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Lunch & LearnWellness & Benefits

Grab Some Lunch & Learn Something!

The QuickChek benefits team is always looking for ways to help you stay focused on your health and wellness. This includes our benefit offerings but also includes additional events like Lunch & Learns. The team has been working hard with...

Fit for LifeWellness & Benefits

Sign Up for SwiftMD & WIN!

SwiftMD is QuickChek's telemedicine vendor and is a FREE service to Team Members, and their spouses, enrolled in a QuickChek medical plan. Using SwiftMD gives you the ability to speak to a doctor online - on your phone, tablet, or...

Fit for LifeWellness & Benefits

Find Your Fit

It's that time of year again when the Fit for Life Wellness Targets are rapidly approaching. If you are enrolled in a QuickChek medical plan and would like to pay the lowest possible medical premiums in 2020, you need to...

Wellness & Benefits

Quantum Health

For those of you enrolled in a QuickChek medical plan, you should have been informed by now (through various methods) that we have a NEW medical benefits partner - Quantum Health. This new relationship goes into effect January 1st! Quantum...

Wellness & Benefits

Open Enrollment Has Been Extended!!

Good news! This year's Open Enrollment period deadline has been extended from September 8th until September 11th! For those of you who have not enrolled yet, you have a few extra days to get it done! If you have any...

QuickChek Family

Benefits is Seeing Double!!

Earlier this week, Linda Solt, in the Benefits Department, became a grandmother to twin boys! Her son, Brian, and his wife welcomed twin boys into their family on August 20th. Connor and Colton made their entrances both weighing in at...

Wellness & Benefits

Finish Strong!

We're coming up on the finish line! The Fit for Life Walk This Weigh Challenge ends this Sunday! How many steps have you logged so far? Make these last few days count! Don't forget that three random participants in this...

Lunch & LearnWellness & Benefits

What Shape is Your Credit In?

Are you interested in learning more about your credit score? What is a credit score? What does it mean? How do you improve it? Well, you're in luck. QuickChek, in conjunction with credit union partner, Financial Resources Federal Credit Union,...

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