Way to Go, continued

Way to Go, Store #129:
Linda is a Shining Star in North Branch!

Team Member Linda is always so helpful and cheerful – always making customers feel welcomed! She is very knowledgeable and always goes out of her way to help. – Robert

TCD Roundup:

#55: Team Member Rosalinda offers the best customer service ever!
#82: I love going to your store. I’m always satisfied with the caring and fast check out!
#91: Great service!
#93: Everybody here is so professional and very helpful. They always brighten up my day!
#150: Great Team Members!

Way to Go, Store #169:
Logan and Christopher!

I always get complete and amazing customer care at your Copiague, NY store. Team Members Logan and Chris are wonderful – so polite! The other Team Members always make me feel loved and cared for every time I come to this store. – James

TCD Roundup:

#10: Aaron told me about the app and about the sandwich deal! Thanks for helping me save money!
#91: Very speedy service in Bloomfield! Thanks!
#92: Great store! Very friendly team. Would love to work with them!
#108: Everyone is friendly, cheerful, helpful, and patient. Good job! Keep up the good work!
#152: Team Members are so friendly, quick, and competent.

Way to Go, Store #37:
Netcong Always has Time for Big Smiles!

Every time I visit the Netcong, NJ store I walk in there feeling great. Team Members Jason, Alan, Rob, Ely, Bob, Kelli, Charlese, Sandy, and Robin all do an exceptional job! They are always working hard but always have time to share a smile! They always make my visits a happy experience! I really admire their dedication! – Skylar

Way to Go, Store #164:
“Popeye” Chris Subs Spinach for Customer Satsifaction!

I love coming to the Bethpage, NY store and seeing all the happy faces. I receive great service no matter what time of day. Great fresh-brewed coffee combined with awesome service. This team makes sure I get what I need without a long wait. One evening I was ordering and they were out of lettuce. Team Member Chris offered spinach as a substitute. He was very apologetic about the inconvenience. He’s very professional and courteous. I’ll be back again! – John

TCD Roundup:

QC App: I used the mobile order app for the first time today! It’s great! Thank you!!
#1: Store Leader Uly and his team are great! They work hard and the store is clean and stocked!
#65: Meghan is kind, helpful, patient, and professional! It’s a pleasure to come into this store!
#85: All of the Team Members know my family and they are always caring and helpful.
#85: Monica does a really great job with the store!

Way to Go, Store #75:
Sam and Crew ROSE to the Occasion!

My cousin was looking for white roses for Easter and she could not find them anywhere. I went in to your Hazlet, NJ store and found that you had white roses amongst the other flowers. I asked if they could order me more roses. They gave me the name of the distributor and contact information. I was able to have flowers sent to the store. All of the Team Members checked in with me throughout this process to make sure it was being handled. I am so grateful to Store Leader Sam and his team. – Roe

Way to Go, Store #150:
Deanna CHEX the Box on Customer Service!

Thanks to Store Leader Deanna, in your Beachwood, NJ, store who helped me get my Chex Winnings. This is a great store with a happy and helpful crew! – John

TCD Roundup:

#4: Team Member Jessy is great!
#10: Love your store!
#108: Clean store with friendly staff who offer to help without us having to ask!
#108: Great coffee, great subs, and great food. Keep up the greatness!
#155: ALL your Team Members are very friendly and efficient – especially Dee and Laurie!
#157: Store Leader Dora provides excellent customer service! Thanks for your help!

Way to Go, Store #62:
Julie Jumps into Action to Save a Customer!

I ran into your South Plainfield, NJ store because my boyfriend was showing signs of having a seizure. Team Member Julie was so helpful to me, calling the ambulance, and coming outside to wait with me. I just really wanted to thank her. – Thankful Customer

Way to Go, Store #133:
Dean Returns Found Wallet to Happy Customer!

My wife lost her wallet in the parking lot of your Hazlet, NJ store. It was turned in to the Store Leader Dean. My sister-in-law went to look for it and Dean had it securely stored in the safe. We were so grateful that all credit cards and cash were still there! Thank you, Dean! – Stefan

Way to Go, Store #62:
Fuel Team Members Run to Offer TCD!

