Hackensack Update!

Our newest Hackensack location opened bright and early on June 26th. You may be wondering how the first few days of business are going for the team at Store #168. Below are some of their initial numbers.

Day #1:
Customer Count – 1,119
Gallons Sold – 2,660
Food Service Sales – $1,400
Subtotal Sales – $4,826

3-Day Total:
Customer Count – 3,551
Gallons Sold – 9,109
Food Service Sales – $4,346
Subtotal Sales – $16,476

On Grand Opening Day, the store gave away 642 cups of free coffee and over their first three days in business they gave away 2,077 free cups!

The team was also eager to share some photos of their first customers on Tuesday! Chek them out below!

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