Candy, Burritos, and Drinks Drive Fans!

Last week, we received a letter from a true QuickChek fan. Hayden, a fifth grader from Edgemont Elementary School, wrote us to tell us how much she loves our Montclair store, Store #27. Read her thoughts below:

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Hayden and I’m a fifth grader at Edgemont School. I’m writing this letter to you because I love all of your products and to share my opinions and ideas to you about your store.

My first reason is that your store has the newest and best candy. For example, once in a while I go to your store after school to get some candy and see the new and fresh candy all the time like Sour Patch, Skittles, and chocolate. So, I thank you for the fresh candy.

My second reason is that your store has breakfast when you’re in a hurry. For example, some days when I’m in a hurry I come to your store and get breakfast to eat on the way to school like breakfast burritos, breakfast sandwiches and more.

My third and final reason is that your store has great deals for drinks. For example, when I go to your store I see the drink deals such as two dollars for two drinks, such as Fanta and other fruit drinks.

This is why I think your store is great. I appreciate your great deals and products. I will always come to your store when I can. Thank you!


Hayden Nicholson

Thank you, Hayden, for being a dedicated and loyal customer and Way to Go to the team in Store #27 for being a Great Place to Shop!

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