The Fuel Team Members at your South Plainfield, NJ store are always happy, friendly, and polite. I saw a woman almost leave without her gas cap and both of the Team Members ran after her to correct the issue. It doesn’t matter the weather – they are always kind and smiling. – Happy Customer

TCD Roundup:

QC App: Really appreciate the free 6″ sub with a purchased sub. Love the games, too!
#59: Doreen, Michelle, Lupe, and Danielle all work hard and always greet the customers!
#80: The coffee station is always clean! Team Members really work hard to keep it so nice!
#93: The team is always helpful and professional. I always have a positive experience!
#121: Beth always goes the extra mile to be helpful! You can tell she really loves her job!
#135: The Food Service team is so nice. Lots of smiles and great conversations while prepping great food!
#138: The Team Members are always happy and helpful and the coffee is always hot!
#140: This is the friendliest store! Team Member Bill is the greatest – so helpful!
#142: This store is always clean and everyone is always helpful and super polite.
#155: Love this store! Everyone is so helpful and friendly.
#164: Anthony “makes my day” whenever I’m there for my morning coffee!

Way to Go, Store #118:
Happy Customers in Lafayette!

I love your Lafayette, NJ store. The parking lot is always clean and the landscaping is well-maintained. The Team Members are great – they always greet me every time I come in! The food is well-prepared, the coffee is fresh, and you have a great selection of creamers. – Cheryl

Way to Go, Store #160:
Nancy Offers Soup-er Service!

I was at your Brick, NJ store to purchase a medium cup of soup (which rang up just under $4). I mentioned to Team Member Nancy that I had seen an ad that medium soup costs $2. So, she happily refunded my over-payment, then personally installed the QC app on my phone. She explained this way I’d be aware of any future “specials” at the store! Excellent customer service. A real credit to your store! – Nancy

TCD Roundup:

#32: Great and friendly people!
#74: Kim always has a smile on her face and some “pep in her step”. She is awesome!
#137: Cashiers are very pleasant and helpful!
#152: All of your Team Members are friendly and competent!

Way to Go, Stores #75 and #133:
High Standard of Service in Hazlet!

Both Hazlet, NJ stores are absolutely incredible. Team Members multi-task yet are still friendly and able to maintain high standards. They are always willing to help with the touchscreens and Fast Lanes. No one is ever negative. Keep up the great work! – Cathy

Way to Go, Store #155:
Dee Dee is App-solutely Wonderful!

Team Member Dee Dee helps me all the time! She helped me with the app and explained how it works so I never miss a deal again! – Tyler

Way to Go, Store #68:
Joe Goes Above and Beyond!

Team Member Joe always goes above and beyond to make sure any problem or issue is rectified quickly – with a smile and without blame! – Lisa

Way to Go, Stores #110, #148 and #167:
Consistent Service Everywhere!

I go to many QuickChek stores in NJ. You offer fantastic service at all locations. This is a quality outfit! Thanks for taking care of emergency workers who work long hours. – Todd

Way to Go, Store #83:
Odessa Keeps Them Coming Back!

Odessa has excellent customer service – whether at the deli or at the register. It feels really good to walk through those doors knowing I’ll be back! – Mrs. Bently

TCD Roundup:

#3: Lori always takes care of her customers! She keeps me coming back every morning!
#28: I love this store – everyone is so nice!
#31: We love your coffee WAY more than Dunkin’!
#66: Gina is so sweet and helpful!
#93: Jessica and Max make this store a happy place!
#106: Kim is wonderful. She is so bubbly and makes it a pleasure to shop at this store.

Way to Go, Stores #21 and #97:
Good Manners and Proper Training Get Noticed!

Customer service is front and center at your Sparta, NJ and Bloomingdale, NJ locations. Everyone is attentive and stays off of their phones. They are always saying “hello” and have such good manners. I was without power for eight days and went to fill up some gas cans. Without asking, the Fuel Team Member helped me carry over my gas cans to my truck. Keep up the great work! – Mike

TCD Roundup:

#4: Wonderful, friendly crew and freshest coffee. Thank you!
#10: Love your store!
#11: It’s like walking into an old “Mom and Pop” store. Team Members are so friendly!
#77: Team Members are pleasant, helpful, and really connect with the customers!

