Introducing the QuickChek Cause Committee

Hi Everyone!

This year brought some exciting new change in our charitable giving department! We formed a Cause Committee to help better align our charitable giving with the business of QuickChek. Our QuickChek Cause Committee worked diligently in this important endeavor. They listened to the voice of our employees and our customers. The top three focus areas from you were: Food, Children and Veterans. We couldn’t agree more! When it came to the selection process, the criteria was clear – the funds raised for any charity we were to support must stay within our local communities. We are proud to announce that we have selected partners who do just that!

It is with great pleasure that I’m introducing The Community Food Bank of NJ, Food Bank of the Hudson Valley and Long Island Cares. These larger food banks distribute food to local food pantries within the counties of New Jersey, the Hudson Valley and Long Island.

We will continue supporting and sponsoring little leagues and youth sports teams and the girl and boy scouts. We have a special place in our heart for children as we watch them begin to develop leadership skills and team work and really “Playing to Win”… all part of our Core Values.

For our veteran’s organization, we are thrilled to have partnered with Hope for the Warriors! You may already be familiar with this organization, as we held our first in-store fundraiser for them August 30th through September 26th which raised over $75,000 (see page 13)! Way to Go! On September 25th we had our very first Volunteer Day at the Community Food Bank of NJ. We had a fun-filled day with over 50 volunteers! The team was able to pack out individual, family-sized bags of pasta, from a large 800 pound box of loose pasta. Those bags were then boxed and shipped to local food pantries. We were able to serve over 6,200 families!


Our support doesn’t stop there! We are now well underway with our Check-Out Hunger campaign for the Food Banks. Every dollar raised goes directly to helping those in need in your communities!
Keep up the great work!

As we move forward into 2015, we will have even more Volunteer Days! I’m very excited to share these new opportunities with you! Let’s each make a resolution to continue to grow and to continue to help support these great organizations! Every dollar raised, every volunteer hour worked is multiplied ten-fold in what it means to the recipients of the benefits these charities provide.

Yours in Giving,
Heather Stillman
Chairwoman QuickChek Cause Committee

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