Future Leaders Played to Win Last Week

Spring Play to Win 2019

Our first Play to Win session of 2019 took place over the course of three days last week. The session began on Tuesday and ran through Thursday afternoon. The much-anticipated ropes course day occurred on Wednesday under a shining sun and beautiful, warm weather – the first we’ve had in a year. It was a gorgeous day and the 49 participants, along with the coaches and support crew, enjoyed all the day had to offer. This session’s participants included the following Team Members:

District A

Andrew Jennings

Ashley Sebold

Kelli Green

Kelly McLaughlin

Sandra Bosco

District B

Antonio Macedo

Ashley Sheehan

Farag Awies

Jessica Hardaker

Landon Cabello

Linda Otte

Lucia Howard

District D

George Kosko

District E

Scott Sossner

District F

Jason Lawton

Michael Meberg

District G

William Bunavage

District H

Randy Beckelman

District I

Ariel Silva

Leanne Boris

Shirin Saliba

District J

Anthony Nyzio, Jr.

District K

Danielle Robles

Sheila Monty

Travis Contreras

District L

Crystal Puertas

Paige Hallowell

District M

Allison Green

Andy Manzano

Leonard Cottrell

District O

Rebecca Sherman

District P

Andrea Pincus

Karl Fischer

Silvana Dureny

District Q

Bryan Fodor

David McKinley

Ian Countryman

Lisa Haake

Martin Prokai

Matthew Agbozo

Matthew Kelleher

Pradip Joshi

Support Center

Dominick Lentine

Jennifer Cadwallader

Jessica Frankiewicz

Jessica McIntire

Lizbeth Wojtech

Roberta Kebbekus

Ted Kwiecien



Congratulations to each one of our participants for giving it all, pushing beyond your comfort zones, and supporting each other throughout the 3-day event! THANK YOU for making the spring session a safe and successful program.

Some photos from the event are below. To see ALL the photos from the program, click HERE and enter the password PTW2019.

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