Ulster QC Supercharges Town

In our quest to continue meeting customer needs, store #7 in Ulster, NY will open a Tesla™ Supercharger station!

Our installation of a charging station for the world’s fastest electric vehicle is the latest innovative service offering to keep our on-the-go customers moving. Stations are strategically placed to allow customers to drive from station to station with minimal stops. While their vehicles are charging, drivers can enjoy our fresh food offerings and hand-crafted beverages and be quickly on-the-go again..

“We are pleased to provide Tesla owners traveling along the Thruway with the opportunity to enjoy a great cup of coffee, a bite to eat, and a chance to pick up market items while their vehicle charges,” said Dean Durling. These eight new, free Tesla charging posts will bring extra life to our already electric location in Ulster.

Tesla is a trademark of Tesla Motors, Inc.

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