Keeping Our Food Safe

Foodborne illnesses can be devastating for a brand. There are certainly more than one source of foodborne illnesses but one of the easiest ways to safeguard against an outbreak is proper handwashing. Team Members not washing their hands and then handling food is among the top concerns related to food safety for any convenience retail operation. Most of us, if not all, are aware of what has been happening to Chipotle since their unfortunate incident. Let’s be certain that this does not happen to QuickChek. It is so important to be vigilant and make sure that we are following the proper policies and procedures regarding safe food handling and food safety.

Please review the proper hand-washing procedures. Hands need to be washed any time you enter the Food Service Area. No Exceptions! Even if you leave the Food Service Area to get food supplies, you must wash your hands when you return.

This needs to be a priority for every Team Member, every day, every shift. Let’s remember to keep our hands clean and our brand and our customers safe!

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