Way to Go, Store #5:
We are a Safe Port in the Storm!

Your Belvidere, NJ store was the saving grace for our community during this recent snow storm. Thank you for installing large generators in your stores. It was really busy during this storm. Your store was a safe haven for those without power or who were stuck due to road closures. Thanks again!! – Ryan

Way to Go, Store #91:
Subs and Lottery Tickets – Made to Order!

I was recently at your Bloomfield, NJ store to pick up some subs. One of the subs was supposed to have roasted red peppers but it did not. When I pointed this out to Store Leader Roque, he made me a NEW sandwich! What great service! I also really appreciate Team Member Izzy. She never makes a mistake when I’m purchasing my lottery tickets. Keep up the great work! – Marilyn

Way to Go, Store #141:
Performance Under Pressure!

Your Lake Grove, NY team does a great job! While waiting in line at the deli, I witnessed a rude customer speaking impatiently to one of your Team Members. He remained completely calm and professional through the whole experience (so did the Store Leader). Great work, great food, and great service! – Victoria

TCD Roundup:

#19: Great improvements in this store. So clean and well organized! Well done!
#96: Very good service!
#114: Fresh coffee – even in the middle of the night!
#157: I love this store!
#164: Cleanest bathrooms I have ever used!

Way to Go, Store #12:
Amanda’s Leadership Gets Noticed!

I’ve been a customer at your Bedminster, NJ store for many years. Store Leader Amanda has been consistently wonderful! She is truly awesome to all the customers and all the Team Members really respond to her with great respect! Thank you! – Bobby

TCD Roundup:

#15: I love coming here! Team Members Lenore, Marie, Arlene, and Ivan are all wonderful!
#31: I always receive friendly service! The coffee is always ready and always fresh!
#69: The overnight team is wonderful and helpful! They welcome you the moment you enter!
#96: Team Member Kathy helped me download your app! I really appreciated her assistance!
#121: Team Members Matt, Herbie, Beth, and Andrew are doing a great job. Great customer service!
#139: This is the cleanest store! The bathrooms are always clean and everyone is always friendly!
#145: Team Member Erica is so enthusiastic about her job! Always pleasant and professional!

Way to Go, Store #164:
Christopher Shows Customer He Cares!

I was in your Bethpage, NY store last week and accidentally dropped a $20 bill. Team Member Christopher found it and ran outside (in the rain) to return it to me. Thanks for hiring honest Team Members. – Dylan

TCD Roundup:

#17: Store Leader Sejdo takes great care of all of your customers! He’s an asset to your company!
#27: The early morning team is helpful and considerate! It’s a pleasure shopping here!
#79: Excellent shop! They always have my Logic Pro menthol in stock. Very friendly and helpful staff!
#97: Team Members Frank and Lorraine always treat me like family! They have great energy!
#110: Great service!
#111: Friendly Team Members!
#152: Jason always goes above and beyond to make things great!

Way to Go, Pharmacy #29:
Paul, Angie, and Justine are the Prescription for Satisfaction!

I am a customer of the pharmacy at your Scotch Plains, NJ store. Thank you for having such wonderful Team Members. Paul and Angie are terrific! Justine recently helped me with an insurance problem. Everyone is so helpful and patient. Thanks again! – Donald

TCD Roundup:

#57: Team Members Nart and Federica both know my orders and always have a smile for me!
#83: The customer service and your Team Members are so great!
#118: Your crew is very helpful in locating items and the cashiers always assist me!
#128: Roberta and her team make this a great place to visit several times a week!
#136: Your deli has an amazing team! They always finish orders quickly and correctly!
#145: Best.. subs.. ever! Great attention to details that matter. I will come back again and again!
#164: Team Member Christopher is a great leader and a fantastic person. Love coming to this store!

