New Age of LIT Training

A new process for Leaders-in-Training has been put into place. Team Members interested in a leadership position in our stores will now attend a “Group Roundtable Session” at the Support Center where they will enter a detailed training program and review their training paths and position requirements. This group session approach is the first in a new way of training our future leaders and ensure that they are well-prepared for Store Leader positions. Check out the first group below.

District A
Katie Kouril
Griffen Randolph
Melissa Winch

District D
Sheyla Castro
Meliza Mirand-Mejia
Roberta Palomino

District E
Kandyse Collins
Lisa Arvay

District G
Maria Arias

District H
Kareem Pyles
Tanveer Shah

District I
Jenna Arroyo

District J
Michael Conville

District K
Allissa Kelly

District N
Dave Steve

District O
Conilia Breakenridge

If you are interested in a leadership position within QuickChek, speak to your District Leader today!

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  • Awesome group of future leaders, I look forward to supporting your growth.
    Congratulations !

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