Have You Scheduled Your Review of Findings Call Yet?

The Fit for Life Wellness Targets period is quickly coming to a close. For those of you that have completed all three of the targets, congratulations and there is nothing more you need to do right now. For those of you who are not complete yet, please remember that the last day to schedule your Review of Findings Call is Friday, June 2nd. You MUST schedule your call by this date. There are limited time slots remaining at this point, so don’t wait until the last minute! Once you’ve scheduled your call, the last day to complete it is June 16th. There will be NO extensions to these deadlines. If you do not schedule and complete your call, your targets will be considered incomplete and you WILL NOT be eligible for the discount on your medical plan premiums for 2018.

Once you have completed all three of your targets, make sure you log in to myhealthcheck360.com to confirm your target status.

For more details about the Review of Findings Call, please review your Fit for Life Wellness Targets Toolkit or reach out to your Store Leader. Your Store Leader is your Leader Advocate and should be the first person you go to for assistance. If you need additional assistance, call the QC Benefits Team at the Support Center.

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