

Our Employee Assistance Program partner HealthAdvocate would like to assist you in determining if you were potentially affected by this breach and answer any questions you may have. Equifax is offering one year of protection services for free. 

Please click HERE to read the flyer for more details about what you should do.


  • Is the enrollment free? Since the data breach effects me, am i being penalized for equifax’s issues?

    • Hi, Mark.
      Yes. If you choose to enroll, you will receive one year of the protection service for free from Equifax.

  • Thank you Amy. After the year is up will I have to cancel or will the free year expire? Will this require a CC for the signup?

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