Fit for Life Screening – LAST CALL

The final day to get credit for completing your Fit for Life Biometric Screening is tomorrow, April, 28th! If you would like to participate in the Fit for Life Wellness Targets and receive a discount on your medical plan premiums, you MUST create an account with HealthCheck360° and complete your biometric screening by tomorrow!

If you do not complete the screening by the deadline, your targets will be considered incomplete and you WILL NOT be eligible to receive the discount on your medical plan premiums for 2018. There will be NO extension to this deadline, so please complete your screening ASAP.

For more details about the screening, please review your Fit for Life Wellness Targets toolkit or reach out to your Store Leader. Your Store Leader is your Leader Advocate and he/she should be the first person you go to for assistance. If you need additional assistance, please call the Benefits Team at the Support Center. If you need help creating an account at, please reach out to the HealthCheck360° support team at 866-511-0360 or via email at

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