A Great Week for a Graduation

Our Summer 2018 QCU Graduates

This Tuesday, at the Support Center, once again there was music, streamers, and cake as our newest batch of QCU graduates received their certificates of completion!

The graduates, their leaders, and Support Center Team Members gathered together to recognize and celebrate their accomplishment. Read the list of current and future QC leaders below and be sure to congratulate them when you see them!

2018 Summer QCU Graduates

District A
Ashley Hatfield, Store #5

District B
Jin-Young Choi, Store #159

District D
Lisbeth Cardenas, Store #28
Tuleen Mohamed, Store #66
George Kosko, Store #157

District E
Maureen Engel, Store #141
Debbie Storetveit, Store #141

District G
Gean Huertas, Store #6

District H
Sharina Layne, Store #132

District I
Joel Quintana, Store #168

District L
Larry Jackson, Store #9

District M
Carrie Guerriero, Store #150

District O
Taylor Kilian, Store #75

District P
Justin Ricks, Store #67
Victoria Airth, Store #67
Breana Maciejunes, Store #68

District Q
Raymond Fodor, Store #142

Way to Go and Congratulations on your achievement!

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