Way to Go, Store #41:
Joe, Jennifer, Karen, & Crew Make Your Day Great!

Team Members Joe, Jennifer, Karen, and the whole team at the South Plainfield, NJ store really know how to start my day off right! They make me feel like a valued customer every time I come to this store! Great job to you ALL!!! – Rasheeda

Way to Go, Store #82:
We Need More People Like Frenchie!

I was recently at your Woodbridge, NJ store. Unfortunately, I didn’t secure my coffee lid tightly and it drizzled all over the floor. I felt terrible for making such a mess but the Store Leader, Frenchie, was so nice about it. She got a mop and cleaned my spill right away. I offered to help but she was happy to take care of the job herself. We need more people in this world like her! – Robert

Way to Go, Store #166:
Sean’s TCD Wins Over a Wawa Customer!

I’ve been a customer at your Monroe, NJ store for a couple of months. FYI – I used to be a loyal Wawa girl. Recently, I stopped in and was cheerfully greeted by Team Member Sean. What a pleasant experience. He was professional, courteous, and very funny. I returned to the store another day hoping to get some assistance on how to use your app for the first time. Sean graciously and willingly walked me through the whole process. Because of Sean’s great customer service, I am now a regular QC Customer. – Susan

Way to Go, Store #136:
Tim, Tyrone, and Brenda Make it Right!

I was at the register at your Jackson, NJ store and realized that I was a little short on cash. I asked Team Member Tim to hold my items while I ran home to get more cash. When I returned, I mentioned to Tim that my hot sub was probably cold by now. He said, “no problem”, and directed me to Team Member Tyrone who promptly made me another fresh sub without any issue or attitude. This level of service is hard to come by these days. I also want to mention that Team Member Brenda is a beautiful person and I love seeing her each time I visit. Thanks for the excellent customer service! – Donna

TCD Roundup:

#QC: So glad I have the QC app! I love the app and the coupons. I also love your coffee!
#7: My first phone order and it was ready and perfect when I arrived. Staff was very friendly!
#58: Wendy is always friendly. I’ve been coming here for years and she’s amazing!
#90: Lori is wonderful! She always has a great smile and makes really tasty sandwiches!
#153: I love this store! It’s always clean and well stocked! I always have a great experience!
#159: Go visit Rachel! The best sandwiches made and served with a smile!

Way to Go, QuickChek:
Freshness + Affordability = Customer Loyalty!

I love the 6 inch sub for $3 deal! Money is really tight for me right now. Having the option to eat fresh, good food instead of the $1 menu at fast food places makes all the difference in the world. Thank you for the freshness, the quality, and definitely the affordability. – Roseanne

Way to Go, Store #34:
Emerson is a Favorite!

I love your Emerson, NJ store! My job sends me all over NJ for work and this my favorite store because the crew is so consistently friendly. I was glad to have the opportunity to share my positive feedback with Store Leader Monika. Kudos for running a clean and friendly store! – Michael

Way to Go, Store #17:
Special Thanks to Donna, Jessie, Alex and Lenny!

I love the outstanding service in your Lake Hopatcong, NJ store! The new Store Leader has made a huge difference! This place is always well stocked and so clean! No matter what time of day I visit your store, I am always greeted with an energetic happiness! I’d like to send a special thanks to Donna, Jessie, Alex, and Lenny for always going above and beyond the call of duty for your customers. – Joe

TCD Roundup:

#2: Great customer service. Love the wraps! Team Members are friendly and inviting.
#2: I LOVE this place!
#80: I’d like to compliment the Team. We are lucky to have so many superstars working here!
#82: Great people work here! I look forward to the fresh coffee and great food suggestions!
#88: My experiences at your store are wonderful! The best customer service around!
#101: Norma always goes out of her way to help me. I really appreciate it!

TCD Roundup:

#16: I’m at this store 2x a day! It is so convenient. Everyone here is so happy and helpful!
#77: This team offers AMAZING customer service. It’s such a pleasure to shop here!
#118: “Shout-out” to Team Member Terry who showed me how to use the QC App! Thanks!
#121: Team Members Sammy and Mark are the greatest. They truly care for their customers!
#123: Team Member Beth is so helpful and sweet! The night crew is awesome!
#155: Team Members Dee and Laurie are wonderful! This store is so beautiful and clean!

