Vincent Finds a Wallet & Customer Loyalty

We recently received a wonderful Way to Go from one of our customers down in Southern New Jersey. Ben and his wife had visited store #145 in Farmingdale, NJ and had a heartwarming experience that he just had to share with us.

Good Evening,

My name is Ben Cruz. I know that your company deals with so many faces and personalities. Along with that type of environment comes the constant complainers and people who just want everyone else’s day to be as bad as, if not worse than, theirs.

I on the other hand, would like to thank you! My wife and I were watching a TV program when her phone rang and the voice on the other end identified as the Howell Township Police Department. Our hearts dropped as the call was very unexpected and at an odd hour. We had the feeling that we were about to receive some bad news. As we identified ourselves, we were advised that my wife’s wallet was recovered at the QuickChek at 1180 Rt. 33, Farmingdale, NJ 07727. We were in shock. We actually felt as if our privacy was violated, however at least something was found.

We coordinated a meeting with the Howell Police Officer who currently had her wallet in his possession. The officer was at the aforementioned QuickChek. After meeting with the officer and obtaining her wallet, my wife found that nothing was missing. Upon thanking the officer, he directed our thanks to two of your employees. One was identified as Antonio and the other as Vincent.

Prior to leaving our house to meet the officer, my 16 year old son asked us what happened. After explaining to him what happened and where, his response was, “I bet you the guy that found it was the really nice older man who was at the cash register.” My son had an interaction with an older male who he described as bald and working the register. What 16 year old cares about a store employee? He said that the employee was super nice to him and seemed caring towards his customers. That employee was Vincent. Come to find out, my son was right!!!

I met with Vincent who was such a kind gentleman. I explained my reason for approaching him and he told me that he had found the wallet and went as far as calling our local police department to try to make contact with my wife. What an amazing gesture. It just never happens this way in New Jersey. We were blessed to be this lucky, just like your company is blessed to have such a great employee. He gave us the impression that he values other people and values his job. He is one of the faces that represents the successful company that you have.

Okay…so we are talking about a wallet…, but such a small thing that has so much of our personal life in it. The point of my e-mail is not just to thank you for the recovery of my wife’s wallet, but so that you recognize the little people who make it worth it for us to continually visit your business and make your place our home. Vincent is an asset to your business, but more so a kind, friendly, caring human who has impacted our life in a positive way, while being the face of QuickChek. He made a positive impression on my son prior to this incident and to me, as well. I will continue to spread the positive news to people about our experience as a way to thank you.


Ben Cruz (Owner)

Discreet Removal Service

Thank you, Ben, for sharing this wonderful story with us and Way to Go to Vincent for going above and beyond for our customers and showcasing true TCD and core values. Keep up the great work! It’s Team Members like YOU that keep our customers coming back to visit us! Thank you for being an excellent example of what great customer service looks like.

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