Train Your Brain

Highly Effective People Have Healthy Brains

Research has proven that highly effective people have healthier brains. A healthy mind-set allows you to think and see clearly, set better goals, influence change, and better lead and manage people and skills. However, you’ve got to WANT to have a better brain – you need “brain envy”.¬†You only get one – so take care of it!

Below you can find a list of brain-care techniques that can help you transform your pattern of living and build a “brain-healthy” lifestyle.

  1. Eat Right
    a. Eat high-quality calories
    b. Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water
    c. Eat high-quality protein
    d. Focus on complex carbohydrates
    e. Use healthy fats
    f. Eat from the rainbow
  2. Exercise
  3. Focus on Positive, Hopeful, Helpful Thoughts
  4. Use Simple Supplements (Vitamin D and Fish Oil)

Pick one or two of the items above that you could improve on and identify specific actions you can take. Incorporate those actions into your weekly and daily planning until they become habit. Step by step, these actions can train your brain to function at its best.


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