Jason Demonstrates What Family Means

Assisting Team Members in Need

Last weekend, QuickTalk received a heart-warming story from a grateful Team Member thanking his Store Leader for going above and beyond what a Store Leader is required to do. Walter Pitts, a Fuel Team Member from District M, wanted to share his appreciation for his Store Leader, Jason Cardell, from store #135 in Bayville, NJ.

Walter and his wife recently experienced a hardship when their basement flooded due to heavy rains and sump pump failure. In addition to the stress and heartbreak from damage to their home, they learned that this damage was not covered by their insurance. When it came time to start taking care of the disaster, they received a wonderful surprise. Read Walter’s story below:

I am writing to tell you of a very special Team Member who helped my wife and myself in our time of need. My wife, Meredith, and I both work for QuickChek and are new Team Members. Around the 28th of November, the basement in our house in Bayville flooded due to the sump pump burning out. We were besides ourselves with grief and our fears only got worse when we found out that our homeowner’s insurance did not cover us for any of the damages. We reached out to our QuickChek family and that was when a very special person stepped up and helped us out. His name is Jason Cardell. Jason is our Store Leader. Just this past weekend, my wife and I began to start the cleanup process and to remove damaged materials from inside our flooded basement. Shortly after we got started, there was a knock at our door and my wife and I were really surprised when one of our daughters shouted that our boss was here to help us. Jason dug in and helped us like he was cleaning up his own house and mess. He stayed until we had finished most of the cleanup – about 7 hours. Without his kindness and his much needed help, we do not know what we would have done. Jason did not complain once or slow down at all – even though the cleanup was back-breaking work. I was shocked even more when I found out that before he had come to help us that he was running on very little sleep because he had been at a company function. His tireless efforts touched my wife and I deeply. I have worked for a lot of bosses in my 58 years and not one has ever come close to showing us the love that Jason did. We both will be forever grateful for his help. Jason went above and beyond for us and we have only been his Team Members for a short time. He exemplifies the type of boss/employee that fits the QuickChek ideal. He showed us that even after a short time of being employed by, and being a part of, the QuickChek family, we are just that. FAMILY.

Thank you, Walter, for sharing your story with us. Way to Go to Jason for truly showing what it means to be a member of a family and for going ABOVE and BEYOND for your Team Members! You are truly changing lives with your attitude and behavior and showing people what a Great Place to Work looks like.


  • I’m truly proud to have Jason as my son, hes an amazing human being, and I’m proud to be his mom! Way to go Jason!!!!

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