Hope for the Warriors Campaign Continues

Our goal this year is to raise $100,000 for Hope for the Warriors. We are not there yet, so let’s keep the momentum going. We are in the final week and stores are still bringing in those donations. The picture above is Store #164 in Bethpage, Long Island getting creative with their display!

The first drawing was held last week and prizes, consisting of ‘mystery’ gift cards, gaming systems, headphones and Bluetooth speakers, were awarded to over 40 Team Members. Our big prize winners include Heather Hoth in Store #81 and Amanda Hooton in Store #141. Congratulations!

This fundraising campaign comes to an end this Friday, July 14th! Let’s make the last week one of the best! Keep your eye out for the second round drawing to be held shortly after the completion of the campaign.

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  • I have had a lot of fun with this fund raiser. As a Warrior Mom it has given me the opportunity to connect with Veterans and their families, catch pieces of their story. We are a proud bunch and the communities support has proved how proud they all are of them.
    It saddens me that as this event is closing we have lost 9 local service members in an air accident in LA. I am hoping we will each keep them in our thoughts.
    Lets make these last three days memorable for our VETS

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