West Point Leadership Experience

When it comes to building a capacity to lead, West Point, the United States Military Academy, sets the standard for excellence both nationally and globally. Their Cadet Leadership Development System produces commissioned officers who are the warrior leaders responsible for our very freedom and the lives of those who defend it.

Last month, the QuickChek President’s Leadership Council and the Senior Leadership Team attended a two-day event at West Point. In addition to touring the campus and learning about the U.S. Army core values (DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY), we dove into the experience with physical training at 6:00am. Individual and team exercises left some of us feeling the burn for days! We also participated in an urban orienteering challenge that demonstrated the importance of clear communication and the ability to make decisions in uncertain and changing environments.

We also exercised our minds, exploring how Leadership Philosophy and Leader Identity guide behavior. In fact, we are now clarifying and documenting the QuickChek Leader Identity. This work will allow us to build a capacity to lead, by helping our Leaders draw the best from the diversity of their Team when addressing the challenges of our business.

“West Point was an opportunity to experience leadership from a whole different perspective. We went through challenges side by side with the Senior Leadership Team. It was fun seeing everyone operate in nontraditional roles!” –Kevin Woodring

“Great leaders are ever-evolving, always learning and challenging themselves to be the best they can be. In some ways, it’s a selfless act, adapting to meet the needs of the team first. Successful leadership is measured by the success of the team. If you haven’t developed your team, you are doing a disservice to them and to yourself.” – Heather Stillman

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