WellMatch Update

WellMatch is a convenient online transparency tool, accessible from a computer, smartphone or tablet, that can help you get the most from your QuickChek medical plan. WellMatch can help you shop for health care services in the same way you shop for other things, based on price, quality and convenience.

WellMatch allows Aetna medical plan participants to:

  • SEARCH for in-network providers
  • COMPARE the costs of doctor visits and medical procedures
  • VIEW costs based on your health plan, deductible and coinsurance
  • READ co-worker recommendations of providers
  • TRACK your out-of-pocket spending to date

Did you know that providers, even if they are in-network, can charge different amounts for the same service? An MRI in northwest New Jersey varies in cost from $331 to $1,237, depending where you go. So, comparing providers could mean huge savings for you and your family. Wellmatch can help you lower your out-of-pocket expenses and manage your health care spending. Register today at WellMatchHealth.com.

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