Something Exciting is Brewing in North Brunswick

A New QC Look

The town of North Brunswick is not new to QuickChek but there’s something NEW about QuickChek coming to North Brunswick. In addition to our currently existing store, #142, a new location is well underway. Store #163 is under construction and there’s something different about this one…

For those of you who attended the TCD Celebration in December, you heard the announcement about our new exterior look for 2019. Store #163 in North Brunswick will be our first store with this brand new exterior. Chek out some of the in progress photos below so you can take a look at the stages a new store goes through and pay close attention to the store exterior as it goes up. If you’re curious to see this store firsthand, take a drive by 1505 Livingston Avenue and chek it our for yourself! Stay tuned for more North Brunswick updates and our FRESH NEW LOOK!

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