Coca Cola vs QuickChek at Citi Field!

On Wednesday, Team Members from QuickChek and Coca-Cola faced off at Citi Field for some friendly competition. The teams played 2 games with split victories. QuickChek was victorious at the end of the first game with a score of 12-9 and Coca-Cola got lucky in game two and came out the winner with a score of 14-8. The Gold Glove of the Game goes to Mike Dipierro, Store Leader of Store #142, and Home Run of the Game goes to Deybi Posas, Store Leader of Store #114.

The QC Team consisted of the following Team Members:

Jon Bloodgood
Mike Boylan
Annette Dipierro
Mike Dipierro
Jon Durling
Dave Hanna
Matt Murphy
Mike Murphy
Billy Nicholas
Deybi Posas
Eric Rush
Ted Sadowski
Ibrahim Saliba
Jon Santiago
John Saris
Mike Smith
Chris Smyly
Bill Tencza
Igor Trajceski

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