Ops Serves Up Some Lunch

QC Cares

Yesterday, the Operations Team spent the day in Morristown at the Community Soup Kitchen and Outreach Center offering their services to those in need. The morning started off with prepping and preparing the lunch that was going to be served. Items on the menu included soup, salad, chicken, rice, vegetables, a variety of breads for sandwiches, and some delicious desserts and snacks.  In addition to the lunch preparations, cutlery packages needed to be assembled and donated goods needed to be put out for use.

After the meal was prepared, the team spent an hour and a half serving the meal to those who were at the soup kitchen for lunch. Each member of the team had their own portion of the meal to serve and their own jobs to do to make the lunch run smoothly. From ladling soup to serving bread to refilling trays to doing dishes, every member made a difference. During the course of lunch, the Operations Team served meals to roughly 150 needy members of the Morristown community yesterday.

The feedback from the event was great and we look forward to expanding our relationship with the Community Soup Kitchen and Outreach Center and offering more opportunities like this one to the rest of our QC Team Members.

We’d like to thank the Community Soup Kitchen and Outreach Center for allowing QuickChek to come in and spend some time lending a helping hand.¬† An additional thank you to the Operations Team for representing QuickChek in the best way possible – showing how much we care. Way to Go!

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