BEHIND THE Q: Sebastian Galvez, Man on a Mission!

In this new feature of QuickTalk, we’ll learn more about the amazing people in our company. We’ll count on you to alert us to people with interesting hobbies or skills, those tackling personal challenges and exhibiting extraordinary character. 

Twenty-year-old Sebastian Galvez is sprinting toward the future he wants to create for his community, his family and himself. Simply put, he wants to change the world.

Hired in May of 2015, he counted himself fortunate to have landed a part-time position as a Gas Team Member (two friends were already working in #35 and referred him!). This would be one of three jobs that helped pay for school.

When he’s not attending Raritan Valley Community College (RVCC) for a degree in Business Administration, you might find him visiting the United Nations learning about human rights. Or Sebastian might be preceding a New York Times bestselling author, addressing 400 people at the United Way Women’s Leadership Breakfast — to a standing ovation no less. That is when he’s not playing basketball.

Born in El Salvador, Sebastian’s efforts focus on learning about the challenges facing the world so he can find solutions and start a charitable foundation to address them. He is particularly passionate about ensuring that all people have food, shelter and respect. This young man is definitely playing to win!

After just five months on the job at QuickChek, he’s been twice named Team Member of the month! Gas Manager Dan Quinn quickly realized what he had and promoted Sebastian to Assistant Gas Leader.

Sebastian recently completed his first full-time semester with a 3.88 GPA, made the Dean’s List, and was inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. His efforts have also landed him a summer internship at Johnson & Johnson in Supply Chain Logistics. He’s holding on to his QuickChek job though, working weekends – and he’ll kick back into his regular schedule in September.

Keep your eyes on Sebastian, he will change the world!

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