Stay Safe – Don’t Be Complacent!

QuickChek works hard to create a Safe Place to Work and to eliminate unsafe conditions. However, nearly 80% of all accidents are caused not by unsafe conditions, but by unsafe acts. It is critical to not be complacent about safety. Don’t go on ‘autopilot’ and stop paying attention to what you’re doing. Don’t take shortcuts or risks. If you aren’t thinking about what COULD go wrong with the action you’re taking or the job you’re performing, then you aren’t being completely safe and you are opening yourself and others up for risk.

Think ahead and consider the following when you approach a task:

  • What you’ll be working with
  • What you’ll be doing
  • Where you’ll be going
  • What COULD go wrong

Examine the equipment, procedures, and situations that are part of your job and look for potential hazards. In order to be safe, you need to focus both physically and mentally on the work you are performing – regardless of how many times you have done the same job. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye and all it takes its one moment of inattention or carelessness… We want you and your fellow Team Members to think, act, and be safe!

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