Staying the Course!

Another great weather summer! Sales are doing well! Stores are looking good! Thank you Team Members for the great job you do every day, all day.

Considering how much has to be done daily in a store, QCez is so important! Little things like making sure everything has a home and returning things to their home makes life easier for our fellow Team Members. We give better service to our customers when we don’t waste time looking for things! Also, teaching our Team Members to do a job the same way avoids confusion and ensures that we are a Great Place to Work.

As we all know, our customers look for speed of service! Maria Fidelibus and the IT team have really helped in this area with the roll-out of Fast Lanes. We can’t predict when that bus load of people will enter our store, but Fast Lanes help a Team Member take care of 3 to 4 customers at one time! With that increased flow, it’s important we do not lose interaction with the Customer!

We must stay focused on shrink. You all have done a nice job reducing shrink from last year. Every dollar we save in shrink goes directly to the bottom line of our stores! Stay focused on these ways to reduce shrink:

  • Never leave the Checkout Area unattended. We will have increased shrink with customers not scanning items! Not to mention lost sales (i.e. cigarettes).
  • Follow Team Member purchase policies, with receipts for every purchase.
  • Follow the Team Member Name Badge Discount policy. Remember that the discount is for Team Members, not Customers! The instructions are on your name badge if you are not sure.

Lou, his team, and technology from Maria’s team, enable us to remotely monitor what’s going on in the stores. If you suspect your store has a shrink issue or misuse of policy, contact Lou so he can help you solve the problem. I even use the technology to ensure we are delivering on our service promise. You and your DL’s can use it too! If you have a busy time of day when you are not there, ask your DL to have a look! Stay vigilant! Keeping shrink and cash losses to a minimum so we provide profits to continue to grow and open new stores. [Thanks Rick and team- you have been doing great getting those stores built!]

We are in a very competitive marketplace. More and more competition is emerging. That’s why your ability to execute is critical! Our stores must look great, be in stock, provide clean bathrooms, offer great fresh food and beverages. With friendly Team Members we are sure to beat the competition! Thanks to your efforts and commitment, we will continue making QuickChek a Great Place to Work and a Great Place Shop. Keep up the good work. I know you all will!

If you have any concerns or ideas to help us continue on our journey, please let me know! Attend a Town Hall meeting (see your DL for the schedule), e-mail me, text me, or call
973- 703- 2157

Thanks, Mike

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