Ensuring proper lighting in your store is important for safety. The right light can make your workplace safer and more productive by doing the following:

  • Make hazards visible. Workers are more likely to see obstructions and tripping hazards and falls when light levels are adequate. Higher light levels can improve a Team Member’s ability to perform tasks like equipment inspections or reading labels, thereby enhancing safety and productivity.
  • Improve alertness. Studies have shown that Team Members on third shift are more alert under bright lighting than dim. Alertness can reduce accidents. Make sure lighting is adequate.
  • Improve security. Proper lighting can reduce the possibility of assault, and reduce theft and vandalism.

If you see an area in your store where lighting is not working or where lighting may be useful to improve working conditions, please let someone know. If you see something, say something! Let’s all keep an eye out and help make QuickChek a Safe Place to Work and a Safe Place to Shop!

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