CARING: the Heart of Leadership

QuickTalk Online has recently posted amazing and varied Way To Go stories. A handful of the really exceptional submissions are in this issue of QuickTalk Quarterly. The common denominator across these stories is CARING. It’s clear that our Team Members care for our customers and the communities they serve. That doesn’t happen by accident.

Leadership sets the tone for caring and makes QuickChek a Great Place to Work. So exactly what is a caring Leader? As a Leader you’re naturally expected to coach performance, develop people, accomplish your goals and recognize achievement. Yet the heart of leadership is CARING. CARING sets the tone for the right kind of Leadership, and is one of our core values for that very reason.

When Leaders make time to check on Team Members’ concerns and questions, it demonstrates a level of caring that builds a relationship. Over time, that persistent concern translates to trust, shared commitment and loyalty. This mutual respect makes QuickChek a Great Place to Work. When Team Members feel respected, they are energized and free to focus on empathizing with Customers and satisfying their needs. This shows up in our business results and makes us a Great Place to Invest as well. See how it’s all connected?

When you approach Leadership from the perspective of caring about people it shows. Create a positive model for your team by being aware of their needs and helping them. You will feel and see their appreciation. In short- be the kind of Leader you wish to have.


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