March is National Ladder Safety Month!

The warm, sunnier days of spring are arriving soon!  That sparks many of us to be busy with things like spring cleaning, home repairs, redecorating, building projects and landscape work. While this is a good thing, it also means potential ladder injuries. That is why March is National Ladder Safety Month.

Believe it or not, every day about 2,000 people are injured and one person dies using a regular ladder. This is why proper training on the use of a ladder is critical. The top three reasons for ladder injuries are strains and sprains, overreaching, and falls. Strains and sprains occur when workers must carry or adjust tall heavy ladders or try to move a ladder when it is extended. Overreaching is a common mistake when someone reaches to do a task instead of climbing down to move the ladder. Overreaching commonly leads to falls – which rounds out the top three. Ladder users also fall when standing on the Not a Step rung and losing balance or by missing the ladder’s last step while climbing down the ladder – a very common mistake!

Why do we use Little Giant ladders? Little Giant’s goal is to develop ladder systems that protect users from themselves when human nature takes over. Little Giant ladders are designed to lessen users’ strains and sprains by being lightweight but very sturdy. To limit overreaching, they are designed with wider steps and without that last rung that users aren’t supposed to step on but always do. It is important to ALWAYS use your ladder safely and properly to prevent injuries to yourself and others.

Help us celebrate National Ladder Safety Month by being extra vigilant! If you see someone using a ladder improperly, bring it to his/her attention. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING!

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