Bethpage WINS for Most Original!

Bethpage Street Fair

Sunday, May 19 was a big day for Store Leader Jason Monge and his team from store #164 in Bethpage, NY as they participated in the Bethpage Street Fair. The team, with Q on hand, spent the day interacting with customers with their wheel of prizes including QuickChek gift cards and even hugs from Q. The table was stocked with samples of Fresh Brewed Original, Decaf, and Rainbow Cookie Iced Coffee, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, and original and Dill Pickle Mac n’ Cheese. The overall consensus was that our mac and cheese was delicious and QC took home the title of MOST ORIGINAL for our Dill Pickle Mac n’ Cheese in the Mac n’ Cheese Competition.

The weather was perfect for the event and there was a great turnout of both current and prospective QuickChek customers. The team got to do some recruiting and work towards breaking down the “gas station” stereotype that is present in Long Island. Way to Go, Team #164 for working hard to please our current customers, entice some new ones to come in, and representing QuickChek in a great way!

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