Way to Go, Store #141:
Dawn Never Stops Caring for Customers!

I went to your Lake Grove, NY store to get some coffee and noticed that my usual flavor was empty. Team Member Dawn was just leaving for the day and noticed me standing at the coffee bar looking perplexed. She asked if she could help and when I told her what I was looking for, she went right back to make another pot of my flavor of choice. She could have just walked right out the door at the end of her shift but she didn’t. She went above and beyond to make sure I got what I wanted. THAT’S customer service! – Keith

TCD Roundup:

#82: Great customer service! All my questions were answered and the food is delicious!
#102: Absolutely wonderful Team Members!
#106: Friendly, helpful, courteous, very accommodating, kind, and efficient!
#141: Team Member Amanda is the best! Thanks for being so helpful. This is my favorite store!

Way to Go, Store #150:
Every Team Member Makes a Difference!

Team Members Patti, Angelo, and Nicole are the reason I keep coming back to your Beachwood, NJ store! Patti makes the best subs, Angelo is always a smiling face at the register, and Nicole keeps a really happy and clean store! – Sharon

Way to Go, Store #84:
Great Customer Service is Always the Winning Ticket!

I was recently at your North Bergen, NJ store. As soon as I walked in, I noticed the long line at the register. Everyone had “lottery fever” and was purchasing lottery tickets. There were so many different specific “orders” for each person buying tickets but the Team Member at the register handled it all with a smile! She displayed REAL customer service (patience and hospitality). – John

Way to Go, Store #38:
Wallkill IS a Great Place to Shop!

I love my usual breakfast sandwiches from your Wallkill, NY store. The staff is so delightful and helpful. Store Leader Tony is very hands-on and is always helping others! What a friendly store to visit and a great place to shop. – Rosalind

TCD Roundup:

#4: I love this store!
#8: Great service with friendly, helpful, informed Team Members! Great job!
#9: Love my morning crew in Raritan!
#38: Randy, Tom, and the whole team are friendly and helpful!
#57: Everyone is so courteous and accommodating – even at 5:30am!
#106: This store is so clean! This team really cares and it shows!
#159: I love my Butler, NJ QC Family. I’ll never go anywhere else! Keep up the great work!

Way to Go, Store #103:
Gabriela Starts Your Day Right!

My experiences in your Monroe, NY store are always outstanding thanks to Team Member Gabriela. She is so polite! She always says a genuine “Good Morning” and wishes me a nice day when I order my breakfast. This allows me to start my day right! – Carlos

Way to Go, Store #136:
The Jackson Four Make People Smile!

The Team Members at your Jackson, NJ store are friendly, the food is always great, and the store is immaculate. The shelves are always stocked and full. The customer service is amazing! I go there almost every day and have never had a problem. I am particularly happy to see Dee, Heather, Brenda, and Patty. They are the best! – Lisa

Way to Go, Store #136:
Zoe Shows a Customer How Much She Matters!

I was recently in your Jackson, NJ store to grab some soup. I didn’t realize I had a low balance on my debit card until after Team Member Zoe rang up my order. I realized I couldn’t use my card so I asked her to please cancel out what items my card wouldn’t cover. I thought she was voiding the transaction but, instead, she was actually paying for it with her own card. I felt SO GRATEFUL for what she did! What a beautiful and amazing thing! – Valerie

Way to Go, Store #82:
Hanna, Gloria, and Crew Make This a Great Place to Shop!

The crew at the Woodbridge, NJ store is amazing! They display the utmost care to make sure customers are welcomed and want to return. Some amazing Team Members include Hanna and Gloria. They offer excellent customer service, always greet customers, and take the time to lend an ear while still attending to tasks. This is a great place to shop, even if it’s just for a cup of coffee. It’s obvious this store has great leadership! – Jose

The Praise Continues!
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