QC REWARDS: Now even MORE Rewarding!

Recognizing and thanking top performers for their contributions is an important part of the QuickChek culture. We’re stepping things up with an online portal sure to make our rewards program even more rewarding!

Our brand new QC Rewards online portal, allows you to:

Earn and monitor your Rewards Points. Get caught doing something right or exceptionally well and you’ll earn points that can be redeemed for merchandise. You can view the points you’ve earned online, 24/7.

Build up and bank your points. You can save up your points for those more valuable gifts you’ve been dreaming of, or redeem them for those smaller items you just must have! Points have no expiration while you’re part of the QuickChek team!

Choose from a wider selection of merchandise. When you’re ready, redeem those points for a larger, wider assortment of brand-name options, from tools for the kitchen and workshop to toys for kids of all ages.

NEW Virtual Badges. When you are recognized, you’ll receive a Virtual Badge to proudly display online for all to see on your personal QC Rewards page. Think of it as an electronic WAY TO GO!

Send and receive recognition messages. Personally connect with fellow Team Members to congratulate them on a job well done, or thank them for their contributions.

Details on the rules, awards and points details are posted on QC Rewards: watch your email for announcements. Can’t wait? Check out the featured image above for a sneak peek at what’s in store (literally)!

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  • I visited a QC on Long Island for the very first time. I love it, people were wonderful. Very convenient, clean and very friendly. I will visit again

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