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QC in the Community

Clinton Supports the Friendly Sons

This past Sunday, the town of Clinton held it's annual St. Patrick's Day Parade. A long-standing tradition in the town is the parade after-party hosted by the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick (FSSP). The FSSP is a non-profit group of...

QC Fun

105.5 Visits Store #48

On Saturday, the crew from NJ 101.5 spent the afternoon at store #48 in Clinton. As part of a Yuengling promotion, the radio crew spent the afternoon hanging out with customers and raffling off Jets tickets and Yuengling items -...


Feeling Lucky?

QuickChek is giving out the lucky numbers this week! Store #48, in Clinton, sold a $50,000 winning Powerball ticket for Wednesday's drawing! The winner has yet to come forward. So, check your tickets! If you got your lucky ticket at...