Recognize any faces in these photos? Where and when were these taken? Any fun captions?

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Share your thoughts and WIN!

Every Thursday in 2017, we’re posting photos to hear what you have to say! Recognize a Team Member in the photo? Think you know where the photo was taken? Have a funny story or caption? POST YOUR COMMENTS HERE! Each month, we’ll select one Team Member’s contribution and award them a $25 QC Gift Card!

Watch for next week’s Throwback Thursday photos!


  • First picture the three man back on the right my old DL Paul C. Hope he likes his new home

  • First picture. Mr. Durling. That is all. I am too young to know everyone lol.
    But everyone is looking good

  • 1st picture Dean Durling Jimmy Vinson and Paul Carideo at a store.
    2nd picture Jimmy Vinson and Matt Murphy at Balloon Festival
    3rd picture was at TCD Weekend

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