A Day in the Life of a Busy Penguin at QC

Penguins Love Ice

Halloween really brings out people’s creativity. A lot of our Team Members were creative this year and one in particular shared her day yesterday as a penguin in store #76 in Bound Brook.

If you didn’t realize it’s a pretty difficult life for a penguin in a QuickChek store. It’s tough to stay cool – even in October.¬† Thankfully, we have plenty of cooler space and bags of ice to simulate more of a penguin’s natural environment.¬† Even as the day started to get tough (because penguins can’t easily make subs or give change with flippers), she didn’t give up. She just made her way back to the ice door and chilled out for a minute or two. Phew! It could have been a bad ending for this adorable penguin without all that bagged ice!

Thanks, Amanda Chiniewicz, for sharing your fun Halloween shenanigans with us!

Thanks Amanda Chinieiwicz for sharing your fun Halloween shenanigans with us!

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