In the theme of ramping up for Balloon Fest, let’s flashback to prior Balloon Festivals. Who are these ladies? What is that guy wearing? What’s with the headsets?

[envira-gallery id=”25838″]

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Watch for next week’s Throwback Thursday photos!


  • First picture, Nelly Donna Kane, Annette Diepierro, Meghan,

    Second picture, Billy Tencza and Michelle Owens,

    Third Picture, Lou Linares, Bruce Stevenson, Jim Vinson

  • Nelly Pozo, Tesha Lutz, Donna Kane, Annette Di Pierrro, Wendy Bulatowicz, Meghan Picture 1
    Picture 2 Michelle Owens and Bill Tencza
    Picture 3 – Luis, Bruce and Jimmy Vinson

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