Playing to Win on a Beautiful Fall Day

2019 Fall Play to Win Session

Last week, 46 leaders from across the company gathered together in Langhorne, PA for the fall session of our Play to Win Program. This event spans the course of three days during which these leaders participate in leadership and team-building events that help them be the best they can be, come out of their comfort zones, and truly play to win. The highlight of this three day program is, of course, ropes course day at Camp Diamond Ridge. During ropes course day, the leaders broke into their three animal teams – Lions, Goats, and DragonCorns – to work together to help one another overcome four challenges. This year, the weather was beautiful and the sun was shining all day long as these 46 leaders pushed themselves to be the best they could be.

Our fall participants include:

District A

Alan Deloach, Store #37

Sarah Qualls, Store #139

District B

Youness Lotfi, Store #159

Ralph Remo Quintos, Store #60

District C

Anthony Cantillo, Jr., Store #156

Christopher Cascelli, Store #17

Janice Crane, Store #17

Briam Garrido Lecca Villegas, Store #99

Candra Pierce, Store #59

District D

Hoda Ilaiyan, Store #148

Tuleen Mohamed, Store #148

District E

Chrissi Gueci, Store #141

Jeselynn Pyne, Store #95

District F

Emma Faughnan. Store 151

District G

Stephanie Murray, Store #45

Vanessa Gribbin, Store #178

District H

Md Azad, Store #175

Julio Tatis, Store #175

District I

Dennis Bond, Store #168

Asya Isyova, Store #88

District J

Steven Horowitz, Store #173

Eric Kammerer, Store #140

District K

Connor Fullerton, Store #131

Kenroy Teague, Store #98

District L

Kevin Ayala, Store #171

Alberto Canlas, Store #129

James Milliron, Store #9

District M

Peter Andreula, Store #145

Jamie Byers-Partusch, Store #154

Domenic Damiano, Store #152

Caseyanne Kistner, Store #154

Donna Lilley, Store #150

District N

Nilesh Nayee, Store #62

Zachary Pellegrino, Store #62

District O

Maria Lovelyn Avinion, Store #75

Erica Calmon, Store #123

Cynthia Dodd, Store #133

Justin Rodriguez, Store #123

Luis Tatis, Store #75

Support Center

Matt Burton, Sales & Marketing

Justin Emanuel, Finance

Brandon Paugh, Finance

Adam Prowse, Information Technology

Ben Williams, Sales & Marketing





Way to Go to all of our participants on a great three days and a special THANK YOU to this season’s QC coaches – Becky Cutler, Sam Ford, and Abe Saliba – for dedicating their time away from their stores to lend a helping hand and help shape our future! As always, we would also like to thank our program facilitators – Ronn Lehmann, Pete Engstrom, Leroy Padilla, and Terri Ellis – for each making their trek from various parts of the country to share their knowledge and skills. We couldn’t do it without you!

Scroll down to chek out some of the fun photos from this season’s event. To see ALL the photos, click HERE.

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